Seduction of Deputy Jane

by erotix1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jane didn't know she married a man whose parents had sexual designs for her. Patiently, they plotted her seduction. It was only a matter of time before she fell prey to their deviously scheme. This is a no holds barred erotica.

This is the sequel to the story, "Seduction by Deputy Jane". In that story, David was devastated when his wife died in his arms, an incident of armed robbery that took place in the city where they lived. Hoping to recover, he went to a small town to getaway from the sad memories. There, he had an adventure with Deputy Jane. Eventually, David proposed marriage to her. This story continues from that point.


A proud Sheriff McCalister held the hand of Jane Harrison and led her to the beaming groom. David Cunningham took her hand and smiled at his veiled bride, dressed all in white. At the altar of a small, quiet church that David frequented with his parents, the reverend began the wedding ceremony.

Jane was the deputy of Sheriff McCalister. They were from the tiny town of Junkerville. Orphaned at the age of five, Jane was the ward of the sheriff ever since her parents were killed in a road accident.

After the reverend pronounced the couple as husband and wife, the party adjourned to the Holiday Inn, about three miles away.

At the dinner reception in the banquet hall, unnoticed by Jane, Mat, David's father, frequently ogled her. He couldn't help but admire her pretty face and shapely body, conservatively hidden by a beautiful light-blue dinner dress that start from her neck, and flowed to her heels. The dress hugged her slim but curvaceous torso. At her hips, her dress flared out, making her look delightfully sexy but elegant at the same time.

Given an opportunity to speak to her alone, Mat approached her. "You looked beautiful in that dress!" He smiled as his eyes fixed at hers.

"Why ... thank you Mat! Are you enjoying yourself tonight?" she replied sweetly and smiled.

"More than you can imagine," he responded with a sly smile.

David had been on leave for more than a month and didn't have any time left for an out of town trip. He promised her that they would have their overseas honeymoon when the opportunity came. Instead, they had their one day, blissful honeymoon at the Holiday Inn where the dinner function was held.

That night, their sex was torrid. Their bodies were joined at various angles and in different positions. Pausing only to clean their sweaty bodies and quenching their thirst with Champagne, their sexual engagement continued into the early hours of dawn. This was Jane's dream of a beautiful wedding night that came true!

David sold his apartment. They wanted to get a house big enough to accommodate their kids in the future. Jane wanted two kids but he wanted four, so they agreed and compromised at three. They went house hunting and eventually agreed on one they both liked. It was double the size of his parents' house with a large master bedroom, 3 smaller rooms, a big kitchen and a big basement that he planned to furnish into a playroom and an entertainment centre.

David's friend, a big time contractor, willingly bought his apartment for cash. It was during the 'Housing Boom' period. Together with the life assurance money on the life of his late wife, he dumped it all into the big house. No loans were necessary. The renovations and fittings would take a month to complete. Since he worked in City Hall, he knew many friends in the Land Office and title transfers were done pretty quickly.

In the meantime, they stayed in the cramped house that belonged to his parents. They didn't mind sharing a small, cosy, single bed.

David had to return to work. He didn't want Jane to work. His remuneration as Deputy Civil Engineer of Los Angeles' Department of Bridge, Streets & Stormwater Programs was more than enough to cover their financial needs. During the day, Jane helped David's mother, Grace, with the house work while Mat, sat around watching TV. He couldn't help admiring his beautiful daughter-in-law whenever she was near him. Occasionally, Mat would go out with his friends for poker games or a drink at the pubs.

Mat had cleverly invested most of his disposable income in stocks and had made more than half a million dollars which he placed in time deposits. Together with his 401K investments, he had sufficient money to retire.

First Encounter

During the first month of her pregnancy, Jane would wake up, ill from morning sickness. Eventually, it would reduce in severity and finally disappeared. She did have some back problems and neck pains.

One morning, Grace met Jane in the kitchen and saw Jane rubbing her neck. Grace suggested, "Mat has magic fingers. I love ... his massages. They always make me very relaxed and most of the time, I would fall asleep during his massages. Would you like him to help you now?"

