The Santa Claus Suit

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2008 by DG Hear

Sex Story: Ross plays Santa and wants to get even with his Ex-wife at a Halloween party.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

I wrote this story as a Halloween contest entry and thought I would share it with the readers of this site. A big thank you to Miss Lynn for her fine editing of my story. She made it a much better read.

Here I was at the Halloween Party. Since it was for mostly the salaried employees I figured no one would recognize me; especially in the Santa suit. I hoped the little rumor spread earlier worked. I guess I would know in the next hour or so.

I figure I should explain this story from the beginning. My name is Ross Hughes and I've been employed with General Motors for the past fifteen years. I got this job thanks to my dad and uncle who helped get me it many years ago.

I was a jock in high school but not the real popular type you often hear about in stories. I was the big overweight guy that played football on both the offensive and defensive line. I wasn't that fast or good; I was too big for opposing players to push aside so the running backs had to run around me.

I was friends with the guys but other than a hello from the girls now and then they never paid any attention to me. After the first couple of turndown's, I knew I wasn't what any girl was looking for so I never dated much in high school.

I wasn't a brain but I wasn't a dummy but I didn't get any scholarships for college either for sports or scholastics. College wasn't for everyone and I knew it wasn't for me. Dad got me an application for work at the plant and since my uncle worked there too, I was able to get a good job.

Thank God, I was young and healthy enough to pass the physical. I worked on the assembly line and later I transferred to working on a machine, making parts for the line. That made it a lot easier for me since I didn't have to do as much bending.

Even though I never dated, I should mention that I did have sex but I had to pay for it. In a way, I didn't mind. I didn't have to wine and dine the woman and hope to score at the end of the evening. I just paid up front and got what I wanted. Hell, I even had my choice of women. Black, White, Asian, it was all available at a price.

Because I was at about six feet and around two hundred seventy-five pounds, I didn't do missionary position too often. I had to keep my weight off the women so I didn't squash them but lying on my back and watching them ride me was pretty damn good. I liked to also get a big ass gal from behind. Holding on to her hips and pushing in and out did it for me.

Oral sex was pretty common for a quickie and a lot less expensive also. I remember one little Asian gal telling me her ears weren't handles and to let them go. Damn, that little woman could give head.

When I was about twenty-two, my mom convinced me to attend a Weight Watchers meeting. That's where I met Sheila. She was a pretty woman but was also overweight, almost obese as they considered me; hence, why she was at Weight Watchers. I noticed that the overweight women always had the prettiest faces. Sheila was no exception. We got to talking and became friends. I found out she was also twenty-two and single.

I started looking forward to the meetings just so I could see Sheila. After about a month, I asked her out and she accepted. We seemed to have a lot in common. Not just being overweight but we also liked many of the same things like movies and even the same kind of foods. She said she had only dated a few times in high school. We didn't talk much about that.

She worked in a local department store chain and they were becoming health conscious. They would even pay the fees for the heavier employees to join gyms or weight reduction programs. That's when she joined Weight Watchers.

We were each losing a pound or two a week. My problem was I didn't get enough to eat. Those little platters of food just weren't enough for me, so I cheated a lot. I only attended the meetings because of Sheila.

After going out for about a month we started having sex. It was great to have a woman that wanted sex with me and not for the money. I did everything to her that I learned from the different prostitutes. She loved it from the rear, doggie style. The penetration seemed so much deeper. There wasn't a time we went out without having sex of some sort. I was falling in love.

I was finally with a woman who wanted me for me. I had someone I could go out with and know she wanted me before the night was over.

The only problem with Sheila was she was always worried about losing weight. She told me she wanted to have a family someday and wanted to be around long enough to watch them grow up. She wanted to have a gastro-bypass surgery.

I told her that I thought it was a bit drastic but I would stand behind her in whatever she chose to do. That's when she started crying and told me her insurance wouldn't cover it. It would cost well over twenty thousand dollars.

We had been going together for about six months. I checked and my insurance covered the bypass surgery under the policy I had. I decided to ask Sheila to marry me. She said yes so we went to Las Vegas and Elvis married us. At least the minister was dressed like him. In the background was the song "Loving You" playing. It was great.

