Longing for Freedom

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A warrior who longs for her freedom from her handsome captor.

The air was thick with heavy smoke reeking from foul stench of burning bodies and blood. Everywhere women were being raped by more than one man at a time, their shrieks were deafening. Live stocks were either killed or being stolen. The people were so desperate that they were using any means of weaponry to fight. Most lost, but they didn't die in vain. They died trying to protect the vulnerable and young, but the strength of the blood-thirsty soldiers was of no match. Amongst the carnage and wreck even lay dogs and cats; the whole village was being assimilated because they didn't share the need for greed and blood.

Though the sky was lit by the burning flames, it was actually nightfall. Marie hid behind a smouldering house which was dying down. She was covered in blood and sweat and now also in soot. She was a skilled fighter at the tender age of nineteen; so far she had killed twelve men since the raid began four days ago. Not much was left from what she could see. Her family had sent her here to find a husband, but she'd been practising her fighting skills more rigorously. Now she was glad she had. Gripping a bloodied knife close to her chest, she waited.

A scream caught her attention; to her left a child was pulled roughly by one of the barbaric soldiers. Crouching like a lion, she waited for the perfect moment to pounce on him. With all her might she threw herself all the while aiming precisely with the knife. The soldier dropped to her feet. Dead. A single stab to the heart; she'd aimed well.

The child was no older than six, he looked on in bewilderment at the dead soldier and then at Marie. Wasting no time, she grabbed his small hand and began running. They had to be careful as soldiers lurked everywhere. They ran behind what used to be a barn, the smell was nauseating, but at least she could let the boy go to run off and join the others; if found abandoned who knew what fate had in store for him.

"Hey you, where do you think you're going?" she was grabbed from behind and swung around to face one of the soldiers who reeked of blood and sweat.

"Run" Marie screamed, before stabbing the soldier in the thigh. She wanted to aim at his heart, but she didn't have the right angle.

"Ahhhhhhh you fucking bitch" he screamed falling down and putting pressure on the wound which was poured out blood. Using the opportunity, she fled; trying to be careful not to get caught.

Finding a place to hide was becoming increasingly difficult since the whole village swarmed with soldiers. The adrenalin pumped through her body and her ears strained to listen out for danger. Suddenly she heard three soldiers approaching her. They couldn't have seen her. Holding her breath she remained very still.

"It's no use, we know you're here" one of them said.

She assessed her situation, there was no way she could kill all three without being killed herself. Before she could think, one of them grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up. The eldest and youngest were dressed the same but in different colour probably one's rank was higher than the other; the youngest was a common soldier. The third one was dressed as a civilian.

"Well, well, look at what we've caught?" the youngest one said. He was probably her age or a year younger. He circled her like a lion would with its prey. Her bloodied dress clung to her curves. She had cuts along her arms and legs, she'd obviously torn away some of the material and used it as bandage for the deeper wounds. Her hair was matted to her head, but under normal circumstances would reach mid-back, they couldn't see her face clearly behind the soot and blood, but he wasn't interested in her face.

She didn't flinch nor cower, but just stood there with her head held high. She'd hidden the knife well against her thigh; she was simply looking for the right moment and aim. The youngest seemed to be her first choice, she didn't like the look in his eyes; they were the eyes of a sadist. The eldest could have easily been her senior of fifteen years didn't look as threatening, but he was still the enemy. However the third man was couldn't have been more than twenty-six made no move to approach her, maybe he had the highest ranking.

Just as the youngest one came to grab her, she lunged at him and stabbed him in the throat. She'd aimed well, for he fell without a sound as he lay there with blood oozing out and glazed eyes staring into nothingness. At first the two stared at her stunned, they'd underestimated her strength and skills, because when the civilian tried to pry the knife away, she missed his face by an inch. As she lunged out again she noticed the eldest had disappeared, then she felt something hit the back of her head; everything started to spin before darkness consumed her. Falling forward, the 'civilian' caught her before she touched the ground.

