Her Piercing - Making Her Mine

by A Acer Custos

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Needles, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A short piece of kinky BDSM romance, involving piercings as a token of submission. Don't read it if you're freaked by kinkiness.

He smiled at her as he tightened the last restraint. Her lovely eyes, in some lights blue, in others green, looked back at him in fear and desire. Her shining red hair haloed round her head and over the black vinyl of the table like a spill of poinsettia against the black of night. Her thin, taut form, displayed nude for him in all its splendor drew his eyes and his desire as he inspected the manacles on her wrists and ankles.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered under his breath. "The time has come to make you mine."

She turned her head to the side as a blush stole across her beautiful, proud chest. Her eyes opened wide in anticipation. Her breath rose and fell more rapidly as she thought of what was to come. Tears quivered under her lashes at his words. She had waited so long for this moment; her time had finally come.

Turning from her, he took a couple steps away and then returned, pushing the stainless steel medical cart in front of him. Its gleaming top was hidden from view under a rich black silk cloth. The cloth was folded to hide its contents from her.

She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much she trusted him, how she wanted to give herself to him. She could not. A ball of silk filled her mouth, and over it he had placed a tight leather gag. When it came time to scream, there would be no scream.

He leaned over, turned her head towards him, and looked into her eyes. "When men and women say to each other, 'You're mine, ' they are rarely willing to have that be true, they are rarely willing to act upon their desire. I intend to make you mine. You will be mine in word, in deed, and now in the flesh ... your flesh."

He leaned back and flipped back the black silk drape, revealing a tray full of shining medical instruments and unidentifiable shapes in gleaming stainless steel.

He turned and walked away as her eyes locked on the contents of the tray and her mind raced with the implications. She lost him for a moment and then looked wildly about. He was now standing at the foot of the table. His hands were encased in surgical gloves. In one hand he held a stainless steel electrified egg shape, and in the other he held a bottle of lubricant. Smiling at her steadily, almost as if his mind was already somewhere else, he raised her knees a little and began to insert the cold egg into her ass. She reacted in shock to the intrusion, and she could feel her sphincter clamp down. He ignored this, and with some pain, he simply pushed it up into her, past her inner ring of muscle and then withdrew his finger. He removed the gloves and donned another pair. From the tray he took another electrified egg, this one larger than the first. He lubed it up also and with no foreplay or pause, pushed the cold, hard, alien thing up into her pussy.

Under her gag she gasped to be so rudely penetrated. She felt humiliated to have two black electrical cords coming out of her. Nothing here was as she had expected when she had agreed to be his.

He removed the gloves and hooked the black wires coming from her ass and pussy up to a small, complicated looking box. He turned it on. At first, she felt nothing. He turned a dial, and she began to feel a tiny, distant throbbing deep inside her. He turned a different dial, and the throbbing became more frequent, more insistent. He turned the first dial again, and suddenly the sensation was not distant at all.

Under the unavoidable assault of the device, she could feel her pussy and anus contracting onto the steel eggs. Her entire pelvis began to thrum, contract, pulse with a fierce regularity. In seconds she could feel herself grow excited and wet. She could actually feel her pussy leak fluid, which then drained down toward her ass. When the fluid met the lube of her ass, a circuit was formed, and suddenly the entire lower part of her body was one giant pleasure source.

He turned the device up a notch, and with that tiny motion, her world altered. Suddenly, the mild thrumming had edged up to the threshold of pain, teasing, jolting, insistent. Somewhere deep inside herself a fear of being so out of control was born, and with it, wedded to it, was the slow build of orgasm. He smiled and set the device down where she could not see it.

Returning to her side, he donned a new pair of gloves. Taking out a cotton swab, he grasped it in a pair of clamps and dipped it in a sterilizing solution. He cleansed her breasts. The solution was cold, and her nipples erected into the air. He leaned farther down and ran it over her belly button. Coming back up, first he swabbed at her earlobes, then the sides of her nose. The solution was acrid smelling in her nostrils.

He then turned and walked back to between her legs and leaned down. She gasped as realization hit her. He rubbed the solution over her whole pussy, her mons, her outer labia, her inner labia. He chuckled as she squirmed.

He unclamped the swab and dropped it into a trashcan. The clamps went into the autoclave. He removed the gloves yet again. She sighed, leaned back into the warm vinyl and looked up at the acoustic tile ceiling. Behind her, she could hear him washing his hands. He spent a long time at it. After a few moments, she heard the snap of gloves as he donned another pair.

A new process began now. Leaning over her, humming lightly to himself, he began to make tiny dots on her body with a very fine tipped marker. He took his time with this, seeming to consider each dot. She began to lose herself into the sensation of the probes in her, violating her.

Some time later, she looked over. In his left hand was some kind of surgical clamp with a hole in it. He flicked lightly at her left nipple with his fingers until it returned to a proud state, and then in a riveting rush of pain, he clamped it. She took in a deep breath. When next she opened her eyes, he was leaning over her again, and then suddenly a clamp went onto her other nipple. It too brought a rush of intensity.

He gave her no time, no time at all.

The seemingly huge needle gleamed once in the fluorescent light and then a red hot lance of sensation shot through her as he drove the cold steel through the tender flesh of her left nipple. She sucked in a huge breath in reaction, and before she could even open her eyes again, another searing pain took her right nipple. He manipulated each needle somehow, and suddenly there were two graphically solid, shining bars of metal penetrating her.

The clamps came off suddenly and sensation rushed in to fill the gap. She twisted slightly in her restraints to feel herself so violated, so penetrated and bound. The orgasm began to grow closer. She began rocking her hips slightly.

Next the clamp went on her right nostril. Then the needle came again. The pain was different this time, more stinging, more pronounced. He did that trick again with the needle and suddenly a ring was in her nose. Then, moments later, in a wash of new pain, both nostrils gleamed with tiny steel rings.

He leaned in over her, looking into her eyes. "Not done yet." He chuckled.

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