Seduction by Deputy Jane

by erotix1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After losing his wife, he tried to recover his sanity by escaping to a small town in the middle of lumber country. Drowning his sorrow with alcohol, it seemed that he would spend a life time without love, until a country girl helped him get back on his feet again. Nature played a part in their romance. The country girl wanted something her departed husband didn't give her. He made her dream come true!

Inside the car, Jane inhaled his male scent as she cuddled affectionately in the warm arms of her lover; her glassy eyes gazed at his handsome face. She replayed in her dreamlike state of mind how her life had changed. It was about a month ago, she was a happy-go-lucky Sheriff's Deputy, counting her days in a small town she called home.


A month ago...

David Cunningham and Linda Vanier Cunningham departed Cancun, Mexico on Continental Flight 765/47 at 3.15pm. They were coming back from their week long, blissful honeymoon. After the brief stopover in Houston, Texas, seated beside him, in the First Class section, she firmly held his arm, her head lay softly next to his and whispered, "Darling, I've something to tell you." She had the blissful look of love on her face. Her dreamy eyes looked up at his face and her heart skipped a beat, impatiently waiting for his expected query.

Turning his head, he gazed at her smiling face and spoke softly, "since you were whispering, it must be great news. Go on, tell me."

"I'm pregnant!" she gleefully told him, holding his arm ever tighter.

"I was hoping you'd say that. At least my 'bullets' didn't go to waste!" he chuckled.

She gave him a playful punch on his shoulder, kissed his cheek and cuddled next to him.

David gently stroked her belly, tacitly letting her know he wanted a child. He smiled at her, rested his head back on the broad and comfortable airline seat, closed his eyes and began to dream of the time he would spend playing with his kid.

Two days later...

They were walking past an armoured van on their way to lunch. She started to fall, as though she was tripping over a step. He caught her with his strong arms before she could hit the ground. He saw a small hole, behind her head, spurting blood, coating her dark brown hair, and thought nothing more - that someone had threw a stone at her. He was horrified when he turned her around and saw that half her face wasn't there anymore. A hollowed bullet had forced its way thought her skull from behind and exited, taking part of her face.

Ten feet behind them, a police officer took a hit on his shoulder and fell onto the ground, groaning. Blood spurted from the wound, and the dark red wet spot on the ground grew bigger with time. Five feet from the wounded officer, another officer was crouching behind a pillar, hiding from the robbers, fear painted on his face. He had an automatic pistol in his shivering right hand and his other hand was pressed against the pillar.

The robbers made a quick getaway. The time it took for the first shot to crack in the air to the time they disappeared from view was only 20 seconds. During those few seconds, two lives were extinguished: David's wife and her unborn child.

Three days later, Linda was buried.

David was shattered! Unable to understand why he was cursed, he stayed in his room most of the time after the funeral, and only came out to eat sandwiches and milk. His parents came and stayed with him in his moment of grief. Most of his meals were prepared by his mother. He didn't even bother to shave or take a bath. His friends and close family members came to visit him and advised him to either go for a vacation, or, go back to work. He took the first option because he didn't want to see the sympathy glances on the faces of his colleagues.

Current period, around 7.30pm, somewhere in Oregon...

David was having a hard time driving along the unfamiliar, winding, unpaved road. The headlights from his Cherokee eerily illuminated the woods lining the path. He strained his eyes, trying to steer the vehicle on course. He was on his way to the cabin he booked for his getaway and almost got lost. He really wanted to be isolated in the woods where he could spend time alone, pondering what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He finally reached his destination and parked the car on a clearing in front of the cabin. Without switching off the car's headlights, he got out and walked to the door. He fished out a bunch of keys passed to him by the broker from his trouser pocket and unlocked the heavy wooden door. He fumbled around for the light switch, found it and clicked it. He surveyed the interior and was satisfied that it had all the comforts needed for his one week's stay. He unpacked and began to settle in.

