Naughty Girls Club

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The girls get together to read erotic stories to one another and enjoy a lot more than just that.

Dianne hadn't seen her sister-in-law Ellen in well over a week, though she had spoken with her the night before on the phone, learning that her brother Bill was out of town on business and wouldn't be returning until Sunday evening.

"Any plans for Saturday?" Dianne had asked.

"No, not really, just the usual, dusting, mopping, changing the sheets on the bed," she'd added with a smile in her tone of voice.

Dianne envied her sister-in-law in that way, knowing her brother as well as she did, remembering when growing up together how sexual he had been back then, and especially when he'd met and had begun dating Ellen. Thinking back, she laughed ... the number of times she'd covered for the two of them, keeping an eye out for their parents if they were out for any length of time at all, just so her brother Bill and Ellen could spend the time fucking one another's brains out while she stood guard. She'd even seen them doing it, neither one of them squeamish at all at her being there, which had on many occasions made her horny, so much so that she'd ended up masturbating in her room later just for some relief.

"He always did like fresh sheets," Dianne chuckled still remembering. "They always aroused him for some reason."

Now it was Ellen's turn to laugh, "Yeah, I know," she giggled excitedly.

Ellen really did feel more like a sister to her rather than just her brother's wife. They had always gotten along very well, sharing secrets not only about Bill, but about some of the other men in both of their lives. When it came time to marry, Dianne had been Ellen's maid of honor, and visa versa when a year later Dianne married Steven.

"So how about you?" Ellen asked. "Anything fun and exciting happening for you over the weekend?"

"Nah, you know Steven," Dianne said once again trying to hide her disappointment, once again envious of her sister-in-law. "All he ever thinks about is watching the games, or going to them over the weekend, so I'll probably just curl up in bed with a good book later on and enjoy that."

"Maybe you should make it a naughty one at least," Ellen suggested. "After all, we are meeting on Wednesday for the naughty book review," she reminded her.

"Well I'll certainly be doing that, but it sort of sucks getting all aroused after having read something, and then half begging Steven to even do something about it after I am."

"Who said anything about Steven?" Ellen quipped suggestively.

Dianne felt herself blushing over the phone, she'd been doing a lot of that lately already. "Yeah well," she grinned back speaking. "Even that gets old after a while," she finally admitted.

They had shared a few more pleasantries, and then had hung up looking forward to their weekly little get together with the rest of the girls, which included Ellen's younger sister Michelle and her partner/lover Sharon. There was also another woman who'd recently joined their group, Laurel, who currently worked for one of those erotic stories websites, and who had often read excerpts from some of the stories posted there. One of the highlights of their evening as everyone had found many of the stories she'd brought with her highly arousing as well as entertaining.

It just so happened that Dianne's errands on Saturday brought her within just a few blocks of where Ellen and Bill lived. Since Ellen had already told her she didn't have any real plans other than cleaning the house, she decided to swing by and visit with her, especially as Steven wouldn't even miss Dianne until it was dinnertime.

Pulling up in front of the house, she saw Ellen's car parked in the driveway, and knew she was home. Walking up to the front porch, she knocked. Inside, she could hear movement, expecting Ellen to open the door for her momentarily, but after several seconds without her having done so, she knocked again, this time getting a response, but even that an unexpected one.

"Be right there!" Came Ellen's voice from inside. Dianne waited, finally hearing the lock being turned, the door opening though she'd been standing there for several minutes patiently waiting.

"Dianne!" Ellen said breathlessly and with a surprised tone and look in her eyes upon seeing her sister-in-law. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone," she offered sheepishly beckoning for Dianne to come in. They kissed one another in greeting, but Dianne could see that Ellen's face was flushed and that she was still trying to catch her breath as though she'd been running or something. But even more oddly, she was also wearing her bathrobe, and it was well after noon, which was once again strange for Ellen to be doing as she never seemed the sort to be lazy, especially when she said she had cleaning to do.

"Come at a bad time?" Dianne asked curiously looking about. The house was spotless, just as it always was.

