Like Father, Like Son

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Randy decides to visit his estranged father

Mom and dad divorced when I was still fairly young. I saw him every other weekend for a few months after that until he landed a new job out on the West coast. After that, I saw him once a year for a couple of weeks during the summer. Obviously we didn't spend a lot of time together, and because of that, we never were very close.

Though I continued to get a card here and there from him on birthdays, or a parcel with presents in it around Christmas time, dad became for me nothing more than one of those distant relatives that you knew you had and probably enjoyed visiting with whenever you saw him, but with mom eventually remarrying, my stepfather became more of a father to me simply because of circumstance and logistics.

Busy as he was in his business, which I think had contributed greatly to my own parent's breakup, dad never remarried though he'd certainly dated enough women off and on to keep him sexually happy as I later learned.

By the time I had graduated from high school, I was already looking forward to entering into college, wanting to eventually become a marine biologist. As it turned out, some of the best schools for that were on the West coast where I was eventually accepted. By now my parents were getting along reasonably well, and I'd heard them talking on the phone together about my coming out for a visit in order to take a look at a couple of the colleges in the area before deciding which one I wanted to attend. I already had a pretty good idea of what they'd been talking about, and actually found myself in agreement with it when mom called me into the kitchen area.

"Randy, can you come in here for a minute? There's something I want to discuss with you," mom had said.

Sitting down across from her, she began.

"Your father and I agreed that it might be a good idea if you were to go and stay with him for a few weeks while you're looking at which university you'd prefer attending, which I think is a good idea as you can take your time before making any final decisions. There's just one other detail you need to be aware of before doing that."

"What's that?"

"Your dad has a live in girlfriend, someone he's been seeing for the past few months," she told me, which was news to me, as I hadn't been aware he'd been seeing anyone as of late, let alone letting her move in with him, something he hadn't done before.

"Sounds like he's getting serious with this one then," I replied

"I don't know ... maybe, but before heading out there, he wanted to make sure you were ok with that before showing up since she'll be there, and though you'll certainly have your own room, you know how small your father's place is. It's apt to feel a bit crowded."

It wasn't exactly a beach house, but it was within walking distance to the beach, which I was looking forward to. The last time I'd even been for a visit was over two years ago, and dad was in the process of remodeling the place then when I'd gone for a visit. With the mess of reconstruction, I'd spent a lot of time at the beach when we weren't sightseeing or going to the amusement parks. His intent had been to extend the small attic into two bedrooms upstairs in a loft overlooking the bottom floor, and then converting what had been then the single large bedroom into a larger living area. I couldn't help but wonder how three of us would keep from tripping over one another's feet. Even so, I looked forward to my arrival and did so three days later.

I have to admit, I was surprised. What had initially been, or looked to be a fairly run-down shack more than home, had been converted into something quite spectacular in comparison to the way I'd last seen it. There was now a large standing deck off the back of the two bedrooms which shared it, each with its own private access, and built just high enough that you could actually see the ocean view from there. It was airy with an opening in the ceiling that could be rolled over and closed whenever there was bad weather or too windy to allow it to remain open. Below, the living room was indeed far more spacious with a conversation pit that dad had had excavated around a small cozy open fire pit, with a semi modernized kitchen that though compact for its small size, was extremely functional.

The only odd thing was as I followed my dad up the stairs to the new bedrooms was the fact that there was no door leading into either one. They were both open, though separated by a wall, but each led out to a small overhanging balcony looking down into the rooms below, thus keeping the 'loft-like' feel to them, but sacrificing whatever privacy might have been needed or required from time to time. Still, it was an interesting set up, and architecturally beautiful in design.

"So where's Kathy?" I asked after tossing my bags onto the bed.

"She should be here anytime now," my father told me. "She's out doing some grocery shopping, thought it might give us a chance to have a little time getting reacquainted before joining us."