The following day, he took a leisurely walk around the woods surrounding the cabin. After an hour of strolling, he went back to the cabin and inspected the elaborate solar panel arrays on the cabin roof and the mini-wind-driven generator, both providing the electricity for the cabin. He also inspected the water collection system and the sewage system. 'The owner must be a very Environmental Friendly person, ' he mused.

He sat down on the big bumper of the Cherokee, leaned against the radiator grill and closed his eyes. His mind was still unclear of his future. Wanting to do something to get his mind away from the loss of his wife, he decided check out the small town of Junkerville. The broker had mentioned the nearest town to him when he booked the place.

Junkerville only had one road: the main road. Ten small buildings lined each side of the road. Junkerville catered to the lumber industry that surrounded it. David saw a diner and went in. Inside, only two of the dozen tables were occupied. The patrons and the two waitresses became silent and stared at him when he walked in. He looked like a bum. His hair was uncombed, his face unshaved for more than two weeks and his shirt hung over his pants.

David sat at a table at the end of the hall. He didn't want company and neither did he want attention.

A dark hair waitress came to take his order. She didn't smile. Instead she had a look of revulsion on her face. Not looking up at her face, he ordered a beer. When his beer came, he gave her a Benjamin Franklin and told her to keep a running tab. Surprised he had the money, she took it and slipped it into the big pocket on her apron.

By 7pm, more than four dozen beer bottles lined his table. With no solid food in his stomach, he was totally drunk! No one talked to him nor approached him except the Sheriff and two big men who looked like WWF wrestlers.

When he woke up, he was dizzy and his head felt heavy. He saw that he was in a cell with black metal bars running vertically and horizontally around two sides and the other two sides were red brick walls. He was in the local jail.

Through hazy eyes, he saw a pretty face staring at him. He thought he saw his wife, Linda, and called out to her. She didn't answer. She faded from his view as he slipped back to sleep.

The Sheriff had gone through his pocket and found that he had more than $1000 in his wallet. Suspecting something amiss, he checked David out through the Police Net and he got the information he wanted.

Act of Pity or Was It Lust?

David came out from his drunken slumber a couple of times during the day. At 3pm, Sheriff McCalister had enough of David and asked the two big guys to take him to the bath room and hosed him down. They held him down while his Deputy, Jane, scrubbed him with a brush and soap. Next, they strapped him on a chair; one of them held his head and the local barber carefully shaved away his beard, exposing a handsome face.

The Sheriff scrutinized him and looked at the picture on the driving license. Satisfied that the driving license belonged to him, he threw him back into jail. The two big guys and the barber left the premises.

David went in and out of consciousness as the alcohol level in his body slowly diminished. It was 8pm when David could see and think clearly. He stood up but felt a bit wobbly. He could hear the rain pouring heavily outside the jail. Bright flashes of lightning and heavy sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. He saw a female officer by a desk staring at him. He staggered to the grilled metal door.

"I WANT TO KNOW WHY I'M IN HERE," David shouted.

Deputy Jane walked to him, stopping six feet from him. She smirked and crossed her arms. "You were drunk! When you are sober enough, I'll let you out."

"In that case you can let me out. I'm OK now." David mumbled as he combed his hair with his fingers.

"I think you better eat first. I'll get you something. In the meantime, you sit in your bunk and be a good boy."

She went to the fridge and took out a pile of sandwiches. From a coffee percolator, she poured the contents of the pot into a metal cup. A moment later, she passed the food and coffee through a rectangular hole on the door to his cell.

He greedily took it. Realizing that this was his only solid food since he left the cabin yesterday, he ravenously finished the sandwiches and coffee.

"Where do you want me to put this plate and cup?" David extended his arm, holding the empty metal plate and cup through the metal bars.

Swaying her hips as she walked to him, she quickly snatched them.

"By the way, you are handsome and have quite a big pecker." She stared at him, giggled and walked away.

He was stunned! He became aware that he had lost his beard and was not wearing the clothes he wore when he came into the town. He looked at her, admiring her shapely body under the police uniform.

She was a natural red-head with green eyes, a sweet face, slim body, and was about 5' 4" tall with probably a size 31C bra. He guessed she was around 25 years old at the most.