Marie opened her eyes slowly; her head throbbed from the blow. She sat up quickly which was a bad move because it made her dizzy. Shaking her head clear she scanned her surroundings and realised it was some sort of tent. Looking down she realised her hands were shackled but not her legs. The bastards.

The flap pushed open and in walked two men, one limped more than walked. She immediately stood up as they approached her, she recognised them. The one limping was the same soldier she stabbed in the thigh; pity she missed his heart or throat and the other was the same man who had approached her with the other soldiers.

"That's the bitch that attacked me" he spat, but his eyes roamed over body the same way the other's had. She attempted to hit him with the shackles but he stepped back in time. His eyes went dark because if she had not missed, it would have been humiliating. Instead he backhanded her hard sent her reeling across the floor. She could already feel blood sliding down her open-split lip and it tasted metallic. Had it not been for the Godforsaken shackles she would have taken her chances and attacked the prick.

As if the other man read her thoughts, he threw the soldier out and barked some words before coming back in. She had already shown great skills especially in aiming, it was a miracle she'd been caught, they'd already lost fourteen men to her single handedly. The fall had caused her tattered dress to ride dangerously high, as she was in no position to move she lay there and stared up at him. For the first time, she actually looked at the younger man and noticed his well defined features which made him handsome.

She looked very tempting sprawled out like that and an easy target, but instead he bent down and helped her up. His still couldn't see her face. He'd given strict instructions that no-one was to touch the girl, that's why he'd been furious at the soldier who'd backhanded her. Taking a cloth he dipped it in water and started to clean the cut. She flinched from his touch.

Why was she doing this? One minute she was a tower of strength and the next a meek as a new born kitten. Then it dawned on him, she was acting. No woman who fought tooth and nail could have a sudden change in her demeanour.

"I'd prefer if you stopped pretending to be frightened of me. The way you aim a knife does not compliment your behaviour now" he said calmly as he stood.

"I see you are smart for a pig" she spat. He was a difficult one to fool; she had to be extra careful with him.

"Silence wench" he barked. "You're lucky to be alive. The penalty for killing a soldier not in battle is death and tonight alone you've killed two of which one there were two witnesses" he said with his nostrils flaring from anger.

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again against better judgement. She sat back down and looked around the tent. "It's no use to plot escape. I have men surrounding this entire area. They'll kill you on sight if unaccompanied" he informed her and with that he left her alone with her thoughts. She tried to lie down and think, but her body was exhausted and the new blow to her face didn't allow her to think clearly. Her eye lids grew heavy as sleep took over her.

Her body jolted awake when she heard a loud scream. Sitting up she realised she wasn't in the tent anymore, her belly grumbled loudly; she couldn't remember when she'd last eaten. Then she saw a tray on a table near her. She got up and ran towards it, as she grabbed it, she realised her hands were not shackled anymore. She was still wearing the same clothes and reeked, but her hunger was too great to suppress. Hungrily snatching the bread she barely chewed it before washing it down with the hot liquid which had a natural sweet taste to it.

Looking around the room, she realised it was far away from the village. Wherever it was, the owner had to be very rich because luxury filled the room with its rich linen and colours. Gold and apple-white draped from every corner. The floor was tiled, but again expensive rugs covered it. She looked across to the bed where she assumed had been placed on and had remained. The once crisp white sheets were rumpled and dirty because of her, how she wished she could wash; her skin felt grubby and oily.

A knock on the door startled her, but before she could answer the door opened and she braced herself, but instead a mature woman and two young girls entered. She stopped when they saw her standing in the middle of the room. Maybe they'd expected to see her still asleep she mused. The woman walked to the bed and began to pull off the sheet and fold it unevenly before heading to the tray and placing it on top. She then turned to Marie and stopped. Neither of the young girls had moved since entering with her.

"My name is Esther and those two are Rachael and Shannon. I'm in charge of you whilst you're here. They're my help" she said bluntly.

