I Was Just Curious!

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Hermaphrodite Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Hermaphrodite Incest Sex Story: Cindy is an ordinary eighteen year old girl. Her big sister Sherry is perhaps a bit on the extraordinary. Sherry is a fully functional hermaphrodite. Read on to learn just what happens when Cindy gets a bit carried away in teasing her beloved big sister.

I know nobody will believe me, but I swear it wasn't supposed to be like this! I never planned on anything happening just because I was curious! Honest! Shit! Sherry just ran another red light! She's driving like a madwoman! Calm down! Calm down! Let me go back and try to explain. Anything to keep my mind off of my sister driving like she's in a Play station game!

Okay, that's more like it. My heart is slowing down a little. I'm Cindy, and yes, I'm eighteen. I'll be nineteen in three months, so if you figure out who I really am, send a present! Anyway, I live with my big sister Sherry. She's twenty-six. Sherry's taken care of me since momma and daddy died when I was a little ten—year-old brat. Yes it was awful back then, but we had each other. It could have been so much worse if Sherry was younger, or momma and daddy hadn't left us both trust funds to pay for everything.

Yes, we managed just fine! Sherry put herself through college while making sure I did all my homework and all that other boring crap! I did my part too! Every day I got home from school, I did the laundry and made sure our apartment was clean and neat. I'm the better cook, so Sherry made out in the department! I haven't let her touch MY kitchen since I was twelve! If I let her boil water, I bet she'd find a way to burn it!

Sometimes I feel a little bad for Sherry. She's so pretty and nice, but never goes out on dates or anything. Having a kid sister inhibits her, I think. Either that, or she thinks I'll feel abandoned if she ever found someone special to love. Me, on the other hand, I've had a couple very close girlfriends. Oh grow up! I'm a lesbian, big deal! Why do guys always get so nutty if they hear a girl say she prefers the company of another girl? I once punched Ricky Conner right in the nose because he said it was such a shame I wasted such a sexy body on another dyke! The dumb ass dragged me right out of the closet in tenth grade! Sherry was furious that I broke his nose, until I started crying and told her why. His parents threatened to sue until Sherry informed them of his sexual harassment! You should have seen her! It was like something out of a movie, the way she tore into them! I guess they didn't want their precious fifteen-year-old baby branded as a sexual offender. They shut up real fast! Sherry has backed me up one hundred percent on my preference ever since. I guess it's because she has her own little secret she wants to keep.

Yes, Sherry and I get along great, and love each other more then anything. That doesn't mean I don't like to have a little bit of fun! Ever since I started to develop, I noticed a slight change. Say I forget something while in the bathroom, and make a naked dash back to my room. Sherry always yells at me to get dressed! She always acts like she doesn't like it, but I know better. Once I started needing bras, I've noticed she always pops a boner if she sees my body. I've checked online. By any standard you can think of, my big sister has a cock any dumb fuck guy would be proud to own, judging by the bulge in her skirt! Listen! If anyone really does figure out who I am, keep in mind I'll beat the snot out of you if anyone gives my sister a hard time about being a hermaphrodite!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Breathing deep here! Huh, Huh, huh. Crap! She's speeding up! I admit it; I've been a cock tease to my sister for a couple years now. I let her have a glimpse of titty, or maybe forget to put on panties while wearing my shortest nightgown, and she's off! I don't think she knows I sometimes used to listen by her door as she pants and puffs her way through strokin' a load off! I don't mind bragging, but I've heard "Oh Cynthia!" quite a few times! I guess I should be honest. I usually head right back to my room and play a bit of wiggle finger after that! I've almost cried out "Oh Sherry!" a few times, but I take precautions! I stole a pair of her panties and masturbate with them bunched up in my mouth. That way she'd just hear "Mmm! Mmm!"

