The Gym

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: She was out to get even.

I was on the leg press when I saw her come in. Tall woman, I would guess 5'8'' or 5'9" and maybe 125 pounds. Blond hair put up in a pony-tail and from the looks of her I figured that she was there more to stay in shape than to get into shape. She was the kind of woman I liked to see in the circuit machine area — someone easy on the eyes, someone you could watch and appreciate while you worked out.

I finished my three sets on the leg press and was moving to the chest press to work on the anterior deltoids, and triceps when I noticed that she looked a little confused as she stood there looking at the leg extension machine. I walked over to her.

"First time here?"


"You ever use any of these machines before?"

"No. I have a treadmill and a Stairmaster in my basement, but I've never used anything like this before."

"You looking to work on a specific area or just a general workout?"

"Just a general workout. The Stairmaster and the treadmill don't do anything for my arms and upper body."

"If you would like I can give you a quick tour and some information on how to use the equipment."

"Do you work here? A personal trainer?"

"No to both. I'm just here for my workout, but I remember my first time here and if someone hadn't taken the time to explain the equipment to me I could very well have ended up hurting myself. My name is Rob" I said as I extended my hand. She took it and said:

"Minerva, but I prefer to be called Minnie. And yes. I would like it if you showed me around."

I walked her through the circuit training area and explained all the machines to her. I showed her how to adjust the seat, select the weights and gave her a short explanation of what muscle group the machine was designed to work. I pointed out that the machines were numbered and explained that it was best if she used the machines in numerical order.

"They are laid out so you don't keep working the same area over and over. One is for hamstrings, two is for triceps, outer delts and pecs, and three is for quadriceps and so on. Any questions?"

"I'm sure that I'll have dozens once I get started."

She moved to machine number one — the leg press- and started working out and I moved on to finish my workout. I kept looking back at her to see that she was okay (I think I already mentioned that she was easy on the eyes) and she seemed to be getting along okay. I finished my workout, did my stretches and was getting ready to head for the showers when she stopped me.

"Do you work out here often?"

"Every day, Monday through Friday. I'm here when the doors open at five in the morning."

She looked at the wall clock that said three-fifteen and said, "You have been here ten hours?"

I chuckled and said, "No. I was out of town yesterday and I flew in at eleven this morning so today is a late day for me. Nice meeting you Minnie. You take care and hopefully I'll see you around" and then I headed for the shower room.

As he headed for the shower I decided that he would indeed see me around. I hadn't expected to find what I wanted so quickly, but he would do. Fairly good looking, obviously in good shape, no wedding ring — not that that meant anything, after all, hadn't I taken off mine? Yes he would do nicely. As I watched his tight butt disappear through the door of the men's locker room I thought back on the series of events that brought me — a married woman — to this gym with the prime purpose of picking up a man (and maybe losing that extra ten pounds I didn't want) but make no mistake, the man is what I was after.

I met Brad when he came to work at Chambers Brothers where I was the office manager. He was charming, witty and extremely good looking and when he asked me to have dinner with him I said yes. It was a fun evening and I said yes to a second date and that one led to a third and then a fourth, fifth and sixth. I'm not a prude, but I'm not a slut either and I do like sex — a lot — but I really have to like a guy before I give it up and I really liked Brad so on our seventh date he got lucky. In addition to Brad's other good qualities he turned out to be an excellent lover.

We became a couple and for the next four months we kept steady company. Then disaster struck. I got pregnant. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. I couldn't use birth control pills because of some bad side effects so I depended on diaphragms, spermicides and douching, but it seemed that those methods failed me. My fault, not Brad's since I had told him I was protected. I did what I thought was the right thing and broke up with Brad.

