Blank Canvas

by Jake Marlow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cassie has a great idea for a Halloween costume, a blank outfit on which her friends can doodle and create their artwork, turning her into a human canvas. Unfortunately she did not quite anticipate how much all of that touching was going to turn her on. Luckily for her, a couple people at the party are willing to help her out!

"Have you decided what you're going to be yet?" Cassie asked. She still picked at her salad with the plastic fork, but mostly she was finished with it and just pushing the dregs around the tortilla bowl, which she'd chipped a couple bites from. It was a Saturday morning in early October and they'd stopped for a bite at a little café after hitting the gym. Ellen had only been joining her at the gym for a couple months, but she was proud her friend was sticking with it, even if she thought Ellen was protesting too much. Most women Cassie knew would kill to have a curvy body like Ellen's, especially the way her breasts swelled to d-cups after the baby! Cassie, just a large b-cup herself, was certainly jealous. Still, ever since her baby was born last spring Ellen complained that her body wasn't bouncing back the way she hoped.

"Yeah, I figured it out a couple months ago. I'm going to be June Cleaver. I've got the heels, of course, and pearls. I just need to find a good fifties style dress. Feel like hitting some vintage stores?" Ellen said.

"Sure. We'll find something appropriate. You should carry around a tray of cookies."

"I thought of the cookie sheet, but I think I'm going to carry Jell-O shots on it instead."

"You're sure to be the hit of the party then!"

"What are you going to be?"

"I've been thinking about this for months and I just kept drawing a blank."

"That's not like you. You've always got the best costume."

"But it's hard to think of something I like that's remotely original. I don't really feel like going the slutty route like everyone else this year, either."

"That will disappoint your fans." Ellen had been teasing her about the attention some of her costumes drew for years, not that Cassie thought any of her costumes were over the top. She was comfortable with her body, but she wasn't the type to run around half naked either.

Their group of friends had been having these Halloween parties since they were teenagers and they were all in their late twenties now. Cassie had always been a flirt and had no problem admitting she loved the attention, even more so now that she was engaged. It is important to know you're still desirable. Luckily her fiancé was not the jealous type, not that he had any room to complain. Don had just as many female friends as she did guy friends.

"Maybe not. I think everyone will have fun with my idea."

"I thought you said you were drawing a blank."

"I was," Cassie replied. "And then I realized that was my costume."

"I don't get it."

"I'm going to be a blank canvas and I'll let people do their art on me. I'm going to have little brushes and a little box of paints."

"You're just going to let people paint you? Uh, Cassie, are you saying..."

She could see where Ellen was going. "I'm not going to be naked! Jeez!"

"Well, you said you were going to let people paint you."

"I've got two costume options. I can go safe and wear one of those white painters' coveralls that zip up the front, but if it's too baggy it's going to be hard for people to really decorate it. The other option is to wear a unitard. I found some white ones on the Internet. I'm not sure I want to be walking around all night in a unitard, though."

"At least you could get away with it if you wanted to. I understand how you feel though, you might as well be walking around naked in one of those things! How does Don feel about it?"

"Oh, he doesn't care. He loved it when I was Catwoman." That was a memorable costume, but somehow a skintight white unitard seemed more daring than the black vinyl cat suit she'd worn.

"I bet. He probably likes it that all the guys are drooling over you and he's the one who gets to take you home."

Cassie suspected her friend was right, although saying all the guys were drooling over her was an exaggeration. Cassie was pretty she knew, but not in a flashy, look at me kind of way. She rarely wore make-up and didn't tan because the sun just gave her freckles. She'd always been complimented on her cool blue eyes. Her shoulder length blonde hair was in a ponytail as often as not and she was really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl when she wasn't dressed for work. She worked hard to keep her five-foot-six figure slim because it seemed like every errant order of fries showed, but she didn't dress to flaunt it like some of their girlfriends. Today she'd changed into a faded, comfortable pair of jeans, boots and a dark blue Phillies t-shirt after showering at the gym. She really was the quintessential girl-next-door and Cassie was proud that one of the reasons the guys liked her was because they thought she was cool, because she was approachable.