"Where am I?" Marie asked. She looked over at the girls who remained as still as statues.

"Safe and that's all you need to know for now. Come we must clean you, the master is expecting you for dinner tonight" she said mechanically.

"The master? Dinner? No I have to get back..." She said angrily. Who was this 'master' she was expected to have dinner with?

"Come, we'll get you nice and clean" Esther said picking up the tray and making her way to the door. Marie instinctively followed, her odour was becoming too much even for her. The two girls followed her until the end of the corridor, where the older woman left them.

Confused Marie followed the girls in the other direction until they entered a very large room filled with ropes which she assumed hung sheets and clothes to dry, there was a massive pool filled with bubbles which she assumed was for her and towels on the side. Suddenly one of the girls started to pull off her dress and any bandages she'd made for herself. Before she knew it she stood naked.

"Go on. Walk into the water" the petite blonde said.

Marie obliged. The feel of warm water had never felt so good. She was only waist deep, before fully submerging, the soap slightly burnt her cuts especially the one on the lip. She immediately touched it expected it to be swollen, but to her surprise it wasn't.

"Esther looked after you whilst you slept" the other brunette said.

"Hmmm I can feel" Marie replied before she took a sponge and began to wash herself. She submerged again and this time began to wash her hair. More warm water was being poured over her. She thought the girls would help and secretly she was grateful that they hadn't. The feeling of being clean was wonderful, she had always been careful with her baths until their village had been attacked.

"Come we must clean you" Rachael said.

"I am thank you" Marie replied with her back to them. She was a little annoyed with the fact that she'd spent a long time in the pool and they still thought she was dirty. Her skin hurt from all the effort she'd put in.

"No, clean you of body hair" Shannon said. At this Marie turned around, though she had always been hair-free, she didn't see the emphasis.

"The master expects it" she continued holding a towel out. Within minutes Marie was having all her body hair removed, but being used to it, she barely squirmed. She enjoyed being smooth, but not because someone requested it. Then she was placed back into a fresh bath again before pulled out and wrapped up again. Despite objecting she was dragged back to her room where the girls proceeded to dry and rub balm over her. The balm she was told would soothe and heal her cuts.

She looked over to the bed and could see new sheets had been placed and two dresses. One seemed much shorter. Esther walked in just as the girls were about to start on her hair. Marie looked like a completely different girl to the one her master had brought in five days ago. She no longer smelt, she skin shone a healthy rosy pink; her hair was no longer matted, but shone dark brown. Her cuts were healing including the one above her lip which she'd cleaned couple of times a day.

The master would be pleased. Walking over to the bed, she took the shortest dress and folded it before placing it on the pillow. The second was picked up and given to one of the girls. "Dinner will be ready in an hour. I'll take you myself" she said before leaving again. Marie looked slightly confused, but before she could answer, the dress was being pulled over her and she was being dragged towards a large mirror where Shannon was frantically fixing the dress whilst Rachael was busy deciding whether to have the hair up or down.

At first she didn't recognise the girl in the reflection, but then she saw it was herself. She was clean for a start, her skin glowed minus the minor cuts, her legs were completely covered, but the material was expensive looking. The royal blue enhanced her dark features, her face wasn't painted though and she preferred it that way. The hair that had been matted and greasy now shone with brilliance and was half up. She truly looked like a different person; before her village was raided.

"Ah, the master will be pleased" she heard Rachael say to Shannon as they left her. She remained where she was until they were alone. Turning around she saw a large window which led into a terrace. Opening it, she walked outside; the sun had already begun to set lighting the sky with a beautiful reddish effect. The air was mild and fresh so different to the stench she along with so many others had been forced to endure. Looking down she saw beautiful gardens with people in it, some were planting, others watering, some looked up and saw her before whispering to their neighbours. She didn't mind, after all she was a stranger here.