As I'd grown older, I had certainly taken on more and more of my father's looks. Mom and dad had only been nineteen when they had me, which was the main reason for their getting married in the first place. And though it had been over eighteen years since that time, dad didn't look a whole lot different now than he had then, a bit more mature looking perhaps, but he'd kept himself in great physical shape, had a natural California tan most of the time without overdoing it, and had maintained the same thick dark hair that I had, along with matching hazel colored eyes that made us look even more alike in comparison.

"Darla's gonna love you!" Dad said slyly.

"Darla? Who's Darla?" I asked then.

"Mom didn't tell you?" he asked in surprise.

"Ah no ... she didn't," I stated, suddenly concerned. In my mind, I had this picture of some snot-nosed teenage kid that would constantly be hanging around me.

"Hmm," dad mused. "Wonder why?" he said more to himself, before speaking directly to me. "Well, Darla's Kathy's daughter of course, she's currently attending a college a bit further North of here, has her own apartment that she shares with some room-mates, though she makes it down for a visit every other weekend or so, "he explained. "Anyway, we thought it would be nice for her to come down for a visit next weekend, finally meet you after you'd had a week to yourself settling in."

At least Darla was around my age, slightly older even, which couldn't be all bad, though I still had no idea what she looked like, and found myself asking him.

Dad grinned, "When you meet Kathy, you'll know," he told me. "She's the spitting image of her mother, with blonde hair halfway down her back, blue eyes and a figure most women would die for!" he further explained, then caught me off guard a little as he cupped a pair of imaginary breasts, thus telling me as he did so that Darla was obviously well endowed in that department.

I felt my face flush somewhat, and though I was no longer a virgin, I'd only really been with one girl, so was still pretty naive and inexperienced when it came to girls, being somewhat shy most of my teenage years, even though I'd been considered good looking and had never had any trouble going out on dates, though it always made me extremely nervous whenever I asked.

Dad turned smiling, the sound of car tires on the gravel drive outside alerting us both that Kathy had arrived. Moments later she came inside with two arms full of groceries.

"There's more in the car," she told us both smiling heading over towards the kitchen area where she placed both sacks on the counter, immediately turning to embrace me rather warmly rather than merely shaking my hand as I'd expected to do.

"Nonsense," she'd said, ignoring my hand, drawing me against her, hugging me, which had the effect of capturing my offered hand between us before I could withdraw it, the sudden contact of Kathy's full breasts pressed against my hand between our chests making my introduction to her most awkward, though not without a mild thrill and amusement as we stood there hugging for a moment before she released me and my hand stepping back.

"You're the spitting image of your father," she told me checking me out. "Not at all like any of the picture's I've seen of you either," she added.

"Dad says the same thing about your daughter," I responded, now seeing Kathy for the first time really as we stood gawking at one another.

Her hair though short, framed her oval shaped face beautifully, with what could only be described as ocean blue eyes, a full set of Angelina Jolie lips, I actually found myself standing there wondering what it would be like kissing her, an unexpected thought that caused my cock to twitch, reminding me as it did so that I was imaging thoughts I had no business thinking about. But the fact that she was also standing there in a short pair of cut off Levis revealing a great deal of beautifully tanned, very shapely legs wasn't helping much. And added to all that, was the tight fitting white tank top she was wearing that molded her round full breasts as though it had been painted on.

"Why thank you," she said grinning at me, twin hard nipples pressing against the front of her shirt that I found myself having to tear my eyes away from. "Like father, like son," she said grinning even broader as she turned towards my father, her comment once again catching me off guard, and I wondered for a moment what she'd meant by that, though she quickly explained that when speaking to dad.

"Looks like your son is a tit man too," she said shamelessly. "Not surprised either if he's anything like you are," she added giving dad a quick affectionate kiss. "Now ... how about helping me with these groceries? So unless you feel like cooking dinner yourself, I need to get things going here!"

