Maryjane and Steve

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Cheating, Incest, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A joint collaboration, with alternating chapters. maryjane and Steve have lots of fun in bed, with his daughter Linda joining in.

Author's Note — I've been in correspondence with a fellow I'll call Steve. Though he lives hundreds of miles away from me, we've given each other a number of pleasurable electronic orgasms. Steve and I have decided to write this story together, creating alternate chapters that build on each other but with no pre-set plan other than to get you hard or wet, as the case may be. We hope that you like it. If so, let me know. If you don't care for it, it's all Steve's fault. (Just kidding, lover.) Oh, and don't forget that this is fiction. In real life, intelligent people use condoms.


"Mom?" The door slammed just after the question echoed up the stairs and through the house.

Steve stopped suddenly, in mid-stroke, confusion and terror in his eyes like a deer caught in the headlights. He didn't resist as I pushed him up and off of me, feeling his cock shriveling as it popped out of my warm wetness.

"I'll be down in a second, Mikey," I screamed through the open doorway.

I had known Steve for years. We both worked for the same large firm, in the same large department. Our paths crossed from time to time, at departmental meetings, Christmas parties and the like. We (my husband Dave and I, as well as Mikey) had shared a table at the party with Steve, his then-wife Tina and their incredible daughter Linda.

A girl gets to know boys as she grows up, and then men, reading them like a book. I'm five foot one, a hundred ten soaking wet. I wear my blonde hair in a Dutch Boy style. OK, so its not really natural blonde, but only Dave and Steve can swear to that. (Actually, there are a few women also, but here I'm only talking about men.) Well, there was one other guy a long time ago, back in high school, but that was Date Rape. Anyway, it was kind of dark and I don't think he even looked down at my cunt hair. He just poked his cock against me until he found my slit. Then he just shoved it into me, popping my cherry; no foreplay, no caressing, no getting me wet. He shot his load after five or six strokes. I was crying like a baby when he dropped me off at home, and I haven't seen him from that day to this.

He doesn't even know that Mikey is his baby. Nor does he know that his son is as much of a prick as his father. The little bastard dropped out of high school and only works about half the time. Without knowing, I had no doubt that he had come over to borrow some cash from me.

Whatever. Getting knocked up happens. My mistake was in not given him up for adoption after he was born. All this made me kind of cynical when it comes to the opposite sex. Like the way I knew that Steve was looking my body over (I'm a well shaped 34B, after all) whenever we were in the same room. And then when he called and asked me if I needed a ride to the District meeting downtown.

Oh, puh-leeze! Why didn't he just come right out and say, 'maryjane, I want to fuck you?" Did he really think that I thought he was just being kindly? Well, after I told him no way, politely though, I told my friend Edith about his call. Edith is one of the women who knows the real color of my pussy hair. She agreed with me that it was just a way for Steve to hit on me. She warned me off of married men. I still wonder if she was just jealous. But back then, Dave was giving me all the fucking I needed or wanted.

So with the passage of time, Steve and I would have lunch every once in a while, not too often. There was always a business purpose for the lunch and Steve was always a perfect gentleman. Perfect, that is, if you don't count him undressing me with his eyes from across the table. Since he kept his hands to himself, I didn't mind it at all. What the heck, a pretty woman with a nice body enjoys being lusted over.

In the meantime, I was living happily ever after with Dave. Or so it would seem to any outsider, who had no idea what was happening. Our sex life had been going along very nicely. We would fuck four or five times a week except when I had the rag on. Those times I would clean his pipes every night. I got to be pretty damn good at giving head. Dave would say that I was the best cock-sucker he'd ever had, and neither the expression nor the gratuitous history bothered me in the least. And I love to swallow.

When we'd fucked, I'd cum half the time on his cock as it rubbed my clit. The rest of the time, he'd make me cum by sucking his cream out of my twat right after he shot it in there.