"Oh no, not at all, I was just ah ... well cleaning, like I told you," she offered, but her explanation seemed forced when she spoke, especially with any real lack of evidence about that that's what she'd been in the middle of actually doing when Dianne arrived.

The only room that appeared a little disheveled, if you even wanted to call it that was the den as they entered, though even that was to be expected since it was the one room in the house Ellen and Bill spent a majority of their time in whenever they were home. The problem was, Dianne had been here on several occasions, and it had never looked quite this much in disarray before, several pillows that were normally on the couch now lying on the floor, the TV remote on the floor as well, another minor oddity as that was one of Bill's minor quirks, he always had to have it sitting nearby his chair on the table.

"Sit down, sit down!" Ellen beamed smiling, seeing Dianne's curious expression as she scanned her eyes about the room. "Like I said, just doing some cleaning, going through the couch cushions for loose change," she said apologetically, tossing a couple of the pillows from the floor back onto the couch for Dianne to use. "Would you like some coffee? I think I still have enough for a couple of cups if you'd like, or ... I can even make fresh!"

Ellen was talking a thousand miles an hour, obviously there was more going on than what met the eye here, though Dianne couldn't for the life of her think of what it was. If she didn't know her sister-in-law better, she'd almost be suspicious she'd been entertaining someone, but as she'd heard no other sounds, voices, not to mention the fact she felt like she knew her sister-in-law better than that, especially as she and Bill certainly didn't seem to be having any marital problems, she chocked it up to her own overactive imagination.

"Sure, that would be great," Dianne told her, and then watched as Ellen scurried off into the kitchen to pour their coffee.

Once again spotting the remote, Dianne retrieved it, intending to place it back on the table next to the chair where she'd seen it sitting over a hundred times or more whenever she'd come over. Glancing over towards the TV, she noticed however that the CD player was still showing "play", so obviously a movie of some sort was still on even though the TV screen itself was off. As she rose to replace the remote back where it belonged, she reached for and picked up yet another throw pillow, intending to toss it back behind her on the couch, as she did so, she felt something odd stuffed inside the cover protecting the pillow itself, and curiously slipped her hand in retrieving the object, when she did, her eyes opened wide turning into saucers just as Ellen came back into the room carrying their coffee's.

"Oh ... my!" Ellen said in confusion, her face suddenly turning scarlet. Dianne smiled however, holding up the toy she had found.

"Now I understand everything," she said grinning, handing over the toy as she accepted her cup of coffee in return for it. "For a minute there, I thought you were fooling around with someone, not something!" she grinned enjoying the uncomfortable, embarrassed look on her friends face.

"Me? Never!" Ellen replied emphatically. "You should know me better than that," Ellen said somewhat indignantly. "Using one of these when Bill's not around is one thing..." She stood there waving the toy in her hand, it flip-flopped back and forth as she did so in a bizarre, almost macabre sort of way, stopping her cold as she stood there looking at it, as was Dianne. Both women burst out laughing as it sat in her hand, once again righting itself.

In an effort to keep the conversation even more friendly now that the awkwardness had finally passed, Dianne shared with her, "You know kiddo, I've never even used one of these things myself, how are they anyway?"

"Seriously? You haven't? Even with ... with..."

"Steven?" Dianne said finishing the question for her. "No, even though Steven and I hardly even have sex any more, I never have, not that I haven't considered it, or even been curious about them before, just never saw myself using one, always relied on the old standard," she said wiggling her fingers once again making Ellen laugh, which is when Dianne saw the robe Ellen was wearing part, revealing the fact that she was indeed naked beneath it. Dianne had seen Ellen in various stages of being undressed before, she'd certainly seen Ellen's breasts when they'd gone out to try on new bra's together before too, but she couldn't honestly recall a time when she'd seen her entirely naked before, let alone the fact that Ellen had shaved her pussy, since she did recall clearly one other time when they'd dressed for Ellen's wedding, and she'd seen her briefly then, but also remembered her having a neatly trimmed, dark haired little bush.

