A Hillbilly in the City

by Von_in_your_Mind

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Harem, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: It's just a quick story to help me get past some writers block.

This is my story about being a backwoods Tennessee hillbilly stuck in the city. Ya'll see my Pap was a Tennessee hillbilly, his Pap and his Pap all the way back to Dan'l. Boone that is for you city folk, the stories about Dan'l are the stuff legends are made of. City people think he died at the Alamo. Don't know Dan'l from Davy. Crockett that is.

But I'm getting away from my story on how I'm trapped in the concrete sprawl they call Los Angeles. It all started back when I was out in the woods you see. Over the ridge just past the valley was this commune, bunch of tree huggers as I recall Clem saying down at the store one day. But he did remark that they had the best looking women he had seen and he seen a lot of them if you know what I mean since it was some get back to nature commune, leave your clothes at the door thank ya very much...

Well word was a spreading about that so I wanted to make sure I got a look-see before it was discovered and they built some kind of fence or something to block me from getting there. So it's a hike but it ain't really a fer piece for those who hunt this area and I had sure hunted my share of these woods.

So I'm up at the crack of dawn and out the door to go a hunting. Long story short I get there just after lunch. And Clem ain't lying damn place is full of naked people everywhere you look. Course I'm up in a tree just to get a better look-see when out comes there two women. I am telling ya they don't come no finer then that city women or not.

So I see the way their heading and back on the ground go to hunting them two-legged deer. Well they ain't been in the woods much cause they are talking loud enuff for me to find them without using any skill at all.

I get the bright idea that since they are naked I might as well not scare them with me wearing my clothes and holding my rifle. So swing around where they are headed ditch my clothes and rifle behind a tree and have a seat on a rock as they come around the bend.

You would have thought they came on naked men in the woods all the time. They don't bat an eye but do giggle a bit mostly from me having my tongue hang out I'm betting. But it ain't only my tongue seems that nature is calling and I'm a rising down below. Hey are more than pretty and were all naked here in the woods together no one else around.

Course now what do you say to two naked women in the woods and not have them go running away screaming. I just said "Howdy." Damn if they didn't "Hello" me back. And they say that men can't hold a conversation. So one thing leads to another and for the rest of the summer Amber, Summer and I are a happening in the woods most days.

They were stayin' at this commune for the summer as they described, it was free love and getting back in touch with nature. Now I don't know anything about getting back in touch with nature but with these two, there and the free love is all I'm rightly concerned about.

I showed them the woods and the places I knew and they showed me around the world. Not that I hadn't been with a woman or two but not two at once and not with such wild abandon so I am making my understanding their nature my daily duty, many times more than once daily and I am surely getting in touch with it.

So summer is a ending and they tell me that they will be heading back to the hills. I said were in the hills now why leave and they say no the hills of Hollywood in California. So I'm wondering what type of hills those are when they say that I can come back with them if I would like too. Now I don't fish much but it was certain that they had set the hook deep I was to come to find out.

Now don't get me wrong I love the hills of Tennessee and all of my family and such but a man needs to go and see the world they say. So long story short I'm living in the guesthouse out back of their main house. Them two are rich, beautiful and wanting to get back in touch with nature just about any time. Then best of all there Pap and Mama don't mind that I am there. Susan their Mama called me "Quaint" whatever the hell that is I still don't know.

So Summer and Amber are sisters and they live this life on what I thought must be Daddies money. We are all back in touch and they do show and tell me they loved the time they spent communing with nature. Hell, I love it too matter of fact they we are communing with nature alone and together with both of them daily with me out in the guesthouse.

So were together one afternoon just finished our communing when they say they need to go shopping. Now I ain't the shopping type but I tell them I can go with them if they want. Amber looks at me and says. "It's a girls shopping trip you just stay here and enjoy the pool and anything that comes along," I get a wink from them both along with kisses and they head out.

And they say city women don't understand. So I am out by the pool enjoying the afternoon when Susan shows up in the bikini that damn near shows off everything I have been seeing and enjoyin' with Amber and Summer. So we are enjoyin' some small chat when Juanita comes out with some drinks for us. Juanita is the housekeeper and she has her house in order I can tell you.

We're drinking these crushed ice drinks margaritas Susan calls them. They ain't bad at all but by the time you done finished your fourth I got the feeling I was into the shine. Well one things leads to another and were back in the guesthouse.

I went into the bathroom and come out and Susan in there in all her glory. I ain't no fool and the feelin' from them drinks has me goin'. She wants it so I am goin' to make sure she gets it. And we did, funny thing is I am on my second round with her when Juanita comes into the bedroom and brings us food and drinks.

Damnedest thing I finish and roll off Susan and Juanita takes to cleaning me. Not that I am complaining mind you but I wonder what the hired help is hired for. Well I wondered for about three shakes before it really didn't matter as she had the vacuum working.

