Anna and Michelle 1: Twins Begin

by N. Ambrusco

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Incest, Sister, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Twin teen sisters come home from bad dates, angry and horny, where they discover each other.

"Total deviant freak!"

Michelle flung her car keys across the living room so hard they left a dent in the drywall. Only then did she realize there was someone else in the room: her identical twin sister Anna. "Sorry," Michelle mumbled as she dropped her purse on the carpet.

"Something the matter?" Anna asked.

"You bet it is." Michelle kicked off her pumps and sank into the warm cushions of the overstuffed couch. "That Richard you set me up with is an absolute perv. He started talking about sex before the appetizers arrived, and he had a hand on my thigh while checking some high school girl over my shoulder. Did Mom and Dad leave the liquor cabinet unlocked?"

"I'll get you something," Anna replied, rising. "Scotch and soda?"

"Is that what the poncy Northerners have you drinking? Just a beer, if it's cold."

Anna and Michelle had been best friends all through school, but they'd agreed they needed newer, broader experiences at the college level. Anna was studying English at Bowling Green, while Michelle took pre-law at Baylor. They'd traded e-mails back and forth at first, mostly about how strange it was to be singletons and not a matched pair, but their lives got busy, and they hadn't reconnected until they had come back for the summer. Both nineteen, they'd spent the last week catching up.

Anna tossed a cold can to her twin as she returned to where she'd left her book at the other end of the couch. She'd left her hair long, and it trailed in a glistening raven braid down to her belt. Michelle had gotten hers cut and styled at college. There would be no more mistaking one of them for the other.

"I'm sorry about that," Anna said, flashing what she hoped was an apologetic smile. "Richard came highly recommended."

"It's not your fault. Blind dates are a crap shoot." Michelle cracked her beer and drank half of it down before coming up for air. "I just wish..."


"It's nothing."

"Hey, Michelle. It's me. You can say."

Michelle paused. She couldn't tell Anna she'd wanted to lose her virginity tonight to a good-looking stranger. Dodging sex questions from her sorority sisters was getting awkward. But now she covered her long pause by tilting her beer back and chugging the other half at once. The bitter tang stung the back of her throat. "I just wish he'd been better looking," she lied, rising to fetch herself another beer.

"Oh, don't give me that," Anna said, smiling. "I saw him coming to the door. He was cut like a Greek god and he had the kind of big brown eyes I would kill for."

"Well, all he knew how to talk about was football and Star Trek," Michelle said, bending to reach the cold compartment of the liquor cabinet. "Only old Star Trek, too, not the good one with that hottie Picard."

Anna laughed out loud. "I really am sorry."

"It's not your fault." Michelle felt the tears welling up, but she tried to hide it by taking a deep swallow off her second beer. The first one had gone down faster than she'd planned. It would take only a few minutes before her head started spinning.

"No, but it is my fault. I set you two up."

"He came recommended from a friend of a friend. Things happen, don't worry."

"Please, I want to make it up to you. You want to, like, rent a DVD and order in Chinese or something?"

Michelle felt herself grimace at the thought, and wished she'd concealed her feelings better. "If you don't mind, I'd like it quiet for a bit."

"Okay, I understand. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I just want to talk to my one true friend, Anna, please."

"I can do that for you. What do you want to talk about?"

Michelle opened her mouth, but realized she didn't know what she wanted to say. That's when she realized the big beer on top of a small dinner was hitting her. The tears welled back up, and before she could stop herself she wept.

"Oh, Chelle!" Anna leapt from her end of the couch to envelope her twin in a bear hug. They sat there, holding each other, hip to hip and cheek to cheek, as Michelle cried into Anna's shoulder, a series of deer, wracking sobs.

After several minutes Michelle began to regain self-control. The sisters continued to hold each other, rocking gently on the big, fluffy couch. Michelle realized her breasts were pressing into her identical twin's chest, and she felt Anna's breasts brush back and forth over her nipples as they rocked. Anna traced small circles with her hands on Michelle's back, and one of Michelle's palms was right on Anna's bra strap. She slid her hand back and forth over Anna's bra, feeling a tingle of electricity as the latch moved under her fingers. Her nipples began to get hard.

