Things That Go Bump in the Night

by SilverFoxFiles

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Desc: Fan Fiction Story: On Halloween, with Abby's and Tony's lives on the line, Gibbs' true nature comes out. NCIS fanfiction.

Gibbs licked his tongue along his teeth and tried not to sigh. He and Tony had been staking out this party for an hour now. Tony was worried about Abby and had insisted that he travel with Gibbs. After all, Tony had said, on Halloween, nobody can hear you scream.

But Gibbs had nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing at all. He sighed, shifting in his seat, reaching for his coffee with one hand and a slice of pizza with the other. "She could be in there all night, DiNozzo. You got a contingency plan?"

"Wouldn't call it a contingency exactly." Tony had no problem storming the party, not if Abby didn't come out at some point. Abby just hadn't been acting like herself for the last week. This was her favorite time of the year, but she'd just been down. "I know Abbs doesn't do anything, but raves like this are full of drugs and predators who wouldn't think twice about doing something horrible to our girl. Maybe I'm over reacting, but I'm really worried about her."

"Abbs'll be high on Red Bull, that's all. Try not to worry so much, DiNozzo. Red blooded guy like you doesn't want to be in there with ... who'd Abbs go as this year anyway?" Gibbs smirked.

"Not that anything could top Marilyn Monroe. That was a hell of a costume, remember?" Gibbs ran his tongue over the inside of his mouth again, remembering. He took a huge bite of his slice of pizza and squeezed Tony's leg, high up on the thigh.

As he swallowed, he spoke again. "Remember how sexy she looked, Tony? Every man's wet dream."

"Yeah, that costume." Tony had been very aware of how sexy Gibbs thought blonde Abby was. Gibbs had taken out his sexual frustration on him, not that he was complaining. The sex was hot and hard, and it hadn't mattered a bit that he'd needed to take a day off to recover.

"She was debating between Dorothy from Wizard of Oz or some Goth fairy queen. I voted for Dorothy, so pure and girl next door. I wouldn't mind getting under her pinafore, just to try my luck. But I've got a feeling she was going to go with the costume that had the wings. All black and purple and full of our Goth girl."

Gibbs sucked back another sip of coffee before he answered. "Don't forget our rules. Both play or no one does." They hadn't actually seriously considered playing with anyone in their almost three years together but Abby was a special situation all her own and they had a tacit agreement that if they got the chance and she was receptive, they would.

"I was kinda hoping for another sexpot. Jayne Mansfield or Mae West. Or even as Emma Peel from the Avengers. You ever watch that show, Tony?" Gibbs might not have been up on modern pop culture, but he'd once watched a lot of television and movies. Especially after Shannon and Kelly had died and he'd stopped sleeping full nights.

He rested his head against the headrest. "You can get some shuteye, Tony. I'm not going anywhere."

Tony didn't want to sleep. He wanted to make sure Abbs was okay then head home for sex. If they weren't out in the open, he'd consider seducing Jet. But if they got caught, it was both of their careers, and that wasn't something he'd risk for a little suck off. Tempting, but he wouldn't do that to either of them.

"I'm fine, Boss. Don't want to miss Abbs coming out, I'm worried about her. She isn't going to like that we're out here waiting on her."

"Not sure if I want to play with Abbs. She's not a girl you play with. She's very much a girl you take home to your parents, if you had parents that cared. She liked your dad. You could take her back to Stillwater, and he'd love her to death. Maybe you should do that. I would understand."

"Tony!" Gibbs angled a look at his lover. "We both play or neither do, remember?" Where was this insecurity coming from? It was so unlike Tony in their relationship. He stroked Tony's leg, fingers brushing over the other man's fly. "I'm yours in case you've forgotten."

"Haven't forgotten, Jeth. Just thought now that your dad is back in your life..." Tony knew he was being stupid, but he couldn't help wonder what was going to happen now that Jackson Gibbs was back in his son's life. "Just ignore me, I know that I don't have to worry about that."

"No, you sure as hell don't. Jack doesn't get a say in how I live my life. I'll tell him eventually, maybe Christmas. As long as he doesn't tell the team. Abbs and McGee call him a couple times a week, did you know that?"

