Nasty Habit

by juanwildone

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bill sees something he wishes he hadn't. Then he does something he knew he shouldn't.

"Suck it ... suck it you hot slut."

Even as Jack grabbed my arm, I'd already stopped. We both put index fingers to our mouths and moved slowly in the direction of the voice. This was definitely one of the wildest Halloween parties we'd ever been invited to. The "we" I'm referring to is not Jack and I; he's the next-door neighbor to the host of this party. Jack and I were returning from a ride in his recently restored '68 Shelby GT500-KR Mustang; "the ultimate Shelby Mustang featuring a 428 cubic-inch Cobra-Jet V8 producing almost 400 horsepower worth of Detroit muscle" (Jack's words.) The real "we" is my wife Samantha and me; I'm Bill.

"That's it, suck it all the way down your throat. God you're nasty."

Samantha and I had moved into this neighborhood last November, just after the last Halloween party. "Oh man, you just missed the Henderson's Halloween party; better block out the weekend for next year right now!" was usually the second thing said, right after "Hello, welcome to the neighborhood."

Damn! Jack and I could see the back of the guy's head, but whoever was servicing him was completely obscured by shrubbery. The servicee had his arms over his head and when I looked closer I nudged Jack and pointed it out to him. The guy was recording his blowjob with a small video camera - see what I mean: wild!

Jack motioned to a vantage point on the other side of the yard and indicated he knew a way to get there. We heard the guy grunting his orgasm as we passed behind the back of the pool cabana. I paused for a second, there was a miniscule opening and I could just make out a kneeling figure dressed in black. By the time we cleared the pool cabana the whole scene came into focus. The guy who just got blown was in a Devil costume, complete with long tail. The figure in black was bending over a table as the Devil kept recording.

The costume of the figure in black was a nun's habit; I suddenly didn't feel very good - this wasn't right. The nun bent forward over the table as the Devil lifted the bottom of the habit and flipped it onto her back. Even in the dim light of the yard you could see her ass and cunt. The guy kneeled behind her and began to eat her out. The woman was trembling and wiggling her ass in his face.

The Devil stopped eating her out and stood moving to the side. He lifted his tail and teased her cunt with the tip as she pushed her butt back. Jack leaned in close to my ear, "What a nasty fucking slut. I'd pay my wife a thousand bucks to act like that with me." Under normal circumstances I would have agreed with him.

"C'mon let me have it. We both know you want me to do this, come on now." The Devil had bent forward and was talking to the Nun, but he was loud enough for us to hear. "You won't get fucked until you give it to me. Heh, heh, heh; I knew you would ... you are such a nasty slut."

When he stood back up he was holding a large ruler in his hand; he rubbed it against the woman's ass. He framed the view in his camcorder, raised the ruler overhead and swung forward - SMACK. He brought the ruler back again, - SMACK. After eight more the nun's ass was scarlet and the Devil's cock was erect. I was getting a very sick feeling in my stomach.

The Devil set the ruler down and moved behind her. He bent his knees a little then thrust forward; his cock disappeared inside her. You could hear the woman's "UHHHFFFFF!" as he bottomed out. He paused for a moment then began to thrust into her. The Devil was fucking the Nun.

My stomach flipped and twisted and I threw up as I doubled over. I straightened up in time to see the Devil half-turned looking right at me; he smiled and arched his eyebrows. Then the couple scrambled off into the darkness.

My head was spinning so bad I could barely walk; Jack helped me back inside. I found an empty chair in the kitchen and just sat down at a table. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed: the Devil with his camcorder, the Nun with her ruler and the two of them fucking. I knew of only one woman in a Nun habit tonight and she wasn't married to the guy in the Devil costume. She was married to me.

Samantha and I've been married for three years. Someone told me once that getting through the first three years of marriage is quite an accomplishment. Until tonight, I thought we were doing pretty well.

I know that we've had our share of challenges and arguments; what couple doesn't? We both work full-time and earn good money; so finances aren't that big a problem. I guess our primary gripe revolves around time together; which we both acknowledge isn't enough. And that's where sex comes into the equation, because when we have some time together; I want to enjoy sex with my wife.