Jane felt he was staring at her as she walked away from him. She turned and saw him admiring her.

Quickly, he turned away and sat on the bunk.

The daily routine and boring job of waiting in the police station got to the naughty side of her. She smiled. "You looked like you want to undress me! Are you horny?"

The radio at her belt and on her desks started to crackle. "Jane. Are you there?"

She quickly clutched her two-way radio and depressed the transmit button. "Yes boss! Over."

"I've got to go to the dam. I've already evacuated the town to higher grounds. Get ready to release the prisoner when I give you the word to go. Do you copy?" The Sheriff's voice sounded strained.

"I copy. How bad is it? Over."

"Looks bad! A team of engineers from the lumber company are already here and they said we don't have much time, probably 3 hours max!"

"I copy! Over and out." Jane spoke into the radio and placed it back into its holder at her belt.

Unfazed by the possible danger looming over them, Deputy Jane returned her gaze to David, crossed her arms and decided to tease him further. "You men are all the same. You looked at women as though they are a piece of meat that you can just play around. You try to get into their pants whenever you have the opportunity. Well lucky me! I am the LAW! You won't get any from me!"

Jane strode off to her desk. She took up a magazine but peeped over the top of it, looking at the effects her statements made on him.

Since her husband died a year ago, no one had dated her. None of the locals dared. They knew she was the ward of the Sheriff. Seeing a handsome, tall, strong man inside her jail made her a bit horny. She had the power to taunt him and he cannot get to her. She was also adept in the art of self-defence and had parried off many attackers before. Feeling strong and invincible, she continued playing this game. 'A verbal teasing wouldn't harm anyone, ' she pondered.

Setting her magazine down on the table, she walked to him, frustrated that her statements did not have any effect on him. She stood in front of him, two feet from the metal bars, her arms crossed below her breasts, unintentionally lifting her feminine globes even more. "I guess you are not like the rest, probably the 'timid do good husband' type!"

David reacted to her teases and started to stir. With a menacing look, he stood and started to approach her.

She stepped away from his reach and smiled.

David's arms hung outside through the bars of his cell, his eyes admiring her face and petite body.

"Well ... well. At least now I know you are not the timid variety ... probably the aggressive and manly type!" Jane smiled and taunted him.

"Come over to me and I'll show you how manly I can be." David prompted to her to approach him with his hands. He was irritated!

Jane stood with her hands on her sides, gripping her belt. Smiling, she let him admire her well formed breasts pressing the front of her uniform. "At least you are now really awake! Would you like dessert?"

"I like the type of dessert that is below your body and between your legs." David smiled, decided to mock her as well.

"Now MISTER, are you trying to be naughty, trying to take advantage of an officer of the law? Maybe you need to cool down a few more days in your cell!"

"How can I take advantage of you when you are there and I am locked inside? Any judge will not accept that. I'd say it was police brutality and mental torture."

"Oh my! Not only are you handsome, big, and strong, you are also very smart!" Jane smiled and giggled.

"There is someone else that is also very friendly." David smiled.

A puzzle look appeared on her face.

His eyes gazed past her. "There is a big fat rat behind you, looking at your bum! Ceek ... ceek ... Come here boy." David tried to mimic a mouse.

Jane turned and took a step back towards him, her eyes searching for the rat. It was just enough for him to grab her and pulled her to him. His strong left arm wrapped around her neck while his right arm held her right arm and body. With the support of the iron bar in front of him, she was trapped, her body firmly pressed against the iron bars. Now she was in trouble!

Jane tried to strike at him with her left arm and legs but the iron bars provided David good defence. She gave up trying to free herself from his clutch. David quickly located her handcuffs in her belt and cuffed her right wrist and pulled her hand above her head. He pulled the handcuff through the cross junction of the vertical and horizontal bars and held her wrists tightly. He quickly grabbed her left wrists after releasing her neck and with all his strength, he pulled her left wrist next to her right wrist and cuffed her hand through an iron bar above her head. His left arm quickly returned to hook it around her neck, holding her firmly.