"You sure you don't mind?" Jane asked. "It sure be great if he can make my pains go away!"

"Positive. I'll be around so he won't be naughty." Grace giggled.

"OK then." Jane smiled.


With heavy steps, Mat grudgingly walked up the stairs to meet them. Grace asked him to do his special massage on Jane. His face brightened and a broad smile appeared on his face. Grace told Mat that Jane had neck and back pains and wanted him to make it disappear. With hungry eyes, Mat gazed at Jane from top to toe and noticed that she had worn her summer dress. He requested her to change into her PJs and meet him in the guest room.

A short while later, Jane came into the guest room wearing her silk PJs. She saw Mat in his T-shirt and short pants. He was holding two large towels in his hands, waiting for her, while seated in the middle of the Queen-size bed. Patting the spot in front of him, he motioned her to kneel on the bed with her back towards him. He instructed her to place her feet flat under her butt.

Grace stood at the doorway, her arms crossed, gazing at the pair. Jane spotted her and gave her a shy smile. Grace returned her smile. Unaware that Grace had an ulterior motive behind this massage, Jane unwittingly felt safe with her around.

Mat began his firm massage on her shoulders and slowly moved his hands to her neck. She started to relax and moaned her approval. His strong fingers soon rubbed away the pain from her neck.

"That's so ... good." Jane spoke with gratitude. "Are you going for my back now?"

"Sure. Now place your hands behind your neck. As I lie down on the bed, I'm going to pull you over my knees. You will feel my knees hard against your back. Ready?" Mat said.

Jane said, "Yep, I'm ready."

Mat placed his knees behind her back, just above her butt, a thick towel sandwiched between her back and his knees. His hands slowly pulled her arms and made her lie over his body, suspending her body over his knees. Her body now arced up like a bow, her head on his chest and her legs spread wide open. Her hair covered his face and he could smell the feminine fragrance of her hair, making his cock twitch with anticipation.

Jane had not felt this relaxed before, yet somehow, she couldn't help feeling horny. Lying over her father-in-law, exposing her panties to Grace's sight, she sensed her vulnerability.

He asked her to stretch her legs and arms and she complied quickly. Mat then firmly held her slim waist and with his knees, he started to move her body in a circular motion, using her own body weight to massage her back.

Jane closed her eyes and moaned. Her pain on her back slowly evaporated and she felt very relaxed. She murmured, "this feels so great!"

He pushed up at her shoulder blades, suspending her in the air with his strong arms and knees. Now she felt like she was floating in the air. His thumbs rubbed along her spine and shoulder blades as his knees rotated in small circles beneath her.

She moaned with delight and felt even more tranquil; sleep nearly overcame her.

Mat slowly let her head fall back to his chest as his arms slowly released her body down to his. Her body felt heavy over his but he loved the contact. Her hair covered his face again.

He moved his hands to her sides, eventually ending at her hips. His fingers massaged the outside of her thighs, through her PJ bottom, and slowly moved to the joints between torso and legs. Carefully moving his fingers to avoiding touching her clit and pussy lips, he massaged her inner thighs at the joints.

She closed her eyes to enjoy his relaxing massage, noting that he didn't take advantage of her during this massage, but, he sure was making her feel very horny. The knowledge that his fingers could so easily touch her clit made her wet with want!

His large hands slowly moved under her PJ top and wormed its way under the top of her PJ pants and softly rubbed her tummy in small circles. His warm hands were now touching her cool flesh and it excited her even more.

Her pussy started to leak.

Mat whispered into her ear, "I want to take care of your baby. I'll stimulate his growth by rubbing your tummy, OK?"

"Hmmm ... OK. That feels so ... good." Jane could feel the need for sexual release becoming more demanding. She thought to herself, 'After this, I'll need to take care of the itch between my legs.' Since her head was below her heart, her face flushed red from the blood rushing to her brains.

