Mind Fuck II

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jared continues on with his ability to read minds, soon learning he can do much more than that.

Authors note:

Though I first wrote "Mind Fuck" under the name of Thesandman several years ago, I have decided to do a second part to the original story in an up to date setting. I would urge that if you haven't read the original that you do so before reading this one. Much of the character descriptions and background where developed in the original story, and I won't spend a lot of time re-creating the wheel so to speak in this one.

As always, I hope you will take the time to vote, drop a comment to me good or bad, and let me know what you think. If this continued story is well accepted, I may consider taking it even further. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this continuation

It had been several years since Jared had left the dating service where he'd once worked for Cindy. And though she had claimed him to be a partner, the reality was, he still worked for her, but had grown tired of having to work for anyone. But even more importantly, he'd grown bored with what he was doing as it no longer felt challenging to him, and so he began to look at other more interesting possibilities.

When the series "Hero's" came out, Jared watched the program with obvious interest. And though he knew it to be nothing more than pure fantasy of course, he couldn't help but wonder, and thus remind himself that he was in a way uniquely different than everyone else. And though he certainly didn't consider himself any kind of a Hero, or run around in an attempt to save the world, he did know and accept the fact, he could do something that as far as he knew, no one else could. And the last thing he wanted to happen, was for someone to discover his unique ability, lock him away in some government facility, and then study or try to learn why he could do what he did. Even Jared didn't understand why he could "tune-in" to people's thoughts as he called it, though he had read every piece of scientific literature on even remotely similar subjects without gaining any better understanding of the phenomenon other than the one he had now.

But there was also something else, something new, which had happened quite by accident, and which he'd begun looking into though progress so far had been less than satisfactory in doing so and frustrating at best.

After Jared had left the Dating Service he'd been working at with Cindy, he had begun to think about where his special little ability might be better suited for him, and make him a considerable amount of more money than he had been making. Not so much that he would stand out because of it, he didn't want that either, but enough that he could at least live comfortably, be his own boss, and still fly under the radar without anyone giving him a second thought about whatever business savvy he might possess. Thus it was that Jared went into business for himself as a financial planner, stock broker, where he was able to use his unique abilities very much to his own advantage, often picking up private thoughts from other men and women he knew, learning more over lunch, just picking up thoughts than he ever could actually monitoring the exchange. And like everyone else, he had his up and down days, sometimes something he had gleaned as a good, safe investment opportunity didn't pan out the way he might have hoped, but overall, Jared had already made a name for himself in the business as being more astute to the way the market was headed more than anyone else. It didn't take him long then to acquire a fairly good-sized list of very wealthy clients who paid him well, and counted on him to invest their money wisely.

It had been while he was doing just that, having met a brand new potential client in his office that an entirely new manifestation of his unique ability to tune into people's thoughts, literally reading their minds, suddenly happened without any rhyme or reason for it in doing so.

If it hadn't been for the fact that she was an extremely attractive looking woman, especially for her age, which he'd learned was sixty two, that this might not have happened at all when it did, or perhaps much later on if even then.

Kris Nelson was a widower, owned a fairly large estate with numerous investment properties, but she had recently gone through a rather difficult and trying time when a close personal friend and associate of the family, who had been overseeing her finances for her for several years, suddenly absconded with several million dollars. Though he'd certainly not left her destitute, not by a long shot, it had put some of her properties in jeopardy, not to mention her over all trust in anyone else seeing to her investments after that.

Jared had just finished explaining to her everything his services involved, had gone over her financial portfolio, and had already indicated and pointed out to her several areas where she better needed to protect her liquid assets, as well as where she could further improve and enhance some of her investment returns.

He had hoped during their interview and time together that he'd pick up on her thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn't always work like that. Sometimes it just did. Sometimes he would hear what the person was thinking to themselves almost immediately as though they were speaking out loud. Then there were other instances where he would pick up a faint buzzing inside his head, and as though tuning into that person's particular frequency of thought, once he had done so, then he could also hear them thinking very clearly after that. And once Jared had established a link, he could continue to hold it even at a small distance unless he severed the connection himself, or unless they got too far away from where he was, when he could also lose the ability to continue hearing their thoughts.

