Fate Is the Hunter

by Softly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Woman married with five children returns to the work force. Her rich boss knows that she is a fertile breeder, so seduces her,with the intent of her having his children.

It is sort of funny how they got together. Frank Kinson had never dated a girl in his class, not one. He had dated older girls in other nearby high schools, or college girls. A handsome boy, who stood six foot, five inches, and a gentleman at all times. He was a comfortable, date for a girl who wanted a pleasant evening. There were two hundred and thirty-nine kids in his class, with some very attractive girls. What had pissed Frank off, early on, was the fact that the attractive girls dated the older guys during their freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Shit happens. In May of his senior year his steady girlfriend's family moved to Michigan. Shortly thereafter he was at a keg party at a local beach. He offered to drive several kids home. The last person to be dropped off was Jean Duncan, a short, pretty, very bright girl that had dated Roger Hovey for four years. She was Roger's girl, everyone thought.

When alone, Jean asked, "Do you have a date for the prom?"

"No, my girlfriend has moved away."

"Well, you know that I have dated Roger Hovey since I was a freshman. He recently wrote me a Dear John letter, saying that I should date others. He will not be here to take me to the prom. I guess that he is dating a college girl. When we dated, we often had sex. If you want to take me to the prom, we could have sex."

That statement astounded frank, a virgin. They were near the fair grounds. Frank detoured into the fair grounds, stopping next to the grandstand. "Jean, I would love to take you to the prom."

Jean responded by laying back on the seat with her head resting on the door armrest. Frank reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. He did not have the slightest idea what he should do next, so he decided to kiss her, and then feel her breasts. He did that. Boy, she could kiss. Her breasts were nothing to brag about, but they were a handful.

He was very excited. He tried to find her pussy. Tried is the operative word, since he started at the top of her bush. Jean laughed. She took his hand and moved it far lower, just above her butt hole. She was soaking. His finger easily slid into her. Well trained by Roger, she opened her legs wide, knowing that he would mount her. As he slipped his cock into her, she realized that Frank had a larger cock than Roger. It felt really nice in her. Frank found that the sensations he got from her pussy were amazing, just amazing.

After both came, he asked, "How soon do you have to be home?"

"My folks are away for the weekend, so I don't have to be home."

They fucked for five hours. He had no condoms, but it was a safe time of month for her.

They went to the same university. Each dated and fucked others, but they still dated. She was a cheerleader, he a basketball star.

Her major was Interior Design, his was Criminal Justice.

Half way through their senior year, it occurred to Frank that he would like to get married after graduation and start a family. He took Jean on a date. On her, with his cock in her pussy, he asked her if she would like to marry him. She laughed. "You Bozo, you should have a ring, and be on bended knee to ask a girl for her hand in marriage."

"Well, yeah, but I like my cock in your pussy more. So?"

"Yes, I would love to marry you. You are the only guy that I have ever met who always tells me the truth."

Jean was not interested in an expensive wedding. Instead, her folks gave the newlyweds a gift of ten thousand dollars, which became a down payment for their home. Frank got a job as an insurance adjuster. Jean got pregnant. In seven years, she had five children. Frank marveled at how her pussy recovered after passing a child the size of a football.

Jean worked at recovering her figure. She had read that a woman could develop her pussy muscles by placing golf balls in her pussy. She would work around the house with six balls in her. She had to constantly press the walls of her pussy against them to keep them in place. The result was that she was a wonderful fuck. She could make Frank come anytime she wanted to. When their youngest started public school, Jean decided that if they were going to send the kids to college, that she needed to find a job. She went to work for a real estate firm that specialized in large commercial properties. Her position was assistant to the president, Mr. Daniel Bird.

Daniel Bird is a character. He drives a Rolls Royce, always wears a pinstriped suit, carefully groomed, and friendly to all. He is married to the former Madelyn Trigg, the daughter of the past chairman of the board of Wellington Industries. They had seven children and lived in a mansion with thirty-one rooms and eleven bathrooms. He claimed that all he had to do was place his pajamas on her bedpost for Madelyn to get pregnant. She, on the other hand, said that he was as horny as a goat. She alleged that she was careful where she undressed. It seems that he would mount her in the tub, on the floor, in the Rolls, and at a friend's home during a party.