Like I said, I used to listen. That was until I bought a wireless pinhole high-resolution color security camera at Wal-Mart, of all places! Crafty little bitch that I am, I drilled a tiny little hole in the back wall of my closet. Sure I could have sat in there and watched live, but I've already been forced out of the closet! In case you missed it that was a joke! Anyhow, I now had a nice view of her bed, all lined up and fed directly into my DVD burner, and even managed to plant the microphone where it wouldn't be noticed!

Showtime! I made a huge production of racing to the kitchen wearing nothing but an oversize tee shirt. Sherry was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine while working on some boring legal document. "Do we have any 'D' batteries?" I asked, trying to sound like I was trying to hide how embarrassed I was. "I forgot to buy some!"

"Sorry kiddo, fresh out." She looked up, and I almost laughed when her eyes nearly bugged out of her head! Did I mention that the shirt was so old you could almost see right through it? "Cynthia! Get some clothes on!"

"I'm going right back to bed, um, I mean, okay!" I ripped open a drawer and snatched up the package of batteries I had left there earlier. "Thank God!" I gasped, before racing back to my room. "Good night!" I shouted as I closed and locked my door. There! The trap was set! I bet Sherry had a raging boner right about then! I grabbed my Ipod and thumbed it on to my carefully prepared recording. Since I don't happen to own a dildo, I did the next best thing. I downloaded an MP3 of this hot chick's masturbation with a vibrator recording! I don't do penetration, but it sure sounded hotter then hell listening to "Cherry's Vibrator Orgasm"! Thankfully Cherry31 sort of sounds a bit like me. It helps that the only words are "Oh God" and stuff like that! I put a speaker by my door and turned up the amplifier.

It didn't take long! I heard footsteps stop right outside! Sherry was listening to my favorite diddle recording! She was probably fit to bust a nut right in the hallway! When the recording came to an end, my carefully added addition played. "Oh Sherry, you were wonderful!" I think I got just the right breathless enthusiasm to match Miss Cherry's sexy voice! Yes! I heard Sherry run to her room and slam the door!

I dove at my recorder and started a fresh DVD to burning! This was my chance to see something cool! Normally cock doesn't interest me, but I was just itching to see what it looks like when Sherry jerks off! Wow! She was wasting no time! She ripped off her blouse and sent buttons flying all around the room! When her skirt went next, I almost fainted! Holy fucking shit! I knew it was big from the lumps in her skirt, but this was insane! Are cocks even supposed to be over a foot long? I bet the thing was nearly sixteen inches long! I admit it did somehow make a sexy contrast when combined with her impressive breasts! Damn! Seeing a dick was making me get wet, not that I wanted something like that tree branch invading MY virgin little pussy!

Sherry flopped on her bed, giving me a fine view up between her legs. Now that was more my speed! My mouth actually watered when I got to see my sister's puss for the first time! She's a redhead, top to bottom, just like me. Is it just me being self- centered if I say redheads are super hot? Fuck it! We're both smoking hot! My sister and me could make money with porn, not that I would part with the priceless DVD I was making! Now I know incest is wrong, but I wouldn't be giving her any DNA if I just licked her pussy! That wouldn't even count! Good! There was nothing wrong with me fingering myself while I stared at that pretty flower!

Sherry's huge dick was pointing at the ceiling. She grabbed a bottle of baby-oil from the nightstand and poured a sloppy mess of it onto her erection. Her cock glistened as she wrapped her right hand around it. Oh my God! Her hand wasn't big enough! Her thumb was like an inch away from her index finger! She started stroking!

Oh damn! Breathing way heavy again! Sherry almost caused a wreck! Horns blasted as we actually rode up on the sidewalk! Please don't let us crash before we get there! Oh God! Oh God! I'm under control again, I hope!

Where was I? Oh Yeah. Sherry's hand started slipping up and down that huge shaft! The microphone clearly picked up a slurp- sloop sound as her stroking picked up speed! "Oh Cindy!" she moaned as she frantically fwapped her bone. "Oh my baby Cindy!" I felt all hot and fluttery watching my sister jerk off. I suddenly felt terrible! You could plainly hear the pure love in her voice as she thought about me and masturbated. I reached over and killed the DVD. I had to make this right!