Kathy's smile was infectious, disarming, as was her obvious open attitude. Once again I felt my face flushing with embarrassment for she had indeed caught me looking a bit too long at her chest, though in all honesty, I didn't realize that I had been doing so to the extent that I obviously had been.

Following dad outside to the car where we collected the rest of the groceries, he once again smiled looking at me, "Well? What do you think? Is she hot or what?"

Just hearing my father speaking to me about her like this was oddly different. I mean he was my father after all, but it made me feel more like he was a friend too in a way, and I liked his easy going attitude, making me feel suddenly a lot more comfortable than I had ever felt around him before.

"Yeah, she is!" I actually admitted smiling back at him.

"And like I told you, as good looking as she is? Wait until you meet Darla," he told me, though the thought of doing that suddenly made me extremely nervous, even though she wasn't even there yet."

"Yeah, well we'll see," I said more to myself than to my father, though he'd heard it and chuckled to himself as we carried the rest of everything back inside.

Dinner was wonderful, as was the view. Dad had barbequed steaks, cooked to perfection, Kathy had added a nice potato salad along with fresh corn on the cob also barbequed on the grill. We'd eaten outside on the new deck overlooking the ocean, though that hadn't been the view I'd found nearly as spectacular as the one I was looking at now, and had been on the sly most of the evening. Kathy had slipped into a white bikini, further showing off her gorgeous tan, but also revealing if that was even possible, more of her heavenly formed breasts. I am sure that since it had been a while since I'd even gone out on a date with a girl, a couple of months now at least, that my mind wandered far more than it might have under normal circumstances. I simply just wasn't used to seeing women in bikinis, especially when they weren't even swimming, but just lounging around. It was all I could do to keep my eyes and mind focused elsewhere every time Kathy leaned over, or turned off to one side, her marvelous full sized breasts drawing my eyes to them as though they were magnets.

We sat out on the deck talking and getting to know one another better far into the night, until I'd actually started to grow sleepy, not really used to drinking so much wine for one thing, but even the two hours difference in time was having an effect on me.

"Time for bed," I exclaimed excusing myself, glad there was at least a door on the bathroom downstairs, though still finding it somewhat disconcerting to walk upstairs and into my semi-open bedroom.

I had nearly fallen asleep when I heard dad and Kathy come up the stairs from using the bathroom below as well, slipping into their room. And though they spoke quietly and softly, I could still make out a few things they were saying.

"God I'm still horny!" Kathy half whispered though I could hear her quite easily as she said that.

"You're always horny," dad answered her back, and I could hear the smile in his tone of voice when he did.

"Yeah well, fucking you out on the deck always does get to me," Kathy giggled still trying to be quiet without much success.

Where I had actually been tired and near sleep only moments ago, I now found myself wide awake, the image of the two of them outside on the deck where we'd all been sitting together only a short time ago, now filling my thoughts with lusty images of the two of them together, my own father for one thing, which was bad enough as I pictured it, his hard stiff prick sliding in and out of Kathy's cunt, but the additional image of what I had some basis to picture inside my head, causing my own prick to harden almost painfully so. And not only had I not been dating any girls as of late, I hadn't been doing much of anything else either, so when the flush of arousal and excitement hit me, it was nearly overwhelming!

"Oh, I need to suck this," Kathy moaned, then I heard her as she sat on the bed, my mind's eye now creating the image of dad standing naked before her, her lips ... those magnificent full lips of hers wrapping around his member, sucking and licking it. My own hand now encircling my cock head as though it were her mouth sucking me, listening carefully to the sounds she was making, obviously aroused, enjoying whatever it was she was doing and not being all that cautious about my ability to even hear them as well as I was, though I also imagined that in all likelihood, they hadn't really considered that before now.

"Oh yeah baby," I heard dad moaning. "God that feels good," he moaned once more even more deeply. "You are one hell of a cock-sucker!" he spoke a little too loudly, causing Kathy to giggle, reminding him as she did that I was in the next room and that maybe they'd best quiet things down a little.