As Mat rubbed her tummy, his hands slowly moved closer to her pubic hair. The longer he rubbed her there, the more she wanted him to touch her clit. Her legs spread even wider and started to wiggle. His slow but erotic massage on her tummy made her hot with desire and she began to breathe faster.

Her need to cum became more desperate! Without thinking, her hands caught his and very slowly, but firmly, she pushed his fingers past her pubic hair, under her panties, then to her engorged clit. She spread her legs obscenely wide and felt his fingers teased her wet clit, rubbing it ever so softly.

Jane's body undulated with the soft but deliberate massage of her clit. His fingers worked wonders on her hardened knob and slick pussy lips, quickly making her go wild with sexual passion. His fingers stroke her pussy lips with practised movement, making her squirm with ecstasy. Then, her body stiffened and went into violent spasms, making her groan out her orgasm. Her love juice squirted profusely, drenching her panties and PJ pants, wetting Mat's legs and the bed.

Mat straightened his legs and let her quivering body lie on top of his; his hard manhood pressing firmly against her back, not wanting to take advantage of the current situation. Not yet! It's only a matter of time before she would want him!

Suddenly, Jane realized to her horror what had just happened. Springing up from Mat's prone body, her face rosy red, she ran out from the room, passing a grinning Grace on the way out. She entered her room, slammed the door and locked it.

Grace giggled at Mat, who was bewildered at the sudden loss of Jane's warm body.

Grace strolled to Jane's door and knocked softly. There was no reply. Grace spoke through the door, "It's OK dear. There's nothing to be ashamed of. You did nothing wrong!"

After a minute or so, Grace heard the lock click. She slowly opened the door and saw Jane standing by the bed, her head turned away, weeping softly. Closing the door behind her, Grace went to Jane and sat down on the bed, holding Jane's hands.

Grace gazed at her daughter-in-law and said, "there's no need to be ashamed. You did what comes naturally. Mat and you didn't do anything that David wouldn't approve. You only used his fingers to make you release your pent up horniness. I didn't feel jealous. I'll bet Mat will release his pent up horniness with me very shortly." Grace giggled.

Jane tried to smile.

"I'll bet you will also be very passionate with David tonight and Mat will make me feel like an 18 year old again." Grace giggled again.

Jane started to chuckle and Grace joined her, laughing even louder. Jane felt relieved that Grace took this encounter so lightly.

After Grace left her room, Jane overheard laughter from the master bedroom. She tiptoed and stood at the door of the master bedroom, listening in. She heard Grace shouting, "Fuck me Mat. Gawd ... I'm wet and ready. Put that big fat cock inside me now."

"Oh yes ... That's it ... Fill me up!" Grace uttered in sexual desperation.

"I'm going to give it to you hard and deep my dear!" Mat roared.

"Yes ... shove all you have into me..." Grace screamed.

Jane heard the sound of flesh repeatedly slapping against flesh. Grace whimpered louder as time went by.

A moment later, Grace screeched, "I'm coming ... Don't stop! Harder! Yes ... Oh Yes ... Arrgghhhhh..." Then silence.

Jane walked away from the door, her face flushed, her heart beating wildly, the wet patch of her PJs between her thighs became more noticeable.

When David came home, Jane let him know her aroused condition by guiding his fingers to her wet panties. Finishing their dinner quickly, they adjourned to his bedroom for scorching sex. David loved her wild side but couldn't fathom what brought her to this.

Noticing that their son and daughter-in-law had disappeared, Mat and Grace swiftly went to their own bedroom, overhearing the unbridled sexual activity in their son's room as they made love.

That night, the four of them slept blissfully.

The Tease

David's new home was ready for occupation not long after that incident. Jane couldn't move fast enough to reside in her new abode. She didn't want any more complications with her father-in-law and avoided contact with him as much as possible.

Mat and Grace missed Jane very much. On many occasions, Grace told David that Jane brought so much happiness into their home.

