The Gift

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kat recieves a gift that changes her life

They had met a little over a month ago. The club was a favorite hangout for amateur musicians. Kat enjoyed going there and had been doing so for quite some time, often just hanging out with friends, listening to music, and finally urged to play a couple of her own favorite songs on the guitar. It had been after she'd just finished playing and had gone back to take her seat, the high of excitement in having just finished still with her as she glanced up and saw him, the same guy she had briefly spotted while she had been playing, the look in his eyes as he watched her so intently. As she walked back to sit at the booth where her friends were, she walked by where he was sitting just as he stood preparing to go up onto the stage himself.

"Enjoyed it," he said smiling at her. "Would like to talk to you after I'm done if you're willing," he said getting a nod yes that she'd like that.

Kat retook her seat at the booth she'd been sitting at with her friends. "You know him?" Amanda asked.

"No, do you?"

"Not personally no," Amanda responded. "All I do know is, that his names Brett and he plays with one of the local bands here, understand he's pretty good too!"

"Looks pretty good too," Kat said just under her breath as she watched him setting up and begin playing.

Brett as she now knew his name was extremely tall, well over six feet with extremely long dark hair, a mustache and matching goatee, along with several interesting tattoos which she now admired, especially as Kat had several of her own.

As she sat listening to him play his guitar, she felt herself becoming aroused, wondering what it might be that he wanted to talk to her about, her mind already imagining what it might be like to make love with him. It had in fact been a while since she'd been involved in a relationship with anyone she really cared about. And to be perfectly honest about it, she'd been rather horny lately, and masturbation just wasn't cutting it any more either. And not that she didn't have plenty of guys that she knew, many of which had hit on her at the club, though she just wasn't interested in most of them for one reason or another.

At five-six, Kat was the very attractive, somewhat typical blue-eyed blonde with one major difference, she certainly wasn't dumb or scattered brained, knew what she wanted ... especially in a man, and also knew when to show off her voluptuously shaped body, and when not to.

As it turned out, this was one of those nights when she was in fact showing off a bit, since she also knew she'd be performing on stage as it were, and a little hint of her sexuality went a long way in exciting the crowd and more than ever now was thankful that she had been.

Kat had worn a fairly short skirt, showing off her shapely legs, her white blouse somewhat see through, though she was also wearing a black lace bra beneath it for a sexy contrast which had really hinted at her lovely full breasts without really showing them. Her long blonde hair seductively falling across one eye as she played, brushing it out of the way, spotting Brett briefly that first time as he sat there, though then she hadn't known his name. Now however, it was her turn to ogle him, listening to him play, his hands and fingers a blur upon the strings, mesmerizing in a way, as was his look as he turned to face her, playing for her as she locked eyes with him listening.

"That was incredible!" she said honestly when he'd finished, coming back asking if he could join them for a quick drink.

"Thanks," he said simply. "Enjoyed listening to you too," he added, "Might be fun to see if we could do something together sometime."

"Wow, really? I'd like that!" she smiled, chills already traveling up and down her spine as he sat next to her, the simple movement of his thigh suddenly pressing against hers more than enough to cause that.

They had chatted for a while, had their drink together, and then he had told her he had an early day in the morning and unfortunately had to leave. Scribbling his number on a napkin, he handed it to her.

"If you're interested, give me a call," he'd told her. Kat smiled, he hadn't asked her for her number, leaving it up to her to decide if she wanted to see him again, learn more about him, which is how it had all begun actually as she sat at the counter of another bar. This one a place she wasn't all that familiar with, waiting for him to arrive which is where he said he would meet her at. In the short time she had known him, he had already figured out her inner most secrets and desires, her sometimes shy inhibited side suddenly exploited, turned upside down and inside out. At first, a little unnerving, especially for her, but she found from it an excitement and pleasure she had never known before.

As Kat sat sipping her drink waiting for Brett to arrive, she recalled their very first real evening out together.

