Under My Skin

by Big guy on a bike

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: John divorces his no good wife and seeks out prostitutes to provided his sexual needs. But nothing is ever that simple. A note about story codes for this story: The cons & violent codes, none of the sex is violent or forced. Rape is discussed by the characters but there no rapes with in the story.

Safe sex:

In this story there are no consequences from unprotected unsafe sex, no diseases and no unwanted pregnancies, but remember it is a story, not the real world.

Readers from other parts of the world should note that this story is set in England, and the language is that which you find in England.

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This story starts about 18 months ago

First a bit about myself

I am John, 39, and I divorced my first wife18 months ago.

Debbie and I had been married 3 years, and lived together for a year before that. When we first got together we had an active sex life, I sucked her, she sucked me, we did 69, and sex in all the positions, and even anal once when she was drunk, but once she had the gold band on her finger the sex got less frequent, and seemed to come with a price, as in if you do so and so I will make it worth your while, hinting that I would get a good sex session. After a while this started to piss me off big time, and it reached a point where I thought why bother, particularly as the promised sex failed to materialise on many occasions. As a result I would not be bribed, and she stopped trying to use sex to get her own way. This went on for about a year and I got more and more frustrated, access to the crown jewels got less and less frequent, and it reached the point where I began to consider my options.

I also found out she was terminally lazy, I ended up doing most of the housework, mainly because my tolerance of mess was lower than hers. She rarely cooked a meal, always expecting me to bring take away home on my way in from work, and she had a miserable part time job that barely covered her travel costs even although on paper she was better qualified than I was. We had a nice house in a rural part of North Yorkshire which I had paid for through hard work. We were now mortgage free, but no thanks to the oxygen thief.

Don't get me wrong, Debbie was an attractive woman, with a nice curvy body, long brown hair, and when she made the effort would turn any blokes eye unless he was 100% gay. I think this was what made me hope that things would improve, but they never did.

Things came to a head about 3 years into the 'marriage', our house needed some urgent repairs and the cost of getting a builder in to do them was going to be prohibitive, so I decided to do the repairs myself. I asked her to help, just fetching and carrying, and she agreed she would. Anyway I soon found out that her 'help' consisted of nagging me about every bit of work I asked her to do and being generally uncooperative. My Dad came round in the middle of all this and got stuck in, now he was 76 at the time so you had the sight of an old man passing bricks and mortar up a ladder while a fit healthy 31 year old was sat on her fat arse watching soaps. I was annoyed and we had a big row about it when he left. In the end I was ready hit her, and to stop myself from doing something I would later regret I got into the van and drove.

I found myself in the red light district Leeds, and there were various scantily clad girls stood at the side of the road. Before I knew it I had stopped and there was a girl stood at the passenger window offering me a blow job for £15. OK so she wasn't a girl you'd take home to meet your mum, long greasy dark hair, fairly skinny, with a short skirt and micro top showing a a pair of small tits, even although it was December, and she had a huge 'tramp stamp' tattoo across her back. Probably a drug addict, and in need of a bath, she looked about 20, it was hard to tell under the sodium street lights. But I was now horny, and I decided that her mouth looked warm willing and wet, so I told her to get in, I was also thinking about Debbie, and how hard it was to get a blow job from her these days, and I was getting even for her behaviour earlier.

"Cindy" as she called herself told me to find somewhere quiet and park up. I found a hidden car park with no cameras or lights. Cindy asked for the money, I paid her, and she immediately pulled her top up and told me to get my dick out. I undid my trousers and she started to suck me. I had a showered earlier and she said "At least you are clean, that's why I didn't bother with a condom" This was more than she was, when she lifted her top up there was a warm sweaty BO smell coming from her body. She opened her legs to let me finger her pussy, and there was a fishy smell coming from down there as well, I don't reckon she had washed for a week, but I was that horny I didn't care, and I got two fingers up inside her easily, she was wet, however it could have been the come from her last customer. The blow job was good, plenty of tongue, and she didn't use her hands, she made it last about 10 minutes and then increased her sucking and I came in about 30 seconds. She opened the van door and spat my come out onto the ground. I cleaned up, I always carried some tissue in case I got caught short whilst out on a job, and I asked "Do you want dropping back where I picked you up" and she said no, could I drop her at a house on the edge of the town. I said no problem, and 5 minutes later dropped her off outside a run down 4 story house in a part of town where all the houses were split into flats. As she got out the car she gave me a piece of paper with a mobile number scrawled on it, and said that if I was wanting to see her again just ring, rather than visiting the red light area.