The hour must've passed very quickly, because she felt a presence behind her which made her turn to see the old woman waiting inside the room. Walking back in, she had barely time to close the window, before the door was held open for her. Without a single word she quietly followed her down the corridor, through two very large doors, before she came to a grand staircase which she was walked down and then turned left and came across another set of doors. There she was left alone. Marie opened the door and walked it. The door closed behind her with a soft click and she walked in further. She stopped.

She'd walked in to a large dining room which like the rest of the house was well furnished including a fireplace. The table was laid for two, but the other person had not arrived. Without hesitation she walked towards the fireplace and put her hands out to warm them. She didn't hear the door open and close.

"I hope you're feeling better" a voice asked behind her. Too close. She slowly turned.

"You" she accused. The man dressed as a civilian stood in front of her looking sinfully handsome with dark hair and hazel eyes. His eyes pierced into hers.

"I see that you are" he replied coldly before walking over to the table, motioning for her to join him. Warily she did. He clapped his hands twice and food was brought in. Marie could smell the rich spices from the meat; there was plenty with exotic rice, bread and vegetables. Her plate was served for her and then for him and once again they were alone. She took a small bite even though she hadn't eaten properly.

"Come now, you must be famished. There's no need to stand on ceremony here" he said with a raised eyebrow and amused voice. She looked up at him for a moment before diving into her plate and eating with her hands. She barely chewed the food before swallowing it and taking more bites. He looked on at her not expecting her to be so manly, but hunger could make the sanest insane.

She greedily took anything she was offered before the he poured her some wine. That's when she stopped and looked up. "It's poisoned" she accused him before dropping the bread.

"There'd be no sense in killing you" his words never faltering as he continued to eat.

She didn't question him as she drank the wine thirstily and went back to her food, but stopped again when she caught him watching her in amusement. "What are you staring at" she demanded rather annoyed that this was the second time she had to stop.

"Just trying to remember the last time I saw a woman eat with such vigour and enjoying it" he said.

"Where am I?" she suddenly demanded. She repeated it when he ignored the first time, then he slowly placed his knife and fork down and looked up at her.

"All you need to know is that you are in my home and safe" he answered before taking a sip of his wine and watching her over the glass.

"Who are you?" she asked impatiently, getting up and pushing her chair back so hard it fell.

"I am Lucius" he said calmly standing up, but with a hint of anger. He didn't know why but instinctively he became wary of her; years of fighting gave one a sixth sense when they were about to be attacked. As if on cue, she lunged at him with the knife she'd used to eat with, he moved away fast but tried to pry it away from her.

Like a skilled wildcat she circled him making sure he was in range, he too indulged her by accepting the fight. Her eyes narrowed as she clenched the knife waiting for the precise angle and time before throwing herself against him. Before long they tackled each other, she was attacking him ferociously with the knife but kept missing. Eventually her pinned her down, prying it from her tight fingers and threw it far away from her.

Gripping her wrists he pushed her arms above her head and immobilised her, but even that didn't stop her struggling or attempting to kick him in the groin. However he was still stronger than her and eventually he settled in-between her thighs, his faces inches away from hers.

"Don't you ever and I mean ever try anything so foolish again! Understand?" he said angrily when she finally lay still but refusing to calm down. He got up dragging her to her feet. "You are in my property. Had it not been for me, you'd either be entertaining men or be dead. I saved you from both" he informed her watching her face as she digested in the information.

"Are you planning on keeping me here for entertainment or you were genuinely concerned for my well being?" she was with thick sarcasm.

"We'll see. For now I'll settle for a name" he said. Any urge to take her were completely gone ... for now.

"Marie" she answered after a brief pause.

"Pretty name" he said more to himself.

Before she could reply the door opened and in walked Esther and another man. She could see she was being motioned and reluctantly walked towards the older woman. The man was whispering something to Lucius and from the look on his face it was serious. She wished she was in ear range as she was certain it was to do with her village. However Esther told her it was time for bed and took her out.