"You're crazy," Cassie demurred. "There are always a lot of girls there way hotter than I am." She thought of their friend Sonja, a smoky brunette. Sonja was hot. The first time Don met Sonja he couldn't stop staring and Cassie couldn't blame him. She couldn't wait to see what Sonja was going to dress up as this year.

"Just remember there's going to be strangers this time, so maybe the coverall is a better idea."

"That's right; Frank said he was going to invite people from work."

Way back when, their Halloween parties had just been their small group of friends and it floated from house, or apartment, to house. Over the years new friends and spouses joined in the fun; nowadays there were close to thirty people. Frank bought a big new house this year and insisted on hosting the party since he wanted to show off his new digs. Since he had so much room he warned his group of friends he was inviting people from work. His thinking was that some of their group was still single and what better way to make things fun than to throw some new people into the mix. Besides, everyone in their group who could possibly date each other already had. Cassie shuddered to think how many of her friends she'd hooked up with over the years. The fact that Don knew all about their incestuous little circle and didn't mind was just one of the reasons she loved him so much. Cassie thought the more the merrier, but she knew some of their friends resented the intrusion.

"You could be right," Cassie agreed. Parading around in a unitard, essentially naked, with a bunch of strangers around might not be a good idea. She was sold on going with the coverall.

When she got home that evening Cassie ran her idea past Don and he liked it, even though he pointed out that letting her perverted friends attack her with paintbrushes might not be a good idea. "It's a good thing I'll have you there to protect me then," she said.

The party was actually the night after Halloween, which fell on a Friday. That allowed their friends with children to do the trick or treat thing with their kids and then have their own grown-up night. Cassie had gone to a hobby shop and bought small jars of paint that fit into a box she wore on a belt. She was sure she would get sick of lugging the box of paints around and it would be set aside before the night was even halfway through. Maybe by then she would be covered and wouldn't have to worry about it.

Cassie pulled her hair up and tucked it into a white ball cap so she wouldn't get paint in it and was zipping up when Don found her in the bedroom. He'd been down the hall applying make-up and she thought he wanted help with his wig. Don was going as Captain Jack Sparrow and had gone all out with the costume. He even had a fake beard with the beads dangling from it.

"Hon, I've got a problem. Work just called and the whole orange line is down. They're calling everyone in to work on it." Don was an engineer with the local transit company.

"That sucks. Do you have any idea how long it will be? We can go late."

"It's going to take hours to get the whole system back online. There's no point in waiting for me. You're not going to be mad if you have to go on without me, are you?"

"We'll, I don't know who's going to keep the perverts from drawing crazy things on me," she joked. She pulled Don into her arms and gave him a long kiss. She knew he was looking forward to this party just as much as she was. "Of course I'm not mad. Just come on out as soon as you can."

"I promise I will. Have a good time for both of us, okay?"

"If you insist!"

It turned out Don didn't even have time to get out of his make-up, so he threw his costume into the back of his car and took off for the depot. Cassie could only imagine the comments he was going to get from all the macho men he worked with. She left a few minutes later, after setting her GPS to Frank's address.

Frank's house turned out to be one of those McMansions that developers throw up on a postage stamp sized piece of land. The house was beautiful, three stories high, with a big open entryway and a great room in the back, but it seemed that you could almost lean out of the window and touch your next door neighbor. If Cassie ever moved out of the city, it would be out to some old farmhouse on a big piece of land where she could plant and maybe even have some animals. She just wasn't the cookie cutter conformity type.

After parking way up the street, she let herself in, knowing no one would hear the doorbell over the blaring music. The house was already crowded and with greeting everyone it took her ten minutes to make her way back to the kitchen, where one of her friends, Neil, pressed a big, red plastic cup of beer into her hand. The keg was on the deck out back and people kept shuttling in and out for refills. It wasn't quite warm enough so late in October to leave the sliding doors open. When Frank finally reached her she barely recognized him under all his green make-up and his wild wig. He was covered, except for the tattered purple pants he wore. She kissed his cheek, but didn't give him a hug because she didn't want his Hulk costume rubbing off on her.