She had called him the following day, something out of character for her perhaps, but he was obviously delighted that she had by the tone of his voice.

"So, you doing anything on Friday?" he'd asked.

"Nothing planned," she'd told him, though she had in fact planned on going out to the club once again with her friends, plans that she was more than happy to cancel.

"Cool, how'd you like to go see Metallica with me?"

"You're kidding right?" she'd said excitedly. "That concerts been sold out for over a month!"

"So that means you're interested?"

"Hell yes!" she'd said enthusiastically.

"Pick you up at six-thirty then, grab a bite to eat and then go," he told her soon after getting the address where she lived from her.

"Just one thing," he then said, "Something I'd like you to do for me if you would."

"Ok," she hesitated wondering, but already knowing she would do just about anything he asked her as long as it wasn't too far out there.

"I'd love it if you'd wear the same outfit you wore the other night," he'd said. She was smiling to herself hearing him say that.

"So, he liked the way I looked did he?" she thought to herself.

"But with one tiny little difference, if you're willing to do it for me," he finished.

"Oh? And what would that be?" she asked curiously.

"Don't wear the bra. I'd really enjoy seeing you in that particular blouse without one."

Kat actually sat there considering it for a moment before answering. "Let me think about that," she said honestly. "But even if I do decide to wear one, does that mean no concert?"

He laughed, "No ... of course not. Was just curious to see if you would, that's all."

And Kat had spent some time thinking about it, had finally put on the blouse without one, looking at herself. There was just enough of a pattern in front to somewhat conceal her nipples, though the rest of the blouse clearly revealed the shadowed softness of her full breasts hidden beneath. It was an adventurous thing for her to do, but she honestly did like the way she looked, and knowing that Brett would too, she set aside her insecurity about being that revealed, even if she really wasn't as she considered it, and met him at the door with a smile on his face as he stood there admiring her.

"Thank you!" he'd said, even leaning forward to give her a quick brief kiss, and then a second one as she warmed to the first, leaning forward for the second, which they shared considerably longer there in her doorway.

The concert itself as she knew it would be was as good as always. They'd stepped out into the night heading back towards his car, the parking lot already a crowded mess as everyone sat waiting trying to get out of the lot ahead of everyone else.

"You in any kind of a hurry?" he'd asked.

"No, not really," she said perfectly content to sit there with him and let the crazy one's in a hurry get out in order to do so without becoming a part of it themselves.

Once again he leaned over to kiss her, doing so, which she'd honestly been hoping he'd do. But as he did, she also felt his hand resting lightly on her side just beneath her bare breast though he hadn't as yet made any indication he would attempt to touch her. And she found herself sitting there wondering for a moment if she'd allow him to continue doing so if he made the attempt. The arousal she'd been feeling all night as she sat next to him, laughing, appreciating the music together, letting it awaken her desires even though she didn't realize it at the time. Before she knew it, she had placed her hand on his, lifting it, placing it against her breast before he had.

To her surprise however, he had given her a small quick affectionate squeeze in being told that it was "ok," but had removed his hand from her. "You're not ready for that yet," he'd said shocking her slightly.

"What do you mean?" she'd asked. "Certainly just touching my tits isn't moving too fast now is it?"

"No, not exactly," he'd said looking at her. "But you don't want just that, I can see it in your eyes. But you need to realize what it is that you do want. Copping a feel in the front seat of my car isn't it. There's more to you than just that, I know it, and you know it, even if you don't realize it yet," he told her.

"Ok Brett? I'm not sure I'm really following you here," she told him.

He sat looking at her in silence for a moment as the parking lot slowly cleared out, enough so that he started up the car without responding. He pulled out onto the street.

"I know this is going to sound a little conceited perhaps, even a bit crass, but the reality is this, I've been out with enough women to know which ones are just going through the motions, and which women are genuinely enthusiastic about enjoying life, and that includes being willing enough to be a bit more daring than someone else is. That's what I'm looking for, and I think you could be that kind of woman, even if you don't think that you are. But ... it's up to you to decide that. So, I'll give you something to think about here. We've got just a couple of miles before we reach the highway, by the time we do, you'll tell me whether you'd prefer I take you back home, or that we go to the club for a couple of drinks, and then see what happens after that."