They did, making it harder for me to be able to hear much of anything, though just enough that when they obviously began fucking again, I could actually hear the sounds that Kathy's wet sloshy pussy was making every time my old man thrust into her, that and her eventual squeal of ecstasy when she came, though she tried very hard while doing that to keep it down as I once again imagined her with her face buried in the pillow as she did so.

I came soon afterwards myself, my prick jettisoning what felt like a gallon of cum as I climaxed, the image of the two of them forever burned within my mind as I continued pumping out one deliciously hard-felt squirt after another, having to use several tissues out of the box on my nightstand afterwards to clean up with.

I woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, stumbling out of bed still sleepy-eyed, but also in desperate need of a pee. I headed towards the stairs after throwing my robe on, my morning hard making the decent even more difficult as I had to rearrange my bathrobe halfway down the stairs in order to conceal it, just as Kathy came into view holding two cups of coffee, watching me as I readjusted my robe, briefly revealing myself in the process. If she noticed, she didn't really let on, though she did smile upon seeing me. She placed the cups on the small kitchen table, sitting down as I passed by on my way into the bathroom.

"Where's dad?" I asked.

"Out for his morning run, though he should be back anytime now," she answered. "Normally I go with him, but thought I'd wait here for you so you didn't wonder where we'd both disappeared to when you woke up."

As I stood in the bathroom trying to will my cock down so I could pee, it only then dawned on me that Kathy had been wearing nothing more than one of dads long white tee shirts. Maybe she was also wearing panties beneath that, but I had no real way of telling that from my angle.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed, my cock hardening even more rather than softening with the urge to pee lessening, and the urge to actually jerk myself off once again strengthening as I stood there.

Giving up on both for the moment, I flushed the toilet without going, washed my hands as though I had, and emerged back into the kitchen area where Kathy sat sipping her coffee, mine sitting on the table across from her where I now took my seat.

"Sleep well?" she asked peering at me over the rim of her cup as she sipped it.

"Oh yeah, like a baby!" I answered truthfully, for I had after the hard intense climax I'd experienced working better than any sleeping pill any doctor could have prescribed.

"That's good," Kathy smiled sitting her cup down and looking pointedly towards me. "I was a little concerned we might have kept you up," she said smiling once again, and I actually noticed a slight flush in her cheeks as she said that. "We tried to keep it down, but your father has a way of bringing out the wild woman in me."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Kathy had come right out and intimated what they'd been doing last night, obviously well aware that I could possibly hear the two of them after all.

"I guess that's the only downside of the rooms being the way that they are," she added conversationally. "There's not a whole lot that goes on here that remains very private is there?"

"Ah ... no," I grinned somewhat awkwardly, letting her know as I answered that I had indeed been aware of their coupling the night before.

"Did it keep you up?"

I almost said yes, the now formed image of my own hard cock in hand as I jerked myself off while listening to them. "No ... not really. I was pretty tired and actually did fall asleep, so whatever the two of you ended up doing, I wasn't really aware of it."

"Liar!" she laughed playfully. "But we really will try and keep it down better next time."

I didn't have a response to that, so I picked up my coffee and drank from it instead, watching her as she stood and walked over to the sideboard to pour a second cup. Reaching for the cream, I saw the hem of her tee shirt raise just enough to reveal the fleshiness of her twin ass cheeks. I'd been wrong, she wasn't wearing any panties! Returning with the coffee pot, she freshened mine then took her seat once again.

"So, anything special you'd like to do today?"

"Yeah ... cum all over your tits," I thought to myself. "No ... not really," I actually answered, somewhat ashamed with myself for even thinking such a thing with her being my father's girlfriend and all. It was Saturday, and I hadn't really planned on going to visit any of the Universities until Monday, and one a bit further up the coast, which would necessitate a nearly full day's drive up and back later on during the week. "Thought I'd just go for a swim later," I then added once again catching myself looking across the table at Kathy's tits, her nipples once again hard, pressing against the thin material of the shirt she was wearing.

