Teresa Scalia: Riot in the Ring

by obo

Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Humor, Spanking, Humiliation,

Desc: Humor Story: 2 upscale soccer moms get into a catfight with 2 strippers at a public fundraiser. Clothing is lost with luscious bottoms suffering a spanking.

Mark Anderson and Dominic Scalia were meeting in Dominic's office planning a major fundraiser for their Men's Club. The club was providing financial assistance and support to construct a new recreation facility for the youth of their city. The event, catering to the more affluent male population, was to be a night of boxing followed by an auction of donated items. The donations ranged from restaurant gift certificates, auto service coupons, and works of art, up to the grand prize of a 10 day tour of Europe.

"Mark I think we have everything in place for the big night. We could use someone to assist the auction, any ideas?"

Mark thought for a moment, "Why don't we have Barbara and Teresa work the auction? I think you and I can afford to give them a small budget for some new dresses. And it would be a nice touch to have them involved."

"Well, it might be all right." said Dominic somewhat dubiously. "They've certainly had a history, but things have been relatively quiet for almost a year. I'll approach Terri and see what she thinks. Let me know what Barbara says and we can finalize things."

"Did anything get settled on hiring round card girls?" asked Mark.

"I left that in Bill Wilson's hands and he's told me it's all taken care of."

"Any ideas who he hired?"

"Nope, I just told him to make sure he gets two girls that look good in bikinis and don't mind strutting their stuff. I talked to him yesterday and everything is finalized."

"Okay great. I'll talk to Barbara about the auction and let you know. Looks like we're going to have a big success." said Mark as he got up to leave. "I'll talk to you in a couple of days."

Indeed, things had been very quiet between Barbara and Teresa for almost a year. Surprisingly the exhibition they had put on at the community theater remained a secret kept from all except those in attendance that night. Both women had maintained their normal lives but had little contact with each other. Socially or otherwise. Roxanne Starr, owner of the gentlemen's club and orchestrator of Barbara and Teresa's public tryst, still ran her business and was prospering. She had no contact with either woman since that night and had not used any of the extremely incriminating video, shot that evening, to her personal advantage.

Dominic Scalia walked into his home calling for his wife "Teresa where are you?"

Teresa answered "I'm down here in the exercise room."

Dominic went down the stairs to the finished basement where the Scalias had a variety of exercise equipment including a treadmill, an elliptical machine, the stair climber and several free weights. Teresa was on the stair climber and Dominic enjoyed the view from behind as he watched the movements of her ass while she exercised. Her powder blue leotard had more than just the beginnings of a wedgie that Teresa had evidently not yet noticed.

"Well I think Mark and I have the fundraiser planning finally put to bed. How would you like to help with the auction?" Dominic asked.

"I thought this was an all-male affair. Why do you want me to help with your auction?" responded Teresa.

"Mark and I thought it'd be a nice touch to have you and Barbara assist the auctioneer. You know, two attractive women in the ring to help run the price up on the auction items."

"Barbara! Of all the people in the world! Are you serious?"

"Yes I am serious. I see no reason why you can't do this little thing for a very good cause. Besides it's been a long time since you and Barbara have had any problems." said Dominic sternly.

Teresa got off the stair climber. Picking up the towel from the guard rail, she wiped the perspiration from her face and arms. Flipping the towel over her shoulder she put her hands on her hips and regarded her husband.

"Look Dominic, I've stayed away from her for a year for more reasons than you'll ever know. I'm not interested in doing this at all."

"Grow up and start acting like an adult. You will participate, you will act like a lady, you will be charming and that's that. And to soothe your wounded pride, I'll give you $5,000 to buy a new outfit for the evening. Just make it something that will make those bidders get out their checkbooks. You know show off those assets." Dominic gave Teresa a pat on the fanny as he walked away from the exercise room.

"Barbara Anderson, I can't believe it." thought Teresa. Memories and feelings were stirring. Things that Teresa had tried to suppress. Teresa reached back with both hands to pull the leotard free from between her cheeks.

"Well, at least I can buy some new clothes."

Over at the Anderson household, a similar conversation was taking place.

"Oh no Mark, there's no way, I'm not doing that." said Barbara across the dinner table from her husband. "I am not going anywhere near that woman, much less participate in anything with her."

Mark countered "You and Teresa's problems are in the past. Here's a chance for you to prove to everyone that bygones can be bygones and that you two can behave as adults around each other."