Kat was curious, she still didn't know what he was alluding to with regards to herself, but she was also willing to find out. "Ok, so tell me what it is."

He glanced over towards her in the semi darkness as they drove along. "When I asked you earlier if you'd be willing to go without a bra tonight, and then arriving at your door and finding that you'd done as I asked, told me then that you were at least gusty enough to go outside of your obvious comfort zone, and that meant a lot to me. So now ... I'm going to ask you to do that again if you're willing. But like I said, if you're not, that's ok too, just wanted you to know before I asked you."

"Asked me what?" she again questioned curiously, somewhat nervously.

"Take off the blouse."

"Here? Now?"

He didn't answer her, just continued to look forward eyes on the road. There was a long drawn out silence between them as they continued to drive along, Kat knowing that the turn off was just up ahead now, as was her decision.

"That's seriously what you want me to do, show you my boobs?"

He finally looked over at her, the intersection already looming just up ahead.

"It's not just about staring at your boobs," he said. "It's about your willingness to do something without really questioning it, to allow yourself to experience something, allow yourself to find excitement, arousal in even the small things. If you can do that, if you can begin to trust me, then you'll find yourself enjoying things in ways you've never even begun to imagine. But like I said ... it's entirely up to you. So ... which way?" he asked as he slowed the car.

Kat looked into the rear view mirror, there was traffic coming up from behind them. For a moment she almost told him to take her home, but the moment that very thought entered her mind, she knew it wasn't what she really wanted either. Without another word, she began undoing the buttons on her blouse. As she did, Brett signaled and turned into the left-hand turn lane, which would put them onto the road heading back towards the club.

To her surprise, she found herself sitting there next to him with her breasts fully exposed. Simultaneously, she felt the tingle of her nipples as they hardened, perhaps caused by the slightly additional coolness of the night, but she knew the reality was, she truly was excited. Sitting there beside him as she was, her breasts fully revealed, though he had made no such motion to reach over and touch her, just the thought of him perhaps doing so had heightened her desire and want for allowing him to do just that if he eventually did.

"You really do have beautiful breasts," he told her, saying again, 'Thank you." They were less than a mile away from the club. "Go ahead Kat, you can put your blouse back on now."

It had been like that ever since then. It had been nearly a month now and aside from his kissing her, which she loved doing, and which he found quite enjoyable as well, the only time he had even touched her was when she had placed his hand upon her own breast that one brief time after the concert. Since then, she had in fact bared her breasts for him whenever he'd asked her to do so, sometimes for only a few minutes just prior to dropping her off at home, or once just after pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant he'd taken her to, watching her unbutton her blouse, only to rebutton it a moment or two later once she had before going inside to eat.

In a way, she thought it strange, sometimes wondering if Brett was actually treating her a little too strangely, but then suddenly anxious to hear from him again after a day or two had gone by without a single phone call.

And now, here she was sitting in an unfamiliar bar waiting for him. He had called her earlier, told her where to meet him and when. He had once again told her what he'd like her to wear, so she had, another short skirt, a tight pullover sweater, and no bra. She had gotten used to dressing for him this way now, though it was starting to drive her a little crazy that he hadn't touched her yet.

She had arrived on time, even a few minutes earlier than he'd asked her to. She glanced at her watch, it was fifteen to seven, a bit early perhaps, only a few patrons had come in, one or two other couples was all, but she had also noticed as the signs had indicated that it was "ladies night" Thursday, drinks were half-priced for the women, so she ordered a second one, once again looking about the room and discovered that there were far more single women who'd begun arriving, still only the two other couples. And then finally saw Brett as he came in already heading towards her.

He took the stool next to her. "You're late," she said with a smile, not meaning it in a nasty way whatsoever.