We had stopped going to Weight Watchers and both were back at our heavier size. Sheila decided to go back on the program. I told her I loved her no matter what she weighed and would always be behind her.

We rented a nice two bedroom home. Life seemed good but all Sheila talked about was the surgery. As soon as the preliminary waiting period on my insurance on Sheila went by, she went to a clinic to get checked out for the surgery.

She had the surgery and I stood behind her the whole time. She had a lot of mood swings since she could hardly eat anything. Once the weight started coming off her moods changed. She told me we couldn't have sex for six months after the surgery. I wasn't happy about that but her life was more important to me.

If I begged her often enough she would give me oral sex but I had to do her first. Her moods were changing and she didn't seem as close as she was when we first got married.

Over the next year, she had lost almost a hundred pounds. She looked great and I think she knew it. Her wardrobe had changed and she was dressing a lot sexier. I liked it but I had to wonder if I could lose her. I was still the big overweight but happy guy.

She seemed to be changing and it bothered me. She started going out with the girls from work twice a month while I was spending more time home alone.

On her nights out, she was getting home later and later. When I mentioned it to her, it always started an argument. I just waited till the next girls night out and decided I would follow her.

Sheila dressed a little too sexy to be out with the girls. When I told her, she yelled at me that I didn't want her to look nice. "Just because you don't care how you look doesn't mean I can't look good."

That really hurt. It was probably the first time that she talked about me being overweight in a demeaning way. She walked passed me and said she would be home late as she went out the door.

I followed her at a safe distance but I didn't see her picking up any girlfriends. She entered a lounge that had valet service. I wasn't dressed to go in so I waited across the street. I parked in front of a little diner, went in and ordered something to eat. I just sat there and ate but I had no idea what I was doing.

I felt so stupid and decided that maybe I should just go home. I got back in my car, started it up and got ready to pull out of the parking lot when I saw Sheila coming out of the lounge. She was hanging on some guys arm. I knew him; it was Bill, one of the managers at the store where Sheila worked.

They walked past Sheila's car and got into his. I followed them as they pulled out. They didn't go far as I watched them pull into a motel. Bill parked in front of a room. He must have already got it earlier. He opened the door for Sheila and they kissed right there in the parking lot. I watched them walk into the room.

I was devastated. What is a guy suppose to do at this point. I've read stories where the guy gets hot and bothered watching his wife with another man; that wasn't me. My stomach ached and I could have thrown up. This was supposed to be my loving wife. What should I do? I knew I had to face them.

I walked in the office hoping the desk clerk didn't remember Bill.

"Can I help you?" asked the desk clerk.

"Yes, I'm William Street. I've lock myself out of my room. I left the key card on the dresser. I'm in room 106 right here in the front."

"One second Mr. Street while I bring up your room. Yes, here it is. There will be a three dollar charge for a new key card," said the clerk.

"That's fine. Just add it to my bill," I smiled. I figured Bill could pay for my card.

I got the new card and headed for the room. I could hear voices as I slipped the card through the lock. I opened the door to the shock of the two people on the bed. "My god, Ross; what are you doing here?" said a naked Sheila lying on the bed.

Bill was between her legs eating at her cunt. We were the same height but I probably outweighed him by a hundred pounds. I grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him back against the wall. I hit him twice before Sheila screamed at me. "Don't Ross, please don't."

I looked back at her in disgust. "You fucking slut. You were so much more loving and beautiful when you were heavy. Sure, you have the looks now but lost everything that was good about you. You threw it all away for this piece of trash. You're pathetic! Don't come home tonight or I might do something terrible. Come by tomorrow with your parents. We will talk about our divorce then."

"Ross, wait, please wait."

I kept on going. I headed over to my parents and told them I would be getting divorced; that I found Sheila in a motel with another man. They tried to talk with me but I told them there was no way I could stay with her.

I went home into our dark house, sat on the couch and cried.

The next day about noon Sheila arrived at the house with her mom and dad. "Ross, we need to talk privately," said Sheila.

"No, the reason your parents are here is to stop me from hurting you. Bob, Helen, I found your wonderful daughter having sex with a man at a motel yesterday."

