Mind Fuck II

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jared continues on with his ability to read minds, soon learning he can do much more than that.

Authors note:

Though I first wrote "Mind Fuck" under the name of Thesandman several years ago, I have decided to do a second part to the original story in an up to date setting. I would urge that if you haven't read the original that you do so before reading this one. Much of the character descriptions and background where developed in the original story, and I won't spend a lot of time re-creating the wheel so to speak in this one.

As always, I hope you will take the time to vote, drop a comment to me good or bad, and let me know what you think. If this continued story is well accepted, I may consider taking it even further. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this continuation

It had been several years since Jared had left the dating service where he'd once worked for Cindy. And though she had claimed him to be a partner, the reality was, he still worked for her, but had grown tired of having to work for anyone. But even more importantly, he'd grown bored with what he was doing as it no longer felt challenging to him, and so he began to look at other more interesting possibilities.

When the series "Hero's" came out, Jared watched the program with obvious interest. And though he knew it to be nothing more than pure fantasy of course, he couldn't help but wonder, and thus remind himself that he was in a way uniquely different than everyone else. And though he certainly didn't consider himself any kind of a Hero, or run around in an attempt to save the world, he did know and accept the fact, he could do something that as far as he knew, no one else could. And the last thing he wanted to happen, was for someone to discover his unique ability, lock him away in some government facility, and then study or try to learn why he could do what he did. Even Jared didn't understand why he could "tune-in" to people's thoughts as he called it, though he had read every piece of scientific literature on even remotely similar subjects without gaining any better understanding of the phenomenon other than the one he had now.

But there was also something else, something new, which had happened quite by accident, and which he'd begun looking into though progress so far had been less than satisfactory in doing so and frustrating at best.

After Jared had left the Dating Service he'd been working at with Cindy, he had begun to think about where his special little ability might be better suited for him, and make him a considerable amount of more money than he had been making. Not so much that he would stand out because of it, he didn't want that either, but enough that he could at least live comfortably, be his own boss, and still fly under the radar without anyone giving him a second thought about whatever business savvy he might possess. Thus it was that Jared went into business for himself as a financial planner, stock broker, where he was able to use his unique abilities very much to his own advantage, often picking up private thoughts from other men and women he knew, learning more over lunch, just picking up thoughts than he ever could actually monitoring the exchange. And like everyone else, he had his up and down days, sometimes something he had gleaned as a good, safe investment opportunity didn't pan out the way he might have hoped, but overall, Jared had already made a name for himself in the business as being more astute to the way the market was headed more than anyone else. It didn't take him long then to acquire a fairly good-sized list of very wealthy clients who paid him well, and counted on him to invest their money wisely.

It had been while he was doing just that, having met a brand new potential client in his office that an entirely new manifestation of his unique ability to tune into people's thoughts, literally reading their minds, suddenly happened without any rhyme or reason for it in doing so.

If it hadn't been for the fact that she was an extremely attractive looking woman, especially for her age, which he'd learned was sixty two, that this might not have happened at all when it did, or perhaps much later on if even then.

Kris Nelson was a widower, owned a fairly large estate with numerous investment properties, but she had recently gone through a rather difficult and trying time when a close personal friend and associate of the family, who had been overseeing her finances for her for several years, suddenly absconded with several million dollars. Though he'd certainly not left her destitute, not by a long shot, it had put some of her properties in jeopardy, not to mention her over all trust in anyone else seeing to her investments after that.

Jared had just finished explaining to her everything his services involved, had gone over her financial portfolio, and had already indicated and pointed out to her several areas where she better needed to protect her liquid assets, as well as where she could further improve and enhance some of her investment returns.

He had hoped during their interview and time together that he'd pick up on her thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn't always work like that. Sometimes it just did. Sometimes he would hear what the person was thinking to themselves almost immediately as though they were speaking out loud. Then there were other instances where he would pick up a faint buzzing inside his head, and as though tuning into that person's particular frequency of thought, once he had done so, then he could also hear them thinking very clearly after that. And once Jared had established a link, he could continue to hold it even at a small distance unless he severed the connection himself, or unless they got too far away from where he was, when he could also lose the ability to continue hearing their thoughts.

But try as he might, he'd never been able to simply read a specific person's thoughts no matter how hard he concentrated on doing it. They were either there already, or he'd hear that all too familiar buzzing sound inside his head. It was the only way it ever worked, and he didn't always get to chose the person whose thoughts he was about to hear either, though he always left himself open to taking advantage of whatever situation was presented to him, which is why he spent a lot of lunches hanging around Corporate Executives, merely wandering around amongst them until picking up on some interesting thought or tid-bit of information. Jared had in fact been privy to some fairly secretive maneuverings, quite often saving his clients a substantial amount of money in potential loss as well as making them substantial amounts of money in being aware of a particular merger, long before anyone else ever was.

Jared had just finished pointing out one or two additional things for her to consider, he was just close enough that his hand still rested on her shoulder as he leaned over talking to her about them. As he did, he quite naturally glanced down the front of the blouse she was wearing. She certainly hadn't worn anything that anyone would construe as being entirely inappropriate, especially at her age, but the blouse she was wearing did balloon out slightly as she tipped forward looking through the sheaf of paperwork she held in her lap. Jared admired the still firm, still smooth contours of her magnificent full breasts, allowing his mind to wander briefly for a moment as he stood there.

"God I'd love to see you caressing your own breasts for me," he thought, and then picturing her doing so in his mind as she sat there in her chair facing him. To his sudden and complete surprise, he saw Mrs. Nelson's hand suddenly come up, cupping her left breast, the moment she did however, she realized it, yanking her own offending hand down as though she had scalded it, her face suddenly turning crimson as she spun around in her chair facing him. Her face had a wild-eyed look to it, her mouth opening as though intending to speak, though initially no words came to her that she felt would make any sense as she struggled with the "why on earth would I do something like that?" kind of thought behind the startled look as she sought some sort of inner explanations for her actions.

Surprised himself, Jared had also picked up a new sound, not quite the buzzing he had heard or had become familiar with before, this one more of an echoing sound, totally and completely different than anything he had sensed or dealt with before. But much like the buzzing sound, he held on to it, the echo becoming sharper, more focused until he was sure he had established a connection of sorts. But even then, he still couldn't hear her thoughts, which he'd initially half expected to hear suddenly.

"That's odd," he thought to himself.

"Yes ... it is, and I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me there for a second," Mrs. Nelson answered him as though he had actually spoken to her. "I guess at my age it's expected that I could become a little senile, but I certainly never expected it to come on me like this. I have no idea why I did that, and I apologize to you for having done so, I certainly wasn't thinking anything, it just happened!"

What Jared now realized, was that somehow, Kris was hearing his thoughts, but not only that, his suggestion, his mere thought of what he'd like to see her doing had been enough that she'd actually done it without even thinking about it until well after the fact, as though she'd had no outward control of the thought, except to accept it, and thus do it as though it had been the most natural thing in the world to actually have done.

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