Jane looked for a way out of her predicament. "OK ... OK, I was teasing you. If you don't release me now, you will have assault added to your file. If you go even further, you have molesting a female office on record, and you will end up in jail for a long time."

"Where is the key to my cell?" David spoke softly.

"It's in my pant's pocket. Take it. I was about to release you since we don't have any charges against you. I was only teasing you..."

The small amount of alcohol in his blood made him brave and the coffee had some aphrodisiac effect on him. His hands went into both her pant's pockets, purposely stroking her thighs as his hands searched for the key. His right fingers found it but he continued to caress her thighs within the confines of her pant's pockets. He was physically teasing her in return!

Her body squirmed when his fingers softly stroke her inner thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned her pleasure. Her body hungered for his fingers to touch her aroused clit. His left fingers found it. She grunted out her approval. She wanted more!

Flexing her hips, she pressed her clit to his warm and firm fingers. She wanted desperately to climax. She had missed a man fingering her clit. It was ages since a man gave her an orgasm.

Sensing her approach, he removed his hands from her pockets, leaving her panting and frustrated.

She felt the departure of his hands from her pant pockets. She needed his fingers to finish what he had started. She was mad at him! Her angry eyes sought him out.

David released her body and went to unlocked his cell door. He got out of his cell and went to the window to peep out. Outside of the Sheriff's office/jail, the rain was pouring heavily. He opened the door and sneaked his head outside and looked around. There were lights in the buildings but he could not see anyone moving about. The town was deserted. He saw his car parked next to a police patrol car in front of the Sheriff's office and jail house. The full moon was partially blocked by the rain clouds.

David pondered his situation. The Sheriff was about to release him and it made no sense to escape since he did nothing wrong. Maybe he needed to pay a fine for drunkenness.

"ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP ME TIED UP HERE OR ARE YOU GOING TO RELEASE ME?" Jane shouted at him with an angry tone.

He walked towards Deputy Jane and saw perspiration dripping down the sides of her face, her red hair in disarray. She looked sexy in police uniform even though she stared angrily at him. David crossed his arm and stood four feet in front of her. He smiled as he gazed into her beautiful green eyes.

"For a Deputy Sheriff, you really look beautiful. In fact you look very sexy, especially with you tied up in this manner. You look so vulnerable. Are you into bondage?" David teased her.

"You better release me or I'll make sure you stay in jail for a long time." Jane spoke with conviction.

"If you say please, I'll release you." David spoke teasingly.

"RELEASE ME OR I'LL KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" Jane angrily screamed at him, her hands tried to wriggle out of her cuffs.

David didn't like intimidation especially when he was still in control. Had she begged for her freedom, he would have released her. He felt safe knowing that no one could help her now. He assumed she was angry with him for not granting her what she wanted him to do earlier. He went back inside his cell but left the door ajar. He stood behind her body.

Her eyes searched for him when he disappeared from her sight. Suddenly, she felt his breath behind her neck. Her heart started to pound and her breathing became more rapid. She readied herself for his groping hands and expected his rape of her body. There wasn't much she could do to prevent that from happening.

He wrapped his left arm around her body while his right fingers removed the buttons of her shirt, revealing her white bra. He found the bra fastener on her chest and unclasped it. The bra fell to her sides exposing her firm breasts.

Her nipples stood out stiffly, stimulated by the cool night air and the expected sexual assault. She tried to move, but he held her firmly with his arm.

"Now this is molesting! Are you going for rape to be added to your file?" Jane gasped as she remembered that today was within her fertile period.

"Do you want me to do that? I know you are horny! Maybe you didn't get to enjoy sex for a very long time. Perhaps tonight is your lucky night. I bet you dreamt of a day a man raped you? Most women have that type of fantasy!"

She didn't answer.

Seeing her breathing rapidly, he knew she was very excited. His fingers unbuckled her heavy belt and it fell to the floor with a loud thud. He released the button and unzipped her pants.