On her second month of pregnancy, David told Jane that he had to go for a week's training at Fort Worth for his National Guard refresher course. She wasn't happy. David said he had invited his parents to stay with her provided she agreed to it. Jane did missed Grace's company and she readily agreed to their stay.

Mat and Grace arrived at their home the afternoon before David was due to leave. They quickly made David's home their temporary abode. Mat and David had their father-son talk and world affairs while Grace and Jane made small talk that eventually centred on Mat's and Grace's sex life. That night, Jane and David had a torrid sex session as his parting remembrance.

The first day of David's absence went well, but, the moaning and screaming of Grace during her sexual activity with Mat that night, made her yearn for David even more. That night, Jane satisfied her own sexual needs with her fingers.

The next morning, Jane overheard her mother-in-law's moaning her aroused state of sexual ecstasy. Her orgasmic scream nearly drove Jane crazy with lust. Jane pondered, 'How can I last for another 6 days without David in the house. Grace is making me go nuts! I shouldn't have invited them here.'

As Jane was sipping her morning coffee at the kitchen table, she saw a happy Grace coming down to meet her.

"Good morning ... my dear! What do you want to do today? Want to go shopping at the Mall and let the old man stay home to watch TV?" Grace spoke in a sexy voice.

"I think we better bring that old man along. He may exhaust himself, thinking about you. We don't want that to happen right?" Jane spoke as she giggled. "I think ... you want him horny and ready to do his job. By the time we finished shopping, he would be horny enough to rape you."

Grace giggled with her and was excited at the prospect of another great session of sex with her husband.

Mat didn't like to go shopping but agreed to be their bodyguard. They grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds and thereafter, went hopping from shop to shop, looking at sexy lingerie, negligees and night robes. The sight of so many sexy negligees made Mat horny?he kept imagining their curvaceous bodies in those outfits.

Grace and Jane tried a few sexy negligees in front of Mat which only made his manhood grow hard with anticipation. The girls giggled when they saw the stiff rod, begging for release inside Mat's pants.

Finally, Grace tried a black negligee that was almost transparent. The hemline stopped about 6 inches above her knees. A black half-bra and matching panties came as a set. Looking at the full mirror, she saw the sexy outfit accentuated her fair skin and slim body. She licked her lips and smiled when she noticed that she looked much younger than her age. It was a sale and Mat happily paid for it.

Jane bought a pink negligee with lace top and bottom that was practically see-through. The hemline stopped about 8 inches above her knee. A matching red bra and panties came with the set. When she donned the dress, it accentuated her luscious and firm body. A matching pink silk night robe also came with the outfit.

By the time they completed their shopping, it was dinner time. Mat treated them to a wonderful dinner at a French restaurant. The girls ate fish and salad whilst Mat had a heavy medium-rare steak. As they were having their dinner, Grace teased Mat by touching his lap and manhood with her fingers.

Grace gazed at him, licked her lips from side to side and spoke in a sexy voice, "Darling, I can't wait to wrap your present tonight!"

Jane giggled.

The walk back to the car was a bit awkward for Mat, especially with a hardon straining for release. He couldn't wait to get home. In the car, Grace sat beside him, walking her fingers on his lap while Jane sat in the back seat, giggling.

Upon arrival, Grace walked with a sexy stride into the house. She asked Mat to wait in the living room while she 'unrapped his present'.

Jane sat across him and saw that he was getting impatient, thumbing his fingers as time ticked by.

A short while later, Grace shouted in a sexy voice, "COME AND GET YOUR PRESENT!"

Like a sprinter, Mat ran up the stairs, two steps at a time. Locking the door behind him, his thoughts were focused on 'unwrapping his present'.

Jane, feeling naughty, decided to listen in to their torrid love-making session.

Grace: "Like what you see?"

Mat: "You look like a whore, but a beautiful whore! Come to Papa."

Grace: "No. If you want pussy, come and get it!"

Female giggling.

Heavy foot sound, the bed springs squeaking, and then Grace screeched out.

Grace: "Careful dear or you'll tear the outfit."