But try as he might, he'd never been able to simply read a specific person's thoughts no matter how hard he concentrated on doing it. They were either there already, or he'd hear that all too familiar buzzing sound inside his head. It was the only way it ever worked, and he didn't always get to chose the person whose thoughts he was about to hear either, though he always left himself open to taking advantage of whatever situation was presented to him, which is why he spent a lot of lunches hanging around Corporate Executives, merely wandering around amongst them until picking up on some interesting thought or tid-bit of information. Jared had in fact been privy to some fairly secretive maneuverings, quite often saving his clients a substantial amount of money in potential loss as well as making them substantial amounts of money in being aware of a particular merger, long before anyone else ever was.

Jared had just finished pointing out one or two additional things for her to consider, he was just close enough that his hand still rested on her shoulder as he leaned over talking to her about them. As he did, he quite naturally glanced down the front of the blouse she was wearing. She certainly hadn't worn anything that anyone would construe as being entirely inappropriate, especially at her age, but the blouse she was wearing did balloon out slightly as she tipped forward looking through the sheaf of paperwork she held in her lap. Jared admired the still firm, still smooth contours of her magnificent full breasts, allowing his mind to wander briefly for a moment as he stood there.

"God I'd love to see you caressing your own breasts for me," he thought, and then picturing her doing so in his mind as she sat there in her chair facing him. To his sudden and complete surprise, he saw Mrs. Nelson's hand suddenly come up, cupping her left breast, the moment she did however, she realized it, yanking her own offending hand down as though she had scalded it, her face suddenly turning crimson as she spun around in her chair facing him. Her face had a wild-eyed look to it, her mouth opening as though intending to speak, though initially no words came to her that she felt would make any sense as she struggled with the "why on earth would I do something like that?" kind of thought behind the startled look as she sought some sort of inner explanations for her actions.

Surprised himself, Jared had also picked up a new sound, not quite the buzzing he had heard or had become familiar with before, this one more of an echoing sound, totally and completely different than anything he had sensed or dealt with before. But much like the buzzing sound, he held on to it, the echo becoming sharper, more focused until he was sure he had established a connection of sorts. But even then, he still couldn't hear her thoughts, which he'd initially half expected to hear suddenly.

"That's odd," he thought to himself.

"Yes ... it is, and I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me there for a second," Mrs. Nelson answered him as though he had actually spoken to her. "I guess at my age it's expected that I could become a little senile, but I certainly never expected it to come on me like this. I have no idea why I did that, and I apologize to you for having done so, I certainly wasn't thinking anything, it just happened!"

What Jared now realized, was that somehow, Kris was hearing his thoughts, but not only that, his suggestion, his mere thought of what he'd like to see her doing had been enough that she'd actually done it without even thinking about it until well after the fact, as though she'd had no outward control of the thought, except to accept it, and thus do it as though it had been the most natural thing in the world to actually have done.

Jared was also very excited at this discovery, but he also realized that he had to act now, had to experiment now before whatever link had been established between them was broken. There would be enough time for further examination and thought towards it later. But for the moment, he needed to find out where he could go with this while he could, and while he had someone who was sitting there connected to him, though she was for the moment just as confused as he himself was.

Calming himself, he thought quickly, expressing his thoughts clearly defining the direction he wanted to take them without alarming Kris with regards to them.

"You really do have very beautiful breasts though," he thought now sitting down across from her smiling at her, though making it clear he had actually said nothing directly to her as he sat there. "And you really should show them off a little more often, show that you're still sexually alive, that you still have needs, wants and desires," he continued on saying to her.

It was obvious by the expression on the woman's face, that she was indeed hearing these thoughts inside her own head, though not necessarily in his own words or speech, but more like her own. Thoughts that she now must have been struggling with in hearing, thinking to herself, wondering why she was having them why she was thinking the things that she was without any real reason for doing so.

"It's been a long time since you've even been with a man," Jared thought, "And at the moment, the thought of possibly seducing me sounds very appealing, so much so that you find yourself more aroused than you have felt in a very, very long time!"

Finally Kris spoke, her face still flushed, her mannerism off balance unlike the way she had first presented herself when they'd initially met.

"I am, uh ... yes, it has, what I mean is, what I meant to say," she stammered trying to make sense of her thoughts in doing so, "was that this uh ... these uh recommendations of yours, well, this one here for example..." she said pointing one out on the paper, hoping to direct Jared's attention towards it, though he was at that very moment telling her something else.

