The Gift

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kat recieves a gift that changes her life

They had met a little over a month ago. The club was a favorite hangout for amateur musicians. Kat enjoyed going there and had been doing so for quite some time, often just hanging out with friends, listening to music, and finally urged to play a couple of her own favorite songs on the guitar. It had been after she'd just finished playing and had gone back to take her seat, the high of excitement in having just finished still with her as she glanced up and saw him, the same guy she had briefly spotted while she had been playing, the look in his eyes as he watched her so intently. As she walked back to sit at the booth where her friends were, she walked by where he was sitting just as he stood preparing to go up onto the stage himself.

"Enjoyed it," he said smiling at her. "Would like to talk to you after I'm done if you're willing," he said getting a nod yes that she'd like that.

Kat retook her seat at the booth she'd been sitting at with her friends. "You know him?" Amanda asked.

"No, do you?"

"Not personally no," Amanda responded. "All I do know is, that his names Brett and he plays with one of the local bands here, understand he's pretty good too!"

"Looks pretty good too," Kat said just under her breath as she watched him setting up and begin playing.

Brett as she now knew his name was extremely tall, well over six feet with extremely long dark hair, a mustache and matching goatee, along with several interesting tattoos which she now admired, especially as Kat had several of her own.

As she sat listening to him play his guitar, she felt herself becoming aroused, wondering what it might be that he wanted to talk to her about, her mind already imagining what it might be like to make love with him. It had in fact been a while since she'd been involved in a relationship with anyone she really cared about. And to be perfectly honest about it, she'd been rather horny lately, and masturbation just wasn't cutting it any more either. And not that she didn't have plenty of guys that she knew, many of which had hit on her at the club, though she just wasn't interested in most of them for one reason or another.

At five-six, Kat was the very attractive, somewhat typical blue-eyed blonde with one major difference, she certainly wasn't dumb or scattered brained, knew what she wanted ... especially in a man, and also knew when to show off her voluptuously shaped body, and when not to.

As it turned out, this was one of those nights when she was in fact showing off a bit, since she also knew she'd be performing on stage as it were, and a little hint of her sexuality went a long way in exciting the crowd and more than ever now was thankful that she had been.

Kat had worn a fairly short skirt, showing off her shapely legs, her white blouse somewhat see through, though she was also wearing a black lace bra beneath it for a sexy contrast which had really hinted at her lovely full breasts without really showing them. Her long blonde hair seductively falling across one eye as she played, brushing it out of the way, spotting Brett briefly that first time as he sat there, though then she hadn't known his name. Now however, it was her turn to ogle him, listening to him play, his hands and fingers a blur upon the strings, mesmerizing in a way, as was his look as he turned to face her, playing for her as she locked eyes with him listening.

"That was incredible!" she said honestly when he'd finished, coming back asking if he could join them for a quick drink.

"Thanks," he said simply. "Enjoyed listening to you too," he added, "Might be fun to see if we could do something together sometime."

"Wow, really? I'd like that!" she smiled, chills already traveling up and down her spine as he sat next to her, the simple movement of his thigh suddenly pressing against hers more than enough to cause that.

They had chatted for a while, had their drink together, and then he had told her he had an early day in the morning and unfortunately had to leave. Scribbling his number on a napkin, he handed it to her.

"If you're interested, give me a call," he'd told her. Kat smiled, he hadn't asked her for her number, leaving it up to her to decide if she wanted to see him again, learn more about him, which is how it had all begun actually as she sat at the counter of another bar. This one a place she wasn't all that familiar with, waiting for him to arrive which is where he said he would meet her at. In the short time she had known him, he had already figured out her inner most secrets and desires, her sometimes shy inhibited side suddenly exploited, turned upside down and inside out. At first, a little unnerving, especially for her, but she found from it an excitement and pleasure she had never known before.

As Kat sat sipping her drink waiting for Brett to arrive, she recalled their very first real evening out together.

She had called him the following day, something out of character for her perhaps, but he was obviously delighted that she had by the tone of his voice.

"So, you doing anything on Friday?" he'd asked.

"Nothing planned," she'd told him, though she had in fact planned on going out to the club once again with her friends, plans that she was more than happy to cancel.

"Cool, how'd you like to go see Metallica with me?"

"You're kidding right?" she'd said excitedly. "That concerts been sold out for over a month!"

"So that means you're interested?"

"Hell yes!" she'd said enthusiastically.

"Pick you up at six-thirty then, grab a bite to eat and then go," he told her soon after getting the address where she lived from her.

"Just one thing," he then said, "Something I'd like you to do for me if you would."

"Ok," she hesitated wondering, but already knowing she would do just about anything he asked her as long as it wasn't too far out there.

"I'd love it if you'd wear the same outfit you wore the other night," he'd said. She was smiling to herself hearing him say that.

"So, he liked the way I looked did he?" she thought to herself.

"But with one tiny little difference, if you're willing to do it for me," he finished.

"Oh? And what would that be?" she asked curiously.

"Don't wear the bra. I'd really enjoy seeing you in that particular blouse without one."

Kat actually sat there considering it for a moment before answering. "Let me think about that," she said honestly. "But even if I do decide to wear one, does that mean no concert?"

He laughed, "No ... of course not. Was just curious to see if you would, that's all."

And Kat had spent some time thinking about it, had finally put on the blouse without one, looking at herself. There was just enough of a pattern in front to somewhat conceal her nipples, though the rest of the blouse clearly revealed the shadowed softness of her full breasts hidden beneath. It was an adventurous thing for her to do, but she honestly did like the way she looked, and knowing that Brett would too, she set aside her insecurity about being that revealed, even if she really wasn't as she considered it, and met him at the door with a smile on his face as he stood there admiring her.

"Thank you!" he'd said, even leaning forward to give her a quick brief kiss, and then a second one as she warmed to the first, leaning forward for the second, which they shared considerably longer there in her doorway.

The concert itself as she knew it would be was as good as always. They'd stepped out into the night heading back towards his car, the parking lot already a crowded mess as everyone sat waiting trying to get out of the lot ahead of everyone else.

"You in any kind of a hurry?" he'd asked.

"No, not really," she said perfectly content to sit there with him and let the crazy one's in a hurry get out in order to do so without becoming a part of it themselves.

Once again he leaned over to kiss her, doing so, which she'd honestly been hoping he'd do. But as he did, she also felt his hand resting lightly on her side just beneath her bare breast though he hadn't as yet made any indication he would attempt to touch her. And she found herself sitting there wondering for a moment if she'd allow him to continue doing so if he made the attempt. The arousal she'd been feeling all night as she sat next to him, laughing, appreciating the music together, letting it awaken her desires even though she didn't realize it at the time. Before she knew it, she had placed her hand on his, lifting it, placing it against her breast before he had.

To her surprise however, he had given her a small quick affectionate squeeze in being told that it was "ok," but had removed his hand from her. "You're not ready for that yet," he'd said shocking her slightly.

"What do you mean?" she'd asked. "Certainly just touching my tits isn't moving too fast now is it?"

"No, not exactly," he'd said looking at her. "But you don't want just that, I can see it in your eyes. But you need to realize what it is that you do want. Copping a feel in the front seat of my car isn't it. There's more to you than just that, I know it, and you know it, even if you don't realize it yet," he told her.

"Ok Brett? I'm not sure I'm really following you here," she told him.

He sat looking at her in silence for a moment as the parking lot slowly cleared out, enough so that he started up the car without responding. He pulled out onto the street.

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