"So when did you start doing that?" Dianne asked curiously, looking down and thus alerting Ellen to the fact that she was asking her about her shaved pussy. Realizing her robe had indeed parted, she modestly folded it over, retying the sash before sitting down in the chair across from her, setting the still wobbling life-like flesh-toned penis dildo down on the table next to her.

"Several months ago I guess," she said blushing. "Bill told me he actually preferred going down on a bare pussy, and since he's so good at doing that, how could I not? I've been shaving it ever since!"

Now Dianne was blushing, the words out of her mouth before she even realized they were. "Fuck! I wish Steven was willing to do that!"

"You're kidding me!" Ellen shot back in surprise, you mean in the two years you guys have been married, he's not once gone down on you?"

Dianne couldn't believe she was admitting it, but she was, and felt comfortable enough around Ellen telling her so. "No, not once. And even though he seems to enjoy it when I do that for him, he told me shortly after we were married that a 'real man' didn't need to do things like that to satisfy a woman, nor did SHE need to use any fucking toys either!" she added trying to sound a little like the way her husband would say it for Ellen's benefit. Not only that as she further explained things to Ellen, Steven insisted that she keep hair on her pussy, though she did keep it trimmed. Though he hardly even looked at it, all he ever wanted to do was fuck it, and it had been hard enough getting him to even do that much.

"Fuck!" Ellen responded back genuinely surprised. "Oh kiddo, I'm so sorry, I had NO idea!"

"Obviously, I didn't either," Dianne hated to admit, but there it was. But as she sat there looking at Ellen, the almost obscene statuette now sitting beside her on the table, Dianne asked. "Tell me something honey, obviously you and Bill do indeed enjoy and have an active sex life, so ... why the toys?"

"Oh sweetie, it's because of that, that we've included those, amongst other things!" she added without elaborating. Bill has always been excitingly experimental, you know how he is! He's even the one that suggested I get this thing," she said picking it up once again by way of emphasis, "amongst a few others we have too," she said sounding excited to finally be sharing all this with her sister-in-law. "And I don't mind telling you, even Bill has a few he uses, or which I get a kick out of using on him!"

"T.M.I.," Dianne laughed, though she was suddenly even more curious than she had been a moment ago to hear more, a lot more.

"But my point is, it seems the more I use them, even when I'm all by myself, the more aroused I always seem to be, which Bill certainly benefits from, and he knows it. That's why he encourages me to enjoy myself, think about things..." she wavered, realizing that she might have shared a little too much.

"What things?" Dianne pressed, her eyes now glued to the once again wobbling prick that Ellen held in her hand, talking as she did so, continuing to wave it about like a magic wand or something.

Ellen hesitated. "Maybe it would be easier to show you," she said boldly, suddenly picking up the remote.

With the press of a button, the TV turned on once again, along with the movie that had been playing, though the sound was still muted. "This is what I was watching just before you came," she told Dianne. "And ... to explain things a bit further, one of the reasons it took me a moment to answer the door, wasn't because I was trying to put any of this away, or straighten up, it was because I was right in the middle of having a really intense orgasm when you knocked!"

"Oh my God!" Dianne finally breathed, though she couldn't tear her eyes away from the picture on screen. A very attractive brunette was lying on an oversized bed, she was alone, but had one end of a double dildo deeply inserted inside her pussy, some sort of hand held vibrator held against her clit as she moaned pleasurably even though Dianne couldn't hear it. "You're watching a woman masturbate?" Dianne questioned finally turning towards her near sister.

"Yeah, like I said, Bill's sort of been encouraging me to explore myself, see what sorts of things other woman use or do when they're using some of these," she explained.

"Where the hell did you get this anyway?" Dianne asked once again turning back towards the TV, finding what the woman was doing to herself to be curiously arousing, though she was still too afraid to admit it, even to Ellen.

"You'd never believe me if I told you," Ellen sat grinning.

"Try me."

"Michelle gave them to us," she said now including Bill in on it.