"So simple a thing, just undo another button, see if he looks, if he's interested, if he'll say or do anything," he was thinking to her, and then watched delightedly as she leaned forward, her outward intention to direct his gaze towards the paper and away from her hand which even then reached up, quickly undoing another button on her blouse further exposing the bit of cleavage she'd shown to him earlier while he'd stood behind her looking down her blouse.

"I know this is going to sound very unprofessional, and I apologize to you beforehand if it is," Jared began saying, "And I truly mean no offense by it either," he added. "But I must tell you Mrs. Nelson, you really are a very attractive looking woman, and there is something about you that I find very alluring, very appealing, so I am truly in hopes that we'll be able to work together, and that you'll allow me to handle your financial affairs both now, as well as into the future."

She was smiling at hearing that, even more so when Jared allowed his gaze to be caught by her own as he glanced at her breasts, saw the added bit of exposed flesh which she herself had allowed him to see.

"And I don't mind telling you, that there is something about you that I find very familiar, very comforting in a strange sort of way. I really can't explain it, except to be truthful and honest about it..."

Kris was still stammering a bit, still awkwardly unsure of herself, though her intellect was once again starting to take over as she carefully chose her thoughts before expressing them.

" ... but in a way, you have made me feel like a young woman again, and I appreciate that, I feel a bit giddy perhaps even, and have perhaps even acted that way for a bit here which I can neither explain, nor really chose to do so. But I can say that I do indeed like what you are offering, and would very much like to do business with you, and further cement our relationship going forward. So ... having said that, would you care to join me for dinner this evening?"

By now Jared had a raging hard-on, he was indeed excited, for a number of reasons, though admittedly, the first of which was this unexpected newfound ability, though he also realized he didn't know too much about it yet. Why it had happened the way that it had, or what limitations it might have when trying to use it. Kris stood at that moment however, making it obvious that she was preparing to leave, though he still hadn't as yet accepted her invitation to dinner, though only mere seconds had passed since she'd asked him.

Jared smiled inwardly, he knew the moment he stood up, she would see his obvious arousal, there was no way of hiding it, nor did he really wish to do so. It would be interesting to see her reaction to it, to him when he stood. And though he knew he might still very well lose her as a client if she took his obvious reaction to her as anything other than a real compliment, then so be it. If nothing else, it had certainly proven to be a worthwhile and very interesting experience.

Jared stood, holding out his hand towards her, which she took though she also clearly saw the enormous bulge pressing against the front of his slacks as he did so.

"I'd be happy to join you for dinner," he told her as he stood shaking her hand, though she in turn continued to stand there looking at his very obvious erection.

"Are you um ... uh, is that, well, is that, um..." "An erection?" Jared stated simply. "Yes Mrs. Nelson, it is. And I again apologize if my having one offends you, but I honestly couldn't help myself, nor very easily hide that I had one when you stood now could I?"

Even as he spoke however, trying to once again interject his own thoughts, he found that that interesting new connection was no longer there. When it had severed between them he didn't know, or why it had for that matter either. He only knew that it was no longer there the way it had once been. But ... just as suddenly as it had been there, and was now gone, he distinctly heard Kris's thoughts clearly being received by him again without warning, and again without any of the previous familiar signs that they would be. They were suddenly just there as he heard her immediate thoughts.

"What I'd really like to do at the moment, is fuck you ... right here and now, right on top of this very desk, and to hell with dinner for that matter, I'd prefer at the moment just to eat you!"

She finally let go of his hand, her face once again taking on color, though it took a moment more before she could tear her eyes away from the front of his pants, which Jared swore had now protruded outwards even more fully as aroused as he truly now was especially so clearly hearing her thoughts.

"You know Mrs. Nelson..."

"Please ... call me Kris."

"You know Kris, we could simply order in here, and continue on with our ... ah, conversations and such, and really get to know one another a lot better, especially if we're going to be working so closely together," he told her.

She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, I would enjoy that," she said demurely, far more confident now of herself than she had been. "Though I hope I'm not keeping you from any other appointments or commitments?" she questioned once again taking her seat. "God I want to fuck you right now," she thought further without actually saying it, though even her posture was as she again leaned forward slightly displaying her breasts.

"Oh no, no other appointments today whatsoever, though I do have one small problem that's come up that I need to do something about, unless of course you're willing to help me take care of it while you're here," Jared grinned suggestively, letting her know as he said that what he was openly eluding too.