I slipped out of my room and went to hers. "Sherry?" I asked quietly while softly tapping. I need to talk to you!"

"J-Just a second!" she gasped. I heard what sounded like her falling out of bed. "I'll, I'll be right there!" The door finally flew open. Sherry had her bathrobe on, closed tightly to hide what was probably still all big and hard underneath. "What's wrong, kiddo?"

"I, I want to apologize!" I slipped in and sat on her bed. "About before? Well, I'm really sorry!"

"Cindy, you have nothing to be sorry about!" she smiled kindly. "I should apologize to you for invading your privacy." Damn! That wasn't making this any easier! "I sort of heard you playing before. It was kind of hard to miss it, in fact. I didn't know you have a vibrator."

I took a deep breath. Maybe I should leave it at that, if she thought she was the guilty one. "Um, yeah. I got it online." I wasn't thinking and pulled my legs up to sit cross-legged on her comfy bed. "Thy ripped me off on the batteries. The ones that came with it were dead!" Her eyes had gone all glassy. "Sherry? Are you alright?"

"So lovely!" she whispered as she stared at me. Oh shit! I forgot about the tee shirt! It rode up! I didn't mean to give her a free beaver shot right now! "Cindy, I'm so glad you came to me! I heard you call for me just now! It took all my willpower to stay away!"

"Uh, thank you, I, I think!" I gasped as I tried to tug the shirt down over my stupid wet pussy. "I, I heard you calling my name too." Oh shit! I somehow think that wasn't the right thing to say!

"I'm glad you planned it out and made yourself ready for tonight, Cinnamon girl." I couldn't help grinning when she called me by my childhood nickname. My smile froze. Planned? Oh fucking crap! She thought I busted my cherry with a dildo! She untied the sash of her robe. "Look what my beautiful sister has done!"

My heart almost stopped when her huge dick pointed itself right at me! "I didn't mean to!" I whined as I tried to back up on the bed. "I'm really sorry!"

"It's okay, pretty Cinnamon! How were you supposed to know that while you wanted me, I wanted you too?" Sherry eased over and sat on the edge of the bed. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her greasy shiny cock! "Look in the nightstand, baby-girl. I've kept myself ready, praying for this night to happen!"

I leaned over and opened the drawer, while trying to keep what she wanted to look at covered. Oh great! "C-Condoms?" I asked dumbly. "You have condoms?"

"Of course, silly!" She reached under her cock and hefted her balls. "These aren't just for show! I shoot enough sperm to get a hundred pretty girls like you pregnant! I wouldn't want to make a mistake with my beautiful little sister!"

My heart raced as Shelly gunned the engine again. The car hopped a curb as we raced around a corner. I panted in near panic as a tree branch whipped against the roof. Was she a taxi driver in another life? I moaned and closed my eyes as I tried to concentrate on how I got into this mess!

Oh fucking crap shits! Sherry had condoms! My sister wanted to fuck me! Worse, I made her think I wanted to fuck her! If I told the truth now, she'd hate me for life! "I, I'm not ready!" I whimpered as she took the box of condoms from my hand.

"Did it hurt when you slipped the dildo in?" was her soft reply.

I wasn't thinking clearly. "No, it didn't." I answered, since I never shoved anything up there before. "Um, I mean, not much!"

"Good!" she actually clapped her hands! "That means I probably won't hurt you either!"

"With that?" I pointed a shaking hand at her quivering dick. "It's way bigger then an dildo ever made!"

"Cindy-love, a baby's head can fit through there." She giggled. "I'm certainly not that wide! Since you were careful enough to pop your own cherry, I won't hurt you a bit!"

That's what she thinks! Her cock was thick enough to scare the hell out of a virgin! My heart pounded. I couldn't see a way out without making it far worse! "I can't tonight!" I blurted out. "My period is due in two weeks! That's the most fertile time! I'll get knocked up for sure!"