She tried to prevent her pants from falling down but his hands firmly pulled her panties and pants down to her feet. She felt helpless but thrilled at the same time. Her pussy juice leaked down her inner thighs.

He unzipped his own pants and kicked it away.

When she heard his zipper being drawn down, her breathing became deeper. She closed her eyes, anticipating the inevitable. Having seen his manhood while she bathed him earlier that morning, she pictured in her mind his manhood slowly filling her eager pussy. Her pussy juice oozed out even more.

He snaked his long and hard cock between her legs, wetting the path it took with his pre-cum.

Jane moaned softly when his manhood brushed her pussy lips. His left hand holding her tummy firmly, pressing her to the iron bars, her bums touched his thighs. The fingers of his right hand caressed her breasts and softly twitched her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. All resistance to his assault had disappeared.

He blew warm air at her neck and ears, making the tiny hairs there stand up.

She could smell his breath; a mixture of alcohol and coffee.

"I know you are horny and really need sex badly. I can feel that you like what I'm doing to you. Do you want me to stop?" David whispered into her ear.

She didn't reply. Her body started to squirm with his ministrations. The urge to have his cock deep inside her pussy was urgent. It was so long ago she was fucked! She wanted him to ravage her body.

His right hand searched for her bush below her navel and slowly strummed it, like playing a guitar.

She shivered and then her body moved on its own, in tune with his caresses. Her moans were laboured as his fingers searched for her clit. She opened her leg wider allowing him complete access, the width limited only by the pants at her feet. She tried to step out of it but failed; her boots were just too big.

His fingers found what they were looking for and slowly rubbed her there until she cried out her orgasm. Her body began to spasm violently, repeatedly banging the iron grill hard. Streams of her love juice spurted to the floor.

His fingers guided his mushroom head into her warm and slick pussy, penetrating her only partially, restricted by the iron bars and her standing form. Her pussy felt good clamping on his cock head.

Jane tried to capture more of his manhood by moving back against him but found the bars restrictive. As he fingered her clit once more, she orgasmed and her body shook violently. Her pussy clamped tightly on his mushroom head and coated it profusely with her fluid.

He held her firmly until her spasms receded in intensity. Then, he moved away from her panting body.

She was flabbergasted! She had anticipated him ramming into her hard and fast; like a wild inmate, devoid of sex for a long time, taking a captured woman. She wanted him to fill her pussy with hard pulsating cock, wanting his cum to flood her womb. No! This could not be the end to such a wonderful coupling. She needed more!

A few seconds later, she saw him standing in front of her through glazed eyes.

His hands held her thighs firmly, preventing her from kicking at him, if she had that thought. He knew she wouldn't harm him but he wanted to be safe than sorry.

His lips began to nibble her breasts and nipples.

She moaned her approval.

His tongue ran down her tummy to her pubic area.

She moaned softly and squirmed against the iron bars. She wanted his tongue to taste her clit.

He removed her left boots and released her feet from her pants.

She half-heartedly tried to clamp her legs shut, maybe shyness came back to her.

At her knees, he pried open her legs to look at her womanhood. She saw him admiring her slit with hungry eyes. She breathed harder and envisaged his next move and grew more even more excited and impatient.

His tongue moved from her pubic mound to her inner thighs, kissing them lovingly. His tongue drew a line at her slit and she shivered and moaned her pleasure. He planted his tongue and mouthed her clit vigorously. Her body began to undulate with his assault and the familiar prelude to another climax overcame her senses.

She orgasmed again! Her pussy ejected a load of her nectar into his waiting mouth. Her body spasmed violently as she moaned out loudly her climax once more.

He rose and kissed her lips softly, letting her smell and taste her own love juice. To him, it felt sensuous and kinky to let the woman taste her own sex juice. He lifted her legs at her calves and slowly pressed his manhood at her slit. "Do you want me inside you?" He pressed his mushroom head an inch inside her body.

He didn't need to wait for an answer.

Her pussy engulfed his manhood as she pushed her pubic mound at him. She sighed with satisfaction, "Ahhhhh..." when his manhood sank deep inside her pussy.