Back in the bedroom Marie was attended to by Shannon and Rachael who stripped her of the fine gown and put her into the short tunic she'd seen earlier and with some persuasion put her to bed. She didn't see the point of fighting with them, the more time she had to study the people the easier it would be to fool them. With that thought she fell asleep.

Marie could feel someone tugging at her sheets and instantly bolted up to find Shannon busily pulling the covers off and tidying the room. She was obviously waiting for Rachael because both were her attending maids. The sun shone brightly into the room emphasising on the space and enhancing the colours.

Now that she'd been woken up she couldn't lie back down. She sat up rather annoyed at her sleep being interrupted, but smiled when she saw the breakfast brought in by Rachael. She slipped the robe on and pinned up her hair and proceeded to eat watching the two girls lay out her clothes for the day. First she would need a bath but noticed Shannon walking in and out of a room inside the room itself.

"You're bath is ready" she announced.

"But I thought the bathroom was where the clothes are washed" she said with slight confusion.

"Oh no, you have a bathroom right here, but you were ... in need of care yesterday" she replied shy trying to be as polite as possible. She didn't want to be beaten for insulting this 'guest'.

"I see" Marie replied with a cocked eyebrow, but was relieved that she could bathe here rather than have the misfortune of encountering Lucius naked. "I prefer to bathe alone though" she requested.

The women left her alone for a while as she welcomed the warm water soothing her tender muscles, which were slightly sore from last night. She kept thinking back to his sinfully handsome face and well toned muscles as she'd wriggled under him. She began to feel a tingly feeling between her legs, but as she reached down the door opened and the girls came in to help her with her clothing.

"Don't you girls ever knock" she snapped in agitation. Neither girls cast their eyes up as they were being reprimanded.

Marie climbed out and wrapped a towel around herself before going back to her room and being attended to in silence. This time a red-wine dress had been laid out with gold embroidery and gold sandals. She sat patiently whilst balm and oils were being rubbed on her, other maids had come in to make the bed and do light dusting.

She ate her breakfast in silence, waiting for the oils to be absorbed into her skin so that she could dress. Her hair was weaved into a beautiful plait before she wore her undergarments and the dress. She could feel her body was healing and the cut on her lip was fading into a scar. Her maids sat back to look at the masterpiece they had created and inwardly congratulated themselves.

Once they'd left the room, Marie felt more at ease. She wasn't used to being waited on, that's how she'd developed into a sturdy girl. Sitting in the room made her anxious especially with the sun shining so brightly, she just had to get out. Leaving the room quietly, she self-managed to find her way into the gardens. Despite every so often people would stop and stare at her, they'd quickly return to work as she approached them. In all honesty she couldn't believe how luxurious this place was with all its wonders.

"What are you doing out here?" an undisputedly masculine voice asked her.

She slowly turned around to see Lucius staring at her. The gown she wore just fell off her shoulders and the deep plunge left little to the imagination. The cuts on her arms were healing; she radiated health as her skin glowed. He hardened just by roaming his eyes all over her. Noticing his haunted stare she gazed away.

"How can a soldier afford to live in such luxury?" she asked looking around herself.

"A soldier I am not. I'm a strategic planner for wars" he replied casually.

"Did you plan on destroying my village and its entire people?" she asked defensively.

"Marie, I only assess the areas and advise on routes. I don't interfere with the delicate balance of life" he explained.

"You fight like those dogs" she meant the soldiers.

"True I am a skilled fighter as are you, but I don't fight. Where did you learn?" he asked curiously.

"Self-taught and given the chance I'll kill again" she threatened becoming defensive again.

"I don't doubt it, but I'm rather tired after last night" he said sarcastically.

Marie remained where she was, thoughts of escape kept running through her head. She couldn't remain here as a prisoner, she was needed; like he'd said, she'd single handedly killed fourteen men. She too was strategic; when the time was right she'd flee. Soon couldn't be soon enough.

"So what am I to do all day long?" she asked fuming at the thought.

