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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BBW, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Working overtime with a Hot assistant manager

I used to work at a major chain bookstore in California about two years ago.

I pretty much liked all of my coworkers, but there was one in particular that I really enjoyed being around.

She was our H.R. manager, and her name was Kristina. She was a stunner. Long, thick, curly black hair, Gray eyes, full, red lips, and a lush, hourglass figure that kept me awake at night. She stood about 5'6" and carried around 215 pounds.

She was out of a Ruebens masterpiece. Big, full 48DD breasts, with thick, dark nipples that seemed to burst through her shirts whenever she moved.

Whenever she talked to me, I had to struggle to keep my eyes from drifting down her body. I would find myself staring at her lips as she talked, mesmerized as she spoke, fixated on that luscious mouth.

She always dressed a cut above everyone else in the store. Flowing, gem colored silk blouses, knee length slit skirts that fall open just enough to give me fever dreams of lust. She would always leave the top two buttons undone on her blouse, giving me a tantalizing flash of her deep cleavage when she would turn or bend to reshelve a misplaced book.

I worked in the music department, so I didn't get a chance to see her as much as I wanted. We would talk movies and books and music whenever we had a spare minute, And she would always blow me away with her wit and intellect.

I tried to keep things on a professional level between us, Careful with any comments or remarks. Our company had a very strict harassment policy, so I always played it cool as possible around her, trying to maintain a professional chill factor. If only I could have known sooner how much she liked me.

Things continued normally for months, But I would find myself thinking about her constantly, dreaming sensual thoughts about her lips. I wanted to take her into my arms and feel her breasts crush against my chest while I kissed her, tangling my fingers in her hair and drinking her passion from those perfect lips.

I managed to keep things professional until the last night of inventory.

Everyone else had left except the general manager, Kristina, and me.

We had to do final counts and cleanup after the counting team had left. The rest of the crew had taken off earlier, leaving the three of us to finish up. We had to set up a display of the latest bestseller that was making the daytime talkshow rounds, and I had to get the new releases ready for the next day.

After we finished the displays, the manager told us to finish opening the last shipment of books that came in and close up. She said she was going home early and we should lock up and set the alarm before we went home.

Kristina and I headed to the back room and began to break down the shipment. We started to open boxes and sort the books into the bins. It was hard work and after awhile we were ready for a break.

Kristina dropped the stack she was sorting. "Hey. Want to go get some dinner? It's break time."

"Sounds like a plan." I said. We went to the Mexican place a couple doors down for some food.

We ordered our dinners and talked while we waited. We munched chips and salsa and bitched about work and life in general. The waiter came by to get us more chips and salsa. He said there was some difficulty in the kitchen and asked if he could bring us some drinks on the house while we waited.

I was kind of surprised when Kristina looked at me with a wicked little smirk. "Wanna be bad?" I looked at her and thought it over for about half a second.


She turned to the waiter. "Two margaritas. Doubles."

The waiter took the order and headed towards the bar.

We had gotten quite a buzz by the time our food arrived, and our conversation had gotten pretty risqué. We ate slowly, savoring the food. We decided against dessert, but Christine decided to have another drink before we went back to work.

"We are on duty you know." I said.

"Screw that!" she said, surprising me, "This is all overtime anyway. "That bitch Bonnie is lucky we didn't leave her here to do all the clean up herself!"

One more margarita had become three and we left the restaurant in a very pleasant haze.

We went back to the store to finish the shipment. One of the boxes held several books on erotic photography.

I tried to remain nonchalant as I pulled them out and stacked them on the shelving cart. I watched her face carefully as she looked at the titles, hoping she would give me a positive signal.

She just sorted the books on the cart without saying a word. We finished opening the boxes and started to shelve the books.

The last cart was for the erotica section. The shelves are eight feet high, so most of us need a stepladder to reach the top shelves. I pushed the cart out and went back for the ladder. I helped her set up the ladder and she went up the steps, standing sideways and reached for the books on the cart. The ladder stated to sway, so I told her I would steady the ladder and hand her the books. I moved closer and got a grip on the ladder and started handing up the books. I was eye level with belly button and It was pure torture! I could smell her perfume, and I kept wanting to lean in and lick her soft pale belly. I took a risk.

"I love your perfume." I said.

She looked down and smiled.

"Thank you!" She smiled.

"What's it called?" She blushed a little and smiled shyly.


"Very appropriate." I said. She looked at me for a second, and smiled again.

I continued to hand up the books for her to shelve, watching and enjoying the view when she would stretch to place them on the top shelf.

She was about to place the last book on the shelf when she lost her balance and literally fell into my arms.

I helped her get to her feet, making sure she had her balance. She looked at me, a small smile on her face. "Thank you." She said. "You're welcome" I managed to say after I got my voice back...

I decided to take another risk, and pulled her to me and kissed her. She froze, her hands tightened on my arms, I could feel her tremble, she wasn't sure if she should push me way or pull me closer.

She decided to pull me in. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a growl and pulled her close, kissing her back, I tasted lipstick and tequila.

She stopped, pushing me back, "we can't do this here." She said.

My face fell

'I understand." I said. She smiled. "No, You don't! I meant we can't do this out here, there are too many cameras! Come on." She took my hand and we headed to the break room. As soon as we were off the sales floor and out of camera range we were in each other's arms. I ran my hand down her back and buried my face in her hair, kissing her neck. I moved up and gently nipped her ear, making her shudder, she pulled my shirt collar open and licked along my collarbone and bit me, making me shudder with pleasure.

My dick was painfully hard now, pressed against my belly like a steel bar.

I pulled back and unbuttoned her blouse pushing it off her shoulders and letting it slide to the floor. I pulled her to me again, relishing the feel of her bare skin against mine I unsnapped her bra and slid the straps down her arms, slowly revealing her glorious orbs.

Her nipples were red and thick as my thumbs, with areolas the size of silver dollars. I leaned down and began to tease her, flicking my tongue gently over her breasts, working up slowly, Just barley missing her sensitive nubs on every pass.

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