He pushed in deeper into her body, only to find her pushing back at him. Teasing her with his slow fucking, she couldn't stand it any longer and stared at him.

"Is this the way you fuck your woman?" she challenged him.

Without answering her, he sped up his thrusting and hammered her until her body recoiled against the metal bars. As they both shuddered from their simultaneous climax, their sex organs duelled fiercely with each other. She milked him for more as his cock pulsated within her body, pumping his seed into her fertile womb.

After such a long time of abstinence, she felt sexually satisfied again. A chill ran up her spine when she pondered the possibility of her pregnancy from this handsome stranger. She couldn't comprehend it but she wanted his baby!

Still connected, she moved her lips to kiss him, thanking him. He responded with a passionate kiss and embraced her body. Her legs moved lovingly on his butt, tacitly stating that she wanted him.

David pulled away slowly and looked into her glassy green eyes. He saw bliss on her face.

He carefully redressed her, making sure he didn't leave out any of her attire. Except for her messy hair, he was satisfied she looked presentable. "Where's the key to your handcuffs?"

"The pouch on my belt."

He found it and released her.

He located his underwear and pants and put them on. Turning to face Deputy Jane, who was standing near the cell door, he extended his arms in front of her. "You can cuff me now and put me back in jail and throw away the key. I'm your prisoner now."

Deputy Jane brought out her handcuffs, swirling them in her hands as she walked seductively to him. When she reached him, instead of cuffing his hands, she guided his hands behind her body. She wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him passionately, her hot pussy eagerly searching for his manhood.

Trouble Comes Flooding In!

The radio on her belt started to hiss and crackle again. "Jane. You better get that guy out of the jail and go some place high. The dam is breaking apart. Oh Shit ... Noooooo... !"

"Copy that. What about you?" Jane spoke over the radio. She looked at David when there was no reply.

"I guess we both need to get the shit out of here fast! I believe the dam just broke."

Jane ran to her desk and grabbed the keys to the patrol car parked outside. They heard a rumbling sound in the distance which grew louder. Jumping into the car, David sat beside Jane as she started it up and quickly throttled the car to full speed. She started to sweat when she saw a wall of trees and water approaching them at high speed in the rear view mirror. There was no way they could outrun the flood.

David saw her fearful face. He turned around to see the commotion behind them.

"SHIT!" David screamed in panic. In the moonlight, he saw the destruction of the town they had just left. The distance between them and the wall of debris and water was getting smaller. 'Why the hell did we have sex just now?' David cursed himself.

A moment later, their heavy patrol car was tossed up like a toy. It rolled over repeatedly. Now they understood how it felt like to be inside a washing machine. Muddy water was flooding the car and they would soon drown. They held their breaths. Darkness and cold water surrounded them. They didn't know how long they would last under the churning water. They felt the car slammed into a rock and they saw a glimmer of light through the rear windscreen.

David located the front windscreen and kicked at it with all his strength. The windscreen broke outwards as water poured out from the car.

They could breathe! They both gasped for air! They were happy to be alive!

The car sat with its front grill on the ground. The rear portion of the car was perched high on a big boulder.

David opened the door nearest to him releasing more water from the doorway. They crawl through the opened door and climbed to the top of the big boulder. They tried to catch their breath and looked at each other. They were covered with mud.

David joked, "It seems nature had given us both beauty mud baths!"

They laughed.

She hugged him lovingly. "I'm so glad we are both alive!"

David felt water began to surround them. He was an engineer attached to the LA city council specializing in hydro-dynamics. The city's drainage, sewage and flood mitigation system was his responsibility. He realized that the water had gone up the hill and was now coming back down to find its natural level.

"SHIT! The water is coming back down!" He exclaimed and quickly surveyed the surroundings.

The water started to rise rapidly and soon they were floating and were swept down the hill. He could hear a roar, like a waterfall, and they were moving towards that sound. He saw a tree and called out to her, "take my hand. Quick!"