"Okay, I can't figure it out. What are you supposed to be?" Frank asked.

She held out the box of paints she'd set down on the counter and explained her costume.

"That is going to get very messy before the night is through. You have to promise to save me a spot. Where's Don?"

"He got called in to work at the last minute, but I expect him later."

"Sucks for him. I'll find you later. I've got to mingle."

Cassie had the potential artists lining up for her when she explained her costume and she took up court in a corner of the rec room, which took up a quarter of the cavernous basement. The ones who came first got the best canvas space, but things started out relatively tame. A few of her girlfriends painted flowers or little designs on her arms, while the guys painted as close to her naughty areas as they could without crossing the line. Todd, one the more talented ones, painted a little blue Smurf who looked like he was climbing upward and about to scale her left breast. Another of her friends, who was dressed as a pimp, told her, "I always thought you would look good with a tattoo."

"How do you know I don't already have one?" Cassie teased. She actually did have one, a tiny little heart just below the bikini line, but he would have never seen it. Few people had.

"I guess I don't. Wanna show me?"

"Not tonight, John," she laughed. He'd always been an incorrigible flirt and ever since that summer at the shore when they were sixteen, when they had a drunken hook up, he'd been after her for a replay. That fact that she was engaged to be married didn't slow him down one bit. "So what are you going to give me, then?"

"I don't know, maybe a dragon. It's always hot when you see something like a dragon or lizard peeking out from some chick's tank top. Just sit back and let the artist work."

Cassie leaned back on the battered old leather couch and John straddled her leg, without a second thought, but everyone knew she was a physical person and not one to be concerned about such things. After all, she went to the party knowing people would be touching her all night! John pulled down on her coverall and then placed a hand just below her breast to keep the fabric taut. Before he started painting, he handed over her beer and said, "Here, this will help with pain."

"Thanks," she said and drank. She already had a nice buzz going, helped along by a couple Jell-O shots from Ellen's tray.

John leaned forward and really took his time painting. The color was too bright a green for a proper dragon, but it didn't matter much as he wasn't much of an artist. He wasn't creating a masterpiece, but since it gave him an excuse to get his hands on Cassie he was going to go as long as she allowed. The dragon's tail curved down around the outside of her right breast and the rest of the ugly beast perched just above it. He gave the dragon big yellow daggers of teeth and then added fiery red breath. By the time he'd finished it looked like a six-year-old had been working on her, but she couldn't deny enjoying the stray touch he stole as he painted all around her breast, or they way he started massaging lightly with the hand holding her coverall in place. By the time he was finished her stiff nipple was just about visible through the taut coverall and she was feeling that sweet, familiar tingle that came from being touched or caressed. There was nothing overtly erotic about the way John touched her, but she'd always been susceptible to those light touches and the drinks she'd had just amplified it.

Once John crossed that line, others were more than willing to follow him across it and their friends grew increasingly more intimate in their drawings. One of the guys knelt down in front of her and pressed his hand against her left breast. Even Cassie was shocked at his brazenness, but she did not stop him. The touch did feel nice and she sort of invited it with her costume she reasoned. Besides, he was just one of the guys. He didn't mean anything by it, although he did grab a quick squeeze while he was tracing his hand. When he finished drawing the outline in black, he took his time filling it in, leaving a big handprint over her breast. He was heavy handed with the brush, giving her chills as he teased her breast over and over again.

Another guy had her bend over and he traced her ass through the coverall, which meant that she couldn't sit until the paint dried, so she grabbed a fresh beer and then went upstairs to the living room, which had been turned into a small dance floor. On the way a couple more people grabbed her and added their own art. She would soon be a complete masterpiece.

She had a great time dancing and was glad to move around after sitting so long to be the human canvas. As she danced people admired her artwork and a couple of her friends made wisecracks about the more risqué art adorning her body. After a couple songs the crowd thinned and she found herself dancing with a Joker she didn't recognize. He wore his face paint smeared, like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, but even with his identity disguised she knew it was not one of her friends. When he spoke, he even did a fair approximation of Ledger's voice from the movie.

"Why aren't you just a living work of art?" he said with a low cackle.

