From Friend to Fucktoy in 10 Seconds

by Dantine

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Cream Pie, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A drink with some friends from work, a walk home alone in the cold night. A sudden need for a toilet. She did not want to stick her ass out in the cold weather. She was just around the corner from his apartment and she had a key to his place for emergencies... She was sure she could sneak in and use the bathroom without him waking up. She was sure of it. After all, she could be very quiet. But soon she found out that she could also be very, very loud.

"You have to the count of ten to say no," he said looking down on her where she sat on his toilet. Her head spun as he started slowly counting. It was the middle of the night, she thought she had been so quiet. She knew she should not have used the key but she had just had the one drink and she did not feel nearly drunk enough to expose her backside to the icy cold outdoors. It was what the key was for after all, emergencies. Sure, it was supposedly more of the 'I locked myself out, please come down here with the key' sort of emergencies, but still ... She had to go, and the walk home was long. His apartment was right there ... and he was asleep. She had been so quiet.

"Seven," he counted, and her eyes grew big. He had come in there telling her, "Eight," telling her how she had interrupted him, and how he was going to tie her up and use her as a sex toy, "9," unless she said NO right now, right, right, "Ten."

She knew she had every chance to get away. She could have said no, she could have walked away and apologized later. He smiled a wicked grin and struck out, grabbing her hair and pulling her head with him she was forced to stumble off the toilet. She brought a hand out and grabbed the wrist of the hand that held her by the hair, but he ignored it, dragging her forcing her out of the bathroom. She reached down, stumbling, grabbing her pants and trying to pull them up with one hand but ending up just following him half jumping half waddling out into the hallway and then into the bedroom. She remembered she had not had time to wipe after her wee and she blushed bright as he forced her head down over the bed, making her bend over, she reached down to catch herself, dropping her pants and his hands and ending up leaned over the bed with her ass bare.

He held her hair tightly and painfully and raised his other hand behind her.

"Do not," he accentuated with a smack on her exposed ass, "ever," Smack! "ever," Smack! "come in here," Smack! "without knocking!" Smack ... She yelped at each smack, and the first five hard turned into another ten rapid smacks, having her trying to crawl onto the bed to get away from him. He let go of her hair and suddenly pushed two fingers up her cunt.

"Wet?" he groped around inside of her, "Such a slut gets wet from, " he pushed hard, lifting her body up by her vagina for a second and forcing her onto the bed, kneeling, her pants falling to the floor behind her, "being manhandled..." She blushed again. As much as he hurt her his urgency had lit a fire inside of her. She was sopping wet. He gave her a last hard smack, making her yelp, and then with a quick yank sideways on her legs flipped her over on her back. She landed with a gasp, disoriented, feeling only how he pulled her up by her hair and almost ripped her shirt and bra off. Then he leaned away from her and got some sort of bag out from under the bed. He emptied it next to her and she tried to look over, but it was all a black and shiny blur to her at the moment. She blinked trying to refocus, but then her attention was brought to her knees.

He lifted her legs up roughly, dropping her upper body back onto the bed, and strapped a padded cuff around her thigh, right above her knee. A quick switch and the same happened to the other leg. She looked above her, behind her as he reached over ... He retrieved the end of some straps that was attached to the bed poles behind her. Had he been expecting her, she thought? Impossible, she had not even known herself that she was ... She gasped again as he tightened the straps that were now attached to her thigh cuffs. Her knees where pulled up and to the side, spreading her wide for him. Apart from the socks she was completely exposed to him now. She blushed.

And then she gasped. He just pulled his fly down fished out his hard cock and pushed inside of her. Pleasure shot through her entire body and she cramped her eyes shut and reopened them several times. He grabbed her breasts, resting his entire weight on the cock that was ramming into her over and over again. His hands closed hard, tugging on her chest, then grabbing, rubbing, pinching, twisting ... She felt it all over, the pain from her boobs and the pleasure of being fucked ... And then he stopped. She blinked and looked up on him, seeing her hands where on his chest. He smacked them away, leaned over to the pile of things next to them and rooted around. Soon her wrists where tied as well and stretched as far back and to the sides as possible. She blinked trying to refocus on him as he watched her. He grunted and found a blindfold in the pile, grabbing her hard by the hair as he forced it onto her. He tied it tight, and all she could see was a tiny sliver of light down by her nose.

"Gone and made me lose the mood," he said and twisted her nipple so hard she yelped. "You could have made it easy on yourself," he said as he got a big bottle of lubricant from the night stand. "Could have just left."