"Mark you know as well as I do it's never my fault when Teresa and I have a dustup. She always starts it." complained Barbara.

"Baloney" said Mark "you've been as much as fault as Teresa or possibly more so. Plan on being there. Buy a new outfit, I want you to look nice for the donors. Get something that shows off your legs, you know, something that looks good with heels. I want those bidders so distracted by you they won't realize how much they're spending."

"Well I suppose if I'm being forced into this. How much can I spend on clothes?" asked Barbara.

"Spend as much as you like dear. I want everyone to see and appreciate how lovely you are." said Mark in his most flattering tone.

Later that evening, Barbara was alone with her thoughts. She recalled all the events in her life with Teresa. The last being most unique. "I suppose it won't be too bad. We'll just stand around trying to look like we don't know each other."

Everything was set for the big night. A boxing card of five contests was scheduled with the auction immediately following the last bout. The attendance exceeded all estimates. There were a number of invitees, but as word got around town about the event, many tickets were sold at the gate. And at $250 a ticket, the money was adding up. Hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, and fine cigars were available. There were close to 500 guests in the house all of which were male. The only females were the waitstaff and the round card girls. Bill Johnson had done an outstanding job. Both girls were very attractive and a nice contrast to each other. One was obviously Hispanic with dark hair well past her shoulders and dark eyes. About 5 foot four in height, she had strong but attractive legs that led to a nicely rounded and full Latin derrière. This girl also had a very ample bust to balance out her bottom half. The other round card girl was very "girl next door". Her hair was light brown and just to her shoulders. Having an athletic look, her breasts weren't overly large, one could say average, but were very perky. This girl's best feature were her legs. Which were long by any standard and perfectly defined. And she had a very cute bottom. Both were wearing Hawaiian print string bikinis with ties at the middle of the back and neck for the tops and at each hip for the bottoms. And to provide a small bit of modesty both girls wore a short wraparound cover up that also tied at the hip.

The bouts were well under way. Mark and Dominic were watching how the evening was progressing.

"Well buddy, if things keep going as they are it looks like we're really going to have a success." said Mark to Dominic as they were counting the gate receipts in the cash room.

"I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to watch any of the fights. How are they going?"

"The matches have been competitive and I think our donors are enjoying them. The last fight is a 10 rounder and they were just starting the eighth round when I came back here. Actually they're right on time. It's about 10:45 and I told Barbara to be here around 11."

"That's good, I told Teresa the same thing."

"I'll tell you one thing Dominic, Bill Wilson did an outstanding job with the round card girls. They are both gorgeous."

"Do you know where you found them?"

"No he didn't say. Come on we can lock this up and take care of the cash later. Let's go out and catch the last couple rounds then get set up for the auction. Our wives will be here by then and we can get them started."

The husbands walked out of the cash room and onto the arena floor where ringside seats had been held for them. Bill Wilson was also at ringside seated next to the round card girls. Mark and Dominic took their seats just at the end of the eighth round. Hearing the wolf whistles and cheers, Dominic looked up into the ring. His mouth dropped open when he saw none other than Kathy Benson parading around the ring with a large number nine held over her head.

"Bill, where the hell did you get these girls?" Dominic asked.

"I hired them both from that strip joint out at of the edge of town. You know the one that red head with the big boobs runs."

"Shit, that's the dancer Teresa caught me with in that club. If she sees her Christ only knows what will happen." Dominic whispered to Mark.

"It's too late to do anything now, we'll have to just see what happens." Mark told Dominic.

The ninth round was getting under way and Kathy made her way down the steps from the ring. She spotted Dominic and immediately took the empty chair next to him. Seeing where Kathy was seated, the Hispanic girl walked over and took the empty chair next to Mark. Bill Wilson had made sure both girls knew who had hired them for this evening. For whatever reason, Bill had hinted to the girls that there might be opportunities for more compensation than just the agreed-upon fee. All depending upon their behavior towards their employers.

"Hello Mr. Anderson, my name is Maria. I'm very grateful you hired me for this for this event. I think it's such a worthy cause and I think you're to be commended for doing all this work."

Mark was flattered by Maria's praise and turned slightly in his chair to face her.

"Thank you very much and I must say that you are an important part of tonight's events. I think more people are paying attention between rounds rather than during the rounds."