I got home about 11pm, I hoped Debbie would be in bed as I couldn't face her, I was going to sleep in the spare room, but when I got in she was sat on the settee crying. I asked her "What the fucks up with you", she replied between snivels that Ian (my elder brother) had rung her and called her all the names under the sun for letting Dad do all the work. I told her he was right, and the argument kicked off again. In the end I just left her sat on the settee snivelling. I told her to use the spare room and I went to bed.

I actually went to sleep quickly, I think the days work and the earlier blow job had worn me out for sleep in spite of the row with Debbie.

When I got up the next morning Debbie was already up, which was unusual because it was Sunday, and she didn't usually get up before 10 on a Sunday. As soon as I came down she said she was sorry. I was still pretty mad at her and I wasn't in a very forgiving mood. So I said "Sorry is not enough what are you going to do about it" She asked "What do you want" and I thought for a bit, I considered asking for sexual favours but decided that I had tried this in the past when we had arguments about her laziness, and it hadn't made any difference. I'd get one good bit of sex and then it would be back to the same old whingeing Debbie, so I tried a different approach.

I sat down, and said fetch me a piece of paper and a pen.

I wrote out a list:

A home cooked meal on the table when I get in on work days. A pack up for work when I need one Washing and ironing done regularly House to be kept clean and tidy Garden to be kept tidy and weed free, I will still cut the grass. Help me when I need it with out moaning. Give up your job at the garage and either get a proper job worthy of your qualifications, in which case we will employ a housekeeper or become a full time house wife.

I handed it to her, and she read it through, and when she had done she said "That wasn't what I was expecting, I expected you'd want sex". I didn't tell her I had found an easier way to get release in that area, but said "Look if we cant be lovers and you wont be a good house wife then I am getting nothing out of this marriage, so as far as I am concerned we will get divorced." It was the first time I had mentioned the D word to her although I had thought about it several times recently.

I think this shook her because she was quiet for a few minutes and then she said "I suppose I don't have a choice really". That wasn't the right response as far I was concerned, it was the whining tone of voice, as much as the words that pissed me off, and I said "You do, sort yourself out and pull your weight or get a divorce, that's 2 choices as I see it." and walked out.

I decided to go and see Ian, he was 5 years older than me and was already on his 3rd wife, who was a very attractive willowy blonde who was 16 years younger than him, and oozed sex.

When I got to Ian's house he was outside cutting the lawns and he said "I thought you might be around this morning. I hope you're not upset with me, I did call Debbie a few names last night, but when Dad rang and told me what had gone on I just saw red and let the lazy cow have it straight." I said that he had maybe done me a favour, as at least he had brought things to a head and I told him of my demands, he looked at me a bit oddly and said "That's not like you, I would expect you to demand anal sex with her and then demand she suck you clean straight after or something." I didn't say anything and at that point Susan, his wife, walked in looking as sexy as hell and I almost cried thinking why cant I have someone like that at home.

She piped up, "Did I hear anal sex, now I do love anal, would you like some breakfast John" and disappeared into the kitchen.

Once we sat down to breakfast Ian started to talk about my situation again, in front of Susan, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but what he had to say seemed sensible.