"By the looks of it, I don't think that's a small problem at all, in fact, it looks like a very big problem and something that needs some very urgent attention the way that I see it," she said, suddenly standing, though this time as she did so, she quite casually reached up and began undoing the few remaining buttons on her blouse.

"What I wish you would do, is lay me down and fuck me right here on your desk!" she thought as she finished removing her blouse followed quickly by the black laced bra she was also wearing as she stood there openly showing him now her large full breasts.

"Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck on someone's desk?" Jared asked, seeing her smile widen even larger than she'd been smiling moments ago.

"You know, funny you should say that, always wanted to, never have."

"Well then, I can't think of a better way to sign this contract then can you? Though, do you mind if I use this as a pen?" Jared asked as he suddenly unzipped himself, releasing and thus exposing to Kris his hard purple-veined member.

She laughed, quickly slipping out of the rest of her clothing as he began to finish removing his own.

"Got enough ink in that pen to do that?" she asked wickedly.

"More than enough," Jared answered, and then patted the desk after clearing it for her, as she climbed on top of it with the ease of a teenager, quickly and expectantly spreading herself.

Though Kris was in fact nearly twice his age, she was built like, and fucked like a woman who was half that. Her breasts certainly didn't look like a woman in her later years, still full with a natural maturity to them that Jared found very appealing. Her areola were large, though a soft pink with thick almost eraser like hard little protrusions that stuck up invitingly off her breasts. Her tummy certainly wasn't taut like a young woman's might be, fleshy yes, but not without splendor in its own right, even her pussy, not quite hairless, yet trimmed with an aged beauty to it, soon had him devouring it with a hungry urgency, something which had taken her completely by surprise as she had fully expected him to simply mount her, and fuck her there on the desk. Which he did, but not before licking and sucking her clit until she'd had a full glorious cum in his face orgasm.

Kris was in fact still awash with the sensation of climax still coursing through her body as Jared stood only then placing the tip of his blood-engorged cock at the opening of her sex, further teasing her still almost too sensitive clit for a moment before shoving it fully and completely inside her, literally taking her breath away.

"Oh fuck me! Fuck me!" she thought, then said it aloud a moment later, "Oh God Jared ... fuck me!"

Jared had never really fucked an older woman before. He had fucked several a few years older yes, but as he did, he found far more pleasure and giving with her than he really had with many other women far less her age. And what he really liked and enjoyed, was her total and complete lack of inhibitions, her spontaneity, her self-discovery and willingness to tell him what she wanted, and how she wanted it.

"Oh baby!" she moaned, "Come fuck me from behind, take me deep hard and fast!"

With an agility he hadn't expected, Kris suddenly extricated herself from his prick, flipping over onto her knees there on his desk, her ass winking at him invitingly. He had no option but to climb onto his own desk with her, kneeling behind her as he did so, once again pressing his hard stiff erection at her slippery opening that was even then oozing a delightfully creamy substance that still coated his cock. He slid back into her once again feeling that slick substance bathing him, grasping him as she began humping herself back against him. Jared took delight in the sensual sway of her breasts as they began to swing, sometimes rotating in completely opposite directions as he fucked her cunt, pummeling her deeply from behind. Kris moaned, occasionally lifting up balancing herself on one arm using the other to capture one of her free swinging tits, caressing it, pinching the nipple, then once again collapsing back onto the desk, fucking back against him almost violently as she neared ever closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

Kris soon after did just that. Jared felt her sweet tight cunt clasping his prick as she shuddered, her pussy convulsing like a pulsating heartbeat around him. He felt his own pleasure suddenly intensify, felt the liquid release boil up from his balls just as Kris sensed his orgasm begin, uncunting him, spinning turning over on his desk top and then grabbing his now throbbing cock with her mouth. Jared felt his semen burst forth from the head of his prick one delicious ejaculate after another as Kris greeted each one laughing, drinking, and draining him dry.

Jared ordered Chinese from a nice little restaurant just down the street and around the corner from his office. Kris had freshened herself up in his private bath, soon after emerging wearing one of two white terry cloth bathrobes he had told her she'd find there. She carried the other handing it to him just as he hung up the phone.

"Should be here in about twenty minutes," he told her slipping into his robe.

Several papers lay strewn about the floor, which he had carelessly swiped off his desk just prior to their frenzied fuck together. Kris stooped over intending to pick many of them up.

"Don't bother," Jared laughed stopping her. "We're not done yet."