Mark and Maria continued their conversation and pretty much ignored the boxing action going on in the ring. Maria placed a hand on Mark's shoulder and slid over to be closer to him and so she could be heard over the cheering of the crowd. At the same time Dominic and Kathy Benson were getting reacquainted.

"Mr. Scalia I'm so glad to see you. I was so worried about you after that incident at the club." Kathy said in wide-eyed innocence.

"Please call me Dominic and everything is fine. You're looking as lovely as ever."

"Why thank you Dominic. I can tell you're keeping in shape." Kathy said this as she slid her hand over Dominic's arm. Kathy also got closer to Dominic to be heard over the crowd noise.

Outside the arena, a Lexus SUV pulled up to the entrance and stopped. The driver side door opened and first one then two black stockinged legs appeared. Teresa stepped out and surveyed the scene while she fluffed her hair with her hands. She made a quick inspection of her appearance and adjusted the hem of her skirt that had ridden up during her exit from the Lexus. Teresa had indeed followed Mark's instructions on her apparel for that evening. Her selection was a black strapless cocktail dress. Cut low in the front to display Teresa's rounded cleavage, the fit closely followed her curves. The skirt portion was very snug over the hips and was only slightly longer than midthigh in length. The total effect of Teresa's fashion choice was to highlight three areas of physical importance. In top to bottom order Teresa was featuring her breasts, her ass and her legs. Teresa also wore a matching short sleeved, short waisted jacket. The black fabric, of which the outfit was made, had many reflective spangles. Black high heels completed her look. Teresa's hair was worn loosely about her shoulders.

Teresa handed the keys to the valet parking attendant and was about to enter the arena when another vehicle pulled up. Of course she immediately recognized the vehicle and the driver.

Barbara carefully exited her Escalade making sure to keep her knees together as she swung them out to the pavement. She stepped away from the vehicle as the parking valet took over and drove away. Also making a quick inspection, Barbara ran a hand over the back of her skirt hoping to smooth any wrinkles created in driving to the arena. Barbara's fashion selection for the evening was a white halter top cocktail dress. The neckline did have a sufficient plunge to draw attention to Barbara's cleavage. The halter closed behind her neck and flattered Barbara's attractive shoulders and the open back extended to her waist. While Barbara's cleavage was indeed attractive the hemline of the flowing skirt was designed to highlight her legs. It was a varied hemline with the front nearly 4 inches above Barbara's knees and tapering to calf length in the rear. Obviously a design to highlight Barbara's outstanding legs. Those legs were encased in sheer white stockings and topped off with white heels. Barbara's hair was done in an up sweep and added to an air of sophistication.

Barbara and Teresa were about 20 feet apart when they turned to face each other. A slight breeze fluttered Barbara's flowing skirt. The same breeze wafted through Teresa's hair. The former adversaries and former lovers took a moment to appraise each other.

"Teresa has managed to pour herself in that outfit, but it fits her perfectly. It certainly shows off her chest. I wish she would turn around, I'd love to see how that skirt fits that butt of hers." Barbara was thinking.

Teresa had thoughts of her own "She does have a set of legs and she knows it. And that halter does make the most of what she has in the boob department. I bet poor Mark paid a pretty penny for that outfit."

Barbara took the initiative and approached Teresa. "Hello Teresa, you really look stunning tonight."

"Thank you Barbara, you're looking very well yourself."

Barbara took a deep breath "Look, Mark asked that I be here tonight to help with the auction. That's all I want to do. Can you understand that?"

"Yes I understand completely. Dominic asked me to be here as well. I don't understand this logic, but then I wasn't given much of a choice. Let's make the best of this evening."

"Fair enough, well I guess we should go in and see what we're supposed to do."

Inside the arena the 10th round was underway. Dominic and Mark were still in their ringside seats with the company of Kathy and Maria on either side of them. Both girls had gotten particularly friendly by keeping a hand around the shoulder of their companion and occasionally letting their other hand stray. And both men were not doing any complaining about what was going on. Barbara and Teresa walked into the arena area side by side. Halfway down the aisle to the ring Barbara got a clear view of the husbands in their seats. Barbara stopped in her tracks and grabbed Teresa by the arm. She recognized both women who were cozying up to the husbands.

"Teresa look over there to the left of the ring. It's Mark and Dominic and I know those two bitches who are sitting next to them."

