The OSHA Visit

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hubbard & Associates gets a visit from an OSHA inspector.

Jake Abernathy closed his eyes, inhaled sharply, and came. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through him. He tried to hold on to it as long as he could, but finally he had to slump forward, temporarily spent.

The girl, his wife's friend Marilyn, smiled and touched his nose. "You sure know how to show a girl a good time."

"Glad you liked it," he said thickly. He'd felt her come just moments before he did, and that had set him off. He glanced at the couple to his left. Beth, his wife, had her ankles hooked on some guy's hairy butt and was clutching his shoulders so hard she was leaving marks. He was pistoning into her like a runaway jackhammer, but then he slowed, and Jake could see a drop of pearly come slip out of her pussy.

He smiled back at Marilyn. "I hate to leave some a place that feels so good, but..." He eased back, and his cock slipped out of her. A thin trail of come ran out of her pussy and down her ass to pool on the mattress. He settled next to her, and for a minute or so they cuddled. The cries and moans of the other people at the party rang in his ears, and damned if he didn't feel his cock stir.

It was early enough that he could probably get it up again with another partner, but his wife caught his eye and looked toward the clock over the fireplace. He nodded. It was time to head home.

He kissed Marilyn's tits, tonguing them until her nipples stood up, gave her a kiss, and got up. He'd left his clothes in the next room, and was trying to get them sorted out properly when his wife joined him. She'd worn a simple dark red sheath with spaghetti straps. She stuffed her underwear in her purse and stepped into her dress.

"Going bareback?" he asked. He pulled his slacks on, leaving his shorts for his wife's purse.

"I love the squishy way I feel right now."

He pulled on his shirt, and offered her his arm. "Scandalous!"

She leaned into him, laughing. "Yeah, I guess I am. We both are."

They were quiet on the way home, though she did unzip him and pull out his cock. The air in the car smelled of spilled semen and wet pussy. That, and the way her fingers played with him had him hard by the time they got to the driveway.

He chuckled when she preceded him up the walk. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"You have a wet spot on the back of your dress."

"Oh dear," she said. "I guess I'll have to do something about that."

Once inside she managed to move to keep facing the babysitter. He had tucked himself back into his pants so he wouldn't give the girl any ideas. He did see her wrinkle her nose and frown. It was obvious she knew what that smell was.

Once the girl was gone—she was a college student with her own car—Beth peeled away her dress. She held it up and examined the backside. "Yup, looks like a wet spot." She sniffed it. "Now what could have caused it?" She glanced at Jake and smiled.

"Um, could it be this?" She unzipped him and fished out his cock. "It looks familiar." She bent and began licking it. "Hmm, this tastes like Marilyn. At least you're doing someone I like."

While she was sucking him hard, Jake got rid of the rest of his clothes. He finally pulled her to her feet, and they dumped their clothes in the bedroom. Then he threw her on the bed, and climbed on.

"Ready?" His rigid cock was parallel to her tummy.

"I've still got the itch," she replied. She touched the head of his cock and smiled. "Give it to me."

He was hard, she was wet, and when he plunged in he went all the way to the hilt with one thrust. She gasped, clutching at his back. "Um, I like the way you make an entrance."

"It only gets better," he leered, and kissed her.

She quivered with each thrust. She encouraged him with soft moans, wrapping her legs around his to pull him deeper. He felt her come at least twice before it was too much, and he unloaded in her in one thundering wave after another.

They slumped together, kissing, breathing hard, and murmuring soft words to each other. They dozed briefly before some movement woke them both up.

"I suppose..." she murmured as she got off the bed. "Hmm, smells like we're still at the party."

"Gee, I wonder why."

"Oh ... you!" She snagged her robe from the chair. "Be right back, I want to check on the kids."

He got the shower going, and held the door as she slipped in next to him. "How are they?"

"Sleeping like angels." She ran her hands over his chest. "Umm, I like."

"It's after 2:00," he said. "I hate to be practical, but..."

"Yeah, we both have to be up early."

They helped each other clean up, but once back in bed their kisses grew more and more heated. Finally, though, she pushed him back. "I'd love to spend the rest of the night making love, but we both need our sleep."

He was hard again, but he ignored the temptation to dive back into her hot pussy. There were times when the big head had to rein in the desires of the little one. "There's always tomorrow night."

He felt her smile. "Yeah, I know." She giggled. "Here we are, 14 years of marriage, and we're still like newlyweds."

"Yeah, isn't it grand."

" ... You!"

