Releasing Amy Part 2

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Body Modification, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You have to read "Releasing Amy" for this to make sense. Luckily there is a link to that story at the start of this one. Basically, after Amy under goes a sexual awakening, she decides to have her breats enlarged. That is what this story is about. To read about Amy's fun with her new breasts, somebody else will have to write it.

Dedicated to Sheetal Randi, a friend and confidant.

What an incredible night! Thought Amy as she rolled onto her back and felt the echoes of all the new things she had experienced the night before at Ms.Vandecont's mansion. Make that Lily's mansion, she told me to call her Lily. After all, we are on a first-name-basis since I went down on her. Of course proprieties have to be maintained in public.

Amy padded naked to the shower, she had rinsed off last night but she needed to really clean-up before Jay arrived. That thought stopped Amy right in her tracks. What am I going to tell Jay? She pondered over this problem while the soap and hot water washed away all traces of the incredible sex she had experienced the night before with Lily, Sarah and Robert. She stayed in the shower thinking until the water had started to get cold.

Amy decided to tell Jay the least she could and still fuck him. She loved Jay, but she wasn't going to let it get in the way of having all the sex that she could. I have just discovered that I have been missing some terrific feelings; I have felt them and I will keep exploring my sexuality. If Jay loves me, he will understand. Amy ate a small breakfast naked and then slipped into a see-thru lace teddy and waited on the couch for his arrival.

Jay arrived a half an hour later; he let himself in with his key. Amy heard him come in and stretched sensuously. Amy's eyes were shut as she waited for his touch, she would talk with Jay after they had satisfied each other. He would be more pliable then, wrapped around her clit, so to speak. Jay blinked until his eyes got used to the dimness in the apartment. He then blinked again as if he couldn't believe his eyes. Amy was sprawled out on the couch wearing only a wisp of lingerie. She was relaxed, Jay could see her pert breasts rise and fall with her breathing.

"I've been waiting for you lover. I need to feel you in me, your weight crushing me as you pound my cunt with your big dick." Amy lifted her arms opened wide to embrace Jay. He shed his clothing and rushed to hold the woman he loved. Jay was taken aback by her wantonness, but didn't want to question his luck.

"What a nice surprise on a sunny Sunday morning." Jay said as he hugged Amy and crushed her chest against his. Jay could feel Amy's rock hard nipples dig into his flesh as his lips sought hers for a frenzied kiss. She felt his growing cock against her thigh and lowered her hand to capture his throbbing manhood. Amy tugged him around until he was lying on his back on the couch. She released his erect shaft and watched it pop to attention. Amy purred and wiggled until the head of his dick was rubbing against her pouting outer lips. "Put it inside me stud, I've been waiting for you to take me, to put your long, meaty shaft into my sopping cunt."

Jay grabbed his manhood with his thumb on the tip and guided it into her waiting pussy. Wow! She is ready for me. As his cock slid into her lubed depths, his thumb popped out of her and brushed against her hooded clit. Amy shuddered and moaned. Jay's member eased to a stop against Amy's cervix filling her still sore cunt. She began a gentle, slow rocking on his dick bringing them both steady sparks of sexual stimulation.

As Amy danced on his joystick, she began her subtle campaign of convincing Jay that she needed to be free experiment to explore all facets of her sexuality. She kept up the rocking, increasing her speed and the delightful sensations caused by Jay's hard tool in her sensitive twat. If I lose Jay, I'm still going to get one more good fuck out of him.

For his part, Jay was not really paying attention to what Amy was mumbling; he was having too much fun during this unexpected Sunday morning romp. He felt his climax start to build and suddenly it was upon him. Amy felt his cock starting to swell in her and knew it was time to push the issue. "That's why I feel we shouldn't remain exclusive to each other. If I'm going to step out, you should be able to also."

Jay was in the throes of his orgasm and yelled, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Amy didn't say anything more; as far as she was concerned Jay had given her his blessing. She merely reached down to diddle her clit while she rode his shrinking cock to her own orgasm.

Amy kissed Jay goodbye and went to douche and shower. Jay stopped just outside the door feeling that he had missed something important, but he shrugged it off and went on his merry way. Amy was enjoying her shower playing with her tits as she washed them, imagining them bigger. She almost lost herself in the moment, but she prevailed and finished her shower without falling prey to self-gratification and masturbating to unconsciousness. She had plans for the rest of the day that would start with a phone call and hopefully end in lesbian sexual bliss.