"I can't believe it! It's that little slut Kathy Benson. Who's that Latin girl trying to get her hooks in the Mark?"

"Oh I'm afraid I know her quite well. That's Maria. She worked at that club Roxanne Starr owns."

"Barbara is that the cocktail waitress you tangled with in the strip club?"

"Yes that's her all right. Look at our husbands. Those two sluts have their hands all over them." Barbara paused for a moment "How did you know about the strip club?"

A sly smile came over Teresa's face when Barbara asked that question.

"Barbara" Teresa said in a mock serious tone "don't you remember the videotape? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a look at that footage."

Barbara succinctly replied "Oh, yes." She had forgotten that her debasement at the hands of Maria had been recorded for posterity.

"Why did she have to remind me of that? Damn her." Barbara thought to herself.

"Why are they wearing bikinis in here? Good Lord do they purposely want to look like whores?" Teresa wondered out loud. Of course neither woman was familiar with boxing and the tradition of round card girls.

Teresa was beginning to fume. She wasn't going to tolerate any misbehavior with Kathy Benson and her husband. Barbara was upset as well, but again recalled how Maria had bested her in front of the gentlemen's club patrons.

"Come on Barbara, let's go say hello to our hubbies."

The wives slowly walked up to where Mark and Dominic were seated. Deep in conversation with their bikini-clad friends they had no idea their wives were watching their every move. Kathy and Maria were engrossed in their conversation as well, possibly with dreams of enhanced income earned through special favors. Maria had her hand around Mark's neck and was slowly stroking his earlobe. Her other hand was resting high on his thigh and with an occasional gentle squeeze was dangerously close to invading crotch territory. Truth be told, there was a bit of "tenting" to be seen in the front of Mark's Dockers. Kathy was twirling a lock of Dominic's hair around her index finger as she slid her other arm around his waist.

The wives observed this behavior for a few seconds then Teresa broke the spell.

"Hello Dominic, I'm here for the auction. What are we selling? A 2 for 1 deal on under dressed sluts?"

Barbara spoke up "Good evening Mark. Getting acquainted with a new friend?"

Both husbands looked up in shock having realized what they were doing and that they were busted. Mark and Dominic jumped to their feet to greet their wives.

"My goodness both of you look exquisite tonight, don't they Mark. Teresa was going to surprise me with her new dress. Teresa you look stunning." Dominic was trying to smooth things over.

"Barbara you look great and that dress is terrific." Mark blurted.

"Save the complements for a few minutes boys. There's something I need to take care of." Teresa said as she turned her attention to Kathy Benson. "I don't know what you're up to. If you know what's good for you, you will leave now. We don't need any little bitches around here."

"Listen Mrs. Scalia don't order me around. I am here being paid to do a job and I don't work for you." Kathy stood to face Teresa.

Barbara placed a hand on Teresa's arm "Take it easy Teresa. We are going to be ladies tonight."

While Kathy and Teresa were having words, Maria rose from her chair and stepped to Barbara's side.

In a mocking low tone Maria whispered "Why I do believe it's Mrs. Barbara Anderson. How lovely to see you. And I indeed have some fond memories of you. Bent over that cocktail table with my hand in your panties. Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Barbara quickly spun to face Maria. Her expression at first was fearful but quickly evolved into self-righteous confidence.

"Shut up. I'm not taking any of your crap. As Teresa said why don't you and Ms. Benson leave?"

"Well Mrs. Anderson I have to work for a living and this is a paying job. I don't get paid until the job is finished and as of right now it is not finished. So I'm not going anywhere."

Up in the ring the last bout had finished and a table was being set up to hold the auction items. The auctioneer completed his preparations and made announcements to the crowd.

"Okay gentlemen our auction is about ready to begin. We have many valuable items all donated for this most worthy cause. We ask that you bid high and bid often. To help us show off the items for sale will be our two lovely round card girls Kathy and Maria! How about a big hand for the lovely ladies."

At this announcement Kathy and Maria broke off the confrontation with the wives. They climbed the stairs to the ring apron and stepped through the ropes. Of course the whistles and catcalls came to a crescendo when each girl would straddle the rope and bend over as they entered the ring. Both girls would linger for a moment, in that position, to arch their backs and show off their derrières to the appreciative crowd. Once in the ring the girls discussed their treatment by Teresa and Barbara.

