Another Letter to Dear Abby

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: The lady from Seattle was asking for advice

Dear Abby,

I am a 44 year old woman and I will have been married to my husband for 25 years this coming Thursday. I love my husband dearly, but I have kept a secret (actually two of them) from him for our entire marriage.

My husband and I dated for about three years and we were due to be married. Although we did make love it wasn't a regular thing. I had waited until he proposed before I gave up my virginity, but he worked out of town a lot and we both still lived with our parents so there wasn't a lot of opportunity. I think that all total that we had made love maybe eight times over a five month period.

The week before the wedding the girls I work with threw a small party for me at a local lounge. They bought me drinks and made me dance with whatever guy who came to our table. It didn't matter if the guy came to ask Debbie, Carol, Alice or Bev he got me. I'd had enough drinks to get "loose" and when the guys felt me up I didn't fight their hands off. I didn't care because I knew that none of them were going to get lucky. Not with all of the girls I worked with being right there and watching.

After almost two hours at the lounge Alice said that it was time to give me my surprise and when I asked where it was they said we had to go get it. We got up and left the lounge and got in Carol's Suburban and as she started the car Alice said, "Here honey; as part of the surprise you have to wear this" and she produced a blindfold. I was blindfolded and about five minutes later we parked and I was led inside a building where loud music was playing. I was led to a seat and the blindfold was removed and I saw that we were in a strip club and it was male dancer's night.

I looked around the club and saw that almost all the patrons were women although a few of them did appear to have men with them. I was frankly amazed at the way a good part of those women behaved as the men took off their costumes as they danced. Some of them had to be restrained when they tried to get up on the stage with the dancers.

There were cries of "Take it all off and show us what you got" and "Show us the package baby." The girls fed me drinks and made lewd comments like:

"Look at the lump in his thong. Is your guy hung like that?"

Alice pointed at one of the dancers and said:

"Doesn't he look yummy? Wouldn't you just love to eat him up?"

He did look pretty good and for a second or so I let my imagination run wild. I'd had about five drinks since we got there and those on top of what I'd had before we got there so I was feeling no pain. I was getting into the spirit of things and was chanting "Show us the beef stick, show us the beef stick" with the other women when Carol said:

"Here he comes."

"Here who comes?"

"Your surprise honey; the reason we brought you here."

She pointed and I saw one of the dancers walk up. He looked like a Greek god and my tummy got all fluttery.

"This is Toby honey and Toby is going to give you a lap dance. I know he is yummy and I can tell from the look in your eyes that you want to do something naughty, but the rules are that you can look, but you can't touch."

Toby proceeded to give me a lap dance and when he was finished I was weak in the knees when he got up and if he had wanted to take me right there on the table in front of God and everybody I would have let him. After Toby walked away I told the girls I needed to use the ladies room and I got up to go. Alice got up to go with me and after taking care of our business and while we were touching up our make up Alice asked me if after seeing all those sexy male dancers I really wanted to get married and settle for just one guy. I laughed and told her that maybe I could talk hubby into letting me keep a spare in the garage.

"Got one in mind?"

"I think Toby would do nicely."

When Alice and I walked out of the bathroom we found Toby leaning against the wall waiting for us. He said that the girls at the table had told him that I was getting married next week and I told him that I was. He said he had a special lap dance for women who were about to get married and then he said to follow him to one of the private rooms and he would give it to me. Alice raised her eyebrows at that and Toby told her that he would see to it that I got back to the table.

He took my hand and led me to a small room that held a table, a straight backed chair and a small stand in one corner with a cassette player on it. Pushed up against one wall was a sturdy looking table. He closed the door behind us and locked it and told me to sit down on the chair. He hit the play button on the cassette recorder and music filled the room. He started on the lap dance and it had the same effect on me in that little room that it had had on me out in the lounge.

My panties got wet!

As he performed Toby whispered to me that the rules that pertained to lap dances in the lounge didn't hold in the little room. He pointed out that there was no window and that the door was locked so that whatever took place in the room would be between the people in the room and no one else. He stepped out of his thong and kicked it into one of the corners and then said I could even touch if I wanted.

As he swayed and moved and rubbed himself against me in time to the music I stared at his cock as it bobbed around and felt the same way I had felt out in the lounge.

If he wanted to take me I would let him.

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