Suddenly Michelle realized she was getting turned on by her twin sister's body. She'd had her heart set on having sex tonight, and that, and the beer, and the feelings running high ... she told herself she ought to pull back, but she felt a flutter in her belly and a tingle between her legs. Just a minute or two can't hurt, she thought. Then she could go masturbate in her room, and maybe try to find another date tomorrow. Just a minute or two, and it would be over. It would only be a minute...

As Michelle stroked her sister's bra strap with one hand, her other hand began drifting down. Without thinking about it, she began to cup and caress Anna's butt with the other. Anna jumped.

"Hey!" Anna yelped, and pulled back from the hug.

"What?" Michelle asked. She hoped she sounded innocent, but she heard the flutter of arousal in her own voice.

"What the hell was that?" Anna didn't sound quite angry, more puzzled by the contact.

Michelle grabbed her beer can from the side table and pressed its cold metal against her cheeks. She could feel herself blush. What the hell had she been thinking? Her own twin sister, dammit! That would be like making out with a mirror. "S-sorry," she stammered. "I just ... I don't know. Sorry."

The twins stared at each other, confused. Michelle still wore her slim black dress from the date, and she realized how much leg and cleavage she was showing her sister. Richard made her feel dirty, talking about sex while she wore something so flimsy, but for Anna, this dress felt sexy. Very grown up. Were her stiff little nipples visible? The cotton brushed her belly like a soft hand.

Maybe she should make herself up pretty for Anna more often. Her twin was gorgeous, with thick red lips and long black hair. And light freckles, too. A dancing dusting of freckles on ivory-white cheeks, and she wanted to kiss and lick them. Oh, to taste Anna's smooth beautiful skin, to kiss her mouth and suck her pert nipples...

Oh God, why was she thinking this way about her own sister? Her identical twin, no less, who taught her how to play hopscotch when they were small. This was sick. Sick! Her blush was so hot she feared her makeup would catch fire. Must be the beer.

Then she noticed how Anna was dressed. Low-rise jeans showing off firm, round hips. Barefoot, ten brightly painted nails glistened at the ends of thin, tapering toes. A hunter green silk blouse that matched her eyes, with big pearlescent buttons that shimmered every time she breathed in. But the blouse was very sheer, and her lacy black bra was visible in the half-light of the living room. Very sexy. Like she was dressed for a man. A thought crossed Michelle's mind.

"Didn't you have a date with David tonight?" Michelle asked.

Now it was Anna's turn to blush. "Yeah, I did. Or I thought I did."

"What happened?" David was Anna's high school boyfriend, and Michelle had thought they might even get married one day.

"Oh, we went out. But, you know, it didn't work out."

"Didn't work out? You two have been going together since you turned sixteen! What's going on?"

Anna shook her head and rubbed her hands together, looking embarrassed. "It turns out he found Jesus after he left for college, and now he says we shouldn't sleep together anymore."

Michelle's eyes went wide. "Um, you mean..." She couldn't find the words.


"You mean you've already had sex?"

"Of course I have," Anna replied. Then her jaw dropped as she realized what that question meant. "You mean you haven't?"

The twins sat, looking at each other, both too amazed to speak. Michelle's beer dangled from her loose fingertips, long forgotten. Then Michelle felt horrified when she noticed a second emotion creep in: jealousy. That skinny idiot David had gotten his hands on Anna's voluptuous body, and let her get away. That moron had tasted Anna's exquisite crimson mouth, had licked those splendid freckles and caressed those luxuriant round breasts clad in black seductive lace...

Michelle swallowed hard. Was it the beer? Or was something coming up that had always been there, though she'd never noticed it before?

Anna had come home from college with a case of the Freshman Fifteen, the weight students put on during long nights of study, eating convenience food and not exercising. But it didn't make her look fat. She'd been thin and girlish when Michelle had last seen her in August, but looking at Anna's sensual form now, she was filled out, firmly rounded, a grown woman. Full breasts, firm thighs, and an ass that had felt just right in the palm of her hand.

Michelle wondered if she looked like that. She saw herself in the mirror every day, so she'd never noticed any changes in herself. But her identical twin was stunning in her jeans and her visible bra, all that black hair, and her body had felt so ... so...

So lovely.

Was this love?

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