"You're not too bad with a brush yourself."

"I didn't mean the paint," he added with a wiggle of his brow.

Cassie laughed and instantly warmed to the stranger. He was quite charming and she even with the make-up she could tell he was handsome. "Thanks. That's a really good costume."

"Oh, this old thing?" He glanced down at himself, smoothing out his tattered, multi-hued hobo's suit. It may have been a nice three-piece suit about thirty years ago, but time had not been kind. It appeared that he had done his own coloring and she wondered what color it had been when he found it.

"It's just something I threw together. It's not nearly as interesting as your costume."

He took Cassie's hand and spun her to get a good look at the work that had been done on her. Yellow angel wings sprouted from her shoulders and a complex design in blue stretched down the length of her spine, ending in a poorly drawn Stop sign right where a tramp stamp would traditionally go. When she turned back to face him, the Joker reeled her in and held her tightly against him for a moment before dipping her. With her buzz, the sudden move gave her a head rush and when he pulled her back up she happily leaned into him, because otherwise she might have stumbled. He felt solid under that shabby costume and she wondered just who he was.

"You're getting filled up there. I hope you save some room for me," he rasped.

"It depends on what you have in mind."

"It won't be any fun if you I tell you ahead of time."

She wondered if he missed her engagement ring, or just didn't care. Either way, it was fun to flirt, especially considering her horny, naughty mood. There was no danger in a house full of people and Don would be the ultimate beneficiary. When he finally got there she might just have to drag her fiancé into an out-of-the-way room if she kept feeling so good!

"I'm Cassie, by-the-way."

"My pleasure, Cassie," he replied, taking her hand and kissing it, leaving a red smear.

"And you are?"

"I'm the boy you don't take home to mother. I'm the mistake that you can't help smiling over."

"Really?" Cassie laughed.

He pulled her close again and whispered in her ear, "Maybe if I get to paint you I'll sign my work."

"We'll see. I am going to get some air, but I'll save a spot for you if I can." She wasn't sure if she really meant it. Somehow letting a stranger work on her body like that seemed wrong, but just the thought of the sexy, enigmatic stranger taking a brush to her made Cassie tingle from head to toe. She really hoped Don wouldn't be much longer.

One thing she hadn't anticipated was that the coverall would be hot in a crowded house. She wanted to peel it off, but she hadn't worn enough underneath to leave herself the option. Instead she was just going to hang out on the porch for a while. She pushed her way through the kitchen and stepped onto the back deck, where several of the guys were having cigars. Ellen was out there too, sneaking a joint with John.

"You bad, bad girl," Cassie teased.

Ellen sucked in a deep hit and offered the fat joint to Cassie. Although she rarely partook anymore, Cassie took a hit for old time's sake.

"You should talk. Look at you!" Ellen replied, once she'd released a lungful of smoke. It looks like all the guys have had their way with you."

"And some of the girls too." Cassie giggled and unzipped the coverall to the middle of her chest, revealing a tight, white lace trimmed camisole underneath. The cool air felt good and added to the heady feeling she received from the pot.

"That one's mine," John said pointing out his work on Cassie's chest.

"Oh, very classy. I think you missed your calling," Ellen teased.

"Thanks. I'm heading in, it's cold out here. I'll catch you girls later."

Once they were alone, Ellen said, "It's a good thing Don's not the jealous type."

"Eh, he knows it's just the guys. None of those fools are going to get lucky. Speaking of guys, did you see the Joker in there?"

"Sort of ratty looking? Yeah, I think I saw him talking to Sonja earlier. They were off in a corner and it looked like they were getting along very well, if you know what I mean."

Cassie could have guessed. There was no way Sonja would miss a guy as interesting as the Joker, and in her little sailor's outfit he couldn't have missed her. Cassie sighed with jealousy when she first saw her sexy friend that evening. The little navy blue dress was skintight and low cut, exposing a deep valley of cleavage, and ended in a very short pleated skirt with white accents. The outfit was finished with white fishnets, high heels and a little white sailor's cap perched atop her chestnut hair, which she wore pulled back, with big, bouncy curls. Every time Sonja passed through a room all eyes were on her, even the other women's. Her sex appeal certainly wasn't lost on Cassie.