"Not surprised. Abby, she was automatically in love with your dad. I wouldn't be surprised if she went out to see him on a Saturday off since then." He'd really liked Jack, and hoped that he would come to DC for Christmas. Even if they didn't come out to him, it would be nice to have a family Christmas all the same. "Your dad is great. I would like to get to know him better."

"He gave ya his favorite sweater. He thinks you're great too, Tony. You could call him, ya know. I wouldn't mind. And Jack'd love it. He sees a lot of me in you, without the attitude I think." Gibbs squeezed Tony's leg. "You wanna get to know him, I approve."

"You sure? What if..." Tony wasn't sure he could handle another parental type person turning his back on him. "Maybe I will call him. I had some questions about you that I bet he'd be willing to answer for me. You tend to be tight lipped."

"He won't push you away. He didn't push me away and I didn't talk to him for seventeen years, Tony. He wouldn't do that, I promise you that." Gibbs gave Tony an indulgent look. "He doesn't know my biggest secret and my biggest gift. You." And what I am, he added silently.

"Yeah, but you're his kid. I'm just a guy who works for you for all he knows." But he liked the idea of having someone like Jack in his life again. A real dad, not the jerk that had donated the sperm that created him. Jack, even after seventeen years, still loved his son. He'd be willing to bet that his father hadn't even though of him since the last time he called.

"He might not like the fact that you're seeing me. He's old and lives in a small town. That doesn't usually make someone very open minded." There it was out in the open, he couldn't take it back. But that was what was on Tony's mind.

"Tony ... Tony. Settle down. Jack may come from a small town, he might live in a small town, but he's pretty liberal. He'll either accept us or he won't, my money is on him accepting us. But I'm not gonna lie to him about me—us. When the time is right, we'll tell him together. You don't have to worry. I'm not hiding you from him, Tony. I'm not ashamed."

"Just don't want to see you blow a good thing, Boss. Not all of us get our parents back out of the blue. I want you to be able to have that, because you don't know how long you're going to have with him." Tony would step back if it meant that Jet could have a relationship with his dad. "I want you to do what you think is best. I understand if you don't tell him."

"I just told ya I'm telling him, DiNozzo. You need to sit back and let me worry about this, okay? Jack had a black business partner in a time when that wasn't done and sure as hell never in rural Pennsylvania. Jack is gonna accept us just fine. Like I accepted L.J. as his best friend and business partner when I was a boy. Like she—my mother—accepted L.J. as well. The foundation is there, DiNozzo."

"He does seem ahead of his time." But best friends were different from children. But maybe Jeth was right, and it would be fine. His family, it would be a huge issue, but he didn't worry about them any longer. "I'm telling you I'd understand if you didn't tell him. But I'm glad you are. I could use a couple more sweaters. Partner moves me up the rank from team member and that means Christmas gifts."

"He is. Always was. So you need to not worry, Tony. Jack stuck with me even when I didn't want to stick with him. He's different from your family - you know that. Your family isn't Jack, Tony. Don't worry. And yeah, he'll spoil you. Guess you'll get the father you should have had all these years without going kinky on me."

At first Gibbs had thought Tony's interest in him was some misguided father figure thing. It was only after he'd gotten his lover in bed that he'd realized Tony had wanted him a damn long time.

"How many times do I have to tell you, of all my kinks, the daddy kind isn't one of them." He'd found several new mini kinks since being with Gibbs, including the fact that sawdust at three in the morning was as sexy a smell as they came. But he'd never wanted to call Gibbs daddy when he was being topped. "A little spanking yes, but I don't want to hear what a bad boy I've been. I'm pretty sure that would just weird me out."

Gibbs chuckled and nudged Tony's shoulder. "Too bad, a little Daddy from you in bed might be fun." He knew Tony understood that he was just teasing, but it was fun to wind DiNozzo up.

"And Jack already loves you. You're the son he wishes he had." He was convinced that Jack would completely accept Tony. His lover would charm Jack and Jack would do the same.

"There will be no Daddy out of me ever. That's just nasty. I think of you as a lot of things, Jeth, but not as my daddy." Tony just wasn't prepared for that kind of relationship, not in any way, shape or form. "I like you just as you are. my partner, not my daddy."

He smirked. "You know how much I love it when you squirm. Makes driving you crazy so much more rewarding. No 'Daddy' in or out of bed. I've been one of those and I couldn't do that..." Not in bed.

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