"Ross, stop, I told my parents I made a mistake. You don't need to go into details of my actions. We're here to work this out."

"The only thing we need to work out is the divorce. There is no 'We' anymore. You chose the life you wanted. I'm willing to bet if I delved a little deeper that I would find this wasn't your first time."

"Ross, you need to learn to forgive and move on. We all make mistakes," said Bob.

"Bob, the day you come home and see some guy eating out Helen you can call me and tell me how you forgave her. Till then, stay the hell out of my affairs."

"Ross, that's not necessary to talk like that," said Bob.

"Look, Sheila wants this lifestyle where she can go fuck who she wants. I'm giving that to her. She doesn't love me or she would not have done what she did."

"Ross, I don't want a divorce. I want us to be married."

"You're a day late on your thinking. You see, I loved you as much as any man can love a woman. Hell, I'll probably always love you but you tore my heart out and it's not repairable. I will never forgive you."

Living in a fifty-fifty custody state made it rather easy for coming to terms on the divorce. Besides, we weren't married that long. Since we were renting the house, I let Sheila have it. I found a two-bedroom apartment almost within walking distance of work. I took whatever I wanted from the house for my apartment.

The divorce went by very quickly. I didn't have to pay alimony since we didn't have any kids and Sheila agreed not to ask for any money if I filed under irreconcilable differences. The only thing she asked for was for me to carry insurance on her for one year because of the surgery.

Life was difficult for me for a while. I did my best never to see Sheila. She seemed to have gotten over me rather quickly. Some of my friends said they had seen her out on dates pretty often. She wouldn't even talk to most of them. They all said the same thing to me. "The weight loss went to her head."

The one time I saw her at the divorce hearing she told me how pathetic I was. It really hurt when she told me, "I never loved you. I used you to get the surgery. It made me sick to have sex with you. What woman would want to be married to an obese man like you? I'm glad I'll never have to have sex with you again." She laughed as she walked away.

I had to wonder if she was always like that or had the surgery changed her. I guess I'll never know.

It was two years later that Sheila got remarried. Didn't surprise me that it was the same guy I caught her with. I heard that she had moved to another state and was divorced a couple of years later. She was sleeping her way up the management chain.

My life was rather normal for a fat guy. I worked, saved money and went on very few dates. Don't get me wrong here. I had a lot of female friends but they were just that, 'friends' not bed partners. My male friends' wives always said what a nice guy I was and always invited me to their house for parties and dinner.

I guess I was the life of the party on the outside but no one knew I often cried on the inside. I wasn't the kind of guy that most people wanted to have as a blind date. I did have a few female friends that I could take to dinner, or see a movie with, but not as bed partners, just friends. For sex, I was back to the prostitutes.

Almost every week I went with the guys to places like sporting events. I loved Holidays. For Halloween, I'd dress up as a scary monster while I passed out candy. I loved kids but figured I'd never have any of my own.

I had six nieces and nephews and I was their favorite uncle. They didn't care that I was fat, they wanted to go everywhere with me. I took them to amusement parks and sporting events and I attended all their activities. I was good old Uncle Ross.

Christmas was probably my favorite time of year. I played Santa Claus from Thanksgiving till Christmas day. I even bought the best Santa suit money could buy. With the beard and glasses, everyone thought I looked like the real McCoy. I did stores and parties around Christmas. My own nieces and nephews didn't know who I was.

One day a few years back, the personnel man called me to his office and asked if I could be Santa again this year for the annual party. He mentioned that the employees said we had the most realistic Santa ever. No one ever knew it was me. I should say a few of my friends knew and of course my family.

I had been playing Santa for the last nine years. I loved it! I was no longer the fat guy, or overweight Ross. I was Santa Claus, the man that everyone loved. Kids didn't pre-judge Santa, after all he was going to bring them gifts at Christmas.

The mothers loved me even though they didn't know who I was. I couldn't believe how many times I've gotten propositioned over the years. Some women just wanted to say they made it with Santa. I swear, it's true. I never removed my suit, just pulled down my pants and these women rode me. I wished I could be Santa the whole year.

Women who would never give me a second look were riding me as if I was the best thing since chocolate. No wonder Christmas was my favorite season.