"So do you know who the Joker is?" Cassie asked.

"I have no idea. He must be one of Frank's work friends. Why are you so interested? You're not going to get yourself into trouble, are you? Maybe you should cut back on the drinks."

"No, don't be silly. Those days are behind me. I was dancing with him before and I was just curious, that's all," Cassie replied. She couldn't blame Ellen for being suspicious of her motives. In her younger days, not so long ago really, Cassie earned herself a reputation for acting crazy when she'd had too much to drink. She just couldn't help herself sometimes. She loved feeling high and light when she had her buzz and for some reason being horny had always gone along with it. And she was never so drunk she was completely out of control or couldn't remember what had happened, which was key. For one thing, she never wanted to blame her actions on being drunk, that was lame, and for another some of her best sexual escapades had occurred while she was drinking or high and she was glad for the memories.

Cassie drifted back into the house with a fresh beer and went downstairs again after finding the queue for the main floor powder room too long. She knew there was another bathroom in the basement and headed for it, but found a line of people three deep waiting to use that one as well. She decided to stay and wait and chatted up a friend while they awaited their turn. She was in line by herself when Sonja came around the corner and joined her.

"Looks like you've been having a good time," Sonja commented, eyeing up the gallery of their friends' work adorning Cassie's body.

"You look like you're out to have a good time," Cassie teased, eyes flitting from Sonja's breasts to her legs. The little sailor girl dress seemed to have been constructed around Sonja's hourglass figure while she waited.

"I think I could have a couple takers if I wanted." Sonja put her hand on her cocked hip and ordered Cassie to turn so she could see it all. After Cassie completed a 360, Sonja added, "I'm glad you saved some room for me."

Cassie looked down at the coverall and wondered where her friend might find enough space to do more than add some squiggly lines. "If you can find a spot you're more than welcome to add something." Actually, she quite liked the idea of Sonja taking a paintbrush to her.

"I know exactly what I want to do." She knelt down beside Cassie with a quick flash of white satin panty. In that position Sonja's skirt did not quite meet her stocking tops.

Sonja took her hand and pulled her down the hallway and into a child's playroom. Dolls and blocks were scattered around the floor and Cassie almost twisted her ankle stepping on a Brio block. There was a short, plastic play table with a big bright orange beanbag chair beside it, which Sonja deposited her in when she stumbled. Sonja took the box of paints from Cassie's waist and set it on the play table.

"Ooookkayyy..." Cassie said, giggling. Just what was Sonja up to?

"I'm glad you saved the best for last," Sonja said, uncapping all the paints and taking up the black paintbrush. She dipped it into the black, which was nearly depleted, and pushed Cassie back so she was flatter on the beanbag chair. "Now spread your legs," she ordered.

"What are you doing?" Cassie asked, leaning forward so she could look down her own body.

Sonja did not need to answer, as her intentions were instantly clear. She pushed Cassie's legs apart and began outlining a large leaf right over her pelvis. The way Cassie had fallen pulled the coverall tight around her crotch, which made Sonja's work easier. It also made Cassie feel every brush stroke through the thin, papery material. She was also all too aware of Sonja's hand on her inner thigh and its sweet pressure on her tender flesh. If she just extended her thumb she would be touching Cassie's most intimate area. She would never have let any of the guys touch her like this, even in her high, horny state, but letting Sonja do it was another matter. Cassie's heart started thumping in her chest and all those dirty little throwaway thoughts she'd had about Sonja over the years sprang back with urgency. She hoped Sonja didn't notice how flushed she was becoming.

Once she finished outlining the leaf, Sonja went for the green and filled it in using long, slow strokes. It seemed to Cassie that she was spending a lot of time right in the center, which also happened to be right above Cassie's mound. Cassie couldn't tear her eyes away from the brush, taking stroke after stroke over her pussy. She didn't know if it was her imagination or that fact that she was so over stimulated, but she was sure she could feel every pass of that brush, even through the layers of clothing. Her need was palpable and she barely contained to urge to grab Sonja.