"Nonsense! That's why I bought the condoms!" She eagerly opened the package and took out the strip of wrapped rubbers. "These will do for now, until I get you on the pill." I watched in fright as she ripped open a little square and placed the condom on the glistening shiny head of her cock. "I had to buy the larger ones." She said smugly as she rolled it on and then wiped the excess oil off her fingertips onto the sheets "Thankfully they had them spermicidal free. Nonoxynol-9 gives me a nasty rash."

The condoms weren't even spermicidal? My future depended on a freakin' balloon! "Wait!" I gasped as she gently started to pull the shirt up over my head. "I, um, I" oh fuck! My shirt was off! I was naked on my horny sister's bed! "You haven't kissed me yet! I can't do anything if you won't kiss me!"

"I know, my darling sister! I've wanted to kiss you as more then a sister since you were fifteen!" She gathered me into her arms. Our lips met. I've kissed girls before, but this was something else! My mind went blank. Kissing Sherry then was the most important thing in the whole wide world! There wasn't any room to worry about anything else! Some endless time later, our lips parted. "Now my darling Cinnamon has been properly kissed!"

Was I ever! Sherry was the best kisser I have ever met! "Again?" I asked breathlessly, thrilling to the warmth of her skin against mine. "I want to kiss some more!"

"So do I!" Our lips joined again. Before I knew it, I was somehow suddenly laying on the bed, with Sherry on top of me! "Sweet little Cinnamon girl, I just can't wait!"

"More kissing!" I wailed as her strong legs tried to force mine apart. "Lets kiss for a while longer! Lets kiss all night long!"

"I promise we will!" she moaned, "Right now I'm aching to enter your beautiful body! I'll die if I don't push myself deep into that sexy little snatch of yours!"

Oh God! Was I going to have to give up my cherry just so Sherry wouldn't hate me? I struggled with the question as I tried to keep my legs closed enough to keep that monster away from my cunny! She wanted this, no, me so badly! How could I let her find out I was just messing around to see her jack off? I relaxed and let her spread my legs wide. I love Sherry. After all, it's not like she's a boy! She was kind enough even to make sure we had condoms. I'm sure it would be fine just this one time! My cherry was just the price I would have to pay to make up for my stupid curiosity! "Be gentle with me, big sister!" I whispered as I closed my eyes tight.

"I love my baby sister! I would never hurt you!" she promised as she gripped her cock with one hand. "You'll see! I bet you'll love how it feels when I fill you up!" I felt the firm warm head slip up and down along my wet labia. She nestled it right against my opening. Oh shit! This was it! "Cinnamon baby, here I come!" she announced as her hips thrust downward at me.

I felt a sudden sharp pain as she plunged in! I wasn't a virgin any more! "It hurt!" I gasped before I could stop myself. "Sherry, it hurts!"

"Honey, it shouldn't." she pulled out and looked down between us. Quite a bit of red was streaking the stupid condom! "Oh baby, you're bleeding! I thought you were ready for me!"

I opened my mouth, and then closed it again. Damn! One more lie wouldn't hurt if it shielded Sherry from ever knowing what I was really doing! "I, I only rub the vibrator on the outside!" I whined. "I wanted to save myself for you! I just didn't expect it to hurt, that's all!"

Sherry kissed me again, and that really did make me feel better! "Oh sweetheart! Thank you! We lost our virginity together! That's the nicest gift you have ever given to me!" You know what? Hearing that made me feel really good inside! "Are you ready for me to try again?"

"Yes Sherry, just don't ram it in so hard! I'm just your little baby sister, after all!" I was starting to want this as much as she did! Heck, I was even still a pure lesbian. Sherry's almost completely girl, after all! "Will all of that really fit inside me?" That was a stupid thing to say, but by the sudden catch in Sherry's breathing, she was turned on even more now!