Then Dave started drinking too much, and started coming home late more often. 'Dinner with clients' was the official excuse. In my mind, he was pronging his short-skirted slut of a secretary, but I had no proof of that; no lipstick on the collar, no perfume on his jacket, no cryptic notes or strange phone numbers in his pockets.

The only thing was, he seemed to have left his cock back in the office. Sometimes he had too much liquor in him, witness two separate DUI's, and sometimes he was just 'too tired.' I tried to avoid the issue by taking care of myself, but no matter how hard I tried, my fingers couldn't make me cum. Neither could my butterfly vibrator or my big pink dildo; they were just money thrown out. The only way that I could get off was with Dave's cock or his tongue; not even his fingers ever worked.

And getting either his cock or his tongue to do their husbandly duty turned into a very stressful experience. In fact, he was rarely even interested in a good blow job. Well, what choices did a normal woman have in cases like that? The one I chose was not that successful; I used my fingers until my hand got too tired, and then I tossed and turned until I fell asleep. But I kept my eyes open.

Long story short, Steve and I became lovers, fucking in my house twice a week usually. He was fabulous. Correction, he IS fabulous. The only problem we ever had was when my cross the street neighbor made a remark about the car that was always parked in my driveway. I knew that he knew what it was all about, and I also knew that he was trying to get in on the action. No thanks, I decided. It turned out to be a lucky break, but it convinced Steve not to park in the driveway anymore.

For sure, I was not Steve's first affair. I could feel it in the skill with which he handled my body. I could also tell from the photo he showed me of his eighteen year old daughter in a bikini. Now its one thing to have a beautiful daughter and to be proud of her, but I could tell that either he was already fucking her or that he had a serious yen to do so. Not that I could blame him; I myself felt a great desire to dive into that muff.

When I heard Mikey's voice, I threw on my robe and shoved some tissues into my cunt to prevent Steve's cum from our first fuck of the day from dripping out, hoping against hope that he wouldn't be able to smell the sex I'd just had. I thanked my lucky stars that Steve no longer parked in the driveway. Otherwise, for sure Mikey would have come bouncing up the stairs to see whose car it was. And then I knew in my heart that he would try to blackmail me into putting out for him. He had the cock for it, too; I'd caught him when he was sixteen, fucking some girl, in my bed, no less. His cock may not have been of Steve's quality, but I knew that he wouldn't hesitate to use it on me if he ever got the chance.


There was a soft POP as my hard cock left the warmth of mj's cunt, and I couldn't help but admire her sexy body as I rolled over and watched her shapely ass sway as she went into the bathroom.

I Love to watch her walk when she's naked!! From the back, her luscious ass swayed back and forth and her shapely legs were eye candy. I love to watch her thigh and calf muscles flex when she walks.

I also noticed the dissatisfaction, even dislike in Mikey's eyes, that first time that I had met him. I don't think that kid likes me very much; I think that he would like very much to get his cock into his mother. Sometimes I wonder what she would do if "push came to shove".

I thought of my own daughter Linda. She was 18 years old, and was built very much like mj, but her skin was darker than mj 's. She had Puerto Rican blood, and a beautiful Latino face, with full lips, that were almost perfect when she smiled, to her white even teeth, to her beautiful brown eyes, so very full of expression. Linda was only 5 foot tall, but something about the way she carries herself speaks of a lot of confidence. Her skin is a golden brown, and is almost velvety due to a natural lack of body hair.

Her 34D tits where her outstanding feature as were her full firm ass and almost athletic legs. For a long time, in the back of my mind, I have wondered what it would be like to make love to her, but had suppressed the thoughts.

I have mj now, and she is the best lover I have ever had. I just wish Mikey would go away!!

mj made eye contact with me as she started down the stairs. Disappointment was obvious, but I also saw her forehead pursed with concern


How long does it take to walk down half a flight of stairs? Five seconds, ten seconds if you walk slowly? To me it seemed like an hour as electric charges jumped across synapses in my brain (just making believe that I have any idea how a brain works) to help me decide what to say when I got to the foot of the stairs.

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