The kids were up early the next morning. Beth supervised their getting dressed, especially important because their oldest, 13 year-old Anne, was beginning to dress like most teenage girls at her school: anorexic slut. She had a pink tee-shirt under her white blouse—which she tied under her developing breasts—and a white, unlined miniskirt with a hem only a couple of inches down her thighs. Beth made her put on tights. She wanted her daughter covered. Fortunately the outside temperature—38º—helped out. Even Anne realized she'd freeze while waiting for the bus.

"Is she wearing any panties?" Jake murmured in Beth's ear when he saw his daughter.

"Yeah, though they're so small you couldn't tell. They're like that black thong I have; it only covers the essentials."

"Damn. We need to do something about her."

"I've tried warning her." Beth shook her head. "I think it's time I schedule a trip to the doctor for her."

"I only hope it doesn't mean she gets the idea that it's now safe to do those things she's only imagining."

Beth nodded. "Me, too." She trailed her hand across his chest. "Well, they're dressed. Breakfast time, oh mighty master of the grill. I'll be in the shower."

The two boys, 11 and 9, would eat anything put in front of them. Anne insisted on only some dry toast and a glass of juice. He felt it was a small victory when she agreed to eat some yoghurt.

The schools were all on the same part of town so the school buses picked up every kid, whether they were attending elementary, middle school, or high school. He got them into their coats and out the door. He waited at the end of the drive with the other parents until the buses came. When the buses disappeared around the corner he felt a sense of relief. They'd gotten through the morning without any major mishap, and only one crisis.

Beth was still wearing her robe when she emerged from the bathroom. She'd finished blow-drying her dark hair and was brushing it out. "All gone?"

"Peace and quiet reins supreme," he said. He could see her panties through a gap in the robe. When they'd been younger they'd occasionally rip off a piece before going to work. Those days were long gone.

She glanced at the clock on the mantle. "I'd better finish getting dressed. We're running a little behind."

"Yeah, I know. What do you want for breakfast? Your usual?" It was one of their jokes: she ate less than their daughter.

"Just make sure the coffee in my travel mug is hot," she said.

He'd just finished spreading butter on her toasted bagel when she showed up. She was wearing a gray a-line skirt and a white blouse, and she was clipping her earrings into place. "I'm set," she said, taking a bite of the bagel. "How about you?"

"I ate with the kids."

"Good. If the traffic isn't a mess we should be on time."

They headed for the freeway. Traffic reports talked about congestion, but there were no major accidents blocking things. The state kept promising to ease the congestion, but every time they did it seemed as if more cars showed up. In exasperation the head of the State DOT had threatened to build a 50-lane freeway.

"Where does OSHA have you off to today?" she asked.

"Your building," he said. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm doing some surprise safety inspections."

"Well, if you do visit us, give me a call. I won't tell anyone, but I can show you a couple of things that might need fixing."

He nodded. "Fair enough."

He dropped her off right outside her office building, and headed for the Federal Building. Two hours later he was back with a list of companies. He started at the top of the building and worked his way down. Each office was supposed to have a certain amount of safety equipment, as well as standards they had to meet for noise and other environmental problems. It was early afternoon when he got off the elevator only a few steps from where his wife worked, Hubbard & Associates.

He'd promised Beth he'd call, and he did so. She met him at the receptionist's desk. She looked a little frazzled: a couple of her curls were sticking out, and her blouse hung over the top of her skirt; that morning it had been tucked in.

"Bad day?"

She shook her head. "No, about normal. He's with me, Julie," she told the receptionist.

"Does he... ?"

"He does. Don't sweat it."

"Know what?" he murmured in Beth's ear as the Receptionist buzzed them through to the offices.

"Don't be surprised at anything you see," she said when the door clicked shut behind them. "We have, uh, a different dress code than most companies."

"Different dress code?"

"First, no shoes." She bent slightly and removed her shoes. "And..."

"And... ?" He was wearing loafers, and he slipped them off.

"And no pants." She removed her skirt. Her panties were gone. The outer lips of her pussy peeked through her little patch of dark pubic hair. They looked puffed and a little swollen, and a much darker red than he normally saw, about like he saw them at their weekly parties.

"What... ?"

"It's part of the dress code," she said. "Everyone is bare from the waist down."

"Bare from the waist ... Everyone?"

"Up to and including Ms. Hubbard."

The thought of dozens of semi-naked women made his cock twitch. He took a peek through the curtain of the alcove. There were two younger women standing in the aisle talking with a guy. He could see the man's bare butt. One of the two women had trimmed back her bush, and the other had shaved it off completely.