"I don't know about you" said Maria "but I'm not letting any suburban housewife talk to me like that. I know Mrs. Anderson all too well and I can handle her, who's that busty Italian all in black?"

"That is the famous or infamous Teresa Scalia. She's the one who had the fight with Roxanne in the bar. Didn't she tell you about it?"

"Yes, Roxanne did tell me about her. Roxanne fought her in the bar. Guess the place was packed because of happy hour. Anyway Roxanne managed to strip the bitch down her bra and panties and had her up on the dancers' stage. And then she pulled her by the hair into the private dance room. Roxanne didn't tell me what went on in there." offered Maria.

Kathy relayed a little more history "She's the bitch who caused all the problems at the swimming pool when I was still coaching. I didn't see it, but I guess her and the blond really got into it."

The auctioneer again addressed the arena.

"Gentlemen, as a special treat to assist with tonight's auction, we have two of the most lovely ladies in our community. You all know Mark Anderson and Dominic Scalia, the organizers of this event. Helping with the auction will be none other than their wives Barbara Anderson and Teresa Scalia."

Teresa shot a glare at Dominic "You mean I'm supposed to get up in the ring with those two hookers? I'm not having any of that."

Barbara looked at Mark "I'm not doing that. It puts me on a level with them and they're nothing but streetwalkers."

Dominic tried to calm them both down. "It's for charity, please help us out everyone is expecting you."

Kathy and Maria were equally surprised that the wives were to join them in the ring.

"I can't believe they're going to come up here." Maria told Kathy. "As far as I'm concerned this is our territory and I don't have to listen to their insults."

Evidently some of the comments from the wives involving hookers and streetwalkers were heard all the way up in the ring.

"Maria, if they do come into the ring let's have a little fun with them. After all we will have them on our turf." suggested Kathy.

"You're right Kathy, let's see what we can do. I think I've got a little interest in that in that package wrapped in black dress."

As if on cue the ring announcer solicited the crowd to encourage the wives to make their appearance in the ring.

"Gentlemen, please let's have a big hand for Teresa Scalia."

The crowd responded with a big ovation. Dominic used this as leverage to get Teresa to comply.

"Listen to that crowd Teresa, they're waiting for you." Dominic pleaded.

Teresa looked at Barbara, then looked at Dominic.

"All right I'll do it, but when this is finished not only will you have much explaining to do but it will cost you big time."

Teresa walked to the stairs that led to the ring apron. A white spotlight from on high illuminated her as she negotiated the stairs. With her tight skirt, the stairs were just a little difficult and it was necessary for the hem to raise slightly. Of course the more leg that was exposed was an added treat for the crowd. Teresa got to the ring apron and delicately pulled down the hem of her skirt. Looking at the ropes, Teresa was at a loss on how to get through them and into the ring. Kathy Benson noticed Teresa's uncertainty and stepped over to offer assistance.

"Here Mrs. Scalia let me help you."

With that Kathy put one foot on the middle rope and pushed down to create a gap for Teresa to pass through.

"Why is she helping me? thought Teresa.

Holding the top rope to steady herself, Teresa bent one leg at the knee and tried to pass it over the middle rope. Unfortunately her tight skirt again prevented that. It was obvious she would have to compromise her skirt length to get through the ropes. Pinching the fabric at mid thigh with her fingers, Teresa hiked up her skirt a few inches so she could pass one leg over the rope. With a little difficulty Teresa swung her left leg back and over the middle rope. She then bent at the waist to pass under the top rope. This provided a great view for those with seats in the proper orientation. Brightly illuminated by the spotlight, Teresa's skirt was above mid thigh and as tight as could be around her butt. Her legs were straddling the middle rope. Just as she was directly over the middle rope and under the top rope, a convenient accident happened. Kathy quite casually slid her foot off the ring rope. The tension on the rope caused it to snap straight up like a rubber band, which of course was in direct line with Teresa's crotch. The hem of Teresa's skirt was pushed upward and just over the curve of her derrière. Teresa whooped in shock and her knees buckled when the ring rope made a fleeting contact with the crotch panel of her pantyhose. She did maintain a grip on the top rope while she practically sat on the middle rope. Kathy and Maria exchanged smirky glances while Kathy went to Teresa's aid. Mark and Dominic covered their eyes and shook their heads in dismay. They were truly fearful of what might happen next. Barbara watched the whole episode and truthfully had to suppress a smirk herself at seeing her old nemesis in such a situation.