He basically said that I needed to take out some 'insurance' so that if we did divorce I would have no visible assets. We must have been talking for about an hour, and he described how he left his last marriage with everything intact. I wont go into all the details but it ended with the 'marital home' being mortgaged to the hilt and the money salted away where the 'thieving lazy cow', his words, couldn't touch it. Once I had heard him outline the plan I sat quiet, and what surprised me was Susan, she chipped in and said, "Well I think what Ian says makes sense, I cant the stand the woman, she is what gives women a bad name, and make it hard for those of us who want to be good wives to find a decent husband". This wasn't what I had expected, she had always been OK with Debbie I thought,. I must have looked surprised because she carried on "I know what you are thinking stab her in the back but be nice to her face, well let me tell you, once you tell me you are leaving her I will go round and tell her to her face what I think of her. The only reason I am civil to her is because she is my Brother in laws wife and I wouldn't disrespect you."

We sat around for another hour chatting about this and that and when I left I asked Ian to help me sort my affairs out.

When I got home Debbie was sitting on the sofa talking on the phone to her Mum, as I approached the front door I could hear a raised voice, so I don't know what had been going on, but by the time I walked in she was just finishing the conversation. She did not look happy.

Ian told me to back off for a few weeks so I didn't raise the question of my demands again, and Debbie didn't either. I think she hoped it was a heat of the moment thing, but she did cook a Sunday dinner for the first time in about 12 months, and when I went to bed she followed me and got into bed with me, naked, and that usually meant she was prepared to grant access to the crown jewels. Now don't get me wrong Debbie is an attractive woman with a good body, nice firm boobs, a C cup, and a nice figure, womanly, the only thing that lets her down is her bush, it seems to take over down there and spreads beyond it's proper area if she doesn't keep it under control. Needless to say it was a unruly mess.

I wasn't going to turn down pussy though, and anyway I wanted her to think that everything was OK again, and if she stuck to the rules they would be, and if she was going to throw sex in as well we might even have a decent future together. I thought about demanding anal sex, the comment Susan made earlier had made me think about it again. Debbie had only let me there twice, once when she was drunk and the other time when she 'owed' me for some favour and I insisted she paid her 'debt'.

In the end we had a normal missionary shag, I had tried to go down on her, but she pushed me away and said "I haven't had a wash", now that had never bothered her in the past, before we were married I can remember us fucking every day for a week on a camping trip, and neither of us had washed, but we still did a 69 every day before fucking. The shag was not very inspiring, better than a wank, but only just. Her pussy was dry and she wasn't in to it. Debbie tried to fake an orgasm which didn't really fool me, but I decided to ignore it and we went to sleep. She just wasn't prepared to put any effort in.

The meal on the table rule lasted until Thursday, I was on my way home Friday and I rang Debbie to tell her I would be in about 5pm, and she asked me to pick a takeaway up, "As I haven't had time to do a meal". What she had been doing all day when I got home I don't know, but it certainly wasn't a job in the house, the ironing pile still looked like Jordans tits, as did the dirty washing pile, and last nights dishes were in the sink. God we even had a dishwasher so it was only a matter of loading it and starting it. Welcome back to the old Debbie.

The crown jewels had also been under lock key again since Sunday, now I have a high sex drive and would go every night given the chance so I was getting frustrated again. I decided I would go and see Ian again in the morning, and perhaps try and arrange a meeting with Cindy again.

Saturday morning I went to see Ian again and he had made a good start on my 'insurance' policy. The only hitch I could see was getting Debbie's signature on the mortgage papers, although I was the only name on the deeds, as I bought the house before we were married. Apparently legally as a wife she had to sign as well. Anyway we hatched a plan about some 'tax debt' and hoped that she wouldn't look to closely. It was an 85% interest only mortgage on my house, which had no outstanding mortgage. Ian was using his solicitor to set it all up, as he was sympathetic to cases where husbands were trying to dump no good wives with out too much personal financial damage.