He watched as the few she had already gathered toppled from her hand, she too was smiling as she faced him. "God, I'm glad to hear that," she sighed happily. "I was hoping that was only the first round."

Kris settled herself comfortably into one of Jared's large oversized leather chairs while he stood at his private bar fixing them drinks. Once again the front of her robe parted showing him a great deal of one of her breasts as he stood there admiring the view, handing her a glass of wine.

"Thank you," she said accepting it, and then felt his now free hand slide down the side of her neck into the deep plunging "V" of her robe caressing her breast. Her nipple quickly became erect once again as he briefly thumbed it, his prick already beginning to lengthen just as a buzzer went off in his office alerting him to the fact that someone stood at the door downstairs.

"Dinner," he announced releasing her breast, and then crossed the room to the intercom pressing it. "Come on up," he announced only then checking the small monitor next to it confirming that indeed their dinner had in fact arrived. "Cute!" he thought to himself as the young woman holding two large sacks let herself in and began climbing the short flight of stairs up towards his office where he stood waiting for her.

Jared opened the door meeting the young Asian woman as she arrived, startling her slightly as she greeted him wearing only the white terry cloth robe. Behind, she could see Kris likewise wearing another one, and couldn't help hiding the brief quick smile that appeared on her face as she brought in the sacks containing their food.

"Ah, where would you like them?" she asked.

As she spoke, Jared heard that echoing sound, he turned studying Kris but knew almost immediately that it hadn't come from her as the echo was now coming from beside him as he pointed towards the bar directing her.

"Over there," he told her his mind already a blur at the moment wondering how he might once again experiment with this new found ability he'd just discovered, anxious to learn if what had happened with Kris would also be possible with the cute Asian woman who now stood before them.

Even as he stood wondering and thinking about that he picked up Kris's own thoughts.

"God she reminds me so much of Kaya!"

In the twinkling of an eye Jared discerned the longing in her thought, the forgotten memory that had suddenly emerged confirmed a second later by a followed thought, "God, I still miss her after all these years!"

"That will be eighteen seventy-five," the young woman spoke having set their dinner down on the counter top though she was currently looking towards Kris, surveying the room as she did so.

"That's right," Jared thought reaching out to her, following the echo, sharpening the connection as he had done previously with Kris. "Take it in, know that we were fucking here, picture it in your mind, the frenzy, the lust, the wild crazy abandon taking place just before you arrived."

She was indeed doing just that as Jared purposely took his time looking for his discarded pants that he'd tossed over one end of the couch, drawing her attention to that as he did so, fishing for his wallet.

"More than anything, you'd like to stay and party with us," Jared suggested, forming the mental image of the three of them together, the young woman naked, lying on the couch her pussy being licked pleasurably by Kris while she in turn began sucking Jared's hard stiff aching cock.

As he found his wallet withdrawing it from his pants, he purposely slipped off to one side the fold of his robe so that his prick stood proudly poking out towards her as he turned, wallet in hand even then withdrawing the cash from it handing it to her.

As he'd hoped, her eyes immediately locked on to his exposed erection. He followed her gaze, pretending surprise at his exposure, quickly covering himself.

"Sorry," he grinned sheepishly holding out the cash to her, which she accepted, though she was also smiling as she took it.

"Don't be," she grinned back at him. "I'm only sorry I never get to do anything like this," she found herself saying, though Jared had implanted that very thought, hopefully, expectantly as she spoke it.

"You're welcome to stay," Kris suddenly announced surprising Jared as she said it, though he couldn't have been more pleased when she did.

"What's your name?" Jared asked taking her by the hand, leading her over towards where Kris was sitting before she could collect her wits or reconsider what had just been suggested or come up with any sort of reply that would keep her from wanting to do that.

"Aryia," she answered softly, Jared sensing the hesitation and uncertainty in her tone of voice as she spoke.

"Relax," he soothed mentally, "It's just the excitement you're feeling, you really do want to do this, experience this, now ... with us."

"That's a very beautiful name, for a very beautiful young woman," Kris had added standing up taking the young woman's hand as Jared passed it to her.

"Thank you," she said blushing, catching her breath just as quickly as Kris placed one of her hands on the young woman's breast.

"Would you like to stay and play with us?" she asked hopefully, continuing to lightly caress and massage the young woman.

