In the Shower

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Allie has rented a beach cottage for her daughter Beth's 18th birthday and invited along her four best girlfriends. Something happens to Allie when Jennifer approaches her in the shower.

There were six of us on the trip, my daughter Beth and four of her best girlfriends. I had rented a beach cottage for the weekend for Beth's eighteenth birthday and told her she could bring whomever she wanted just as long as they were all girls. The cottage was a two-hour drive from our house and after the long drive and listening to 18 and 19 year old girls talking about school and their boyfriends I was bushed as we pulled into the sandy driveway of the rental cottage. After everyone had a quick snack the girls changed into their swimsuits and I was amazed at the amount of skin their bathing suits actually showed. There was one of the girls in particular, Jennifer Hodges who had been Beth's closest friend for a couple of years, that came out wearing a string-thong bikini that showed off almost all of her body and as I looked at her all I could do was admire her youthfulness and hard body. We all went down to the beach carrying a cooler of refreshments ... sodas for the girls and some white wine for me and as I sat there watching Beth and her friends running around I longed for the days when my body looked as good as theirs did!

I was almost half way through my bottle of Chardonnay when Jennifer walked back up the beach to our blanket and sat down beside me. "What's up Jennifer," I asked, "are you giving up on catching one of those handsome young surfers?"

"Please call me Jen Mrs. Wilson and I was thinking that I would much rather sit here and talk to you. I mean I love being here with the girls but the boys aren't really what I'm looking for, at least not today." She replied.

"Alright then, Jen it is. So tell me Jen, why sit here with a frumpy, old divorced housewife when there are so many other things to do?"

"You're not old and frumpy Mrs. Wilson, not at all. God I think you're one of the sexiest women I've met in a long time and I just thought maybe we could talk for a little while."

I didn't know what to do with that compliment. Me ... sexy? I was 45 and probably ten pounds overweight although my butt still looked pretty good and my breasts didn't sag all that much even though that was more due to being a 32b more than anything nature did to help my body but still ... sexy? "Look Jen I think were all adults here so you can call me Allie and thanks for the compliment but as far as sexy goes, I've lost all of sexy over the last eighteen years raising Beth."

Jen and I sat there in rapt conversation, mostly talking about her classes at college but a little bit about her political feelings for the upcoming elections and some about an old boyfriend or two. After a couple of hours the wine was gone and I really needed to go to the bathroom so I decided to head back to the cottage. I told Beth where I was headed and asked her to make sure the girls brought back the cooler then I said goodbye to Jen and walked back to the cottage.

Inside the three bedroom cottage I went directly into the master bathroom and turned on the water in the shower and while it was warming up I used the commode then still wearing my swimsuit I stepped into the shower stall and pulled the glass door closed. I had just lathered up my hair with shampoo and my eyes were tightly shut when I heard the shower door opening. "Who ... who's there?" I asked nervously.

"It's me Allie ... Jen."

"What are... ?" I felt her hands touching my shoulders and then they slowly slid up my arms and gently touched my palms and I shivered it felt so damned good. "Jen I don't think this is a..." I didn't get any farther as her fingers intertwined with mine and she pulled them out of my hair then her fingers began to gently wash my hair. When she moved closer to me I could feel her hard nipples poking into my back and I realized that she had taken off her swimsuit before getting into the shower. I didn't move, I couldn't move, I just stood there frozen and let this gorgeous teenager wash my hair. When her hands finally left my hair I ducked under the shower and rinsed the shampoo from my hair and before I could turn around I felt her untying my swimsuit. "Please Jen, don't..." She kissed my shoulders and then the nape of my neck and her hands came around and cupped my small bare breasts and played with my nipples. I came almost instantly!

"Tell me you don't like this Allie ... just tell me and I'll stop touching you." She whispered into my ear.

I took a deep breath and turned around and looked into her eyes then took her head in my hands. "I can't tell you to stop Jen. I don't like it ... I love it. Hell it feels wonderful but it just isn't right. You're one of my daughters' friends and besides I'm old enough to be your mother and we shouldn't be doing this." She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and for the first time I realized how well endowed Jennifer really was, hell she had to be at least a 'C' cup and was probably at least a 36. Her nipples were so hard and they felt so good touching my hands. I looked down and saw that she had shaved most of her pubic hair leaving only a small hart-shaped patch just above her clit. With a smile on my face I shook my head and realized that I hadn't been with a woman since I was in college and suddenly it all felt so right. I pulled her to me and as our breasts and nipples touched we kissed.

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