Once I had done at Ian's I decided to try and ring Cindy, it was only 1pm, so I don't know what time she started 'work' but there was no answer so I would have to find someone else. Probably not a bad thing, she really was dirty, my fingers really smelt of her pussy after I left last time, and oral on her was out of the question. Anyway I thought I would have trawl through the Red Light area in daylight and identify some suitable 'parking spots' as you never go to one that the girl suggests in case someone is waiting there to jump you. I had been doing some internet research on the subject, and had identified red light districts in many towns that I visit for work, as well as ways to ensure that you are not ripped off.

Even at this early hour there were a few girls out, including one fairly decent looking mixed race girl. I stopped and she said she had room nearby, and that I could have sex, oral, 69, whatever I wanted and as long as I wanted for £50, "As its slow now, and its going to rain later". I accepted even although the received wisdom was that you should not go to a girls flat the first time in case she was setting you up. Anyway I decided to trust my instincts and trust her.

The end result was a satisfying hour and a half with an attractive girl, who was probably in her late 20's. She had a nice body, not skinny and not fat, with milky coffee coloured skin, and a nice firm pair of boobs, with dark nipples which were jutting out. We did 'everything' and I came twice, We had a good 69, I avoided thinking about who had been there before me, but she had obviously showered before she went out and was clean and sweet smelling. She trimmed her bush, much better than the bald look, and was actually really sexy when she talked. She also had a really dirty laugh, and was chatty. She even came, and I got that aroused women smell, much better than the fishy smell from Cindy's pussy. When we had finished she was as amazed as I was that she came, apparently no one had taken the time to try and give her a good time before. Before we finished she lowered myself onto my dick and gave me a wonderful ride. I could see her pussy lips around my dick rising up and down, and her juices meant that it felt wonderful. We cleaned up and shared a shower together. Again she gave me a mobile number, and I gave her a £10 tip, as she had been really good. She was pleased and said "Thanks, you've been nice to me, and that means I don't need to work again till Monday or Tuesday". When I left as she predicted it was pouring with rain. Some of the stories on the internet had made me wary of street girls but I decided that you had to be choosy and then you would get a good time

I started for home and prepared to face the oxygen thief. When I got in I expected to face a quizzing, after all I had been out most of the day, but all she said was "Been busy, you don't usually work Saturdays." I did a bit of quick thinking, and said, "I think my tax bill is going to be higher than I thought, so I need to make a bit more, but I've got one of Ian's accountants to look at it for me, I think I need to change accountants". So I was sowing the seeds. She went back to her crappy soaps on the TV and I went to the office and logged on to the internet.

I started to do some more research prostitution and found all sorts of things, looking at the number of girls working there must be a lots of blokes who were getting short rations at home. It was an eye opener for me. There were even websites where men exchanged reviews about various girls that they had visited.

Over the next few weeks I dropped into a routine of sorts, I would visit a red light district once or twice a week, and I started to get to be a 'regular' of a couple of girls, Vanessa the mixed race girl being one them. I never did see Cindy again, I decided she was just too rough looking, and smelly as well. The oxygen thief continued to keep the crown jewels under lock and key, so the other Sunday was a one off.

Ian rang me during the week and said to call into his solicitors, as everything was setup. I signed the papers and he told me to get Debbie (aka oxygen thief) to sign them and the money would be in my account in 14 days.

I took Debbie into the office to sign the papers the following day and Paul was slick, he produced the papers, I had done my spiel about "We need to raise a bit of capital" and the tax thing, and Debbie just signed, no questions, she didn't even read them and said "Can I go shopping now". I arranged to meet her in 3 hours which meant I could go shopping for shag as well, it was a foul cold foggy day, and in the end I gave Vanessa a ring and spent a satisfying £50 with her She even offered me anal, but I didn't do it as she had said that she tried it once and 'it hurt like hell', her words. She said she wanted to keep me as a regular, and wouldn't refuse me anything. I told her that I would never do anything she wasn't comfortable with, as when she got horny she was a wonderful shag, and if I gave her some oral first I discovered she always got horny quickly.