"Didn't tell you I'd be here when I asked you to be," he said indifferently, taking a small box out of his coat pocket setting it down on the bar as he ordered himself a drink. "Saw you arrive in fact," he then admitted smiling at her mysteriously.

"Why didn't you come in if you saw me arrive?" she asked.

"Anticipation for one," he answered grinning back at her, his hand still resting on top of the box, whatever that was. "And two, to let you relax a little, have a drink, order another, which you've already done," he said still smiling as she took another sip of her drink, her curiosity now getting the best of her.

"What's in the box?"

"A special little gift for you," he said. "Something you might enjoy, for me..." he added once again cryptically. He then showed her something else he held in his hand, which she hadn't seen until now. It was small, looked a little like the kind of remote control you would use for a car to unlock it, but there weren't any keys with it.

"What's that for?"

"For this," he said once again indicating the box. "But you might want to take it into the bathroom before opening it," he suggested. "After that, it's up to you."

Kat slid off the stool taking up the box. Brett caught her hand briefly. "You'll have five minutes," he told her once again cryptically.

"Five minutes to do what?" she asked.

"You'll know what," he said glancing down at his watch.

Kat took the box, glancing back towards him briefly as she entered the women's restroom, but he was still looking at his watch even as she did so.

There was no one else inside, even so, she entered one of the stalls shutting the door securing it before opening the box. She sat there staring at it. She knew what it was, she'd seen them before though she had never used one. And this was one of the expensive ones too as she considered it. All of the others she'd seen or had heard about previously had connected wires leading to the remote. This one had a chip inside that could be activated without the wires, totally remote.

"He can't be serious!" she thought to herself though she removed the small silver colored cylinder from the box holding it within her hand for a moment. Mentally, she knew she had but a couple of additional minutes to decide. "Decide what?" she asked herself. "Does he really expect me to put this in?" she again asked, already knowing the answer to that. He did. But ... would she? Could she actually do that? What would happen if she did?

She was walking towards him when she felt the first faint tingle deep inside her pussy. She faltered only briefly continuing on as she stared straight ahead taking her seat next to him once again.

"Like it?" he asked.

"How you even know I decided to put it in?" she shot back, almost immediately feeling the intensity of the vibrations turned full up inside her.

"Ok, Ok!" she quivered, "Fuck!" she said just under her breath. Brett laughed though she felt the gentle pleasuring hum become nothing more than a sensitive tickle.

"So now what?" she asked.

"So now we just have a little fun and enjoy the evening," he told her. "A very special evening with everything I have planned," he added without telling her anything more, though he did add. "And depending on how things go here tonight, maybe later there will be something even more special that I will share with you."


But Brett didn't elaborate further, though he did gently increase the vibrating hum just a titch, causing her to squirm briefly for a moment while she got used to it.

"You purposely trying to drive me crazy here?" she asked once again sipping her drink, though as her pussy convulsed, she found herself draining it instead.

"Easy on the booze honey," Brett told her. "We've got a long ... long night ahead of us, and I don't have any intention of getting you too drunk to enjoy it either." Brett stood retrieving their drinks. "It's starting to fill up, let's go grab us a booth before they're all gone."

The place was indeed beginning to fill up. Before long, not only was the music louder, but also several were out dancing on the floor, most of them women dancing with women. Kat realized as they sat watching, the gentle hum between her legs now more of a pleasured reminder, keeping her aroused yes, but not nearly at the edge like she'd been too close to a while ago.

"This isn't just ladies night now is it?" she stated confirming it for herself as some of the women who were dancing had obvious masculine like characteristics about them, though many others were for her a conundrum, too hard to tell one way or the other, though it was also possible, some girls were just there for the inexpensive drinks and a night out with their girl friends, that ... and to dabble perhaps with their own curiosities in an atmosphere that was rich with the possibility of it.

Brett nodded his head towards another table where two girls sat watching a couple of their other friends dancing. "See the brunette?" he asked.