She grabbed his right hand with her left. He held her hand tightly while his left arm hooked around a tree trunk. The force of the water was trying to dislodge them from his anchorage and he hung on for dear life for two minutes! The two minutes seemed painfully long. Now both of Jane's hands were holding his right hand for dear life!

"Please don't let go," Jane pleaded. Fear overcame her. "Don't let me fall!"

"I won't." David said, "Just hold on a bit longer and we'll be all right!"

The water level soon lowered them to the ground as its volume decreased. He could pull her to him and she grabbed him by his belt. They were covered deep in mud. When the water disappeared, they were standing on slimy mud and dead foliage. Every time he tried to stand, he slipped and fell as the ground level angled at 45 degrees sloping down.

"Try to get up this tree. I'll help you." David told Jane.

She climbed over him to the nearest thick branch. His hands helped by pushing her. When she was safe on the branch, he climbed up to her branch and sat beside her.

He grimaced in pain and touched his left shoulder with his right hand. "I think I dislocated my shoulder!"

She looked at his shoulder and touched him there and he grimaced with pain. "When we get on the ground, I'll try to fix your shoulder. In the mean time, try not to move that shoulder."

Rumbling sound reached their ears. David suddenly felt the tree start to move downward to the cliff. "SHIT! The ground is giving way. It's a landslide! Quick ... move up to the next tree!"

David prayed that the nearest tree had longer roots and was more firmly attached to the ground.

They scrambled quickly up the slippery ground and managed to grab an exposed root of the nearest tree above them in the nick of time. They saw the tree they had been sitting on slowly disappeared down the cliff.

David pushed her and they scrambled further up the hill, finally resting on a rock.

"Don't move. Any movement may loosen this rock and we go down the cliff together. Let the ground below this rock settle firmly before we move anywhere. We must stay as still as possible." David said as he pulled her body next to him and embraced her.

She was shivering as they sat silently. Their hugging helped to prevent more heat loss.

It was an hour later that David felt confident to move around.

He looked at her and asked, "any idea where we are?"

She stood up and looked around and told him where she thought they were.

"Are we near my cabin?" David then gave her the description of his cabin.

Jane thought about his cabin for a minute. She surveyed the surroundings. "Yeh! I think it is about half a mile that direction." She pointed to a location above where we were.

"Great! Let's go there. I hope it's still around!" David uttered.

The Teasing Continues

David approached his cabin and was happy to see that there was no water marks on the wall. His fingers fumbled in his pants and spoke, "I don't have the key! Let's look around and see if we can get in another way."

They tried all the windows and found them locked. Jane found that the back door could be easily open if you knew the trick. She pulled out her pen knife, flicked it open and pushed in between the frame and the door and a moment later, the door was ajar. Her fumbling fingers searching for the light switch. A few seconds later, she found it and the cabin was lighted.

"Nice trick there," David complimented her.

"We are in the serve and protect business so we know how it is done." Jane smiled at him. As they were about to enter, she held him back and said, "hold on first. Our boots and clothes are dirty! Let's strip and carry it in."

David did as suggested and she quickly undressed her uniform and boots. They were dressed only in their underwear when they walked inside, carrying their dirty clothes and boots with them.

She pointed to the bathtub, "dump the dirty things beside the tub. I'll wash it later." She looked at him and smiled. "Any clothes for me or do you want me naked?"

David smiled, "I'd prefer you naked but I don't want you to freeze to death. Go and get cleaned first while I look for something appropriate for you."

A minute later, David knocked on the bathroom door and passed inside a big T-shirt and jogging pants. He could hear her washing their dirty clothes. He went over to the fireplace, placed a few logs of wood and started a fire. The fire soon caught on and the cabin started to warm up.

The dirt on his body began to dry up and caked. David shouted, "ARE YOU GOING TO STAY INSIDE THERE MUCH LONGER? I DON'T WANT THE DIRT ON MY BODY TO FALL ALL OVER THE FLOOR!"

"OK, A FEW MORE MINUTES!" Jane shouted back.

She came out from the bathroom wearing only his T-shirt. It showed her smooth beautiful legs and the T-shirt only managed to cover her private parts. David had an instant hardon. 'This girl knows how to tease!'