"That sounds like fun, mind if I come with you when you do?" she asked.

"No, not at all," I answered easily, the image now forming of that sexy brief bikini she'd worn the night before, once again re-stiffening my cock which had just barely begun to soften, the additional coffee only now adding to my ever growing discomfort, so much so that I finally had to excuse myself and go do something about it before I burst ... one way or the other.

What I didn't realize or catch immediately as I stood, was the way too obvious bulge that tented out my robe as I stood up, looking down in horror, seeing the obvious, then looking up to catch Kathy's eyes staring at it, though she tried hiding the smile that suddenly split her face as she did so, as she took another sip of her coffee.

"Ah ... I need to pee," I stammered feeling stupid as I said it, and then dashed off towards the bathroom once again.

"Take your time," she giggled after me. "I'll get some breakfast going," she added though I could still hear the smile in her tone of voice as she said that.

Though I finally managed to pee, I still ended up jerking myself off in the shower afterwards, emerging a short time later just in time to catch dad standing behind Kathy as she stood scrambling some eggs. Though he quickly removed his hand away from her ass, it was obvious what he'd been doing, especially when her shirttail hung for a moment, bunched against it until she turned causing it to fall down covering her firm tight ass once again.


"Famished!" I said truthfully.

"Enjoy your shower?" she once again smiled looking at me, and then quickly looking down just before I sat, the obvious tenting no longer in evidence.

Her question was flirtatious, though it might have been my own vivid imagination when hearing it, causing my face to once again blush profusely. I glanced over towards where my father still stood, he standing there grinning at me almost as much as Kathy was.

"Better get used to it sport," he told me. "I've always thought Kathy was a bit of an exhibionist anyways, trying to get her to wear clothes half the time is a real battle with her, so I tend to walk around aroused most of the time myself, so don't think anything of it if you are, or be embarrassed by it, it's just the way that it is!"

The fact that they were both eluding to my earlier condition stunned me, obviously Kathy had seen, and had even mentioned it to my father!

"But if it bothers you..." Kathy began, "I'll try and be a bit more modest around you than I have been," she told me seriously.

"Ah no ... NO!" I said almost a bit too forcefully. "I don't want anyone doing anything differently just because I'm here," I told them both. "In fact, I find it refreshing," I said seriously surprising myself. Dad knew how it was at home, or at least remembered things well enough. Mom wasn't exactly a prude, I'd even heard her curse on occasion, but I'd never seen her wear anything even remotely sexy or provocative either. Never in a million years would she be caught dead wearing cut off Levis or a tight fitting tee shirt with no bra on.

After breakfast was over, we headed off to spend the day at the beach. Though Kathy didn't wear the same white sexy bikini I had seen her in the day before, she did wear an even skimpier red one that revealed most if not all of her ass in a French thong cut design, with the barest of material even containing let alone covering her breasts. The area of beach we'd gone to was also fairly secluded with not many tourists ever coming here, mostly locals and people who lived near the area, and even those in scant attendance, leaving us mostly alone and to ourselves as we staked out a nice clean stretch of nearly white sand near the water.

I'd barely even thrown my beach towel down before heading off towards the surf, dad and Kathy chasing right behind me. The water was exquisitely refreshing though a bit chilly at first, as the three of us splashed water playfully at one another. Seeing my father and Kathy this way was delightfully entertaining, and was giving me an insight into my own father that I'd never had before, making me wish that I had gotten to know him a lot better before now. Even so, I found his boyish qualities to be much like my own, rather than a constantly, or nearly so straight-laced attitude towards life in general the way my mother and stepfather always seemed to behave. Dad, and Kathy were obviously far more free-spirited, seemed to be enjoying life, laughter and everything else that came with it, including their obvious openness regarding their sexuality.