"Go ask her to dance," he said.


Once again Brett sat silently just looking at her. He never said twice to her what he knew she had heard the first time, even if she always tended to ask him again. She glanced back towards the brunette. She really was attractive.

"Just ask her to dance, if she says no ... she says no. No big deal," Brett told her.

Kat stood, Brett once again grabbing her hand briefly. "But if she does, after the dance, invite her back here for a drink with us afterwards," he added. Releasing her hand, Kat headed over towards the table, stood just behind for a moment gathering herself until she felt a sudden increase of pleasured tickling between her legs, she almost jumped at it, moving towards the brunette as the vibrations once again simmered down.

To her surprise, the brunette who introduced herself as Mandy accepted her offer, moving out with her to the floor as they danced closely together to a slow sensual song that soon turned into a fiery beat as though passing from quiet foreplay into hot passionate lovemaking as it went. She felt the other woman pressing against her at one point, her own breasts also full and firm against her back, hands slithering up and down Kat's sides as they swayed in tempo to the beat together, though Kat also was forced to endure another kind of beat, one that gradually got more and more intense just as the music did. She had in fact nearly climaxed when the song ended, along with the purring rush of ecstasy between her legs.

"Care to join us for a drink?" she'd asked showing Mandy where Brett was sitting having been watching them.

"Sure," Mandy said following her over. Kat slid in next to Brett, with Mandy slipping into the booth on the other side of her. Moments later a waitress had taken their fresh drink orders and left.

"You two looked very erotic together out on the floor," Brett stated easily. Kat blushed, Mandy did as well, though she was smiling at Kat. "Yeah, that was pretty hot," she admitted. "You're girlfriends very sexy."

"Thank you," Kat said. "So are you."

"Did you like the way her breasts felt pressed against your back?" Brett asked stating the obvious. Obviously there was no denying that she had been.

"Yeah, that was nice," Kat said nervously, but saw a smile of delight cross Mandy's face as she admitted to it.

"You should show her your tits," Brett suggested, "Before the waitress comes back with our drinks." Mandy's eye widened as Brett said that, but she was obviously interested in actually seeing them. "Show me yours, I'll show you mine," she offered in response to that, giggling a little after she'd said it.

Kat took a real quick look around, no one was really looking their way at the moment, so she lifted her sweater, her breasts revealed just for a moment as she secreted them away once again, feeling the unexpected exhilaration of having done that, even though it had been only a very brief exposure.

"Nice tits!" Mandy exclaimed appreciatively. "Mine aren't nearly as pretty as yours are ... but, here they are!" She too then lifted her tee shirt confirming the fact she too had been braless, which Kat now realized Brett had learned earlier on, targeting the Brunette just for that very reason. She soon lowered her own shirt, once again covering herself however just seconds before the waitress arrived with their drinks.

"Would you mind if she touched them a little?" Brett asked for Kat, surprising her with this unexpected request.

"Only if I get to touch hers a little too," she stated.

"Kat?" Brett asked, as she sat there, the sudden increase once again of the pleasured egg between her legs making her decision an easy one.

"Fuck yeah!" she said fighting through the sudden intake of breath, though this time Brett didn't turn down the humming pleasure now working her clit quite as quickly as he'd been doing.

Mandy lifted one side of her tee shirt, her bare breast suddenly available as Kat reached out, caressing and fondling it for a few pleasurable moments.

"How'd that feel Kat?" Brett asked. "Feel nice playing with her soft tits?"

"Oh yeah," she moaned, unable to do much of anything else at the moment as Brett increased the vibrating pleasure until it was nearly full on once again.

"Would you like to know a secret Mandy?" Brett asked her. Kat knew what was coming, but at the moment, she was so aroused she could have cared less.

"Sure!" she again stated, almost reluctantly covering her exposed boob once again.

"Well it's pretty naughty," he said teasingly, though immediately garnering her interest as she leaned over so he could share whatever secret it was he had with her.