Sam has a slightly different take this: more along the lines of quality taking precedent over quantity. She wants quality time, quality foreplay and she wants it all wrapped up in a nice romantic package. I'm all for romantic, slow love making, and everything; but sometimes you just want a good fast fuck. The result is a shifting stalemate of safe, routine sex that you could almost characterize as scripted. Scripted! Ha - after what I saw tonight, not only were Sam and I not on the same page; we weren't even reading the same book.

I didn't say anything to Jack. I can just imagine it - "oh Jack, about the whole slut-wife thing; it ain't all it's cracked up to be." Of, course he was talking about his wife acting the slut for him, not some guy in a Devil costume.

I found my way to a quiet spot in the kitchen. I tried to make sense of all I'd seen. Sure, we've been arguing more and Sam has definitely been drinking more; okay, we've both been drinking too much of late. And there was the thing earlier this evening when she got really pissed at me. This woman was dressed as a mermaid with real scallop shells as bra cups. I had asked the woman if the shells irritated her nipples. The woman replied by pulling the shells down and invited me to inspect them - hey, she asked! So I touched a woman's nipple; I was curious, what's the big deal? Okay, I'll admit that the obvious hardening of said nipple (not to mention the tenting of my costume) might seem too coincidental to some. Judging by the ferocious glare leveled at me Sam didn't exactly see it as a Discovery channel moment.

"Hey Bill. Having a good time?" I adopted an "all's right with the world face" and turned to the questioner.

"Hi Marianne, how are ... whoa. Look at you. I've got to tell you; in the bright lights of the kitchen I have a new appreciation of your costume." Marianne was wearing a Helen of Troy toga. She'd looked good earlier, but now she looked amazing. I quickly realized that a significant part of amazing was that Marianne's breasts were on glorious display. I zeroed in right on them and the whole hard nipples tented costume thing happened again.

Marianne is a divorced, single mom, who happens to be a neighbor. I often let her two boys come over and watch sports on my big plasma HDTV. She's also an incessant flirt (and she's groped me more than once!) Marianne's always telling Samantha that if she ever threw me out, to throw me in Marianne's direction. Even though Marianne was a good fifteen years older than me I knew how serious she was. Samantha thought the whole thing was hilarious; often taunting Marianne that she would be taking care of three boys then.

She looked down at her rack and sighed. "Enjoy the view while you can Bill. I lost a stupid bet and it cost me my bra and panties." I couldn't stop myself from looking lower and saw that she was telling the truth. I expected her to cover up or say something; she didn't. Thank you.

While Marianne didn't seem to mind me looking at her, she did seem uncomfortable about something. She wasn't making the slightest effort to flirt; which was very unusual for her. Marianne looked at my costume; I was dressed as a Ninja: swathed in black from head to toe. She appeared to be distressed by it. "So you stuck with the Ninja costume. I though you might have gotten something else. I haven't seen Sam - have you?"

Had I seen Sam? The mention of my wife drew a scowl across my face and my voice burned with anger. "Oh I've seen her alright. I don't know where she is right now Marianne. Sam was drinking pretty heavily earlier, maybe she needed ... I don't know where she is right now."

"Okay. Bill ... if she's drunk she shouldn't be left alone ... this party can get a little out of control." While Marianne voice was calm enough, her eyes spoke a completely different tale; clearly something was very wrong. "I've already heard some of the guys saying some pretty wild things."

Then it hit me - Jack. Jack must have said something and she overheard it. Judging by the tales I'd heard all year long, sexual encounters at these parties weren't exactly uncommon. "Tell you what Bill let's go find your wife." I stood and offered her my arm.

We'd barely cleared the kitchen when we saw a group of people leaving. The Devil was among them. Some woman was hanging all over him, his left arm around her. I was looking right at his wedding ring. He glanced my way, and we made eye contact - again. I guess he recognized me because he arched his eyebrows just like he had in the garden. I tensed, "Fucking Bastard."

I felt Marianne tremble at my tension. "Are you okay Bill?"

"Oh, didn't you hear Marianne? The Devil," I nodded in his direction, "nailed a nun tonight; outside by the pool." I was pissed now. I didn't know if I wanted to kick the shit out of the devil or find my wife and kick the shit out of her.

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