I Did It My Way

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A different love story

When this story begins I'm a 29 years old guy who loves Anne of all my heart. In my humble opinion she is the most perfect wife in the whole world. She is beautiful, she is clever, she has great sense of humor and she says that she loves me of all her heart. The only problem is that she is not my wife, she is married to Roland Lindal, a real "mother's darling" and Anne is not very happy with that.

I met her on occasion. I had never seen her before when she came to my table at a crowded lunch restaurant and asked if she could share the table with me. Of course I accepted of several reasons. She was one of the prettiest women I've seen in a long time. Her sweet smile almost melted me when she said, "It's very kind of you, many thanks."

"You're welcome. I wish it been a dinner instead of a lunch."

She continued smiling when she replied, "Who knows, it can be your lucky day today?"

Thereafter we had a pleasant small talk about daily matters. I had noted her wedding ring and didn't expect anything further to happen. But when she was ready to go she opened her handbag and wrote her name and a phone number on the backside of a receipt and told me, "It was your lucky day today. I look forward to the dinner." And then she left.

I'm working as a real estate agent for a successful company and doing fair money. I use to have good luck in business but bad luck with women. As a money making single I had no problems to find handsome "party girls" to cheer up my limited spare time and even live with some of them now and then but as soon a genuine party girl hears the word "family" she use to get cold feet and disappear. I knew that many married men envied me for my short time relations and possibilities of fucking so many different, usually good-looking girls. But when all my old friends had got a family I began to envy them and be fed up with my present way of living.

Jill, the last one was so far the worst. I met her at a party, brought her home with me for a "one night" and two days later she had installed herself in my apartment. She was very good in the bed but almost worthless at all other matters. She could not cook, she never cleaned anything, and she threw her clothes everywhere in the apartment, which usually looked as a pigsty. It was my turn to get cold feet when Jill, the last women of all I knew whom I wanted to marry, told me that she had made a final decision to get a family and asked me of I was interested. My interest for getting a family had immediately faded away when she surprised me with her unexpected question. Somehow I avoided further talk about that matter and she never mentioned it again until one evening when she told me that she had good and bad news to tell me.

She told me that a nice shy guy at her job was obviously much more seriously interested of her than I was and he had told her that he was happy to have her moving to his place. She had decided to do that if I had no better suggestion for her. I didn't have any and wished her good luck for the future. Then she got mad when I asked her about the bad news which obviously had been that she left me.

A few days after the pleasant lunch with Anne I rang her at her job and asked her if she remembered me and told her that my suggestion of a dinner was still valid. To my great pleasure I got the feeling that she sounded happy to get my call when she told me that I was not forgotten yet. She accepted my invitation for the dinner and she suggested the time, date and a small inn outside the town, which I accepted with great pleasure.

We met the next evening and had a very romantic dinner. She told me about herself that she had married a nice guy two years ago and the first year was very happy. Then she got surprisingly open-minded about their actual problems, which began when Roland's sister's man took a job in China. Roland's mother had been a real pain in his ass and when the company where he worked moved more of their production to China, he immediately volunteered to go there for two years for getting rid of the mother in law. Therefore Roland's mom came to our town and began to interfere in Anne's marriage.

Anne had a serious quarrel with her husband Roland when he wanted to rent out a room in their three-room apartment to his mother and she had told him, "When your mother moves in, I move out." She won that battle but the mother found an apartment of her own in the neighborhood and visited them several evenings a week, which ruined both their family life and social life. Their worst problem now was that her husband wanted to have a child, which she refused during the present conditions. Thanks to the experiences from my job I was a good listener and avoided to say any negative comments about her obviously juvenile husband and his foolish mother.

The main reason for my excellent results at my job was that I always listened carefully to my customers, which gave me time to find out and suggest the best solution for them. Not necessary the most profitable for me at the moment but a satisfied customer usually generated new customers who wanted my service. Though I never used any high-pressure sales tricks in my job for quick results my annual figures were usually much better compared to those who did it.

I fell immediately in love with Anne and understood that to get any success I must really be a good boy, not only pretend to be a such and all nasty tricks to get her laid had to be out of question. I praised her for doing the right things during difficult circumstances, promised to do my best to help her in all possible ways and gave her me my business card.

After the dinner when we parted at the parking lot she hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that she was happy because I had not done any attempts to persuade her to some kind of sex. I kissed her on the cheek and replied that it is a dream but such dreams could only happen in the real life when two dreamers got the same dream at the same time. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips before she left me saying, "Keep dreaming, I'll call you for a date."

She did, as the first thing at the morning when she got to her job. We decided to have lunch at my apartment already the next day. Anne had got the rest of the day off from her work that day and I decided to do the same thing. She found my place without any problems and I was happy because I had hired professional cleaners for a real cleaning of the mess Jill had left after her. The first thing she said after my welcome hug was a question, "Got any dreams since the dinner?"

"Plenty of them, all about the loveliest woman I know."

Then she hugged me again and whispered in my ear, "Even I have dreamt."

After the lunch, take away from the nearest restaurant, I took her to my bedroom, looked in her eyes and whispered in her ear, "Let's have our dreams come true."

They did, indeed. It was like a large dam had broken. She must been starving for real love. Strong feelings got loose and couldn't be stopped. To be honest, we didn't any attempts to do that either. Why miss such a great opportunity to get all our dreams fulfilled. It was only the third time we met but it felt like we had known each other for ages. Real love is a wonderful gift because that day I got the best sex I ever had in my whole life and I really did everything I could do to give even her an unforgettable day. When we were dressed again she told me, "I wish my husband was as you are."

I replied, "I wish I was your husband."

She looked deep in my eyes but did not reply. Both of us understood that it was the very beginning of the love story of our lives. Anne wasn't the first married woman in my life. I had fucked several of them but it had always been "quickies" at parties, conferences and such occasions. Anne was different; I was in true love with a married woman. That was a new and unexpected experience for me. Now I really found out the big difference between making love and fucking.

I understood that if I wanted to win her forever, I had to do the most difficult sale I ever done. I had to sell myself and to be totally honest doing it. I knew that her husband had many advantages and I had to show her that I was a better guy even in many other ways than in the bed.

Anne told me that the sex with her husband had decreased down to a poor level. All he wanted was a quickie now and then. Convinced about that her husband would note some changes in her behavior and get suspicious sooner or later. I didn't feel sorry for him. Why should I? Though he had got such a great wife he wasn't able to get released from his mother's influence.

I bought Anne a small cell phone, which she could keep at her job so we could send daily text messages to each other. I warned her to use her home phone or her own cell phone, which were the first things a husband checked. I even warned her for saying anything in her car because small voice operated recorders were available in all electronic stores and hiding one in her car could give him much information if she used the driving time for phone calls.

We continued to meet at my apartment as often she could sneak away. Sometimes she began her job one hour later but left home at average time. Sometimes she left it one or two hours earlier. Our sex-life grew to new heights; much because her husband had began to neglect her as some kind of silly punishment for their family disagreement.

One day she sent me a message in which she was sure that her husband knew something because he had been a bit strange in his behavior against her. More quarrels about the child he wanted to have. I advised her began to do some new innocent errands during the evenings and check if she was tailed.

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