He felt Beth looking at him expectantly. Finally he undid his belt and removed his pants. His cock was pushing out against the front of his shorts. When he took them off it sprang up, eager and ready for a little action.

"I can't go out there with this."

"It happens all of the time. Frankly, around here, that's seen as a compliment."

That was so completely at odds with the rest of the business world that he could only stare at her in surprise.

"I'd think for sure there'd be a lot of complaints," he said at last. "You know, sexual harassment or something."

"Not at this company. Now relax. If you want I can take care of things, but not here."

"It may come to that," he said. He felt a little uncomfortable with the whole situation. Everyone was half-naked, and his cock would be bouncing along, stiff, out there for everyone to see. It was all right at a party, some gal would take care of it, but here?

Beth led the way to her desk. As he'd expected, several women noticed his hard-on. He heard "boner alert" from a couple of them, and at least one of them licked her lips.

Beth hung her skirt over a hanger attached to her cubicle wall. She carefully placed her shoes beneath it, then turned and smiled. "You haven't been here before, have you?"

"Not in the last five years or so."

"Let me show you around. Then I suppose you'll have to meet with HR or somebody to do your investigation."

"That's the normal procedure."

She gave him what she called the 50¢ tour: offices, cubicles, maintenance and switching units, servers, and finally the lunch rooms. "We have two of them," she said. "And in a moment you'll see why."

He had noted a couple of unusual features: first, the restrooms had showers; and second, they were unisex. He was going to ask about that, but Beth hadn't given him time.

She started toward one of the three doors in the far wall, but he stopped. "Let me look around, first." There was a counter with a sink and a microwave, a refrigerator with a notice that it would be cleaned out every night, and two more fire extinguishers than regulations called for. There were six tables in the room, with six chairs at each table. The bulletin board showed all of the proper Workplace Safety notices, as well as the others required by law: emergency numbers, minimum wage, benefit hotlines, and so on. There were vending machines against one wall offering sandwiches, coffee and tea, and a variety of soft drinks. It looked like every lunchroom he'd ever seen.

"Okay," he said after his brief inspection. "What's next?"

"You look tense," she said. "This is where we relax you."

He followed her through the door, and stopped abruptly. There were four cots in the small room. One of them was occupied by a couple doing it missionary style, and the other by a woman bouncing up and down on a man. Everyone was naked, and from their expressions they were getting close.

Beth removed her blouse and bra and beckoned him to a cot. His cock had stiffened at the sight of the action, and he couldn't say no. He kissed her stiff nipples as he settled between her legs. She guided his cock to her entrance, rubbing its blunt head back and forth in her wet heat.

When Jake felt his cock at her entrance he pushed. She felt hotter than the night before, and so wet he had no trouble sliding in. She let out her breath with a 'whoosh' when he reached bottom.

"So good," she murmured in a husky voice. "So good, so hard. Give it to me!"

He began to fuck her in earnest. Their bodies came together with a rhythmic slap-slap-slap. His balls mashed against her ass. The whole cot shook.

She pulled him down onto her. Her eyes were alight. Her nipples felt like two hard erasers digging into his chest. She'd wrapped her legs around him, and now she began to hitch back up on him, impaling herself on his length just as he tried to reach her tonsils from the other end. She still had her hand against her pussy, feeling his cock slide between her fingers.

Beth must have already been primed; he felt her quiver, her hips thrust upward, and her pussy collapse around him, squeezing his dick repeatedly. He was already close. He reared back through the strength of her arms and pumped spurt after spurt of his come deep into her.

They came down, grinning at each other, breathing hard in unison. Finally, as their breathing returned to normal, he pulled back. His cock slithered out of her and hung straight down, still thick with blood, but momentarily a spent force. A strand of his come went from the head of his cock to her hole. In his bemused state of mind that looked like the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

"You got off quick," he said at last. "I don't recall the last time you came so fast."

"You know what they say," Beth replied. "A girl can go from cold to orgasm in less than a minute."

"He slipped a finger into her. "You weren't cold."

Something crossed her face. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Other than why this place is the way it is?"

"It's been this way for at least four years," she said. "Or at least all of the time I've worked here."

"Husbands seeing their wives for a quick nooner?"

"You saw those two couples that were here when we came in? All four are employees, and they're not married to each other."

That took a moment to sink in. "You mean... ?"

"At times this place is like a giant swinger's party. Couples come in here on their breaks, at lunch, and so on. Some even come in after meetings."

"And you've..."

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