Michelle was Ellen's younger sister, and an admitted lesbian who'd been living with another woman now for the past couple of years.

"Wow!" Was all Dianne could think of to say for the moment. "I guess I just never imagined you watching something like this, Bill maybe," she added grinning. "But the fact that Michelle obviously does too surprises me a little, though I also guess it makes sense that she'd have movies of women playing with themselves, or even other woman too for that matter. It would have been more odd if she'd given you a porno with men and women in it together."

"Oh, she's given some of those to us too, she might be considered a lesbian, but I do happen to know she still enjoys a man's cock once in a while, just for the heck of it. She even has a friend who she calls her 'boy toy' who she and Sharon occasionally like to play with every once in a while."

Again, Dianne couldn't help but find all this newfound information interesting, as well as mildly arousing, once again looking back up at the TV as the brunette now slipped the interesting little toy inside her pussy having finally removed the almost giant-sized double dildo.

"Anyway, that's what I was doing when you arrived," Ellen said looking back at the screen now herself, a slight quiver of arousal clearly showing in her tone of voice.

"Cumming, you mean," Dianne now teased, because that was what Ellen was actually in the middle of when she first got there.

"Well yeah sorta, I mean I was, but it like got sort of interrupted there for a moment."

Dianne noticed as Ellen spoke to her, her own eyes were still glued to the TV. "Oh, oh! Watch this! Watch this! This is one of my favorite parts!" Obviously it was too, as Ellen had quite absentmindedly slipped her hand down between her legs, and though the robe she was now wearing hid what she was actually doing to herself, it was clearly obvious. Dianne didn't know what she wanted to look at more, Ellen, or whatever the hell it was taking place on screen that aroused her so much. She finally did turn then in order to look, and once again finding herself amazed if not somewhat shocked by what she now saw.

"Turn up the sound!" Dianne actually heard herself saying, and then adding, "Rewind that!" She heard Ellen giggle though she didn't turn facing her, watching as the screen paused briefly, and then everything moving backwards at high speed for a moment until Ellen hit normal play again.

"Wild isn't it?" Ellen said once again enthralled.

"Never seen anything like that before," Dianne had to admit, though she'd certainly heard about it, even wished at times she knew what it felt like, but she'd never actually seen another woman squirting before. "Play it again," she said feeling a flush come into her cheeks, along with an arousal that she hadn't felt or certainly expected in a long, long time either.

"That's one of the reasons I have this!" Ellen said suddenly producing yet another toy that she'd managed to just push beneath the couch Dianne was still sitting on. "It's the same vibrator that she's using," Ellen said now holding this one up. "Even the package calls it the 'juicer', something about being able to stimulate a woman's 'G' spot better than anything else out there on the market."

"Good God girlfriend!" Dianne exclaimed smiling. "Aren't you full of surprises! So tell me," she began in nearly the same excited breath, "have you managed to do that?" she asked once again turning back towards the screen, though by now an entirely different woman was shown, this one a blond with enormous tits who currently sat licking her own nipples.

"Ah squirt? No ... not yet, but I do think I am certainly getting a lot wetter than I used to," she said candidly. "Like I am right now in fact," she also admitted, once again her attention directed back towards the screen.

"You are? Really? Right now?"

"Yes, right now!" Ellen said looking at her, "Would you like to see? I mean, I know that must sound really weird under the circumstances, but I'm telling you Dianne, ever since I started using these things, I've gotten a lot wetter, a lot more aroused lately, and Bill has definitely seen and appreciated the improvement!"

Dianne couldn't believe they were even having this discussion let alone anything else, but she couldn't help but be curious about it too, throwing caution and all reasoning to the wind at this point, finding herself not only aroused, but devilishly wicked feeling, which was something else she hadn't felt in too long a time either. "Really? You'd let me? I mean, that doesn't weird you out or anything if I do?"

"No, of course not, actually kind of fun sharing all this with you, you are after all my best friend, not including being my sister-in-law, and more like real sister's in fact, which is why I don't feel quite so embarrassed now telling you, or even showing you all this!"