Mat: "Damn the dress."

Tearing sound!

Grace: "Mat, you just tore my panties!"

Mat: "You want this?" (Sounded menacing)

Grace: "Yes. Just put that damn thing inside my hot pussy!"

A moment later,

Grace: "Oooohhh ... Yes..."

Mat: "You're so fucking wet! Feels so ... good... !"

Grace: "Show me how good!"

Body slapping, bed creaking, moaning, body slapping, bed creaking, moaning...

Grace: "Yes ... that's it! Give it to me good and deep!"

Mat: "Come for Papa!"

Body slapping, bed creaking, moaning, body slapping, bed creaking, moaning...

Grace: "Almost there! Don't stop! Harder! Yes!"

Female scream!


Mat: "Now's your turn. Ride me!"

Male groan!

Female moan!

More female purring!

Mat: "Come on. Fuck me! I'm coming to Mama!"

Grace: "Yes. Come with me! Yes ... Yes ... Gawd ... Yes ... Aaaarrrggghhh... !"

Female ear-piercing shriek resulting from her earth-shaking climax accompanied by a loud male grunt!

Hearing more than enough, Jane silently walked back to her room and went into her bathroom. She prepared the long bath with warm water and she slowly removed her clothes. As she lay in the warm water, she spread her legs wide over the sides of the bathtub and furiously worked her fingers, quickly satisfying her sexual hunger for the present moment.

All The Way!

The next morning, a cheerful Grace came into the kitchen wearing her bath robe. Jane was sipping her coffee, deep in thought. Her sleep was intermittently disturbed by noises from the bedroom used by her in-laws. Feeling tired and stressed out, she did not notice Grace until she spoke, "Good morning Jane!"

Jane looked up, giving her a sly smile, and said, "you two lovebirds really made it out big time last night. The noises you made could probably be heard a mile away."

"I fucked Mat until he was spent last night. He's still recovering this morning. That poor man ... you know he's not as young as he used to be!" That started both of them giggling and quickly turned into stomach wrenching laughter. She gazed at Jane through glazed eyes and saw Jane holding her stomach, still laughing. Their eyes were filled with tears from excessive laughter.

Grace spoke sweetly, "my dear, you looked stressed out. You want Mat to massage you today?"

Getting a hold of her self, Jane gazed at her mother-in-law and answered with trepidation, "so long as you are also there, I'm OK. I don't want you to think we did something wrong."

"I tell you what. When Mat recovers afterwards, I'll ask him whether he still has the strength to massage you." Grace giggled.

They went about cleaning the house after that.

It was two hours later, at about 10am that Mat came down. He was wearing a T-shirt and track pants. His hair uncombed. He had planned to stroll to the nearby park, hoping to catch glimpses of pretty young girls jogging.

Grace asked him, "Jane needs de-stressing with a good massage. How about it?"

This was even better than his intended activity. Most probably, this was it! The best opportunity for getting into his daughter-in-law's pants!

"OK ... no problem. After this breakfast, I'll take my bath. Then I'll go to your room for your massage. You may want to wear the pink silk robe," Mat spoke to Jane in a normal voice, as though massaging was his daily chore.

Without thinking any further, Jane went to her room and took a quick shower. After putting on a strapless red half-bra and a matching red panty, she covered herself with the pink silk robe she bought the day before. Feeling nervous that she might end up like the last time, she waited in her room with anxiety. However, the naughty part of her actually looked forward to his relaxing massage.

Mat gulped down his breakfast. He ran into the bathroom, fished out a round medicine container and popped into his mouth a 50mg 'Blue Diamond'; hastily swallowing it with water. After a quick shower, he put on his T-shirt and jogging shorts without any underwear.

A smiling Grace, still in her bath robe, came into Jane's room first and stood beside the door frame. Mat followed her into the room and sat on his knees in the middle of the big bed. He cleverly covered his hardon with a towel. He asked her to kneel with her back towards him, her feet between his thighs, her hands spread on his lap.

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