"Let's find out, Cinnamon!" Once again, my sister pushed her huge cock into me. I only gasped a little this time. "Okay, sweetheart?" she asked softly.

I was expecting it now, so it wasn't so bad. "I, I think so!" I gulped. "You're huge! I'm stuffed with your cock!"

"Do you like it?" she asked coyly, as she slowly started to fuck me. "Do you like my penis inside you?" I couldn't help whimpering a bit. "Oh shit! I better stop!"

"No!" I wrapped my legs around hers. "If you stop now, I may be too scared to try again later!"

"But Cinnamon girl! I can't do this to you! I have to stop right now!"

"Keep going!" I wriggled under Sherry, pushing my butt up at her. "Fuck your baby sister right now!"

"Oh Cindy!" Sherry looked almost frightened. It was nice to know she worried about my feelings so much! She took a deep breath, and her eyes took on a wild look. "If you want it, I'll keep going!"

This was starting to get hot! Cock wasn't that bad if it was attached to a pretty girl I loved with all my heart! "Do me!" I yelled. "Screw your Cinnamon girl!"

Fuck! Police lights! Now were in big trouble! My heart raced as I panted and huffed. Would this wild race ever end? Sherry pulled over and the cop pulled up behind us. I closed my eyes again, and tried to get lost in my memory.

"Little sister likes talking dirty?" Sherry gasped as she finally started moving her hips again. "My dirty little sister doesn't care about the consequences of her actions?"

That huge thing was plowing in and out of my formerly virgin pussy. Sherry loved it, and so did I! "I don't care about anything! Fuck me! You're the only one ever allowed to fuck me!"

"Oh Cindy! I love you! I've always loved you!" she cried as that monster moved inside me. "I want to be more then your sister! I want to be with you always!"

I swear it! Sherry's cock felt like it was getting bigger inside me! "I love you too!" I wailed as my heart and mind raced. "I'll take the pill! You can fuck me any time you want then! I love you! I love this!"

Sherry liked hearing that! She buried her face in my hair and really went crazy! In and out flew that giant cock! Each time she withdrew, I longed for it to plunge right back inside me! "My beautiful girl! Oh my beautiful baby! I've waited so long for this night! I never wanted anyone but you!"

I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around her as Sherry fucked my like an animal! Oh God, it was good! "Keep going!" I wailed as my body trembled. "Sherry, I, I'm gonna die! Please! Please don't ever stop!"

My sister flew into frenzy! Her beautiful cock was making me feel things I never felt before! Maybe it's because she's got such a big one, but it seemed to rub all my insides in just the exact right way! "Baby Cinnamon! I, I can't h-hold back much longer!" she cried as her body thrust against mine. Even the wet slap-slap sound was right! "Cindy, I'm gonna cum!"

She was? I'm not sure, but I think I screamed as my body was consumed in the most gigantic orgasm I have ever felt! "Sherry!" I cried over and over as my climax rippled through me.

"Oh God, Yes!" Sherry thrust deep into me, and her whole body went rigid. "Cumming!" She grunted, and I felt her cock jerk and wriggle inside me! She was pumping that stupid condom full! Part of me wished she wasn't wearing it, but the rest of me was sure glad it was there! If she had just pulled out and cummed on my tummy, I may not have made it with her! It seemed to go on and on! I sure was glad I didn't just confess my idiot spy plot!

My happiness whisked away in an instant when Sherry finally withdrew her cock from my satisfied, no longer virgin body. I was watching between us, and my blood suddenly went cold. Her glistening slippery cock was bare! No! There was the condom, bunched up in a little ring around the base of her dick! "It broke!" I screamed as I tried to jump to my feet. All I managed to do was land on my ass on the floor! "Sherry, the condom broke!" I watched dumbly as gooey white sauce started oozing out of my well-fucked cunt. "It all went in me!"

Sherry looked like I slapped her. "You said to keep going! I told you I had to stop!"

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