Like school mates, curiously exploring one another in the old days that was to some extent the same type of emotional high that Dianne was experiencing now with Ellen. And even Ellen seemed to be feeling the very same way as she stood, but this time allowing her bathrobe to not only part, but to drop to the ground behind her now standing completely naked in front of her friend.

"Let me show you what I mean," Ellen said enthusiastically excited. She quickly retrieved the naughty looking vibrator, along with the life-like penis looking one and sat down on the floor again amongst the pillows. "I'll show you the way I was doing it just before you came, and just before I almost did," she added with a very lust filled gleam in her eye as she spoke.

Likewise, Dianne positioned herself on the floor, but not before kicking off her tennis shoes, close enough to see clearly though without looking like she was interested in doing anything more than just looking, though in the back of her mind, she was already wondering what it might actually feel like to try out one of these things.

"Now watch," Ellen purred, slowly beginning to insert the life-like prick into her pussy. "The only reason I'm doing this is, because I actually like the way it feels inside me when I'm using this one to stimulate my clit with. But after a while, I just remove this one completely, and then put this one in and let it do whatever it was designed to do. I've had some of the most intense orgasms doing it that way than I've ever had before!"

Dianne was indeed mesmerized as she watched. She felt her nipples harden, more so in fact than she'd remembered them being in a very long time. But in addition to that, she felt her own wetness, her own moisture pooling between her legs and knew without any doubt that she would soon be showing a wet spot through her jeans if she didn't take them off, which she then did much to Ellen's amusement.

"Well? I can't very well go home looking like this!" she said brazenly revealing just how wet her panties already were.

"Fuck that's hot!" Ellen said through half glazed eyes as she lay there looking up at her near sister.


"That! You!" Ellen spat, her voice suddenly taking on a completely different tone now, one full of excitement, lust, desire. "You have no idea how fucking hot that looks, seeing how wet your pussy is, how much you've already soaked through your panties just standing there!"

Dianne actually ran a finger down against them without looking, almost afraid to see it for herself, or see it the way that Ellen obviously was, though she continued to feast her own eyes on Ellen's pussy as she now removed the fake prick casting it aside, inserting the other vibrator in its place, simultaneously increasing the vibration speed as she did so.

"Oh yeah, finger it a little for me while I cum," Ellen said, her voice quivering with hopeful expectation, her nerves raw, on edge, her breath shallow, fast almost panting as she now pressed the vibrator inside herself, holding it there in position, allowing the thousands of miniscule vibrations to caress and tenderly please her cunt inside and out.

Without evening thinking about it, without any hesitation or sudden shyness or embarrassment, Dianne found herself doing just that, though she still hadn't gone so far as to insert her finger inside herself directly, just locating her clit through the fabric of the material, which was enough as she stood there playing with herself, her clit throbbing wildly, the intensity of the moment escalating rapidly as she stood directly over her friend, between her obscenely spread legs, watching the way Ellen lay pleasuring herself while she in turn stood above her doing the same.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum, gonna cum!" Ellen announced suddenly, her eyes closing, her ass coming up off the floor by more than a few inches, arching her back, in a momentary pause as though time had suddenly ceased to exist as she held there for a moment. Even Dianne had quit working her fingers, her own breath held as she stood there, then like the sound of a trains whistle in the distance, she heard the slow agonizing moan of pure pleasure begin to whistle from deep within Ellen's throat, suddenly exploding outwards as the intensity of her orgasm claimed her, washed over her, and consumed her.

"Holy fucking shit!" Dianne spat as Ellen thrashed wildly beneath her now amongst the pillows in the throes of cataclysmic release. She was momentarily lost to herself, oblivious to anyone, or anything apart from the earth-shattering orgasm that seized her body from head to toe. And as she stood there, Dianne saw the sudden eruption of clear liquid as it ran in small little rivulets down between Ellen's legs soaking the floor. She herself was wet, drippingly so, but never before in her entire life had she ever experienced even that much as she was witnessing now. And though it was no where's near the woman's discharge on the movie, when she had actually jettisoned a long lasting streamer of clear liquid from deep inside her pussy, far enough to sprinkle droplets upon the camera lens as it filmed her, even this much was beyond her wildest imagination as she watched Ellen continue to climax, spinning now into yet another one as she continued fucking herself, crying out, groaning and sharing her pleasured joy with her friend.