"Yeah. You see, Kat here has a vibrating egg inside her pussy right now, and I've been turning it up and down all evening long. Right now, she's hovering right on the edge I think ... aren't you Kat?" He asked.

"Yes, yes!" Kat moaned audibly confirming it.

"No fucking shit! Really? She is?"

"Oh yeah, she is aren't you baby?"

"Ah huh," Kat said almost closing her eyes now with the pleasured sweetness of it.

"Go ahead Mandy, stick your hand between her legs, see if you can feel the vibrations."

Kat felt her doing so, felt her hand as it pressed curiously against her sex, the sudden exploration of a single finger, finding her pleasured warmth, pushing aside the thin strip of her panties until her neither lips were being caressed, the addition of a finger now worming itself inside her, finding the vibrating egg that continued to purr pleasurably, wickedly inside.

"Oh that's fucking hot!" Mandy expressed still continuing to finger fuck Kat's cunt.

"Would you like to help me make her cum Mandy?" Brett asked. "Would you enjoy seeing Kat climax right here, sitting between us, without anyone else but the three of us knowing that she is?"

"Hell yes!" Mandy exclaimed excitedly. "But after that ... I think I'd enjoy doing that too!"

"Sounds fair to me, what do you think Kat?" Brett asked her. "After she's helped you to cum, think you'd be willing to help her out a little?"

"Fuck yes!" Kate nearly spat. "But do it, do it soon ... you two are driving me insane!"

Suddenly the vibrations stopped. "Nah, not yet ... not quite yet, you're still not horny enough," Brett told her.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Kat stated.

"No ... in fact Kat, I'm not. In fact, I think that I'd like to see you going down on one another, how's that sound Mandy? You game for that?"

Kat looked at Brett quizzingly, "Really? That's what you'd like to see?" she asked.

"I would yes ... but only if you'd like to feel that," he told her. "Up to you though, if not, then we'll just let you cum right now, so ... which is it? What would you like to feel or experience Kat?" Brett asked her seriously.


Brett smiled, "Where else ... outside!"

Minutes later the three of them walked outside together heading towards the back of the lot where Brett had parked his car early on. Kat noticed he had parked it on the last row against the fence, backing it in. "Oh, so is this why you wanted to come early? Just so you could get this spot?" she asked.

"Maybe ... maybe not," he said smiling, opening the passenger side door, leaving it so. "Sit here Mandy," Brett said suggesting to her to sit on the seat as Kat stood in front of her in the doorway, Brett standing behind. "Don't worry, I'll be keeping an eye out for anyone just in case," he assured them.

Eagerly, Mandy helped Kat with her skirt and thong, removing them completely so that she now stood nearly naked between them. And then for the first time, as Mandy leaned forward running her tongue gingerly between Kat's swollen puffy lips, Brett placed his hands beneath her sweater, cupping her breasts within his hands, kneading them gently, fingering her rock hard pointed little nipples. "Now Mandy, eat her pussy, eat it good and get her off really, really well."

Whether she would have admitted it or not, Kat was hot, more aroused than she'd ever been before in her entire life. And here she was, standing behind an open door in the parking lot, basically naked, another woman sitting down in front of her licking her cunt, Brett standing behind her, now openly and happily fondling her boobs, something she'd been fantasizing and dreaming about for weeks now, though not entirely the way it was actually happening at the moment, but still.

"Oh, you've got great tits babe!" he told her nuzzling her neck, kissing her, causing a flood of chills to race up and down her spine as he did so, as his fingers danced playfully, pleasurably about her hard erect nipples, just as Mandy's tongue was also doing to her super sensitive little clit. "You like the feel of her tongue in your pussy baby?" he asked.

"Yes!" Kat moaned conceding the point.

"Suck her clit Mandy," Brett told her. "Suck it and finger fuck her cunt while I turn this on again," he added giving her the barest of warnings as to what he was about to do.