"Now I just need to add the veins," Sonja said. She smiled at Cassie as she took up the black brush once again.

Sonja added long, spidery lines her leaf and adjusted her hand as she worked so it was even closer to Cassie's throbbing pussy. Cassie wanted to be touched down there so badly, yet she remained still. She wondered when the hell her fiancé was going to get to the party. She knew they would not be waiting until they got home now.

"So what do you think?" Sonja asked.

"It's good," Cassie rasped. "Interesting choice."

"Well, I couldn't leave you exposed, could I?"

"No, that would be bad," Cassie replied, as she unzipped the coverall to her belly button. "It's really hot down here, isn't it?"

"I hadn't noticed, but feel free to open up. That thing must be hot and I was wondering what you were wearing under there anyway." Sonja pulled open the unzipped coverall and regarded Cassie's body, which was only covered by the tight, white camisole that barely reached her belly button. She unzipped the coverall further, revealing a skimpy pair of lace trimmed panties. She trailed her fingertips across Cassie's flat belly.

"So do you approve?"

"Honestly, I was hoping you weren't wearing anything underneath."

"Oh," Cassie replied softly, belatedly realizing they were having a moment.

Sonja only briefly paused at the edge of the camisole before sliding higher and grazing Cassie's breast. Cassie gasped when Sonja traced her pebbled nipple. The women locked eyes. Their desire for each other was unspoken, but evident. Sonja flicked the nipple with a navy blue painted nail and Cassie bit her bottom lip and reached out for Sonja. Sonja palmed Cassie's breast and kissed her hard. Cassie thrust her tongue up into Sonja's mouth.

Cassie pushed her chest against Sonja's hand while twining her fingers in her friend's thick, raven hair. Sonja kneaded her breast roughly before releasing it to concentrate on pinching and pulling her nipple. Cassie moaned into their kiss. It was fantastic that Sonja understood just how to touch her, how rough she could be without causing pain. It had been many years since Cassie had been with another woman, she'd only done it a handful of times, but she felt right back into it, savoring the differences. She loved how Sonja's silky hair felt between her fingers, and brushing her cheek, how different Sonja's lips felt, even the way she sensuously used her tongue to tease Cassie's. Cassie threw herself into kissing Sonja with abandon.

While Sonja slipped a strap from Cassie's shoulder inside the coverall and Cassie reached under her dress to squeeze a round, ripe cheek. She always thought Sonja had a terrific ass. She got a good feel of it too, as Sonja was only wearing a thong under her short costume. Sonja's hand felt cool on her overheated flesh. She massaged Cassie slowly and only touched her pale pink nipple as an afterthought, giving it just enough of a pinch to make Cassie moan and dig her short nails into Sonja's ass.

Cassie opened her eyes to see Sonja looking at her while they kissed. There was something predatory in her eyes and it made Cassie shutter. Sonja gave her tongue a playful flick in her mouth and then moved downward, kissing and sucking on Cassie's tender neck. Cassie couldn't contain her soft cry when Sonja nibbled on her earlobe. It had always been a particularly sensitive trigger. Most guys she'd been with quickly figured out that if they spent some time biting and sucking her earlobes that Cassie would be putty in their hands. No fool, Sonja seemed to figure it out too. She bit and pulled Cassie's earlobe and Cassie's soft cries turned to whimpers and she clutched Sonja to her. Cassie found the gusset of Sonja's thong soaked through and rubbed her there.

"Mmm, that's good," Sonja breathed into Cassie's ear.

Cassie was rubbing the side of her hand against Sonja's sodden cleft and pressed harder when the jet-haired beauty rimmed and teased her nipple with the pointed tip of her tongue. Sonja flicked that painfully hard nipple and Cassie cried out and pushed herself at her ruby lips. Sonja pulled back and kept teasing with her tongue. Cassie breathed hard, yearning for Sonja to kiss her there. She pushed the flimsy thong to the side and found Sonja's clit with her thumb. She stroked the slippery little button and Sonja stiffened and locked her mouth over Cassie's breast. Sonja sucked hard while chasing Cassie's nipple with her tongue and Cassie arched her back. Cassie turned her hand just enough to slip a couple fingers inside Sonja and she could hear wet sucking sounds as she slowly worked her fingers in and out.