Though she hadn't climaxed, she might as well had, her knees just as weak as though she herself had just had the orgasm she'd just witnessed. Collapsing down into the sea of pillows on the floor, she watched as Ellen slowly surfaced again from her revelry of pure erotic joy.

"Whew! That felt good!" Ellen grinned from ear to ear, though feeling a little sheepish.

"Damn fucking fantastic!" Dianne had to admit still feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, but also hornier than she'd ever been in a while too.

"Try it, try them both," Ellen said standing up on wobbly knees, just let me wash them off for you first," she said now feeling slightly embarrassed.

"No!" Dianne heard herself saying, catching Ellen mid-step.

"No? You don't want to try them?"

"Yes, I do, but no ... I don't want you washing them off first," she again heard herself saying, the thought of masturbating with them still fresh with Ellen's recent spending coating them, somehow a part of the naughty wickedness she was still feeling.

Ellen grinned back at her with the same knowing expression on her own face that she was now seeing. "You feeling what I'm feeling?" Ellen said now sitting down on the floor beside Dianne once again.

"Maybe..." Dianne chuckled, "tell me what you mean."

"I'm sure you'll remember this," Ellen began, once again absentmindedly fingering one of her hard extended nipples while doing so. "Bill and I had already done it of course, several times, but we'd been teasing one another for several days mercilessly in fact because neither one of us had had the opportunity to do so again. Then your mom and dad dashed out to go pick up some dinner for all of us, remember?"

Dianne did, but now she was enjoying the memory of that moment being retold, as well as enjoying seeing Ellen still fingering her own nipple. "I do, but keep telling the story," she said through a half breath as she brazenly stood, struggling out of her wet panties, along with the tee-shirt and bra she'd been wearing, until she herself was just as naked as Ellen still was as she spoke.

"Anyway, we didn't really have a whole lot of time, the KFC was just down the street around the corner as you recall."

Dianne did, but she wasn't about to interrupt the story for that.

"As horny as we both were, and since you and Bill had always been close enough and comfortable enough to discuss anything and everything with one another, that was when he asked you if you'd be willing to keep an eye out for mom and dad while we did it, right there on the couch."

Dianne could still see it as though it had happened yesterday. As Ellen continued talking, Dianne closed her eyes, the images forming inside her head, even the sensations, smells, the erotic conversation that began between them now blending with Ellen's words, though they'd become merely background to the memory.

"Please Dianne please," Bill had half begged his sister, just sit there on the couch, keep an eye out for their return," he'd asked. The sound of clothes being removed, zippers coming down, belts being unbuckled. She glanced quickly, seeing her best friend and future sister-in-law reaching behind unclasping her bra, already having slipped out of her shorts and panties now straddling her own brother whose hard massive prick she caught the briefest glimpse of as it disappeared inside Ellen's cunt. Seconds later the sounds of them fucking as she peered out the window looking for headlights, her breath coming quickly, the sudden throb of excitement emanating from deep within her own needful pussy.

"Hurry up you two!" Dianne had warned worriedly, "They'll be on their way back any minute now!" Though she had turned once again to watch them, watch as her brothers hands cupped her friends tits, caressing them pulling on them, just as she herself now sat doing as she remembered doing it to herself even then, though wearing clothes while she'd done so.

"That's it baby!" Bill had cried out, "Make it cum! Make it cum! Make it cum!"

Though Ellen was on birth control even then, they hadn't wanted to risk any pregnancy this close to the wedding, and as there hadn't been enough time for Bill to race off and locate a condom, there'd been no other choice either. Dianne watched as Ellen suddenly extricated herself from Bill's prick, mouthing it instead as he began ejaculating his hot creamy spunk into her mouth, surprising Dianne as she did, as she watched, even as headlights suddenly bounced in the window telling them all that their parents had returned home.