"Oh my God!" Kat wailed a second after that, the intensity of the vibrating egg deep inside, the capture of her swollen hard clit between Mandy's lips, and the pressure of her nipples suddenly being stretched, twisted and pulled on all at once, sent her over the cataclysmic edge of ecstasy into total unbridled oblivion!

Still trying to catch her own breath as Brett now supported her, the girls soon after switched places.

"Take it out and put it inside her," he said. Kat did so, wiping her own cum off it with her panties, and then slipping it inside Mandy's equally wet passage. "Ever licked another girls pussy before?" he asked curiously.

"No ... fingered a girl once, but that's about all," she admitted nervously.

"Go ahead," Brett urged her as Mandy stood spreading her legs allowing Kat easier access as Brett turned on the vibrating egg, though starting out with the lowest setting as she began gently flicking her tongue out at the other girls exposed clit as she stood, holding her legs apart, her hands likewise spreading her pussy lips apart even more so.

"Oh yeah, nice looking clit isn't it?" Brett said standing beside the two of them, his hands once again reaching out, this time finding one of Kat's breasts, as well as one of Mandy's as he stood fondling each simultaneously. "Go on baby ... lick it."

Kat did. Spearing the tiny little pink knot with her tongue, she lapped at it playfully, feeling Mandy shudder with pleasure as she did. Sliding her tongue between her neither lips, she tasted the sweetness of the woman's pussy, wondering as she did if her own juices tasted even half as sweet as Mandy's did.

"Oh yeah baby, lick it! Lick it! That's fucking hot!" Brett encouraged her. Kat enjoyed the sensation of Brett's hand once again fondling her breast as well, though she also knew he was still playing with one of Mandy's too, yet it aroused her knowing that he was as she licked and sucked Mandy's cunt even more excitedly, the heat of her arousal once again flaring deep inside her own pussy.

Kat was surprised when she noticed after a few more moments of this that Brett had let go of her breast, as well as Mandy's, she heard the zipper on his jeans, and then suddenly the appearance of his hard erect prick as he stood off to the side gently stroking himself while he watched them.

Kat was so enthralled over watching Brett, the first time she'd actually even seen his erection as he stood there, that she didn't realize for a moment that Mandy was in the middle of her own climax, her hands suddenly burrowing into Kat's hair, pushing herself even more forcefully against Kat's face as she stood there, the intensity of the vibrating egg inside her cunt going wild, Kat's lips wrapped around the hard nubbin of Mandy's clit sucking it firmly as she screamed out her pleasure.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby, make her cum, make her cum nice and hard!"

When she'd finally recovered, Brett moved forward now standing directly in front of where Kat was still sitting inside the open door of his car. She reached out with her hand intending to touch him, but to her surprise, he turned off to one side, denying her.

"Only with your mouth," he said. "No hands. Mandy? You come stand behind me, be her hands for her and feed her my prick!"

It was Mandy's hands that now held Brett's cock, waggling it playfully, allowing the tip to caress the side of Kat's cheek before she was able to finally capture it with her mouth.

"Play with your tits," he told Kat. "That will keep your hands busy," he said grinning at her.

Admittedly, Kat enjoyed the feel of the night air as it touched her breasts, just as her own hands began doing. They could still hear the music coming from inside the bar, occasionally growing louder as people came and went, though no one had as yet approached anywhere's near where they were. Before long however, the bounce of headlights highlighted where they stood, and for a moment she panicked releasing his prick.

"Keep sucking!" he warned, "Don't worry about the fucking cars!"

Even as she heard the car pull into a space just a short distance away, the sound of doors opening, footsteps that faltered briefly and then paused, moving on after that, Kat continued her manipulations of Brett's prick, sucking it as Mandy continued fondling it, feeding it to her.

"Oh yeah, almost there," Brett announced suddenly, stepping back, forcing Kat to release his prick. "Now, jerk me off against Kat's tits," Brett told Mandy. "That's it, hold them for me honey, give me a nice sweet titty-target to shoot at!"

