The Good Book - Sharing the Good News

by juanwildone

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Good book is in use again as Melissa tries to help hapless newlyweds discover the joy of great sex. Amen.

In the beginning...

Melissa poured a fresh cup of coffee for herself and Erica. They each added sugar and cream to their preference, sipped quietly, then murmured appreciatively. They drank their coffee in communal silence. First cups drained, Melissa turned to her neighbor and smiled engagingly. The down-turned corners of Erica's mouth indicated that the transformation of her sex life had encountered yet another rough spot. Melissa sighed to herself. Erica's husband - great guy that he was - had become one very tough nut to crack. Never the less she felt it was best to strike while the husband was still trainable. She thought she needed to do something to shake Erica out of her rut - something spontaneous. The idea hit her in a flash.

"I've been thinking of what you need to try next." Melissa leaned in closer. "How are you and Brain with quickies?"

"Quickies?" Erica frowned even deeper.

"You know what I mean Erica 'wham bam thank you ma'am' sex. Bent over a chair or table, panties pulled down or pushed aside and a hot, hard cock pushed into you then 'bam - bam - bam - bam' until your deliriously happy husband cums with a roar - Robert loves it when we do it. Quickies; you and Brain need to do quickies."

Erica unconsciously rubbed her thighs together, the image that Melissa had painted was burning into her imagination. She saw her husband throwing her over his favorite chair and ripping her clothes off, he towered over her with his prodigious cock sticking out from his pants. A gasp and chilling shudder brought her back to reality. She shook her head. "We tried something like that once ... it really hurt; Brian's kind of big."

Melissa hugged her friend. "There is not a problem that can't be solved - just how big is he?"

Erica placed her index fingers about eight inches apart, then made a rig with her hand - her thumb and first finger weren't even close to touching. She blushed when Melissa whistled and chided her about being a "very lucky girl." She was beckoned to follow Melissa to the master bedroom.

Erica watched as Melissa went to her closet and returned with a small make-up case. Melissa opened the case and turned it over, dumping the contents on the bed. Erica's eyes went wide in wonder, then shock, only to settle on a fierce curiosity. The case was filled with sex toys; a couple of realistic looking cocks (one as big as Brian, maybe bigger), an assortment of vibrators, bottles filled with colored liquids, handcuffs, and other unknown and somewhat intimidating looking items that were scattered about on the bed.

Melissa smiled and picked out a large flesh-colored cock and a bottle of clear fluid. "Sometimes spontaneity needs a little prior preperation." She explained that being ready for action was no different than dressing to arouse. In fact, they complimented one another. Melissa rubbed some of the fluid on the head of the cock and offered it to Erica to touch. "Ready is as ready is."

"It's really slippery," Erica observed. She realized she was rubbing her thighs together again and stopped.

"I've already seen you - when you tried on all of that lingerie - so you might as well get a look at me." Melissa reached under her dress and pulled down her panties. She scooted onto to the bed hiked her skirt up and spread her legs wide - her sex on full display to Erica.

Before Erica could say anything, Melissa placed the head of the fake cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed - it slipped easily inside. She played with it a while then pulled it back out and held it in front of Erica. "This is bigger than Robert yet you saw how easily it went in. A little work with this and you'll find Brian's size is not a barrier to great spontaneous sex. I'm going to wash this - then it's your turn. Why don't you get yourself ready, I'll just be a minute."

Melissa returned from her bathroom slowly toweling the plastic appendage dry. "Robert knows I have some toys, but he's never seen this. He would love to see what you just saw." She continued chatting as she recoated the head of the cock with the clear fluid. "Okay girlfriend, spread 'em."

Erica didn't move. Melissa set the cock on the towel. "Erica, you aren't cheating on Brian by using something like this - that's why they're called marital aids. It's meant to make your marriage better and quickies are definitely a part of a happy marriage. Imagine you're feeling super sexy and want Brian to slip you the old hard one first thing when he gets home. Maybe you've been calling him throughout the day talking sexy, telling him how much you need it 'right now baby, I need it right now.' When you know he's on the way home you take this out, lube it up, and get yourself good and ready. Viola, you're now ready for a 'wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am' quickie. And don't worry about Brian noticing that he can easily penetrate you - he'll be too happy just being there."