"Oh my God they're here! They're here!" Dianne screamed as Bill and Ellen had scrambled off the couch gathering up their clothes as they did, one racing downstairs to his room, the other upstairs to Dianne's as Ellen had been invited over to spend the night with her just as they'd always done on most Friday evenings.

Dianne now heard Ellen's voice, once again in the present. "But it was later on that evening," she continued. "After we'd all gone to bed. I remember that I'd pretended to fall asleep quickly, but the truth was, I was still horny as hell. Obviously I hadn't gotten off myself yet, and was just waiting for you to fall asleep so that I could masturbate."

"Oh my God!" Dianne laughed remembering the night. "That's what I did!"

"I know!" Ellen now smiled knowingly. "I know! And that is what I was leading up to, because as erotic naughty as it had been with Bill there on the couch, it was even more so for me after we'd gone upstairs to your room."

Dianne sat listening to her near-sister, her pussy still throbbing with excitement and expectation, her emotions swirling like a whirlpool inside her head, though she felt more alive, more aroused at this very moment than she'd ever felt before.

"I remember lying on my side pretending to be asleep, though I had closed my eyes, I could still squint just enough to see you, though after a while it wasn't really necessary anymore."

Once again Dianne could clearly recall that night, even seeing herself as she lay in one of the twin beds separated only by the small nightstand sitting between them. After she had assured herself that Ellen had fallen asleep, she had unabashedly began touching herself, though the sound of the sheet moving, even though she felt certain it wasn't heard, had caused her to pull it down and away from herself, but she also preferred to bend her legs at the knee, spreading herself whenever she masturbated anyway. Dianne glanced over towards Ellen several times, but had seen no movement, hearing only the soft gentle sounds of her slumbered breathing. Her excitement, and arousal from seeing her brother and Ellen there on the couch, very much on her mind as she twirled the tip of her clit with her finger, occasionally slipping a finger inside herself, withdrawing a bit of moisture which she used to further tease and stimulate her hard aroused little nubbin with.

"When I saw you lower the sheet, bending your legs in order to access your pussy more easily, I couldn't help but slip my own hand down between my legs, though it seemed to take me forever, not wanting to move, fearful that I might alarm you in some way and that you would stop. But thankfully you didn't, and as I watched you in the semi-darkness, I lay fingering my own pussy, wishing as I did so that we were lying in bed together side by side, doing each other instead."

Dianne couldn't believe she was hearing this, couldn't believe that Ellen had been thinking the very same thoughts and desires that she herself had felt and been thinking about as the two of them had masturbated together there in the darkness of her room. She had been so tempted to stand up, walk over and begin caressing Ellen's breasts as she rode her brother's cock, had it not been for the fact that her parents were due back at any moment, she might have. Her brother no doubt would have welcomed it, encouraged it along with a lot more had she done so.

"Touch me," Dianne moaned softly when Ellen had finished. "Please Ellen, touch me, and let me touch you."

They stood, embracing, suddenly kissing though neither had expected to do that. Dianne felt her breasts tickle the hard twin peaks of Ellen's breasts as they too embraced, fencing one another, purposely so as they looked down at themselves, Ellen suddenly cupping one of her own breasts, rubbing it against one of Dianne's as she soon mirrored the playful encounter, her taut hard nipple now flicking against one of Ellen's as they laughed joyfully, teasing one another tit to tit, nipple to nipple, breast to breast.

"Let's go into the bedroom," Ellen suggested, taking Dianne's hand in hers, leading the way until they both collapsed on the bed together. Side by side, Dianne felt the gentle exploratory probe of her near-sister's fingers, the tingling touch of them sending an ocean of goose bumps, which spread rapidly across the surface of her flesh. Even as Ellen touched her, finally stroking ever so tenderly the hard stiff nubbin of her sex, her own fingers found simultaneously that same hard little knot sitting between Ellen's sex, that caused her to moan deeply, hotly as she touched her, just as she now began to do as Ellen's slick finger probed, fucked, and twirled about her super-sensitized little clit.