She glanced over towards Jared, his cock once again fully exposed as he stood purposely stroking it for her, his thoughts still connected, the image he had formed of her standing there, Kris continuing to do what she was already doing, though slowly undressing her now.

"I need to make a call first," she announced grinning. "Or they'll wonder what happened to me."

She quickly produced her cell phone, spoke briefly though rapidly in Chinese and then hung up. She was again blushing as she did so. "Told them I tripped going down the stairs and sprained my ankle, said I was catching a cab on my way to the hospital to have it looked at," she giggled.

"You won't get in any trouble?" Jared asked worriedly, honestly concerned.

"Oh no, family owned business, and I assured my mother it was nothing more than a bad sprain. I'll wear an ace bandage on it tomorrow, limp around a bit. Everything's fine," she assured him, and then began undoing the buttons on her tight white little blouse.

As Jared had suggested in his thoughts to her, she had begun removing her top, though she quickly approached Kris once again standing in front of her, letting her know as she did so, that she expected Kris to finish doing that. Only too happily to oblige her, she began doing so.

Aryia's breasts though very small, were sensual too look at as Kris peeled away Aryia's blouse revealing as she did so that she'd not been wearing a bra and had no need for one. Her nipples were incredibly long however, perhaps longer than any Jared had ever seen before and as he stood there itching to suck one, he watched as Kris leaned forward taking one of the young woman's elongated nipples into her mouth and began doing just that.

As she did, Jared walked over now standing behind Aryia. She wore a simple black skirt with a side zipper that he now pulled down quickly freeing her of the garment as it came away in his hand. She wore the briefest of tiny black thongs, the twin cheeks of her small very firm ass fully exposed which he now cupped within his hands caressing her though also allowing the firmness of his erection to rest against her, alerting her to his aroused presence.

"God I want to eat you!" Kris said still licking and sucking the young woman's tit. Once again Jared formed the image of that, one he'd created earlier within his mind, though the image was even sharper now as Aryia stood there envisioning it herself.

"Yes! Yes! I'd like that," she moaned softly.

Interestingly enough, Jared now saw the woman's own mental picture, being drawn down to the floor rather than upon the couch as he'd first imagined it. He quickly moved helping Kris to do just that, tossing one of the pillows from off the couch towards her which Kris expertly placed beneath the woman's ass effectively elevating her mound which Kris was only then revealing, sliding the tiny bit of black fabric away from her, down her legs and then tossing it off to one side.

Jared smiled while looking at her bare little cunt, she was completely hairless, her tight thin lips somewhat swollen in arousal as Kris knelt before her, her hands already spreading the light brown flesh that hid the delicate pink core of her sex, her hard little nubbin already protruding forth and upwards like a little pea just begging to be licked.

Jared sat down beside the two women, his hands already reaching out to begin manipulating one of her very hard erect nipples, rolling it as he did so between his fingers, hearing her soft contented pleasured sigh as he did so, and then her sudden intake of breath which she held as Kris wrapped her lips around the young girls precious little clit and began sucking it.

Jared then felt the woman's hand reach out for, quickly finding his prick which she began stroking, squeezing the tip with her delicate fingers until she had produced as well as captured a fat droplet of his pearly precum. She smeared it across her lips licking it tasting him, and then once again seizing his prick, rolled slightly towards him though remaining in position so as to allow Kris to continue licking and toying with her sweet tender cunt.

Just like what had happened before, the echo was suddenly no longer there, but her thoughts were. The images he'd still been seeing inside his own head faded out like a morning dream, but her thoughts now crystal clear, equally as sharp as though they were his own.

"Oh fuck me, finger fuck me!" she said to herself, "suck my clit!"

"Stick your fingers inside, finger her "G" spot," Jared told Kris. He saw Aryia's amazed expression as he said that, just as though he had in fact been reading her mind, which he had been of course, though his words merely suggesting the obvious as he sat there watching, felt the first delicious sensation of the young girl's lips as she nibbled at the head of his prick toying with it.

"Oh yeah, make her squirt," Jared added, picking up on the fact that she would, her thoughts tumbling about inside her own head, half worried with the knowledge that she most often did, not knowing for sure how Kris might receive it when she did. Just hearing that, wondering if this young Asian woman could and would do that, she attacked her pussy even more hungrily than she had been, her fingers probing and caressing the swollen pouch just inside her opening, lips still sucking her clit, sometimes flicking it with her tongue causing Aryia to bounce uncontrollably beneath her.