Amy called Marie's number and got an answering machine. I hate these machines! "Hi this is Amy, we met in Josie's Hideaway ... umm you bought me a table dance and we went out to your van. If you remember and want to meet, give me a call." I can't believe that I just did that. Well, it's a way to expand my sexual horizons and I had fun last night.

Amy kept looking at the phone if she could make it ring. She finally sighed and went into her bedroom to get dressed. Amy was pulling the striped tube top over her head, when she heard a muffled ring. Shit! How am I supposed to answer the phone with this on my head? The phone kept ringing as she struggled to pull the tight top off. It finally gave in to her frantic efforts and flew across the room leaving her standing in just cut-off jean shorts.

Amy dashed to answer the phone; it was Marie on the line. She seemed really excited that Amy had called. After a few minutes of sexually charged conversation Marie agreed to come over around that afternoon. Amy felt her juices flowing as she talked with the sexy Marie. She was so turned-on that she opened the living room curtains, forgetting that she was topless. The single woman that lived in the next door apartment was walking past on the second floor walkway. She was retrieving her eight year old daughter and wearing a grey t-shirt that had pink lettering on it. The lettering was right over her impressive bust saying "Think biG". Her neighbor, Brandy, just stared at her as she walked by the window.

Amy was all a-flutter after arranging the liaison with Marie. She would need plenty of energy, so she made a chef's salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. Amy polished it off, then gave a cute, little, satisfied burp. She then went into her bedroom to get something sexy to greet Marie in.

Amy was examining herself in the full length mirror. She hoped her outfit wasn't too much; she didn't want to scare Marie off. Amy's crimson hair was worn loose fanning out halfway down her bare back. Her hair accented the strapless, backless gown she wore. The dress was a tight black affair that only covered to mid thigh. A pair of stay-up nude stockings covered her beautiful legs high enough to hide the tops until she bent over. She did showing off her naked ass. Three inch heeled slippers completed her outfit. Amy was ready for her lesbian lover.

There was a soft knock on her door. Amy answered it reveling in the sheer look of lust on Marie's face. They stood framed in the doorway as their lips met and opened to allow their tongues to caress each other. Marie broke the kiss and walked into the living room shedding her clothes as she went. Amy saw her big-titted neighbor watching from her next door window. A naughty thought flashed through her mind, I hope Brandy enjoyed the show. Amy pulled her dress up exposing her taunt, naked butt to her voyeuristic neighbor before she shut the door.

Amy followed the trail of clothing into her bedroom. Marie lay in the center of the bed sucking on one nipple while she held her other breast up, an offering to Amy. Amy slid onto the bed leaving her slippers behind and crawling up to Marie's offered tit. Her lips closed over the protruding nipple. Marie moaned under her breath. "You called. I was wondering, but you seem different. You look fabulous, sexy and full of lust." She smiled in a wicked way. "Something has changed." Marie's hands reached around Amy's waist and pulled her closer. Her hands slipped down Amy's hips to her thighs, slipping under her short dress, before traipsing over to Amy's moist cleft.

"Yes, you could say I had an epiphany. I realized that I had a lot to learn about experience and enjoy sex. Want to help me?" Amy reached up and grabbed Marie's tits. "I just love your breasts! They are so nice and heavy; it must be a rush to carry them around." Amy squeezed the plump breasts of her lesbian lover.

Marie slipped a couple of fingers of one hand into Amy's juicy twat and fondled Amy's peeking clit with the other. "You mean like this? Keep wearing sexy clothes like that and you won't have to ask. And, yes, most of the time bigger tits rock! When I feel my heavy jugs hanging free, I get wet." Marie was finger-fucking Amy's cunt making delightful squishy noises that was making them even hornier.

Letting Marie's aroused tit flop back to her chest, Amy pulled her little black dress over her head with a flourish. She then grabbed Marie's boobs again. She sneaked a quick kiss to Marie's neck before latching onto her erect nipple once again. Amy was moaning on Marie's tit as the sensations coming from her pussy and clitoris washed over her.

Marie gripped Amy's sex tight with her right hand. Amy orgasmed as she was held taut between the two fingers buried deep in her cunt and the thumb jammed against her hard clitoris. Amy flopped and squirmed in ecstasy as Marie rolled Amy over onto her back and straddled her stocking clad thighs. Once astride Amy, Marie loosened her grip and pulled her fingers out of Amy's spasming vagina.