They came almost simultaneously. Hands and fingers had been everywhere, she had pulled and tugged on Ellen's nipples, just as Ellen had been doing to hers. They had kissed one another passionately, tongues doing what she momentarily considered doing to Ellen's clit, though lacking the courage to do so, still fearful of taking it that far, as must have been Ellen in her mind, for she made no move to do so either. But it was enough, she felt the surge, felt the sudden prickle of joyful release suddenly seize her as she cried out, hearing Ellen's own sweet sigh of pleasured ecstasy joining hers as they fingered one another frenziedly after that until each was satisfied, satiated in a blur of unbridled, uninhibited lust.

"See you on Wednesday then?" Ellen asked after having walked Dianne to the door saying goodbye. Dianne smiled, grinning even as she quickly hugged her near sister to her, though not daring to kiss her though she felt safe in doing so had she decided to. As erotic/naughty as it had felt, her rational thoughts had returned, though still somewhat confused by her arousal, her attraction towards her own sister-in-law.

"Yes, Wednesday," she confirmed. "At Michelle's place this time right?" she asked having already forgotten, her mind still in a fugue as she stood there. Ellen still only wearing the robe she had been in when Dianne had first arrived, the impulse too great to ignore, not chancing a lingering kiss, but leaning forward for a sisterly one which she gave, yet allowing her hand to sneak forward, briefly parting the fold of her robe, seeking and quickly finding the softness of Ellen's tit which she touched, quickly caressed, then stepping back catching the broad smile on Ellen's face as she did so.

"Sure you don't want to take one of the toys to try out?" Ellen asked as Dianne stepped down off the porch step.

"Maybe next time," she stated, realizing as she said that, that she was already looking forward to, and hoping that there really would be a next time though she was still struggling inwardly with herself over having enjoyed this encounter with her sister-in-law as much as she had. Finally using the excuse that she'd been gone far too long, and that Steven would be wondering about where she was, even though she knew that to be a lie. He would be indifferent to her whereabouts, or even what she was doing, just as long as she was home in time to fix his dinner.

"I'll bring one with me on Wednesday, just in case you decide you want to," Ellen continued grinning, and then waved somewhat flirtatiously, even briefly baring one of her breasts, flashing Dianne as she slipped into the front seat of her car, laughing with her as Ellen waved once again just before closing the door.

They had been meeting every Wednesday night for several months now. For Dianne, it had become the highlight of her week, a chance to get away and have some time for herself. Since it was also Steven's bowling night, it was the perfect opportunity for her, she could relax, enjoy the company of her friends without worrying about getting home early, or even late for that matter as Steven usually stayed late himself afterwards in the bar sharing a few beers with his friends.

But there was a difference this time, she had always looked forward to Wednesdays, but she'd never been this excited before in looking forward to it. She'd only spoken once, and that all too briefly with Ellen when she'd called, Steven sitting too closely nearby to allow the conversation to take on any sexual overtones.

But now, driving over to Michelle's, she could already feel the moisture gathering between her legs as she openly looked forward to some erotic discussions, hearing each of the women sharing a favorite passage or two with one another, and then discussing it. That, and wondering if Ellen would remember to bring along one or two of her toys as she'd hinted at doing. Wondering further if indeed that she had, would she be brazen enough to take them home with her and actually try them, "though better yet," as she thought about it, "letting Ellen use them on me!"

As was usually the case, Dianne was the last one to arrive, having to drive the furthest except when they met at Ellen's place when she was the closest. Parking her car she entered into Michelle's home, knocking, but then simply walking in. They all did whenever they gathered together.

"Oh good, she's here!" Michelle said jumping up from the couch to give Dianne a quick friendly hug. "Laurel's been reading a few passages to us already while we've been waiting for you to get here. Hot fucking stuff!"

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