After three weeks of hounding me for the reason for the breakup I finally told him that I was pregnant and he got points for not saying, "Is it mine" or "Are you sure that I'm the father?" Instead he said that we needed to hurry up and get married so the timing would look right when the baby was born. I told him that we would not be getting married; that I was not going to have a husband who married me out of a sense of obligation. I told him that I had been the one to screw up and I would shoulder the responsibility. He stared at me for several seconds and then walked back to his desk and took something out of his briefcase and then walked back to me. He handed me a little box covered in black velvet and told me to open it. Inside was an engagement ring.

"I was just getting ready to ask you to marry me when you broke it off between us. We can have the license and blood tests out of the way by Thursday, see a justice of the peace on Friday and have the weekend for a honeymoon. What do you say?"

What could I say but yes and it went off as planned. Five months into the pregnancy I miscarried and there were some complications with the end result that I could never have children. Brad was a little disappointed because he wanted kids, but he told me that it was no biggie, that we could always adopt.

For the next six years I thought that I had a great marriage and a loving husband. And then I found out that I was probably wrong about that. Brad had left Chambers Brothers for a higher paying position at McFee and Sons. It might have been for more money, but as far as I was concerned it wasn't a better job. It involved a lot of late hours and some traveling which left me home alone with not much else to do but watch idiotic TV shows or read books. I didn't take up any outside hobbies or activities because I wanted to be sure that my time was free so I could spend it with Brad when he was home.

Brad had just returned from a trip and we were attending a promotion party for one of the men he worked with. It was being held at the Marriott and it was my first exposure to the people he worked with. About an hour into the affair I had to use the ladies room. While there I refreshed my makeup, but when I looked in my clutch for my comb it wasn't there. Then I remembered that I had used it in the car and had put it in my coat pocket. I went to the coatroom and found my coat hanging on the rack in the back. I was fishing in the pocket for my comb when I heard a woman's voice just outside the coatroom say:

"Did you get a look at Brad's wife?"

"I'll say. After seeing her I have to wonder what he sees in Alice."

"Do you think she suspects that he is taking Alice to the motel for long lunches?"

"I doubt it. She doesn't look like the type to put up with that kind of crap."

"You sorry you said no when Brad hit on you? Alice says he is a tiger in the sack."

"No, I'm not sorry. I did consider it for a bit because he is such a hunk, but I decided against it. There is no percentage in playing around with a married man. How about you? Were you tempted?"

"No. I've got a good man at home and even though Brad is like you say — a hunk — I'm not willing to risk what I have for some one who plays around like Brad."

"Knowing Alice I'm surprised that she hasn't done something tacky like getting buddy-buddy with Brad's wife. You know what I mean?"

"Oh yeah. The old "See how nice I am? I'll bet you don't know I'm screwing your husband" act. I'm pretty sure that Brad has warned her and he probably is watching her pretty close."

"I wonder if her fiancée knows what she is doing?"

"Probably not. He seems to 'gah-gah' over her to see anything but what she wants him to see."

"We had better get back. Don't want to miss the fun if Alice slips by Brad and gets to his wife."

I stood there stunned over what I'd just heard. My Brad cheating on me? No way! It couldn't be my Brad. There had to be another Brad working there. I got my comb out of my coat pocket and went back to the ladies room. I was washing my hands in the sink when a rather brassy looking blonde walked in. She came over next to me and took her lipstick out of her clutch purse. She glanced over at me, smiled and said:

"You're Brad's wife, right? Minnie is it?"

"That's right."

"I'm Alice. I work with Brad. We have done a lot together since he came to work with us."

"I believe I've heard your name mentioned."

"Well it is nice meeting you finally. Brad does talk a lot about you when we are together."

"Spend a lot of time together I take it?"

"Oh yes. We are assigned to the same cost center so we end up working a lot of projects together."

"Nice meeting you Alice, but I need to get back to the party."

As I walked out of that restroom I was no longer saying, "Oh no, not my Brad" but "I wonder if there is anything to what those two women were saying." But it wasn't until I got back to the table and told Brad that I'd met Alice in the bathroom that things took a turn for the worse.

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