He unscrewed the entire cap rather than to use the small flip top, and she gasped as the cold slimy fluid poured all over her crack, tantalizing her warm pussy and making her back door twitch. Next she could feel how he rubbed the hard rubber butt plug over her crotch, getting it all slimy ... and then there it was, pushing against her ass hole, forcing its way in. He was not making it easy on her and she quickly gave up and pushed as if she was on the toilet. It slid in easier, but it stretched her so much, it felt so large ... She gritted her teeth and felt her ass twitch, which stopped the process completely...

A thumb on her clit rubbed it furiously all of a sudden and she yelped in surprise ... her muscles were distracted for a fraction of a second and with one big push the butt plug was all the way in. She screamed out in pain and he slapper her ass hard. She heard him chuckle and he smacked again, more chuckling and another slap. She forced her breathing under control, which was hard to do because her ass clenched around the unwelcome intruder every time he slapped her.

"Hehe, it makes it wiggle," he said as he slapped her again, and this time she groaned. He twisted her nipple hard again making her yelp.

"You are going to wake the neighbours if you keep this up," he said and slapped her even harder, "and if they come to complain," he pushed on the butt plug and moved it around a bit, "then I am going to invite them in," she shivered at the thought and he smiled, "and then we can all take turns fucking you," he smacked her and again she yelped.

"It is not like you are in any position to say no," he muttered as he shoved his cock inside of her again, "and if you do I will just gag you." He twisted her nipple hard again and she gasped, catching the scream before it could travel. She did not think he would do that, but at the moment she did not feel as sure of that as she would have at other times.

She could feel him lay into her again, and he fucked her hard and fast, pawing forcefully at her breasts while he was at it. Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure ... She gasped as she felt him freeze in place and felt his cock twitch deep inside of her. Was he coming? He moved off and pushed two fingers deep inside of her pussy again, stirring them about and then forcing them into her mouth. She could taste herself and his sperm and she moaned and sucked on his fingers. She did not really want to, but she was caught in her own horniness. She licked and sucked and he pulled his fingers out of her mouth, rubbed them through their mixed juices again and rubbed them clean on her face.

"Such a little slut you are, so eager to be used."

He started spanking her again, smacking her ass, her thighs, even directly on her pussy and the occasional push on the trembling butt plug He pushed two fingers into her pussy while still smacking her, then added another, fingerfucking her. She groaned and moaned, feeling how her excitement was rising. He added another finger, making it four fingers fucking her pussy and stretching her like she had never felt stretched before. He fingered her hard, talking about how if he removed the butt plug he could probably get the whole fist in and punch her from the inside. She gasped as she heard a click and the butt plug started vibrating deep inside of her as he pushed a vibrator against the base of it. She was so close, so close, if only he would do it harder...

He smashed his thumb into her clit and pushed it hard, grinding it more than rubbing, hurting and... "That's right, come like the perverted slut you are," she could not breathe, could not move, could only ... explode...

The world went away for a second and when she started registering things again she realizes he had disconnected the straps holding her to the poles. She could still feel her ring pulsate as it squeezed around the shaft of the butt plug Suddenly her head was yanked up. "Wha..." she felt the chain around her neck. It started pulling, as did the hand that had just grabbed her hair. She felt the chain closing and tried to move after it. Breathe again, then it pulled, closed ... she moved and he used the choke chain and leash to pull her down on the floor and then slowly up to kneel again. She was forced down when she tried to sit up, so she stayed kneeling and tried to feel what he was doing to her.

He crossed her hands in front of her and pulled the straps from the wrist cuffs over her shoulders, left over right shoulder and vice versa. In the middle of her back they met the straps from the thigh cuffs. It all connected, forcing her to remain kneeling, her knees wide apart and her ass sticking out behind her, inviting...

She gasped as he again smacked her ass repeatedly, and groaned as a vibrator was again pushed against the butt plug Then she felt his cock enter her again. In this position for every time he fucked into her his pelvis pushed the butt plug hard into her, like if she was fucked in both holes at once. As sensitive as she was she groaned a lot but soon started feeling the excitement building again. Then he slipped out and his cock ran over her clit rather than into her. She yelped and he grumbled, and then she felt the tug on her insides as he started pulling the butt plug out. She felt her ass grasp onto it and wanted to help but she was afraid to shit all over the place. He gave her a good smack and again the shock made her relax for just long enough ... With a pop her back hole was empty ... but only for seconds as she felt more of the cold lubricant being poured over it and then his hard cock entered her ass.

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