She gets finishes cleaning me and goes on to Susan. Now I had Amber and Summer doing that so it's not a shock and I know that they like me to take the one who is a eating from behind. So I move up behind Juanita flip her skirt up and damn if she ain't ready with no undies on. That's all the invite I need and so we start our nature communing. She goes to saying something I don't understand but then Susan pulls her head back down. Juanita must know what she is doing because Susan is shaking and moaning just like when I was having her.

And then Juanita starts a going off. She damn near squeezes me to a stop and is moaning and saying things. I find out later is Spanish. But I was doing something right because she just kept going off and as I had been with Susan twice I just kept going at it.

So we showered together and Susan showed that she knew how to clean up the help. That got me goin' again and while Juanita went to start the dinner preparations Susan showed me her wild side. Had me soap her up and take her corn hole style. She wanted it but damn she screamed as I did it. But she'd cry out in pain and then lusty moans so I just kept on until I was too tired to keep a going.

So I figured my days being here would be over once she told Amber and Summer and no doubt her husband. But I will be damned again if Amber and Summer just asked if Susan was as good as they were. Now I am looking at them and wonderin' what the hell is with them when Summer says. "Mom shares her men with us and we share ours with her."

Now I ain't one to look a gift horse in the mouth but this is just more than a country boy can understand. So I ask. "What about your Daddy?"

"Daddy doesn't care as long as he gets his" Amber said.


"Look" Summer said. "My parents have an open marriage which means they sleep with other people. Daddy won't sleep with us but we are all sexual beings and share the others we are with. When we told Mommy about you and what a hunk you were he said we had to bring you home for her."

I am standing here hearing what she is sayin' and while it is all sounding better by the minute I am wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

And then Amber lets it fall. "We really like you and want to have you live here with us. All the women in the house will be yours anytime you want us. You do want all of us right?"

I don't have a lot of formal education but I ain't stupid enough not to agree to what they are offering. But I know that nobody gives nothin' away for free there has to be a catch so I ask. "What do I have to do more that sleep with all of you?"

"Amber and I want to have your babies," Summer said.

"Want to have my babies?" I am looking at them and it is not registering right with me.

"Well you don't have to do anymore than we already did. We are already going to have your babies; We had been talking about that on the trail the first day we met you. We had just promised each other we would have the next man we saw be the father to our children when we found you waiting on the rock. That was why we went to the commune for the summer."

So after I regained what wits I had. I am trying to understand how these two foxes decided to come to the commune so they could have babies. City women go figure but hell It's a done deal so now it's what do they want from me. Only way to know is to ask so that's what I did. "So now that were are goin' to have children together what does that mean?"

They took off their clothes which told me exactly what that was needed. We could talk about it more later. I was in a much more relaxed mood when we started to talk about it again. "We want you to stay with us. You're a hunk and honest with us. We shouldn't have misled you about what we wanted but that never came up in the discussions. Summer and I want to be with you and for you to stay here with us," Amber said.

"How am I going to support you and the children?"

"Silly man, were trust fund babies." And I was getting kisses from both of them.

"What are trust fund babies?"

"It means we have money invested and we live on the interest. We and you don't have to work."

"But I am the man and I need to work to support all of us."

"Ok if that is what you want tell us what job you can do in the city?"

"Hell I don't know. But I wasn't raised to have women support me."

"You're so cute when you're being all manly," Summer said.

"What are your folks going to say when you tell them?"

"Silly man, we told them what we wanted to do before we left to go there."

"And your Father does not want to get a shotgun and have me marry one of you?"

"Which one of us could he have you marry and leave the other one unmarried?"

"I don't rightly know."

"Neither would he."

"You know I am just a country boy and all of this is..." I didn't get anything more out of my mouth.

Both of them were back to attacking me and they let me know that they enjoyed everything I was doing and then some. We took a shower together and they went back to the house. I was sitting in the living room of the guesthouse wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into when in walks Jack. That is there Daddy so I figure shit is about to hit the fan.

"Hello Jack."

"Hello Daniel."

"I understand my princesses told you today."

"Oh they told me all right," I tried to laugh.

"Don't worry I am not angry with you."

"They said you wouldn't be but I find that difficult to understand."

"Between you and I Daniel they have me wrapped around their little fingers. While what they did was unusual even for Hollywood I can't be angry with them. And if I am not angry with them how can I be angry with you because they didn't tell you what they were up to."

"Well at least I won't be getting shot for getting them pregnant. As long as were talking is it true what they said about Susan and you having an open marriage."

"Oh she got to you already then I see," He was laughing.

"And Juanita joined it."

"You should be honored she is standoffish as far as joining in is concerned."

"And you're not angry with me for any of this?" I asked.

"Daniel none of them has given you a chance to know anything about this. While you have had sex with all of them and made my babies pregnant you were not the one in control of any of it. It would not be right for me to be angry with you."

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