After Amy finally focused after her abrupt orgasm she found Marie astride her thighs holding up a ziplock baggie. She looked closer at it; the bag contained two silver anal vibrators embedded in a pool of lube. Marie shook the bag and asked, "Ready to get your freak on girlfriend?" Amy looked a little stunned, but nodded. Marie popped open the baggie, fished out a vibrator and handed it to Amy. She pulled out the second vibe and said with a smirk, "I'll do you if you do me." Marie spun around and offered her cute, little rosebud to Amy.

Both women stuck their vibrators gently against each other's rectum and pushed it in. Just before they disappeared from view, Marie followed by Amy switched the vibes on low. The anal intruders were then pushed deep into the women's bowels. Marie lowered her head to Amy's crotch and said, "I call this a sixty-nine plus. She then lowered her mouth to Amy's sopping folds and began eating her out. Amy gasped and followed suit. Two tongues dove deep into two cunts bringing pleasure that only another woman could bring. Fingers diddled clits, adding to the sensual joy felt by both of the women.

Amy was awash with ecstasy. Marie's tongue was driving her wild! Her juices were flowing without pause, filing Marie's sucking mouth with Amy's sparkling nectar. She was about to orgasm in a passionate, uncontrollable climax. Marie's teasing fingers on her hard clit were taking her over the top! Add to that the constant vibrations of the dildo lodged firmly up her ass; she was overcome with previously forbidden pleasures. Not forbidden now, Amy had given her libido control over her slender body. Her new mantra was, "If it feels good, do it; if it feels great, do it a lot!"

Marie was also close to feeling a moment of paradise on Earth. Part of Amy was keeping up the tender ministrations on her body. It was an unspoken agreement; regardless of what they felt, they would bring the other woman to her orgasm. Marie almost choked when Amy climaxed, flooding her mouth with a rush of sweet nectar. Marie managed to start swallowing the love-juice gushing from Amy's clenching cunt before she was lost to her own rush of pleasure. Both women were on automatic now, fulfilling their need and duties as they were lost to the incredible torrent that had overcome them.

The women never came fully down from one orgasm before the next started, fueled by the erotic attention given to each other in seeming mechanical motions. They would have continued through the night had not their bodies shutdown, proving the notion that you can have too much of a good thing.

The sun had set by the time Amy was awakened by grumblings in her stomach. She felt like her body had gone through a grueling triathlon. Amy wanted to collapse back into the dreamless sleep that she had been enjoying, but hunger wouldn't let her. She rolled over on the cold, damp sheet and nudged a sleeping Marie awake. "C'mon I'll fix us something to eat, it's late." Amy stumbled into the kitchen, naked except for her mussed stockings. "I hope you're not allergic to eggs." Amy said as she cracked some into a skillet. Marie shook her head indicating 'no' as she collapsed onto the couch.

The two lovers devoured the eggs as they talked about making love to each other. "That was incredible Marie! I don't remember much, but I have never woken up feeling so fulfilled. Oh, by the way," Any held up a freshly washed silver anal vibe, "I found this. I'm not sure how it got up there, but I think the batteries are dead." Marie smiled then pulled the mate to that vibe from her ass with a loud squelch.

Marie staggered to the sink and washed off the dead vibrator. "I know you had something to do with it and I'm sure I can explain the one you found up your cheeky ass." She took Amy's vibe and tossed the dead batteries into the trash. "Good news Amy, your butt has outlasted the Energizer Bunny!" Both women broke out in peals of laughter at that comment. Marie glanced up the clock in the kitchen and sighed. "I've got to get home and get to sleep Amy; Monday morning comes early when you work for a living. Thanks for giving me the call and an incredible sexual rush!" She captured Amy's gaze with her own, "Seriously, if you ever decide to become a lesbian, I've got dibs and a warm bed to share. And if you just want to remind yourself how good it is, just give me another call." Marie followed her offer with a hot, French kiss and gathered her scattered clothing. Amy helped her to get dressed, taking so many liberties and copping feels until Marie warned her that unless she stopped, the clothes were going to come off again.

They parted with a long, wet kiss in the open doorway. Amy was sure that she saw movement in Brandy's window, but she was beyond caring. She wasn't embarrassed by her body or her actions and if Brandy wanted to steal a jealous peek, more power to her. Amy set her alarm and then fell exhausted into bed, dreaming of having giant tits.

Amy arrived at work feeling anxious, but excited. She was determined to jump into her new life and lets the cards fall where they may. Her attire reflected her new attitude towards life. Her three inch spike heels and the nude stay-up stockings displayed her sexy legs to perfection. The tight short skirt she worn made it plain that she wasn't wearing any panties, just as the satin blouse with the top two buttons undone revealed a healthy cleavage and the fact that she was bra-less.

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