"Fuck, Cassie," Sonja murmured as she moved from one breast to the other, almost tearing the camisole as she tried to pull it out of the way. She couldn't get the other strap down with the way Cassie was holding her.

Cassie opened her eyes and looked lustily down at Sonja, with her now messy mass of black curls and ruby lips, which contrasted from Cassie's pale breast. She also caught movement from the corner of her eye and realized they weren't alone. Standing just inside the doorway was the Joker! How long had he been watching them?

"Sorry for interrupting," the Joker grinned.

Cassie's mouth dropped open, but only a moan came out. She knew she should stop Sonja and cover up, but it was so hot to have the mysterious stranger standing and watching them. She couldn't keep her eyes from flitting down to his crotch to see if he liked what he saw. The tenting she saw in those raggedy, pinstriped slacks made her curious to see more.

"You're not interrupting anything, sweetie," Sonja said, resting her head on Cassie's chest. She shuddered when Cassie massaged her g-spot, which was Cassie's way of saying we need to get rid of this guy and get on with it!

"Well, let me get back to your 'nothing' then," the Joker replied. He turned to leave.

"Why don't you hang out? Let's have some fun," Sonja said.

Cassie didn't know how she felt about that, but she was so turned on that she didn't object when the Joker closed the door behind him and shed his rainbow-hued jacket.

Sonja went back to licking and sucking and nibbling Cassie's breasts and Cassie closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the beanbag chair, trying to forget that she and Sonja weren't alone anymore. Sonja slipped a slender hand down inside the coverall and cupped Cassie's mound and gave it a good squeeze. Cassie moaned and pushed herself encouragingly at that hand. What must be going through his mind? Cassie wondered. She opened her eyes and saw the Joker was no longer across the room, but standing right beside them, staring down at all of Cassie's exposed skin. He was close enough to touch, if her hands hadn't been busy already. She wondered how much he wanted to touch her and if she would stop him if he tried. As titillating as being the center of attention was, Cassie thought it would be better if Sonja was more a part of their little show.

"Oh Cassie," Sonja cried when Cassie attacked her clit in earnest. She slid her fingers faster in and out of Sonja and rubbed her clit in a hard little circle and Sonja's whole body jerked in reaction. Sonja screwed herself down harder onto Cassie's fingers and increased her own attentions on Cassie's clit. Cassie arched her back and moaned and it seemed to be a race to see which woman could make the other climax first.

Sonja was kissing her way downward again, and as she did, she took the Joker's hand and put it on Cassie's breast. Cassie was shocked by her friend's forward move and wondered what the hell she was thinking. Cassie thought this might be a nice little distraction, something she could go for in her horny, drunken state, but Sonja was taking it to a whole new level. It was becoming something far more, something that Cassie knew she should not be involved with, not when she had a fiancé. But even with all of that flashing through her mind, she did not remove the stranger's hand. Instead she sighed and moaned when he groped her with his calloused hand. His rough fingers made her sensitive nipple tingle and having two people touch her sent Cassie into overdrive. A threesome was something she'd often fantasized about, but not something she'd done. She certainly didn't think she'd ever have one under these circumstances.

Cassie was forced to pull her fingers from Sonja as the other woman moved around between Cassie's legs. On impulse, Cassie pressed her fingers to the Joker's red lips and he sucked them in, licking off Sonja's sticky juices. His tongue darted quickly around and between her fingers and she wondered what else he could do with that talented tongue. She took her fingers from his mouth and held his face while she pulled his lips down to hers. She kissed him full on, her apprehensions evaporating as he and Sonja touched her in concert. He pulled her little white cap off and Cassie shook her hair free to fall down around her shoulders.

While Cassie was busy kissing the Joker, Sonja was between her legs, kissing and rubbing Cassie right above the panty line. But that was as far as the coverall would allow her to go. The zipper only opened so far. She cleared her throat until the others took notice of her and then said, "Can I have a little help here?"