Some said that Daniel had had several mistresses that Madelyn knew about.

Neither Frank nor Jean knew anything of that. Jean liked her job. Mr. Bird was very nice to her. He took her to lunch, and even wanted her to go with him on trips to meet with corporate bigwigs that were interested in purchasing properties or leasing properties. The pay was great.

Then Jean noticed that Mr. Bird seemed to be coming on to her. She thought that was funny. She had met Mrs. Bird, who was a beautiful, classy woman. He wouldn't jeopardize his marriage would he?

The time came when they flew in the company plane to Raleigh. It was a beautiful day. Jean had worn a suit with a high neck blouse. The meeting only lasted an hour. Mr. Bird took her to lunch. She had two screwdrivers. At home she was a middleclass housewife, a soccer mom. With Mr. Bird, she was a somebody, meeting with important people. She looked across the table at Mr. Bird. She realized that she idolized him, wanting so much to part of his world.

Bird, a poker player, watched her. He noted the iris of her eyes expanding. It was a tell that the person was pleased at what was happening. Jean, he knew, was venerable. He had carefully crafted her seduction. "Jean, I am going to rent a room for the afternoon. I need to spend some time with you going over some private matters."

With that he stood, as did Jean. He led she followed. It did not occur to Jean that he intended to fuck her. When they got to the room, she used the bathroom to pee. When she was wiping her pussy, it dawned upon her that she was alone in a hotel room with Mr. Bird. When she came out, he was sitting on the bed naked. She froze, her mouth open.

He got up, came to her and took off her suit jacket. Her mouth was still open, mind racing at a million miles an hour. Still frozen, she allowed him to lower her skirt, panties and unbutton her blouse.

Her bra was next. She stepped out of her panties to stand naked before him. Jean previously had sex with five men and was no stranger to passion, or being horny. His experienced eyes ran over her body, taking in the tits that had suckled five babies, the pot of extra skin from her pregnancies, the tight ass, and thin legs that he would soon be between. She was another man's wife, forbidden fruit, but she was here with him. He knew that he would consume her, own her vagina, her breasts, and her very soul. He planned on fucking her senseless. He moved her to the bed. He noted that she moved to the center and opened her legs.

He gloried in the fact that she had accepted that he would mount her. He took his time kissing her, telling her how beautiful she was and how he lusted for her. Her pussy was very wet when he finally pushed his finger into her. His cock, not long, but very thick, slid into her waiting pussy. Jean now was ecstatic. Her hero, her god, wanted to have sex with her. Her body was a love nest. Her pussy was alive, clamping, clenching, and throbbing. Not on the pill, since Frank had been fixed, she hoped that Daniel would breed her. It was a woman thing, a fantasy. The fact was that Daniel Bird never used a condom.

He lowered his body onto her. His strokes at first were very slow as he savored the sensations of being on another man's wife. He was surprised at how tight her pussy was. Soon the horny goat in him took over. He started to enjoy her fast and hard, pounding his thick cock every which way, up and down, slashing from side to side. With a bellow, he came as she did. Jean had never been fucked like that. It was so exciting. She lay there with a red blush, tits engorged, pussy engorged, well and truly fucked. She knew that she was there for the afternoon. He would do it to her again. It dawned upon her that this was the start of something that she had little control of. Frank and the kids were five hundred miles away.

Dan fucked her two more times. During the flight home nothing was said about their sexual activities, nor was there any sexual innuendoes the next day at work. Jean had wondered if he would back her to a desk, raise her skirt, and fuck her, but it did not happen, so she was right with the world.

She thought about their sexing all the time. It was the most exciting thing that had happened to her in years. When Mr. Bird asked her to go with him to Washington, she was delighted. She knew that he would take her to a hotel again. She wore a tampon that day to stem her flow, which she knew would happen. It would not do to have a wet spot on her skirt. They fucked. My oh my did the fucking get frantic. They did it missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. This time Jean was as aggressive as Dan. Now thirty-four, Jean was at the height of her sexuality. Her very being craved to be bred.