"Oh Mrs. Scalia I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. My foot slipped. Please let me help you." Kathy said with feigned sincerity.

"Yes I'm sure that was an accident you little bitch. What are you doing? Let go of my arm!"

Kathy grabbed Teresa's upper left arm and pulled her into the ring. Of course Teresa had not yet gained her footing and Kathy's "assistance" caused her to tumble into the ring on her side. By now there are more than a few hoots of laughter from the assemblage as Teresa's dignity was taking some serious damage. Teresa rose to a sitting position and looked up at Kathy Benson, who was having a little chuckle herself. Teresa stood up and ignored the fact that her skirt had now worked its way up to a point where her black lace panties were viewable from the front. From behind the view was equally delectable, the hem had risen over the curve of Teresa's butt for all to see. The spotlight operator was doing a fantastic job of keeping Teresa fully illuminated. Teresa had selected a very sexy pair of high waisted black lace panties to wear underneath her black pantyhose. Her pantyhose was the sheer to the waist type that afforded a good view of her panties. Teresa walked over to Kathy oblivious to where her skirt had ended up.

"You did that on purpose. I should teach you a lesson here and now." Teresa fumed.

"Mrs. Scalia," Kathy countered "I think before you start anything you should make a few clothing adjustments. After all do you usually wear your skirts above your waist?"

"Skirts above my waist? What the hell is she talking about? thought Teresa.

Teresa then looked down and saw the bunched skirt. She also saw a good length of firm thighs all the way up to the black lace that covered her pubic area. She quickly used both hands to pull her skirt down and regain some modesty. Before she could make a move on Kathy the announcer stepped between them.

"And now let me introduce our second special auction assistant for the evening Barbara Anderson!"

A second spotlight swung over to Barbara's location at ringside. Barbara said nothing, but gave Mark a look that later in the evening the accounts would be balanced. Barbara made her way to the stairs and negotiated them with no problems, her flowing skirt did not impede her. At the ring apron Barbara had the same dilemma as Teresa. That is how to get through the ropes in a ladylike manner. Determined not to let anything happen to her as did to Teresa, Barbara raised her left leg and tried to pass over the middle rope while she pushed down on it. Teetering a bit on her heels, Barbara's first attempt was unsuccessful. Seeing that she was having difficulty, Maria approached Barbara from behind to "assist". Approached from the rear and with her head down and bent over at the waist, Barbara had no idea Maria was behind her. Barbara tried again to swing her foot over the rope. This time she made it, although she was still having a slight balance problem. When Barbara paused and regained her balance, Maria very surreptitiously took hold of the hem at the back of Barbara's skirt. The spotlight operator evidently had an idea what was going on and kept the light on Barbara's location. Very slowly Maria raised the hem revealing the back of Barbara's thighs clad in the white hose. The crowd reaction was spontaneous as more of Barbara's legs came into view. As the hem went higher the cheers grew louder. The lacy tops and garters of Barbara's stockings were revealed. Maria reacted to the cheers of the crowd and continued to expose Barbara. Barbara had no clue what was going on. As the skirt hem went to greater heights, Barbara's tanned thighs above the stocking tops were illuminated by the spotlight. Unknowingly Barbara assumed a posture that was displaying her exposed areas to their best advantage. Her back was straight and her torso was parallel to the ring rope. Standing straight legged, her hips were at a saucy angle. Ringside viewers were surprised and most appreciative when the hem rose further revealing the uncovered globes of Barbara's derrière. For she had chosen to wear a thong with her white lace garter belt that evening. In sharp contrast to the tanned skin of her thighs, Barbara's bottom was flawless creamy white and showed the borders of the bikini bottoms she wore while tanning.

"What's all the cheering about" wondered Barbara. Barbara finally felt something going on with her skirt as the front hem was pulling back against her legs. Maria adroitly let the hem drop. As it draped over Barbara's back, Maria stepped back to admire her work. Still grasping the middle rope for balance, Barbara swung her right leg over. It was then she felt her skirt skim off the back of her shoulders. As Barbara righted herself, Maria walked up to her.

"Lovely outfit Barbara. I especially love the garter belt. And the thong, what a nice touch."

Barbara blushed at hearing this from Maria.

"How does she know about my underwear?" Barbara thought.