As I wasn't nearly as used to the water as they were, I soon headed back to the beach, teeth chattering and laid out my towel, laying on it. I watched as dad swam out a bit further, enjoying his swim as Kathy soon after headed back in joining me on her towel. I was immediately grateful for the sunglasses I was wearing, watching her openly as she approached, her nipples even harder now than I'd seen them already, pressing so hard against the wet clinging top of her bikini that I thought they could poke through it if they got any harder.

"Cold isn't it?" I said as she lay beside me.

She laughed, "Oh ... you noticed!"

Once again her comment easily taken two ways, though I continued to glance at her breasts behind the protection of my glasses though this became immediately unnecessary.

"Would it bother you if I took off my top?" she asked.

"Ah no ... be my guest," I said trying to sound suave and sophisticated, though the truth was, I was suddenly excited as hell just with the prospect of actually seeing her tits. It was obvious that dad wouldn't mind, already alerting me to the fact that trying to keep clothes on Kathy was next to impossible anyway.

With Kathy lying there next to me, her tanned breasts pointing towards the sun, my own pointer began rising, forcing me to turn over onto my stomach hiding what was quickly becoming a rather awkward position for me.

"Maybe you should make a hole in the sand," she said suddenly out of nowhere, though her face remained unlined as she spoke.


"To hide your erection in," she then added, finally beginning to smile, trying to hide it.

"Oh yeah ... right," I said joking back with her, pretending that wasn't at all why I had rolled over."

"Though I'd certainly be willing to help you with that if you wanted me to," she then said, which nearly took my breath away.

"Oh sure ... especially with dad around," I said half-jokingly, though she sat up slightly leaning on one elbow, her hand pulling her sun glasses down just far enough so I could see her eyes.

"You really don't know your father very well yet do you?" she asked, her question confusing me as I saw no relevance in her answer to my comment.

"What's that got to do with anything?" I shot back, feeling a bit off balance.

"Only that your dad looks at life a lot differently than most, a lot like I do for one thing, which is why we get along so well together. Our relationship is based on trust and understanding, not suspicion or petty jealousies." Kathy then sat up fully, removing her glasses entirely as she spun around on her towel facing me.

"The fact that we can be so open with one another, about anything and everything is what keeps our relationship so fresh, so exciting. I don't have to worry about hiding my thoughts or feelings, I can speak openly and freely around him, and I'm hoping at some point to be able to do that with you as well, but even more importantly, have you doing the same with me and your father."

"Does that include sex?" I asked still trying to make light of her comment, thinking she had indeed only been joking, or at the most semi-flirting with me.

"As long as we both know about it, yes," she said. "We never would, or ever will do anything behind one another's backs. But that I can find you attractive, I am sure because you look so much like your father, just younger, that I can share those thoughts with him openly and without fear."

"You telling me you've spoken to dad about ... about,"

"Having sex with you?" She laughed, "Hell yes!" she giggled. "I even bet him that you had jerked off in the shower because we'd made you horny the night before, not to mention in the morning when you woke up and came downstairs. I saw your erection Randy, couldn't help but notice it the way it was poking at the front of your bathrobe."

"Holy shit!" Was all I could manage to say. "You're serious?"

"Only when it comes to sex," Kathy grinned once again covering her eyes. I could only sit there staring at her, and for once I wasn't staring directly at her openly exposed tits either.

"So ... did you?"

"Did I what?" I answered back, my mind reeling with what she'd just told me.

"Did you jerk off in the shower? Now be honest ... there's ten bucks riding on it!"

"Man, you two are crazy!" I exclaimed once again feeling the flush in my cheeks.

"Yeah, maybe we are," Kathy said softly, and then rolled over facing away from me. I lay there looking at her, rather looking at her back for a long period of silence.

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that, I didn't mean that you and dad are off your rockers or anything, that's not what I meant by that."

Kathy rolled over, this time facing me, once again her glasses coming off as she looked at me.

"So, what did you mean then?"