The money was salted away 3 days before Xmas, £285,000

I decided to bide my time then until after Xmas and New Year, I wanted the trail to go cold before I started the final phase of my plan. We were due to spend the Holiday with her parents, although I had work in between and would be coming home for a few days Debbie would be staying there. Debbie's parents lived in Ipswich, and I was tempted to try the red light district just to snub Debbie, but in the end big head overruled little head and I decided my right hand was less risky as I was not on home turf.

Christmas wasn't too bad, I actually got on fairly well with her parents, but I know her Mum knew something was up, they seemed to have a lot of whispered arguments when they thought I wasn't listening, and her Mum rather pointedly said "I don't need to change the sheets do I. Now I remember the first Christmas you came, the washer was going all the time" I went back home on the 27th for a couple of days work, and of course a tumble with Vanessa. I got back to Ipswich late in evening on the 30th.

I stopped of in the red light district of Doncaster on the way back to Ipswich, and picked up a large girl in her 20's. When I say large I mean large, she must have been 18 stone, she had massive tits. When she stripped she actually had a nice body. Most of her weight was her arse and boobs, her skin was smooth, with that pale olive complexion that some girls have, and I stayed for over an hour. She had shaved her pussy completely, and had both nipples pierced. I have always enjoyed sex with big girls and I think the fact that I actually fancied her turned her on and she said did I want to suck her. She smelt strong but not dirty and I sucked her out, she had got me sufficiently horny that I didn't think about her previous clients. She got into it and started to ride me when I had finished sucking her pussy. I am also pretty big and her weight didn't bother me, and I encouraged her to go for it. I think we nearly broke the bed. She told me she was a single Mum topping her benefits up, and I believed her.

New Year back in Ipswich however was a nightmare. It was obvious that Debbie's Dad, Simon, had got wind that all was not well, and on my arrival back took me out on my own to a pub on the other side of town to talk to me. He didn't beat about the bush he just said, "I know you've threatened Debbie with divorce, and to be honest if I were you I would probably give her an ultimatum, Marilyn (her Mum) has talked and talked to her and she just doesn't get it. I tried talking to her while you were away, and to be honest I think I was wasting the effort, but what is going to happen if you split, she cant afford a house on her own and we haven't got room for her here." Her parents downsized a bit once the children had flown the nest.

He was obviously fishing to see sort of a settlement she would get, they did have room, the room we stayed in when we went down, but probably didn't want their lazy daughter back under the same roof making the place untidy. This wasn't a subject I wanted to get into however, Simon was a shrewd man and realised I would try and minimise my assets to ensure that any settlement was as small as possible.

In the end I was honest, just left out a few important details, that way if it went pear shaped at least I couldn't be accused of lying. I told him I had given her an ultimatum and we were in last chance saloon, however I then added that I was going to work in Holland, now I implied that I was going for a few months, but in fact I would only be away 2 weeks.

Simon took the bait, he was a 'now' man and if something was 2 or 3 months off it would drop below his radar. We chatted for a bit, and went back. Marilyn had been crying when we got back and Debbie had a sour, solemn look, great. But at least Simon was off the case.

The next day was New Years Eve, and we were due to go to a party at Marilyns brothers house. When we got there half Ipswich seemed to be there, and Debbie made straight for the Bar and proceeded to get drunk. I had to stay sober as I was due to drive back early on New Years Day as I had to work later that day, when someone offers you £100/hour to do a few simple changes to a system at a time to suit them you cant turn it down.

As a result by midnight I was like a bear with a sore head, I was spoiling for a fight with Debbie. She was legless, her dress was all dishevelled and she was dancing on a table when I found her. She wouldn't join me and her parents for Auld Lang Syne and continued to make an exhibition of herself to anyone who would take notice of her. In the end I was so disgusted with her I just left her to it.