The Joker jumped to help her and pulled the coverall from Cassie's shoulders. Cassie leaned forward and then pushed up on her hands so the others could peel the coverall away. He followed that by folding the camisole down so both her breasts were fully exposed and ripe for the picking. Sonja pulled her panties right off and suddenly Cassie was almost nude. She felt funny, and dirty, being so completely exposed, especially when the other two were still dressed. That was something Cassie had to remedy.

Cassie sat forward on the beanbag and grabbed Sonja and kissed her. Even with her eyes closed, it was easy to find the zipper in the back of Sonja's little costume and she yanked it down. As Cassie started pulling it off, Sonja shimmied her body and shed the sailor outfit like a discarded skin. A navy, satin bra proved to be the source of her fabulous cleavage. Cassie unhooked that bra hurriedly and threw it on the floor. Their breasts pressed together, the women kissed and groped at each other frenetically, Cassie kneading Sonja's ass, while Sonja found room to squeeze her hand between them and grope for Cassie's cunt again.

Cassie shivered when she felt her hair swept aside and the Joker kissing her neck from behind. He pulled her back just enough to massage both Cassie's breasts, trapping her nipples between his fingers. It was so easy to just turn his hand and touch Sonja too and that was just what he did, filling one of his hands with Sonja's heavy breast. He groped both women until Cassie turned and pulled him into an embrace while pushing her tongue into his mouth. Drawing back, she pulled him into a three-way embrace and turned his face to Sonja's. While they kissed, Cassie sank down and kissed and licked Sonja's breasts. Sonja had thick, brown nipples and she really seemed to like it when Cassie pulled on them. At first she just used her lips, but then she nipped with her teeth and Sonja dug her nails into Cassie's scalp. Sonja also pushed the Joker down to join her, and he and Cassie attacked Sonja's pendulous breasts side-by-side. Cassie also thrust her fingers back into Sonja's slippery pussy.

"That's so fucking hot, guys," Sonja moaned, holding them both to her chest.

Sonja soaked up their attentions for a bit and then turned the focus to the Joker, who was the only one of the three still clothed. Sonja stood and pulled him to his feet before sinking back to her knees. She and Cassie exchanged glances and then both went to work on his pants. Cassie got the belt and the button while Sonja attacked the stubborn zipper and pulled his pants down.

"Now ladies, be gentle. I'm a delicate flower," he cackled.

In keeping with his costume, he had crazily colored paisley boxers under his pants and both women reached for his package through them. They joined hands and caressed him together. Cassie was pleased with what she felt and her few remaining reservations evaporated in the heat of her excitement. Even if it was wrong, she was having too much fun to stop now. She reached in through the loose fly on the boxers and grasped his hot shaft. He filled her hand nicely and she tried to put out of her mind how nicely he could fill her in other places. He practically purred as she stroked him and she only let his cock go when Sonja wanted to pull down his boxers.

Cassie was so close than when his cock sprang up it almost smacked her in the face. She brushed her hair back and leaned in and gave the tip a sweet little kiss. One kiss was followed by another and another until she was softly sucking and licking and she tasted the salty precum that dripped from him. Sonja got in on the act by going low and kissing the side of his long shaft, working her way downward until she was licking and sucking his balls. It felt oddly intimate to be so close to Sonja while they pleased a man together. Their faces brushed each other and Sonja's hair tickled her ear. It was how she'd always imagined it in her fantasies. Cassie started going up and down on his cock and her lips touched Sonja's.

The women kissed each other and licked his prick as their lips came together at the crown. It was such an intense kiss that Cassie almost forgot they were supposed to be focused on the costumed stranger. She held Sonja's breasts and pulled her nipples while Sonja slipped a hand back between her legs. Sonja took over by grabbing the Joker's shaft and going down on him, not stopping until his head was in the back of her throat. Cassie was impressed. She took Sonja's role and kissed and licked his balls, pleased that he had done some manscaping down there. Sonja sucked him for a minute or two and then passed the baton back to Cassie. The friends did that, passing his cock back and forth, keeping him on the edge until he couldn't take it anymore.

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