"I guess, what I meant was, I've never seen, been around anyone who's obviously so open minded and free-spirited as you two are. It's different, that's for sure, just not used to it, but I certainly don't mind being around it either."

She again smiled, easing my discomfort. "You still haven't answered my question."

This time I removed my glasses and looked her right in the eye. "Yes ... yes I did."

Dad soon after joined us, tossing his towel out on the other side of Kathy. "Enjoying the view?" he asked, though he wasn't looking out over the ocean when he said that.

"How could I not?" I responded, actually enjoying the fact that I could actually say that to my own father with his half naked girlfriend lying between us.

"My point exactly," he said.

"By the way Reid, you owe me ten bucks!"

Dad laughed, "So you finally managed to seduce him huh?"

"Well, not entirely, though he at least told me that much, so like I said, ten bucks mister."

"How about we take it out in trade?" he asked.

"That might get you a hand job," she said once again surprising me with her candidness.

"Only that?" Dad pouted playfully.

"Wait a minute!" I said jumping in. "I'm confused here, didn't she say that you owed her the ten bucks?"

"Yeah? So? Oh wait! I see! You're thinking since I owe her ... but the truth is, Kathy loves sex so much that whenever she can convince me to do something, which is quite often, it's like paying her in a way so to speak."

"I'm not sure I follow that," I said still somewhat confused, but I'll take your word for it."

"Listen, I'll make it easy on you both, how about I give you both a nice long slow hand job, right here, right now."

"Here? Now?" I said flabbergasted, looking all about me, seeing several people about, though none of which was too terribly close to us. "You're not serious!"

"Oh yeah, she is!" Dad laughed, "You can always tell by that wicked little gleam in her eyes!"

Without waiting for any more discussion Kathy sat up. "Here, both of you move closer to me so I can reach you, then roll over onto your tummies and let me do the rest."

I watched, as dad didn't even hesitate, scooting up next to her though at a distance that would prove most comfortable for her as he did so. "Ok Randy, now you," she said extending out her arm, placing it along with her hand where it was that she wanted me specifically to lie down. Even then I still hesitated, looking about worriedly for one thing, but for another, in a dazed state of mind as I realized I was about to get fondled by a woman twice my age, good looking as hell, and who was currently dating my father on top of all that.

"Very nice," she purred as she lay there a hand beneath each of us, the feel of her as she fumbled briefly with my swim trunks before finally freeing my erection, cupping it within the palm of her hand, just as she must have been doing with dad, and then proceeded to stroke and massage the two of us while laying there on the beach, looking for all the world to see as though she was just sunbathing, though the position of her arms if anyone looked close enough, would have given away what it was she really was doing.

Now as silly as this may sound, this was for me one of the most erotic, exciting, thrilling experiences I had ever had. And though I certainly didn't have a lot to compare to, even the loss of my virginity was nothing in comparison to this. Half of which I was too nervous and fearful to even remember, happening so fast, and without all that excited wonder and joy I'd been expecting to experience after which, which neither of us really did.

But here ... now, lying there as we were, people milling about, though again not too terribly close so as to take notice of what was going on, though some few may have wondered without saying or doing anything, which merely added to the thrill and excitement of it, while Kathy fondled my now even harder cock, and knowing ... just knowing that she was doing the same exact thing to my dad at the exact same time, felt wickedly delicious. When my orgasm finally came, it took me by surprise, so intense, so mind blowing as I lay there feeling her fingers and hands milking every precious drop out of me, squirting into her hand, feeling my juice then being used to further stimulate and pleasure my cock with.

And not too surprisingly, dad and I had cum at nearly the same exact time. It was as though each of us could sense it in the other through Kathy who in a weird sort of way, had connected the two of us together. Even watching her as she wiped the remaining juice from our spending onto her breasts, rubbing it into herself like it was suntan lotion was erotic as hell. Knowing that was "our stuff" she was rubbing in to those gorgeous tits of hers. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but I had no idea how close I was to doing just that when she told the two of us to finish rubbing it in!