"You can read can't you?" he asked bemused.

"Of course" she answered with indifference.

"Excellent. I have an expansive library, chose any book and read it anywhere you wish" he said before walking away and leaving her in utter confusion.

The day wore on. Although she did enjoy reading and welcomed the heat of the sun, it was too dull for her. She had lunched and dined by herself and secretly had craved company even from him. She needed excitement. She thirsted for it.

For some strange reason, she'd been ordered to take a bath and rubbed scented oils, before being dressed in a white tunic. The plait remained intact, just slightly damp. Then she was led through a completely different corridor to a room which looked very much like a study and left alone.

A hand spanned her waist before turning her around to face Lucius who was naked from the waist up. His tanned chest almost made her weak at the knees. Her cheeks blushed when she realised she'd been staring too long at what was her potential 'enemy'.

"Why have I been summoned here?" she asked stepping back, noting he only had a thick loincloth; also white.

His mouth watered as he roamed over her supple body, with firm and generous sized breasts that jutted out high and proud against the straining material of her tunic that barely reached mid-thigh. Her legs were long and sturdy and her thighs looked like they could easily crush a man's head. Her waist was narrow before her hips flared out. She was well built, a little bigger than average, but it was mostly muscle.

He lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes before he murmured an answer. "To keep me company, warm my bed at night and stay out of my way when I don't require you" he said smiling sweetly.

"You must be mad" she almost screamed, tugging away from his hold as her eyes widened in horror to his disgusting suggestions.

Grabbing hold of her wrist he practically dragged her away into another room. She'd underestimated how strong he was.

"You will learn to lower your tone when you address me" he hissed.

"And you will learn that I will never entertain you like a whore" she spat. "I'd die first before I ever let you lay a finger on me.

Marie backed up until she bumped against the soft wood of the door. Wasting no time, he stalked after her, bracing a hand on either side of her slender shoulders. She felt utterly surrounded by the masculine breadth of his shoulders and thickly muscled arms. "Now let me taste those lips" he sighed, leaning in to capture her mouth. She lost her nerve, shoving him roughly off balance and feeling for the handle. He caught her with one arm around the waist, jerking her up against his lean, hard body. "The sooner you learn to obey me, the easier this will be. Don't make it hard for yourself." he whispered hotly in her ear. Her struggles increased as she felt the stiff column of his cock press against her back. "Fine," he sighed, "Have it your own way."

Lucius threw her onto the heavily pillowed bed, pinning her beneath his weight. The hem of her tunic had ridden high, exposing a creamy expanse of thigh. She glared at him with rage filled eyes. She couldn't even think to respond as he slid down the straps of her tunic, leaving them at her sides, only caring about baring her breasts. Her voice broke on a moan as he sucked her nipple into his demanding mouth. His hand was suddenly between her legs, pressing against her through the damp fabric.

He stripped off his loincloth revealing a thick cock; dark with passion. His eyes traced the lush curves of her, and she blushed from the undisguised lust in his stare. "Please don't do this," she cried, her voice broken and unaccustomed to pleading. He only smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She turned her head away. His expression hardened, grasping her chin and forced her face towards him, slanting his mouth over hers. He licked and bit at her lips, his tongue thrusting demandingly until she opened up and allowed him to plunder her mouth. He kissed her hard and deep, tongue delving to explore every crevice. The sensation made her dizzy and a slow heat unfurled low in her stomach. At last he pulled back, nipping playfully at her swollen lips. "Like crushed fruit," he sighed into her ear, making her shudder.

One hand lightly traced her neck, soon to be replaced by his hot, wet mouth. He sucked and nibbled at her neck as his hand crept along her collarbone, then made its way lazily down to cup her breast. He lightly pinched the nipple through the sheer material of her garment, chuckling against her neck as he felt the tip harden. Without warning, he grabbed the top of her tunic between both hands, jerking them sharply apart. She gasped as the cloth shredded, her skin flushing in embarrassment as he brushed the scraps aside and bared her body.