As I have mentioned, many of my friends invite me to dinner or their parties. Scott, one of my best friends, who I work with, invited me over for a cookout. His wife Marcie was really nice and always told me that there was a woman out there for me. Never to worry, I would find her someday.

I always wished I could find someone like Marcie. Sweet, kind and always treated me like part of the family. I actually played uncle to their two kids. I just hoped that maybe someday I would meet that special woman she said was out there for me.

My friend Scott said he had someone he wanted me to meet. At first, I thought he might be trying to fix me up with someone, but that never happens since I'm kindly turned down. He introduced me to a veteran buddy of his by the name of Bud. They served in the armed forces together. Bud, which was really his name, walked with a limp from wounds he received back then.

"Ross," said Scott. "You and Bud have something it common. You both hate the same person."

I had no idea what Scott was talking about. "Scott, I don't hate anyone. Well, there was one person, but that was years ago."

"Yep," said Scott, "and she's back in town."

"No! You're shitting me? I haven't seen her in years. How do you know her Bud?"

"I work in the Shoppers Factory Warehouse. I was telling Scott about a good-looking babe that worked there. I mentioned that the problem was all she had was looks. Her personality and demeanor really sucked. I had asked her out when she first started working there and she laughed at me. I guess I wasn't high enough on the totem pole for her to date. Scott asked me who it was and when I said her name, he laughed. He told me it was your ex-wife. I'm sorry but I didn't know it was your ex. I apologize if I said the wrong thing."

"No problem Bud. I misjudged her. She sure turned out to be a bitch. Biggest mistake I ever made. I always wished I would have gotten even with her but it's a little late for that," I laughed.

Bud and I ended up being pretty good friends after the cookout. We went to a couple of ball games and hung out at the local tavern. It was nearing October and we were talking about kids and Halloween. I told him how I liked to dress up in a monster outfit and pass out candy. I told him Christmas was my favorite season because I could play Santa Claus.

He was grinning when I asked him what was so funny.

"Ross, how would you like to go to a Halloween party dressed as Santa?"

"Where and why would I want to do that?"

"We are having a big Halloween party for most of the employees at the warehouse. The salaried people are asked but not required to attend and in costume. It means that your ex-wife Sheila will most likely attend."

"I don't work there; how can I attend? I would like to see what the old bat looks like now. Maybe even figure out some kind of revenge."

"Leave it to me," said Bud. "I'm in charge of security and I'll get you a pass. You have to promise not to tell anyone where you got the pass if you get noticed."

I had to laugh. "I just wish there was a way to get even with Sheila."

"I think I have an idea. I'll explain it to you before the party. Give me a couple of days to set it up."

I went home and was thinking of what Bud had said. I hadn't thought about Sheila for years now and I guess thinking about how she said I was a fat loser and she just took me for what she could get out of me made me mad. I hoped there was some way to embarrass her without her knowing who I was.

Bud came to see me a couple of days before the party. "Ross, this is going to be good. Remember how I told you that Sheila snubs most guys and just goes after the big shots? No wonder she's been married and divorced three times."

"Damn, she turned out to be worse than when we were married," I said.

"Now it's all about getting ahead for her. We have a new Regional Manager coming in the Monday after the Halloween party. He is talking to all the salaried staff and there may be some promotions and possibly a few cutbacks."

"What are you up to Bud?"

"I spread the word a little that the new Regional Manager might be coming to the Halloween party. I mentioned that he loved kids and always dressed as Santa at the Christmas party. You just might have a few women playing up to you. Knowing how Sheila is, who knows if she'll even try to be palsy-walsy with you," laughed Bud.

"What if the new Regional Manager shows up; what the hell am I going to do?"

"Don't worry, he won't be there. He called and I had to make him reservations for Sunday night. Besides, he's new and no one has even met him. You'll be pretty safe."

The night of the Halloween party, I put on my Santa Claus suit. It fit perfect with no padding. When I got to the door there was Bud standing behind the ticket taker. He nodded to me and gave me the thumbs up. It was a mammoth party. There were two coat check areas but they didn't have anyone checking them in. You just hung them up yourself.

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