I then got into some trouble ... Two young lads probably in their 20's were boasting about how they had ripped off an old lady for £2000, now I will play the system with the best of them, but that sort of conning just makes me sick. I listened for a few minutes then surreptitiously (I thought) put my phone on to record their boasts. They must have twigged what I had done and started to kick off and they both tried to jump me, but being drunk they didn't do a very good job. I picked up a chair to defend myself, and ended up smashing it hard against one of the scum bags. At this point scum bag number 2 legged it and his mate was on the floor with me holding a broken chair and my foot on his balls. Simon and Marilyns brother came in and I gave them a potted history. The brother said "Jason get up stairs I will deal with you later" and the to me, "I think you'd better go now". I said to Simon, "OK, where's the drunk." At this point Marilyn and another women I didn't know were half dragging half carrying Debbie out of the house towards the car. Thank god we were in her parents car, when she got near the car she was sick all over them. Marilyn and Simon got her in the back and Simon got in with me, even although it was a cold night we had to have all the windows open, and even then the smell made me feel queasy.

Fortunately Debbie was out of it, and Marilyn was in the back with a really strained face. When we got to their house they got Debbie in and I said I thought it might be better if I got straight off home, it was a 5 hour drive, but I was revved up and I thought I 'd drive for a couple of hours and then pull in for a sleep.

In the end I drove through the night and arrived home tired and pissed off at about 7am. I went to bed intending to get a few hours sleep before I went to work, when the phone rang. It was Simon.

I thought I'd try and head him off by saying, look I am at work in 3 hours, but he wouldn't be put off and said this wont take more than a few minutes.

He just said, "Look is there any point in Debbie coming home?", I said "I don't think so" and he replied "I thought as much, I will at least try and get her to ring you when she has sobered up. I actually think she is making a big mistake, you work hard and have treated her well over the years, but she just cant seem to see that she has to put some effort in as well"

I got through work and rung Vanessa on the way home, I felt like a bit of sex might take my mind off things. She was at her flat and said come round when you like, so I said I was on my way, I arrived at about 6pm.

When I got there I asked her how she was and she said she was fine, glad to see me though, and I thought more likely my £50, but that was another matter. And yet again I complicated things, because we had a good shag, and I got her to come again, I licked her arsehole for the first time, this drove her wild, but then I fell to sleep. Now bearing in mind I hadn't slept for 36 hours this wasn't surprising, but I woke at about midnight to find myself spooned up against her. She must have felt me stir, thing was I had a hard on as well, and she said, "Are you OK" I said "Yes, do you want me to go", and she just lifted her leg and she eased my dick into her pussy. We had a long slow shag, I remember coming, and I must of dropped off again and woke at about 6am to Vanessa leaning over me giving me a good morning blow job. She stopped for a minute, saying "I checked in your diary which was in your bag and saw you had to be in Lincoln for 8.30am so I thought I'd wake you at about 6am, there's a cup of tea and boiled egg and soldiers by the bed when I've finished" and she proceeded to work me expertly to an orgasm.

I drank my tea ate my toast and egg and prepared to leave, I thanked Vanessa, and she just said "Thank you, you always treat me well, you try and make it nice for me as well, and you are obviously in need of a good woman". I slipped another £50 under the pillow when she wasn't looking, I know she changed the bed regularly as it was always clean so she would find it. As I left she said "I know you are hurting, if you ever want to talk I could be a friend as well as a paid lover" and she kissed me.

I drove to Lincoln, and whilst driving had time to think, I decided this is no good, this girl is getting under my skin, I'm in the process of getting divorced, the last thing I need is another relationship particularly one with a girl I hardly know who is a pro as well.