He groaned at the sight of her now naked flesh, greedily drinking in the long, toned legs, the softly rounded breasts and the tender pink treasure. He reached out and roughly mauled her breasts, moulding them to the shape of his calloused hands. Lying down beside her, he brought one peaked tip to his lips, giving it a soft nip before sucking it in to the wet heat of his mouth. He lathed her nipple with his tongue while pinching and kneading her other breast.

Marie writhed against him, unaware of the effects her movements were having on him until he ground the hard heat of his erection softly against her nether lips softly. "Please, stop," she gasped.

He muttered. "I don't think you mean that." He gave her nipple a long, sucking kiss, making her squirm. His treacherous hand slid down her body to cup the damp folds between her thighs. "Your body responds so sweetly to my touch," he growled. He stroked his fingers between her plump pink lips, and brought them up glistening for her to see.

He slid down her body, settling comfortably between her spread legs. His fingers lightly stroked her belly, the back of her knees, and the delicate crease where her thighs met her body. His teasing, feather light caresses caused her to twitch and shiver. Taking his time, he gently parted her swollen lips and gazed at the pink wetness of her pussy. He blew softly on her fever hot flesh, before taking a long savouring lick up her crease. Her back arched and she moaned as a wave of pleasure spiked through her.

The finger of one hand sought out her clit, and circled it wetly before pulling back the hood and exposing the tender jewel to his gaze. She gasped and panted as he began to tease it with his hot, swirling tongue. A finger probed at the tight entrance of her dewy gates as he sucked her clit into his mouth and began lashing at it with his tongue. Her breath caught in her throat as his finger pushed into her resisting flesh and began to slide in and out. He hardened painfully at the exquisite tightness of her untried passage, the heady scent of her juices making his mind reel with lust. He gently added another finger, loosening and pumping her while he sucked rhythmically on her hard little nub. The sharpness of that sensation pushed the girl over the edge, and she came in jerking shudders, her pussy clutching at his fingers.

"But I..." Marie ground out, even as he got his cock head to the right spot. "I've never..." She didn't get the chance to finish, groaning loudly instead as he pushed inside her.

"Hell you're tight," he groaned as he worked his way inside her.

She didn't attempt to answer; she was too busy trying to accommodate her captor's girth. She moaned as he hit her cervix. She'd never had a cock; it almost ripped her open. Gritting his teeth and holding still, he bottomed out as her tightness hurt slightly. She winced as he began to move again, but the pain dulled to an aching throb, and soon faded entirely. He picked up the pace as his eyes met hers. One hand reached down to grip her ass, tilting her hips for deeper access. He hit a spot inside her that caused her breath to catch raggedly, and then he was running himself over and over it, making her jump and twitch. His pubic bone rubbed against her clit with every inward thrust, and soon her hips were moving to meet his thrusts.

Marie started cumming right before him, tears stinging her eyes at the intensity of the whole thing. She hauled his head back down to hers frantically, melding her mouth to his. Her pussy squelched as it clamped down on him, pulling him into her no less hard than he was hammering at her. She screamed into his mouth as she came, hips bucking up at him frenziedly.

Growling and muttering incomprehensible words of encouragement, he grounded into her, pounding her with hard, deep thrusts. He wrapped an arm beneath her shoulders, pulling her tight against his rigid body. "You are so tight and wet" he moaned into her ear. His skilled ministrations proved too much for her yet again. The feel of her velvety pussy milking his cock in liquid ripples pushed him over the edge. His muscles corded and his balls tightened as he gave one last, brutal push. He uttered a hoarse shout of triumph as he spurted his hot seed within her.

He collapsed limply against her yielding body, cock softening inside of her. Slowly he pulled out; his lips grazed her ear as he settled beside her. Noting that her breathing was shallow, he pulled the sheets over their naked bodies and joined her in some sleep.