"I don't think we should do this." Erica looked confused and conflicted. Melissa launched into a rehearsed argument about the importance of keeping a marriage fresh and spontaneous (even if that spontaneity was sometimes planned) Erica was slowly persuaded as Melissa reminded her of the progress made and the successes enjoyed, "I haven't mislead you yet - have I?"

Erica reluctantly agreed, slowly bent her legs and spread them apart, "I'll just pull my panties to the side okay." She reached for the cock; her hand shaking. She pulled her panties aside, placed the cock at her entrance, and pushed gently.

Nothing happened.

She pushed again.

Nothing still, well maybe the head went in a little.

"Like this Erica." Melissa grabbed the base of the cock and pushed with a slight twisting motion. The cock sunk quickly into a gasping Erica. Melissa had moved so quickly that her motion pushed Erica's hand against her aroused clit. Then Melissa's hand twisted - pushing up against Erica's. The accumulative affect of all that thigh rubbing reached it's natural conclusion and Erica orgasmed with a loud exclamation.

"Oh God I'm so sorry." Erica blushed deeply.

"No, I'm sorry. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have done that."

"No. I ... wow, that was amazing. I can't believe I came so easily."

The girls looked at one another and burst out laughing. Once they started they couldn't stop. Every effort at self-controlled elicited new gales of guffaws.

Maybe it was inevitable but somehow in all the laughter Melissa got it in her head that she needed to have her own orgasm so that they were equal. Both were surprised when she grabbed the cock from Erica's hand and (without washing it) pushed it slowly inside her own cunt. Melissa quickly developed a rhythm but it soon became obvious that she wasn't going to be coming as quickly as Erica. The room became erotically quiet but for the soft squish of the counterfeit cock in Melissa's wet cunt - and the sound of Melissa's panting breath. She looked at Erica with an expression of reluctant acceptance. She wasn't going to come quickly.

Erica reached forward with a quiet 'let me help.' She took the cock in her right hand and with her left she began to slowly rub Melissa's clit.

It was only after Melissa's long groaning orgasm that they both realized what had just happened. Amid blushes and glances of apology Melissa slowly recovered. "Maybe we should just put these away for right now?"


One week later...

Melissa finished pouring coffee and set the pot down. "Are we okay? You know after what happened last week? Things got a little..."

"Yes, we're okay. No, we're better than okay - we're friends, good friends. Nothing has changed that. I know what happened was a surprise, even a shock, but it wasn't ... I just - well there we were and everything." Erica sipped her coffee and took a deep breath, "I guess I need to confess something to you, especially to you. But first YOU have to promise never to tell anyone."

"Okay - I promise." Melissa crossed her heart and held her palm up.

"As I've told you before, I had never had sex with another man before my wedding night; Brian is my first and only. I'd done sexual things with guys, you know, getting felt up, hand jobs - and not very good ones based on what I know now - that sort of thing but never any penetration. Never."

"Okay, I was pretty much the same way ... maybe there was a little bit of poking here and there but I never completely went all the way." Melissa smiled, she was of the opinion (an opinion she'd never shared with her husband) that sex wasn't sex if the guy didn't ejaculate inside you.(Okay it was just one guy - and they only did it three times - in her defense Melissa had thought he was getting ready to propose to her.)

Erica sipped her coffee and then put her cup down. She interlaced her fingers to keep her hands from fidgetting. "Oh God - I can't believe I'm going to tell you this - okay, making it out of high school as a virgin wasn't that tough. Except I guess I always thought I'd be married soon after. Well that didn't happen so when I went off to college - I still wanted to save myself. Thank God I didn't meet any guys I really liked during my freshman year.

"By my sophomore year, I was beginning to waiver. I dated this guy and if he had been just a little bit more aggressive ... I'd have slept with him. We dated for over a year, almost two years really. Anyway right after Spring break (this was in my Junior year now) I dropped by his apartment to return his key - I'd been taking care of his plants and stuff while he was away - and I guess he forgot I had it. I just let myself in like I had done before. Well I heard noises coming from the bedroom so I went and checked."

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