During the day Simon rang, he said "You've not been at home" I said "No I was too knackered to drive back last night" which was the truth, just not the whole truth, and we exchanged a bit of small talk. He then got the point "You don't seem to be worth as much as Debbie thinks, she seems to be thinking she is going to get half the house, but I've made enquiries and it seems there is a pretty big mortgage on it.". This wasn't good, the ink was hardly dry on my deal, and I didn't know what to say, and thought the 'when in a hole the say nothing approach' was best. After a few seconds silence Simon said "Look I know about the reputation of Paul Samuel and partners, and to be honest Debbie hasn't been a good wife, and doesn't deserve a free ride, I have a proposal, you make sure she comes out with £30,000 cash to get started again and I will make sure she doesn't investigate how you've managed to spend £285,000 in 3 weeks, I also realise that even if we did investigate it there wouldn't be anything we could get our hands on until you made a property purchase or some other big investment again. So all in all I think that's fair." I thought for a few seconds and said "£20,000, and I will clear the credit cards, hers are about £5,000." Simon thought for a minute and said fine that's a deal. So I said "How do we make it binding", he said "There's not much I can do, you will have to trust me, but I am a man of my word, and if its any consolation I think it may be the wake up call she needs" The only thing I could think of was the incident with Marilyn nephews on New Years Eve, and I said "If you stitch me up the business with Jason will become public" Simon then replied "I thought you might bring that up, and I agree with you, but it would ruin Marilyns family, so I am keeping quiet for her sake, as you probably realised Gordon was all huff and puff, he knows what's going on, probably involved I wouldn't doubt"

So we had a deal? We would see.

The next few weeks were busy, I was getting ready for the project in Holland, and I got started on the divorce, I had Paul Samuel handle it for me.

And I went to see Vanessa again.

I told her the whole story, and that I was not ready for a normal relationship, but I was happy to carry on as friends with benefits if she would accept that. We also had a good shag, I fucked her first than ate her out, she got off on this, and said it was really nasty, and I paid her £50 as I normally did, first she said I had already paid, and I said no that was bread and breakfast money, and then she said that she liked me and its was a freeby, I said "Look I am going away to Holland for a few weeks, take it and I'll see you when I get back." I am certain she would have liked more of a relationship, and under different circumstances I would probably have given her a chance in spite of her background, but I just felt bitter at the moment in spite of my likely success with the divorce. I also decided to put the house on the market, I had enough funds to pay Debbie off, but I decided I needed a change.

While I was in Holland I put the house in North Yorkshire on the market, and to my surprise I had an acceptable offer on the table when I got back. I did a bit of whoring with the window girls in Alkmaar, Amsterdam and Utrecht while I was away, and I enjoyed the trip.

The divorce went through in March, Debbie got her £20,000 and her cards cleared, and I had £305,000 in the bank from the sale of the house, having cleared the mortgage and was looking for a new house. Simon kept to his word and it all went through with out a murmur.

I was living in a rented flat in Harrogate, and my furniture was in store, so I decided it was time to start house hunting.

I saw Vanessa a few more times, but I felt awkward, I know she hoped I would be more than a client but I was still not ready.

Now my work takes me all over the country, so I could settle down anywhere, I decided that I needed to move away from Yorkshire, there were too many memories, and I felt I needed a fresh start. £300,000 was a decent sum, and would buy a nice house just about anywhere except London and the South East, so I started to investigate.

In the end I found a run down farmhouse near Leominster in Herefordshire for £120,000 but it had the potential to be a wonderful place, open views over hills, about 6 miles from town and what I was looking for.

I bought the house, got it restored, which cost another £120,000 and was reasonably happy. Only problem was getting pussy. So I carried on using prostitutes. I rationalised it by saying I gave Debbie £25,000 for 3 years, which is £8,000 a year, and that would buy an awful lot of pussy. I had also employed a housekeeper, Mrs Shaw, a woman in the village, who was in her late 60's. She came in and cleaned and did the housework. She was glad of the extra money, and I always had a clean house, so my needs were being taken care of and I wasn't even looking for a relationship. My business was doing well, my overheads were low, and I wasn't even spending all my earnings every month.

About 2 months later I won a large contract at a factory in Leeds, so I was back in Yorkshire, Now when I had put the quote in I didn't want to go back to Yorkshire even to work for a bit, so I doubled my quote before I sent it off, but I still got the order. This put me on the spot, as I stood to make close to £100,000 for 3 months work so I had to bite the bullet and get on with it.