Hell, I was happy just being able to even look at her tits when she bared them, let alone getting a hand job from her, and then invited to actually touch her, which I immediately and happily did of course, just as my old man was doing, rubbing his thick creamy cum into her other breast just as I was doing.

"Well boys, I think I've had enough sun for one day," she announced standing up, reluctantly having to cover herself for the short walk home. "And I could use a nice long shower about now too," she added. "You two care to join me?"

I don't think the three of us could walk home fast enough.

The other nice thing about the shower was, it was really big. There wasn't a bathtub, just the shower, but it could easily fit several people inside without being crowded. There were two separate showerheads on the wall, which allowed for two people to shower side by side with plenty of room behind them to spare. Dad had installed a couple of little bench seats to sit down on, one of which I had taken, content for the moment to just sit there and gawk at Kathy's nude form as she showered off the last remaining traces of our semen, most of which we'd massaged into her skin. It was also a little bit of a surprise to see that she was completely shaved, her bare pussy lips currently swollen and puffy with desire, so vulnerable in their appearance, not to mention her hard aroused little clit, which she playfully flashed at me while washing herself.

The momentary hard part, leaving me with a few mixed emotions initially was seeing my own father in the nude. I never even remembered seeing him before now, but especially now, his cock hard and swollen as Kathy unabashedly toyed with it, keeping it so as she washed it, or simply toyed with it. Try as I might, I couldn't not look at it ... it was after all out there, and dad didn't seem to be uncomfortable at all that it was, enjoying the erotic playfulness of the situation even though his son was sitting there only a foot or so away watching it all.

"Your turn!" Kathy announced vacating her spot, taking my place as we switched places.

"Oh my! Twin cocks!" she suddenly announced looking at the two of us. "Come here ... both of you!" she all but demanded.

Once again, not something I had taken serious note of here, but she was right. Looking at myself, then at dad, we were very similar in size and shape, there was very little difference between us, though his was perhaps a bit fatter in girth than I was, though not by much, and where I had a slightly thicker tip than he had, though again not by much. Size and length wise, we were perhaps both slightly above average, but neither longer nor larger than the other.

Dad had already stepped towards her, and then I did. Still not fully knowing what to expect here until she took both of our cocks in hand, placing them side by side against one another, and then from there, into her mouth which she just managed to get most if not all of the two of us inside while she tickled and sucked them with lips and tongue. I felt weak in the knees almost immediately. Only two girls had ever done that, or anything remotely even close. One was Chris the girl I'd lost my virginity with, and the other a girl I dated a year later who loved giving head, (or so she claimed) though when doing so, left much to be desired, at least the way it felt to me anyway, I got more pleasure in using my own hand than the way she had begun doing me with her mouth, making me wonder at the time why guys seemed so anxious to have a woman suck them off. If this was the way it felt, I was better at doing myself.

Now I knew and understood the difference.

The feel of Kathy's mouth on my prick was unlike anything I had ever known or felt before. The fact that I could also feel my father's cock resting against mine as she sucked us both was initially a bit disconcerting, but that lasted only for a moment or so, the exquisite sensation of her sucking the two of us, (hearing it as she did) sent shock waves running up and down my spine until I felt the sudden inevitable explosion once again coming. I even tried to dislodge my cock from her mouth, warning her a split second before losing it, but once again surprised, shocked even, as she maintained her hold, only then slipping her mouth entirely around me, sucking, sucking ... sucking, until the juice exploded, my balls suddenly tightening into a hardness of their own as they emptied themselves into her fucking mouth.

"Oh my! So much cum! And so soon after the beach too!" Kathy said licking her fingers. "I'm not even sure your father could match that!" she challenged him.

"Well, why don't we find out?" he suggested hotly, drawing Kathy's head back towards his rigidly hard shaft, which she immediately engulfed, sucking it just as she'd been sucking me.

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