For several months she felt guilty about her affair. Dan only sleep with her when out of town, so she felt that East is east, and West is west and never the twain shall meet. It was an exciting perk. Frank never complained about her trips, and often said that her salary was great.

She had two lovers. No alarm was sounding. Things change. On a trip to Boston, she, Dan and a Fred Brown ate dinner and then went to a comedy show within a block of their hotel. Drinks flowed. Fred learned that Jean was not Dan's wife, just an associate. They all got slouched. The comedy was risqué'. Back at the hotel they poured Dan into bed still fully dressed. Fred whispered to Jean. "Come with me. We will have a nightcap."

She thought at the bar. Fred took her to his room. Fred was a short, good-looking guy with a pleasing personality. She said, "Fred, I don't think this is a good idea."

He took her into his arms and kissed her. "You are a beautiful woman. I'm attracted to you."

He lowered his hand to rub her pussy. She placed her hand on his. Stronger than she, he rubbed her pussy hard. Her hand fell away. She moaned. Quickly, he undressed her. Nothing was said as he lowered her to the bed. He ate her, running his tongue up and down her slash. Her legs were now a v with her pussy unprotected. His six-inch shaft was pointing up. He slid up onto her, belly-to-belly, warm skin on warm skin. His shaft slid into her body. He kissed her. Their heads were side by side. His arm cradled her head. She was a woman that he had met seven hours ago. He knew that she was married. He suspected that she was Dan Bird's regular squeeze, but Dan would not complain. In fact Fred intended to mention to Dan that Jean be made available for his use whenever they were together, which would be often, since he was building a factory in Savanna, where Jean and Dan resided. He intended to make it worth Jean's time. At three A.M. she left Fred's room. While she was in the bathroom, Fred had slipped five, one hundred dollar bills into her purse.

The next day when she discovered the money she was shocked, then slowly a smile crossed her face. Later Dan said to her. "Fred phoned me. He enjoyed your company last night. Said that he would like to spend time with you anytime we are in the same town. Did you go to his room last night?"

"Yes, he offered me a nightcap. I thought we were going to the bar. Wrong, it was to his room. Once there he took over. I was too smashed to offer any resistance. I returned to our room at three."

Dan smiled a wry smile. He had done the same thing many times. "Fred is a very important customer with many contacts in the business world, so I guess we better keep him happy."

That statement gave Jean a lot to think about.

Dan added. "You're a smart girl. I'm sure that you realize that your position with the company is changing. If you accept your new roll, I will increase your salary by a thousand dollars a week, which will be paid to a shadow consulting company that you will wholly own. Yes, or no?"

"Let me think about it. Would there be others like Fred?"

"For a couple years I have been thinking that a company escort would be a sales aid, both in Savanna and away."

"Savanna would be a problem. When I'm in town, I would not be available in the evenings, nor could I be seen in public. I have kids and a husband. Why don't you just hire a girl?"

"Hire a girl? No, I want a girl that is checked weekly, who will feed me information, and who is known and accepted by the other employees. You are not flashy, but instead are classy and educated. The men will all be millionaires. You would first be introduced as my associate, so they will become comfortable with you. As to your time constraints, we could schedule your Savanna meetings in the morning at the company condo. That would allow your body to adjust so that if your husband wants some, you would feel tight to him."

"You think of everything."

"I try."

"How about if I just do not like the guy?"

"We will have signals that we can use. If I am thinking of offering you, I will signal. If you aren't interested, you signal, simple as that."

"Okay, I'm in for a look."

"I will have an attorney friend of mine set up the consulting firm. How does Southeast Interior Designs sound?"


Three weeks later she showed the corporate paperwork to Frank. She explained that she was on a thousand dollar a week retainer, as well as retaining her current position. Frank's reaction was, "Wow, you keep going like that and we will be able to afford sending the kids to college."

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