"Oh yeah! Right there! Right there!" she thought without saying it, though her deep throated moans certainly did.

"Keep doing that," Jared informed Kris, "I think she's going to explode soon!"

Perhaps it was just hearing his words, so in tune did it seem that Jared was so aware of her body what she was feeling. His urging, the touch of his hands still encircling, tweaking her nipples merely enhancing the erotic lust that now fully consumed her. With an upward thrust, she launched her cunt uncontrollably against Kris's face, mashing it against her, her hand now letting go of Jared's prick as she reached forward with both, grasping the back of Kris's head as she hung suspended there for a moment, still grinding, humping herself as Kris in turn latched on to Aryia's clit holding it between her lips and sucking it for all she was worth.

The sudden cascading spray of sweet nectar surprised them all. Aryia didn't just squirt a little, the force of her female ejaculation sufficient enough to force Kris's head and mouth away from her, though Kris laughed delightedly catching the bulk of Aryia's very wet climax upon her face and breasts as she sat back, still fingering, still palming the woman's clit watching the continued almost endless spurting of her pussy as it discharged it's nearly clear essence drenching them both.

Aryia collapsed in a heap for a moment after that, trying to collect her senses, the connection between she and Jared suddenly severed as her mind became a fugue of pleasured thought and wonder.

"Oh my God!" she finally managed to say, actually sounding a little embarrassed as she struggled to sit up. "I'm sorry, I had no idea I would cum like that," she once again apologized unnecessarily. "I mean, sometimes I do squirt, a little maybe, but never have I done so like that!"

Kris was smiling, still massaging her own breasts, the liquefied pleasures of the girls spending still coating her flesh in a clear wet sheen.

"No reason to," Kris told her. "I loved every fucking minute of it!" She added. "I had a very dear friend, a companion once who you remind me a lot of. And she very often did that herself, something I was always envious of her being able to do. The fact that you did, that you can, I am actually very grateful for, and excited to have experienced once again."

They took a break to further collect themselves as Jared fixed everyone a drink. The girls continued to sit on the floor excitedly sharing experiences while Jared sat in one of his comfy leather chairs listening to them. Oddly, he could still pick up some of Kris's thoughts, but his connection to Aryia's had definitely been severed for the moment. He could no longer hear the echo either, a phenomenon that he still hadn't as yet figured out as to why or how it happened, or even when it would.

"I think someone else needs to have his cock sucked!" Aryia soon after suggested to which Kris readily agreed. Both women soon half crawled over towards him, taking up positions on either side of him as he sat within his chair, contentedly watching the two so totally completely different women as they began stroking and playing with his cock, passing it back and forth to one another just as playfully, licking and sucking it, gently fondling his balls.

As good as it felt however, Jared wanted to fuck the two of them simultaneously together.

"Kris," he began instructing. "Lay down on the floor face up. Aryia? You lay on top of Kris, also face up," he said smiling and winking at them. They got the picture almost immediately and soon after scrambled into position.

Jared knelt between the outstretched legs of both women, piled erotically on top of one another, twin cunts winking at him as he first twiddled their respective twats with his fingers, relishing in the juices that he found there. He watched delightedly so as Kris reached up and around Aryia, once again beginning to toy with the woman's breasts as she lay comfortably atop her, her nipples once again fully hard and erect.

"Doesn't she have the most amazing nipples?" she said as she continued playing with them pulling them up and away from the young woman's chest, eliciting a pleasured giggle as she did so.

"You both do," Jared responded, just then placing his cock first against Aryia's cunt, slapping her exposed still tender clit with it, making her bounce, then doing the same to Kris's pussy, likewise beating her lips and clit with his hard firm erection momentarily, teasing them both in this way for several long moments.

"Are you going to fuck us or drive us insane with your teasing?" Kris asked, which is when he quickly speared her cunt affectively taking her breath away.

"That answer your question?" he asked and then slid in and out of her several times, coating his prick with her slick juices before removing it, placing it against the opening of Aryia's before slipping it for the first time inside her.

"Oh fuck!" Aryia cried out. "Fuck that feels good!" she moaned excitedly, enjoying the half dozen or so thrusts of Jared's prick in and out of her before he once again removed it, causing her to moan with the sudden loss of it from inside her, though he quickly speared Kris's cunt once again, causing her to gasp with the sudden unexpected intrusion.

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