Slave Couple: Julie and Jimmy

by Von_in_your_Mind

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: What happens when you step in to help? Sometimes much more than you ever thought would.

It all started back when the young newlywed couple Julie and Jimmy moved into the apartment next to mine. I had been living there for the last five years since the ex and I split. I was 47 and a workaholic so the benefits of having no home ownership responsibilities outweighed the need to have a house.

Julie and Jimmy had moved in two years ago last month. They were friendly but kept to themselves since we didn't have any connections given our age and outlook differences. We were from different generations with our commonality being living next to one another. She wasn't hard on the eyes in any sense and always gave me a cute smile along with a friendly greeting when we did see each other.

The distress in their lives began about eight months ago. Jimmy had lost his job likely from the economy that had taken a downturn. The walls were paper-thin so I heard raised voices. There weren't many jobs for him to find. I would hear some of the arguments they had. The arguments got louder and I worried that he might get physical but I never heard her screaming for help, it really wasn't my business so I just stayed out of it.

It was Friday night and I was coming back from the health club another salad in my hand for dinner when I saw her sitting on the stoop. It looked like she had been crying and there seemed to be a red mark on her face when she looked up to see me coming.

"Hi Julie, Are you Ok?"

"Oh Tom, Jimmy hit me, he's drunk again and he hit me." She was crying and then she was in my arms. I held her as she put her head on my shoulder and cried some more. When she finally composed herself I asked.

"What's the problem Julie? Why did he hit you?"

"He can't find a job that pays more than minimum wage and his unemployment benefits ran out two months ago."

"So you're having money problems and his answer is to drink them away?"

"Yes, He was never like this before." She let go of me with a little sniveling still going on.

"Well, what can I do for you?"

"Could you talk to him Tom?"

"Julie when he hits a woman I am more likely to punch his lights out rather than talk to him."

"The way I feel he deserves that but if you would talk to him first it might help. He said he would never hit me and he did." There was sadness and yet an underlying fire in her eyes.

"If you let me put my dinner in the refrigerator I'll be glad to go over and talk to him."

"Thanks Tom, you're so sweet. I just can't tell anyone else because they would kick his ass for hitting me."

Dinner safely in the fridge I followed Julie into her place. Jimmy was on the couch drinking what looked to be Jack and coke from the contributing bottles on the table.

"Hello Jimmy," I said.

"Brought that old lecher back to protect you did you? What you screw him so he would come here and kick my ass?"

"There is no reason to say that or to hit her Jimmy," I was getting pissed as soon as the old comment came out. Hell I would letch after her body but 47 was no longer old in my opinion.

"Butt the fuck out, she's my wife and I'll do what the fuck I want with her," He was just sitting there on the couch drinking away after those words of wisdom.

Drunk or not his asshole attitude of his was pissing me off. "You talk to me like that one more time and I will kick your ass little boy."

"You and what fucking army, old man?" He got up off the couch at that point in the basic slow motion style that all drunks have.

If anyone tells you there is such a think as a fair fight they have gotten their ass kicked. I am not one to fight fair and especially with a drunk that won't feel it when you hit him. He walked, stumbled over; I pivoted and drove my fist into his solar plexus. That got him flat on his back gasping for air. You don't fight when you can't breath it's a simple fact of life.

"You're not such a big man now are you Jimmy?" Julie tossed on with the venom in her voice obvious.

"Julie dump out that Jack and coke. Jimmy boy is done drinking anymore. Isn't that right jimmy boy?" He nodded his head up and down agreeing with me as he tried to breathe.

"Going to be hitting her anymore?" Another nodding of his head side to side, to let me know that was not going to happen.

"I'm going home now jimmy boy. I suggest you apologize to Julie and get on with life. If I have to come back over here again I guarantee you will think this was a walk in the park." Julie showed me out and I could hear her giving jimmy boy the riot act the rest of the night. She was still on his case when I went to bed.