Jane saw the effect on him. "I'll only take care of you after you are clean."

David stood and went into the bathroom. As he passed by her, he sniffed her neck, "You smell very nice," he complimented her. He purposely showered for a long time, wanting to make sure he smelled nice.

Jane got on the bed and slipped under the blanket. She thought about his strong body and handsome face sleeping with her tonight. She pictured in her mind his cock deep in her pussy, fucking her silly. Her pussy became wet. She became impatient and shouted, "ARE YOU COMING OUT OR YOU WANT TO SLEEP INSIDE THERE?"

David came out shortly with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was rubbing his injured shoulder. He saw that she was wearing his T-shirt, sitting on bed; the blanket covered her up to her tummy.

"Let me take care of your shoulder first." She said sweetly and patted to a spot on the bed next to her.

David sat at the spot.

"Lie down on the bed and be a man. Try not to cry when I pull your shoulder back into its correct position."

David lay down, grimaced at the pain when he extended his injured arm to her.

She got out from under the blanket and placed her left feet at his arm pit while the other feet on his neck. She locked her fingers with his, gripped his hand with both her hands and shook his arm strongly. She saw he was looking at her naked pussy lips and the bulge under the towel started to rise.

He was enjoying the view and without warning, she forcefully pulled his arm out of its socket, and released his arm back. David screamed out loudly at the pain. He blacked out!

Jane licked her lips as her eyes surveyed his body from the top of the towel up to his face. His eight abdominal muscles framed within an oval frame stood out firmly. His chest muscles, shoulders and arms were big but he wasn't Mr. America. She spread her legs wide and her fingers played with her pussy lips. Yes, she wanted this man to be the father of her baby!

David came out of his blackout. He saw her sitting on the bed; the blanket covered her up to her tummy while the T-shirt concealed her torso.

She was smiling at him.

He realized that his legs are dangling over the bed, a towel still wrapped around his waist.

"I was wondering whether you are going to sleep there for the rest of the night. You want to sleep here in bed or over there on the couch?" Jane teased him, a finger pointed towards the couch. She knew what his answer would be.

David sat up, rubbed his shoulder and felt she did a good job of setting his shoulder joint back. He swung his injured arm around and felt some pain but it was very much better than before. He stood, dropped his towel, faced her and let her stare at his aroused pulsating member for a minute before slipping under the blanket and sat next to her. He looked at her pretty face and smiled.

Jane started to breathe faster the moment she saw his manhood. As he sat next to her, her breathing quickened. "I would like you to know that I don't usually sleep with a stranger. In fact, this is my first time with a man other than my late husband."

He didn't want to make the first move but he moved his lips very near to hers and whispered, "I don't normally rape a girl but what you are doing to me right now makes me want to do just that!"

"You didn't rape me earlier in the jail because I wanted you as much as you wanted me. It was my fault for teasing you. I wanted you to be happy because I've read your file. I know the pain you went through because I gone through it myself. Tonight, I'm your wife." She whispered back, her lips still not touching his. She desperately wanted him to touch her but she wanted him to initiate the process.

They both wanted to see who would start. Since he didn't stir, she moved away and spread her leg wide and slipped her fingers down to rub her clit. She closed her eyes as she felt the pleasure coursing through her body and issued a moan.

David whispered into her ear as she continued to play with her clit. "I can see that you are very horny tonight. Do you really want to please me?"

"Yes, anything you want!"

"I want you to suck my cock."

"Please ... You think I'm a pervert! I've never done it before, not even with my husband!" She protested.

"But you loved it when I licked and suck yours earlier!" He whispered into her ear. "You were pressing your pussy back at me, begging me to eat you. You came so hard and gave me so much of your sweet nectar that I couldn't drink it all, but I loved it." He paused for effect and continued, "when you do the same thing to a man, he will feel like he is in heaven. Do you want me to feel that?"

"God! You make me so horny now. I'll do it but you must teach me how." Jane consented without any more hesitation.

"Touch me there and lick the tip with your tongue."

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