Kat sat watching as Mandy pumped Brett's prick off against her tits. She found herself a little jealous watching it, and though she had actually sucked him with her mouth, she had as yet to even touch him, which Mandy was happily doing, though she in fact hadn't mouthed him at all.

"Oh yeah, yeah ... here it comes!" Brett announced, the explosion of his cream suddenly bursting from the tip of his cock splashing against Kat's breasts as she held them, watching in delight as Brett's spunk began to cover her breasts, rivers of his cream suddenly running down between them towards her belly. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah, that's good, that's good!" Brett cried out pleasurably as Mandy now rubbed his prick head directly back and forth across Kat's very hard very erect sweet nipples wiping the last vestiges of his sperm upon them as she did so.

Mandy returned back inside the bar to her friends a few minutes later, Brett then climbing into the driver's seat of his own car pulling out of the lot.

"Where are we going?" Kat asked.

"Back to my place, not too far from here. Like I told you earlier, I have a special evening planned for you," he added.

Though Kat had put her skirt and blouse back on, Brett hadn't allowed her to button it, his cream still running in little rivulets off her breasts towards her tummy. Kat continued to capture it with her fingers, finding it oddly erotic and arousing as she did.

"Just rub it into your breasts," he told her. "I love watching you touching them."

Kat did so, finding a great deal of delight in massaging in his thick cream as though it were body lotion, her breasts soon absorbing much of it into her skin.

"Just ahead now," he informed her turning onto his street. Seconds later Brett pulled into his drive, walking around the car letting her out and then escorting her inside. Kat was surprised, being a musician, she'd expected his place to be sparsely furnished, even cluttered perhaps, but it wasn't. Most of his furnishings were modernistic, a lot of glass, chrome, blacks and whites that decorated his home. Several erotic photographs, also in black and white hung framed upon his walls as they entered through the main hall leading down into an enormous and very comfortable looking living area.

"Here, this is for you," he said handing her what appeared to be some sort of a blindfold. "Go ahead, finish taking off your clothes, and then put that on. I'll guide you up the stairs," he told her smiling at her with a mischievous grin on his face, though hers was again a bit worried. "Just trust me Kat," he said softly. "I promise you, it will be worth it."

In minutes she was entirely naked, Brett had remained clothed however, guiding her towards the steps leading upstairs, she now wore only the blindfold as she held onto the railing with one hand, Brett walking beside her guiding her upwards. They soon reached the landing, where he turned her down another short hallway, the sound of a door opening as he then led her inside.

"Now, I'm going to ask you to lift your feet one at a time Kat, you'll feel me slipping something around your legs when I do. Just stand there and relax while I do it. But like I told you, just trust me."

Kat felt Brett indeed slip something around one leg as she held onto him for balance, soon after lifting the other as he repeated the process. When he'd secured both legs, he cinched up whatever it was and then began working on her arms. Kat felt some sort of loop which she soon placed an arm through, and then again the other moments later.

"Now, this is going to feel weird at first, but don't worry, you're completely safe." In the next instant she felt herself suddenly lifted, falling back though only for a moment. She realized as the fall ended suddenly that she was entirely and completely suspended. "Yeah, you're in a swing," he confirmed for her though she'd not asked the question. Even with the blindfold that she wore, he could tell by her expression that she was still somewhat confused. "Go ahead, swing yourself a little, get used to it," he told her.

Kat was surprised with the comfort and ease as she did so. In a way, it felt as though she were floating. Her arms and legs held securely, obviously restrained though supported easily as she hung there.


"Yes," she finally responded much more relaxed now though still nervous as to what it was that Brett had in store for her. Kat jumped when she felt the sudden light touch of his hands encircling her breasts. She felt her nipples teased, immediately hardening even more than they already were. She allowed a pleasured sigh to escape her lips as he circled about her, his hands tracing imaginary patterns against her exposed flesh. Brett lifted each of her breasts slightly, allowing them to fall back comfortably against her rib cage before lifting them again, letting them fall again.

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