Personal Training Program

by Dual Writer

Copyright© 2008 by Dual Writer

Horror Sex Story: A special story for a friend. A damn good idea too. Just some fun. Supposed to be HUMOR not horror.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

"Whew! That was a good one. A really, really good one." I said as I flopped over onto my back. Andy and I was both covered with sweat. These last few minutes the sweat was raining from me, dotting her large breasts and neck. Her belly button was a swamp from the heat we had generated.

"It was so good. I love the way you make me cum and cum. This is better than exercise." Andy said still trying to catch her breath.

"Speaking of exercise, did you begin the walking program you were talking about?" I asked but knowing the answer before I spoke.

"No, I just can't get myself to go ruin a perfectly good pair of tennis shoes."

"Well lover, if you really want to lose some of the extra lavish beauty that you are, you are going to have to do something. I like having you around. I enjoy grazing over all that wonderful territory that you wish to get rid of. But I'd rather you stay healthy. Hmmm, I'll just lick and kiss some more of your beauty. You're a little salty right now but I know you have a creamy center."

"Get your face out of there." Andy said pushing me away from the anticipated creamy center. "One more cum and I'll explode. My stomach is cramping from cumming so much. Give a girl a break huh?"

"You're just too exciting. See, I'm already getting back up for you. If I had met you when you were smaller I could have kept those extra pounds off you by just pounding you silly every day."

"You would have worn it out by now Chuck. I thought you said you had trouble with E.D. You've been hard for the last three hours."

"That's cause you excite me Andy. It's your mind, your body, just all of you. You've been the most perfect fuck buddy a guy could have. You love to be made love to. You give as good as you get and you are so soft and cuddly. I swear, sometimes the way you act you could live on a pure protein diet. You just drain me."

"I like to please you too Chuck. The way you make love to me seems like a never ending orgasm. By the time you leave, I can hardly crawl to the bathroom ... If you didn't help me up and shower with me, I'd just lay here devastated by all the thrills we had."

"You're getting off the subject luscious. What are we going to do about an exercise program. You don't have to lose any weight. I don't care about that. You just need to get into better shape. Like I said, I want you around a while."

"Chuck," Andy said rolling to her side with her head propped on her hand making one of her large breasts flop onto my chest. "you come up with something that I can do. Come up with a way to exercise that will get me in shape and keep me in good shape. It might even take off a couple of pounds. You come up with it and I promise I'll keep it up. I know you're not around often but I promise to keep it up if you come up with a good idea."

"I'll work on it. I'll be at the University of Portland Health Center for at least a week, maybe two putting together new software for their education department. I'll think about it. It will also keep me in town and between your lovely luscious thighs for the week."

"Get you face out of there. I couldn't handle another cum if I had too." Andy said with a sexy smile.

"Can't blame me for trying to get you going again. As you can see and feel, you seemed to have cured my E.D. problem."

"Lay back honey. I'll make that thing go down."

By the time I left to go survey the job site, Andy had definitely made that thing go down. Like I said, I think she could live off a protein diet, male protein that is. She might like a little lady loving too but I definitely know she likes men.

The day was typically boring with the stuffed shirts trying to impress each other with how much they did and did not know. I did meet a couple dozen young enthusiast guys that you would have to classify as geeks or nerds. These guys were from the school of electrical engineering computer science. A part of their semester's activities was going to be assisting in the software conversion I was to implement.

During an afternoon break I could hear the chatter between them. They were teasing each other over not getting any. Any of what you might ask. Duh! These were healthy but geeky university age guys. They oozed testosterone. All of them looked healthy but from the conversation they were all very under-fucked. From the way they were joking, the closest they had come to pussy in their lives was Playboy or Penthouse. I think they all were checking their palms for hair.

As I was getting ready to leave for the evening, one of the guys asked if I wanted to go to supper with them. I declined saying I had a date for dinner with a good looking babe.

"You're so lucky," the young man said. "Girls just won't go out with us. They take one look at one of us pocket protector recluses and they laugh. I know I'll find someone one of these days but it sure gets old not having any female companionship."

"Hang in there fella, your time will come." I said this while leaving.

Andy and I were eating at a nice Italian restaurant she had recommended as I was telling her about how the guys had acted when I told them I had a date with a beauty.

"They would take one look at me and run," Andy said stirring her fork in the pasta. "Young guys don't want a middle aged huge lady."

"You might be wrong Andy and you are not middle age. You're only thirty-eight and that is definitely not old. You are not huge, you are big but so is your heart and your capacity to enjoy and give to others. Eat up my sweet as I'm dying to get home for desert."

"We've been doing so much these last couple of days that I itch for more Chuck. What's going to happen when you leave. I'm going to go nuts. I get some two, three, four times a day now then nothing? That's gonna hurt. Or at least itch."

"You'll just have to work it out by hand or perhaps one of your toys."

"It won't be the same Chuck, I won't have you raining sweat on me while you're pounding away at me."

"There is that."

Late in the afternoon the next day while I was reviewing what progress we had made in prepping the servers we were going to use, I was looking a bunch of the young men and wondered what their reaction to Andy would be. When we went on break I thought I might broach the subject of large women.

"Have any of you guys ever gone out with a large woman?"

The one guy said, "You mean fat?"

Another said, "Like a BBW?"

Still another said, "How large."

"Fat is not a good term. Large is acceptable. BBW, or Big Beautiful Woman is the best way to approach the subject. Well have you?"

The first guy said, "No, they would just laugh at me too."

The second said, "God, I'd love to touch and feel a big lady."

The third said, "Big babes like that often have monstrous tits. I'd love to play with those."

"Have you guys ever just approached a large girl? Asked her out for coffee or a coke?"

To a man they all hung their heads. They were decent looking young men but they were a bunch of bashful, geeky, nerds.

"What would you guys do if you had the chance to play with a big lady?"

They all looked at me with a glazed look while their mouths hung open.

"Could you handle a large lady showing you how to make love to her?"

Drool was dripping from their chins.

"You know, I might be able to fix you guys up with something. Want me to try?"

The first guy came out of his trance and said, "Are you pulling my leg? Not the middle one either."

The second asked, "Do you really think a large lady would really enjoy teaching me?"

The third asked, "Would she let me suck on her nipples. Could I play with her tits?"

Several other of the group were adjusting their pants from the thought of female companionship.

That night after making Andy's stomach tighten up from multiple orgasms we were lying facing each other while we kissed sweat droplets from each other's face.

While smiling at her I said, "I think I have the perfect exercise program for you."

She looked at me warily, "And what would that be. I'm not jogging or anything stupid like that."

"No, no I think my idea would be acceptable. It's unusual but it would be strenuous enough that it would be great for the cardiovascular system. There would be exercise for your legs, gluts, and your arms. I think your abs would tighten right up."

"Okay smart guy, what kind of exercise program do you have in mind?"

I gave her a kiss while wiggling my re-awakening dick toward her pleasure center. "Fucking."

"Fucking? What kind of exercise program is that?"

"A fun one. One that you're good at and one that you would receive lots of good orgasms from."

"Does that mean you're going to stay around to fuck the pounds right off me?"

"It means that I have found some help to give you exercise in a way that you enjoy."


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