I was asleep when I woke with a start to hear Julie scream. No doubt the fucking asshole was hitting her again. I had told him exactly what would happen and I meant every word even if he didn't believe it. I threw on some shorts and a tee shirt and was at my door just as Julie was banging on it. I opened it and she was crying. The sob had hit her with his fist; he had hit her in the eye, which was red and starting to swell.

Looking back I should have called the police. This needed to be dealt with by them but the sob had defied me. Add in that he hit her and I was pissed beyond reason at that point; He was going to rip a pound of flesh off his ass before I was done with him.

I opened the door to their apartment and a softball came whizzing at my head. It had missed but only by the smallest of margins. Next he came at me with his bat. He was too drunk again and he stumbled to the floor dropping the bat. I picked it up as he tried to kick at me. I wasn't going to get anywhere with him at this point. Hurting him wouldn't get anything accomplished as he wouldn't feel it until morning. But I was tired of his drunken attitude so I hit him on the bottom of his chin with my fist and just passed out.

There was nothing I could or wanted to do for the rest of the night with him. Julie helped me carried him into the bathroom where I tossed him in the tub Letting his head hit none smack the top of it. Since I didn't know what attitude he would wake up with, I tied him up. If he puked or pissed himself so be it. But I was done playing cop for the rest of the night.

I was getting ready to go when Julie came up to me a bag in her hand. "I'm not staying here with him. Can I sleep at your place?" Her eye had almost swelled closed and I knew she needed some attention for it.

"I only have a one-bedroom like you Julie. But you can have the couch."

"And what if I don't want the couch?" That threw me but I had heard that women when they were beaten looked at the one how stopped it as their hero.

Being the lecher had me saying."Women don't come to my bed to sleep Julie."

"So you're going to fuck me if I come to your bed?" She was staring right at me.

"Julie, first we will get your eye some treatment but then we won't sleep much at all if you come to me bed. And that is a promise."

"Well to the winner goes the spoils and you have saved me twice tonight. I'm horny after watching you kick his ass." With that she kissed me. It was no simple peck on the lips she was hot to go.

I hadn't been laid in over a month; if she wanted to give me some then I was all for it. I didn't have to worry about jimmy boy as he was out and tied up. She's a big girl and if she wanted to reward me I was not going to pass it up.

Once inside my place; I got some ice for her eye which she kept there for a few minutes, it wasn't much in the way of medical treatment but I was thinking more about other parts of her body at the moment. She excused herself and took a quick shower coming to bed in her birthday suit. I didn't turn the lights off the lecher in me wanted to see what I was going to feast on. Julie was a brunette by the looks of the rug with dyed blond hair. Her body looked to be about 35 C cups and 23 35. I would guess her age to be mid-twenties and she was tight, firm and had brown nipples sticking out leaving no doubt she was ready. Jimmy boy was an idiot for hitting here when she had this body made for fucking.

Julie didn't want any foreplay she got in bed laid-back, spread her legs and told me to get in her. I must have been more than jimmy boy had because she was tight the deeper I went. Once in I rocked her world. She was as hot as any fuck as I could remember having. She moaned, cried, screamed, bit my shoulder, wrapped her legs around me and had me fucking her most of the night. No sooner had we finished than she was down lying between or over my legs sucking me hard again. Before we were done I had her eight times; the little imp it seemed was quite skilled and she also had me lift a leg over her so she could tongue and eat my ass. It wasn't difficult to get back in condition when she was doing that.

She must have been horny still in the morning because I woke up with her riding me. I let her keep that up until I got my bearings and then grabbed her tight to me and flipped her over and pounded her, grinding our pelvic bones against each other. "I can't get enough of your cock," She panted.

"I take all the pussy you want to give me, any time you want to give it to me," I continued to pound in her until I deposited what load I could deep inside.

She joined me in the shower which was next to their shower so I was certain that jimmy boy heard me fucking her. She had bent over under the shower after she sucked me hard and I took her from behind. She knew right where we were and she was yelling, no doubt jimmy boy could hear.

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