Marie's eyes snapped open but it was dark even the light from the moon still made the room dark. She heard the soft breathing of Lucius and almost instantaneously felt the throbbing between her thighs.

Very quietly she rolled away and crawled out. Trying to find some kind of clothing to cover her naked form, she didn't hear him stir awake and get up to follow her. Only when she felt the distinct outline of his semi erection against her globes; she stopped.

She moved a little forward before turning to face her captor and in the process bumping against the bed.

He stepped toward her, placing a surprisingly gentle hand on her chest and pushed her down onto his bed. Marie couldn't help but try and push herself off and away as he dropped down on her side casually.

"Lucius ... don't..." she whispered.

"You forgot already your place?" He rolled on top of her, nuzzling her neck. "Ahhhhhhh, you smell delicious".

Her eyelids drooped, and a low buzzing started in her clit at the feeling of his warm breath on her neck. "Please ... stop," she said, but all firmness was gone.

"Stop what?" he asked, right before placing a rough open-mouthed kiss just above her pulse. He devoured her neck, finding no gentleness inside him to be concerned for her.

His mouth was tugging on her nipple hard, pleasuring her while causing her pain. She could feel it bruising under his rough mouth. It hurt, and yet her other nipple tightened in jealousy, wanting the same treatment. Marie cried and arched up into his palm as he obligingly moved to her other nipple, suckling it in the same savage manner as he had the other one. She arched up like a little cat as his tongue swirled over her nipple, momentarily soothing the swelling he'd created.

He grabbed her by the crotch, knuckles brushing against her melting pussy before resettling himself between her legs, this time with no barrier to protect her little cunt.

"Stop!" she cried, snapping to attention, trying to pull her mind from the hazy fog muddling it. "No!" she said, shoving at his chest.

"Shush," he said amicably, adjusting himself so that he was at her gate.

She once again attempted to push him off, but it was feeble. All her energy had been drained from before; they both were aware of this. Taking full advantage of her situation Lucius pushed into her slick heat. With no barrier, he slid all the way in and came to rest against the mouth of her cervix. She winced slightly from the sudden fullness.

He started slow strokes, barely restraining himself as her tight little pussy clasped at him. He reached back and hooked an arm under each knee, bending back and spreading her legs. The new position opened her up completely to him, and he couldn't help but give her a few initial jackhammer thrusts.

Leaning down, he pressed his lips to hers; opening them forcibly even though he received little resistance. His tongue found hers and immediately took control of it, thrusting against it in time with the thrusts of his hips. He drew back and sucked her lower lip into his mouth, crowing in his mind that the perfect cock-sucking mouth he'd fantasised about so many times now belonged to him.

After only a minute his cock rhythmically spasmed and he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold off any longer. He thrust his tongue back into her mouth and began pounding away at her. He brought her knees up to her chest and pushed himself up on the backs of her thighs, still tangling his tongue with hers. He finally broke away from her lips, and jerked into her violently, eyes rolling back into his head.

When he let go, they both felt it; his cock swelled even larger, then spurted into her four hot streams of semen for the second time. His hips jerked against hers in the aftermath of his orgasm, his body trying to squeeze out every last drop of cum. He collapsed against her.

Marie lay panting hard in the darkness. Her first time had been with an enemy she hated the most and what was worse that the whole scene kept replaying in her mind not allowing her peace. She turned to look at Lucius whose breathing was deep and steady indicating that he was fast asleep. She clenched her fists in anger but could do little, what could she do? Too exhausted to rationalise her situation she allowed sleep to consume her.

The sounds of scurrying feet and whispers woke her up from her slumber. She was welcomed with the strong brightness of the sun and its warmth and from the heat she could guess it was late morning bordering into the afternoon.

Her maids were busily tidying up their master's room and avoiding eye contact. Immediately she blushed when she recalled last night and the activity taken place where she slept. Despite the dull ache she tiptoed over to the bath and sank down into the warm water. Her insides throbbed deliciously.

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