When the time came to start I booked my self into a Hotel in the City Centre, I would be working Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday, The production would be shutdown from Friday Lunchtime to Monday Lunchtime while I worked.

I decided of course to visit the red light district. I also tried to call Vanessa but there was no answer. I went round to her flat, but couldn't get in, it was on the 10th Floor and there was a sophisticated access control system with a turnstile to even enter the lobby area, the council had actually done a good job of cleaning the place up and keeping the scallies out which is why I liked going there.

Anyway I was busy at work, I'd go home on a Monday afternoon, and come back to Leeds on a Friday. I found a few more decent girls and would usually get two paid for shags each week. The only cloud on that horizon was the fact that there appeared to be a serial killer on the loose, 3 prostitutes had been found dead, and everyone was jittery, the police were all over the red light district, and the girls were jumpy. Anyway I had a couple of regulars, and I saw them most of the time

One of them, Lisa was a good shag, she loved sex, as well as the money, and was clean. She was about 21, Long dark hair, nice big tits and a nice face, a little plump for some tastes but I like girls with a bit of padding so she lit my fuse very effectively. We chatted a bit as well as doing the horizontal mambo, and she didn't appear to have any family, she lived on the other side of town, in another tower block, but it was a nice if simple flat.

It must have been the start of my third week in Leeds and I went to see Lisa after I finished around 11pm Friday evening, and she said, "How much is that hotel costing you" I said about £100 a night. She said "I have a deal for you, give me £250 a week, you can stay here, you get access to my body every night, and I'll do your meals for you. I don't want to work the streets while this killer is on the prowl, and that will give me enough to live on" Well I was getting pissed off with the Hotel, and Lisa was stood in front of me naked, and she was one sexy looking girl, so little head had the final say.

We did agree that any other regulars could visit Tuesday — Thursday, but we were exclusive when I was in Leeds.

So I moved my stuff to Lisa's flat. Well as good as her word, she cooked a meal every evening, and left me a pack up every day. And we shagged every night, The first night I went down on her, and I got her to come. She responded by by riding me to a finish, and we carried on from there, I think we finally got to sleep about 2am and I had to be up at 6.30am, so I went I in tired on that Sunday. We weren't as active the next evening but we had a 69 and I started to getting warning signs about her wanting to become more than a B&B with shag.

Otherwise everything was fine for about 2 weeks until I was on my rest days and I got a call from Lisa telling me the Police wanted to see me. They had been round to see her while making enquiries into the killings and thought I may have some information which would help them. Lisa admitted she quizzed them and asked if she was in danger from me, they told her not to worry, they would explain once they had spoken to me. Apparently the only address they had for me was my accommodation address at Paul Samules whilst the divorce and house sale were going through, and I had carried on using it, so no one knew of my Herefordshire hideaway. The house had been bought by an offshore company, and was still owned by them, I just 'rented' it, but in reality I was the offshore company.

I rang the number Lisa gave me and spoke to a WPC who seemed to be expecting my call, she assured me I wasn't in trouble, but pointed out that kerb crawling was illegal, but her concern was the serial killer, and that I may be able to help them. We danced around the subject for a while but she wouldn't say anymore beyond not to discuss it with anyone except Lisa, who had apparently been given the same schpeil, and 3 other members of her team. Not even other police. I noticed her accent, which was from East Anglia, and she said "Oh I was born in Norwich" and we left it at that

I tried to ring Lisa back, but she was engaged, when I finally got through she told me they phoned her again to find out what our relationship was with me, they were keen for me to continue to stay with her, which seemed a bit odd. I told her I would be up Thursday if she could put up with me for an extra night, as I had to be in the factory for 12noon on Friday, and I would visit the cop shop on the way in. Lisa then said "No you mustn't visit the cop shop, you are to ring that Janice whatever her name is and she and her colleague will see you here." That seemed a bit odd, but put my mind at rest about being in trouble.

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