Teresa had turned her attention from Kathy to watch Barbara's entrance. And she herself was amused at seeing Barbara so unaware of her exposure. She had to stifle a laugh herself. Barbara walked over to stand beside Teresa.

"Barbara, do you have any idea what Maria was doing with your skirt when you were climbing through the ropes?" Teresa asked.

"I never saw Maria until I was into the ring. What was all the cheering about?"

"Well dear let's just say Maria raised the hem high enough so we all could appreciate your taste in lingerie. By the way do you always wear regular bikini bottoms when you tan?" Teresa said with a touch of sarcasm.

Barbara thought for a moment "That may well be, I think you had a bit of a show yourself. You always did look good in black lace. Are they Victoria's Secret?"

Teresa was going to counter Barbara's comment, but decided to maintain a discreet silence.

With all the assistants in place, the auction began. The auctioneer would give a description of the item up for bids and Kathy or Maria would parade around the ring holding the item for the inspection of the attendees. Helpers were in the crowd to assist the auctioneer in keeping track of the bids. Barbara and Teresa still had no idea what their function was. They stood at one side of the table. Maria or Kathy would circulate past them with the sale item. Of course wicked glares were exchanged by all the ladies in the ring. When the auction progressed to the higher dollar items, the auctioneer gave them their instructions.

"Okay ladies this is where you come in. These are the most expensive items in the sale and I want you to display them as the other girls have. Just carry them around and let the bidders get a look at what they're buying. Simple enough?"

Teresa looked at Barbara and said "I suppose I can handle this, think you can Barbara?"

"Yes" replied Barbara having no appreciation for Teresa's condescending attitude.

"Let's get this over with."

"Mrs. Scalia that's such a lovely outfit you're wearing, but you would look so much better if you would remove your jacket and let everyone appreciate you." the auctioneer requested.

"I suppose I could do that, as long as it helps things along." Teresa replied. Of course it didn't hurt that Teresa was well aware of how she looked in that dress without the jacket. She did enjoy the whistles of the crowd and was fully aware of what the reaction would be when she took the jacket off.

Teresa slipped off her jacket revealing her smooth shoulders and arms, but the real show was in the cleavage. Teresa's breasts certainly filled the cups of her strapless dress. The bodice acted like a push up bra, as if Teresa needed one. More whistles and cheers came forth as Teresa laid her jacket on the table. Demurely placing her hands behind her back Teresa made a slow turn towards the audience while pulling her shoulders back and subtly thrusting her chest forward. The crowd reacted as Teresa had hoped with tumultuous cheers and whistles.

Teresa's actions were not lost on Kathy and Maria. They stood together at one side of the ring while Teresa took center stage.

"Will you look at that bitch work the crowd. She's actually enjoying this. I wonder how much her husband paid for that set of boobs." Maria said to Kathy.

"There are no implants there Maria. I guarantee you those boobs are the real deal."

"How do you know they're real?"

"Remember, I told you about the problem at the middle school swim meet. Our dear Mrs. Scalia over there was stripped out of all her clothes including her bra and panties. I got a good look at those tittles and they are all hers." Kathy testified.

Barbara was taking in Teresa's exhibition as well.

"She really is getting into this. I can't believe how she sticks her chest out. As if that dress doesn't show off her boobs enough as it is. Well two can play that game and I'll get my chance." Barbara thought to herself.

The auctioneer described the next item which was a certificate for an overnight stay at a resort in upstate New York.

"What do you want me to do now?" Teresa asked the auctioneer.

"Just walk around the ring and hold the certificate, pretend you're Vanna White." The auctioneer said with just a bit of exasperation.

Teresa held the paper 8 x 10 inch certificate in front of her at waist height. She slowly walked around the ring carefully placing one high-heeled foot directly in front of the other. Walking in this manner, Teresa was knowingly putting more than the usual sway in her hips.

The bidding was furious and soon the sale was finalized for considerably more money than was anticipated. Teresa walked back to the table to put the certificate in the area where the sold items were kept. She passed close to where Maria was standing. As Teresa passed, Maria could not help her self as she gave Teresa a quick bump with her hip. Teresa was pushed a couple steps to her left. She quickly turned to face Maria.

"Watch it you bitch don't try anything with me." warned Teresa.

Maria laughed "Oh my goodness! I'm so afraid!"

Teresa made no retort. She merely turned her back to the haughty Latina and walked to the other end of the table. Maria couldn't help but stare at Teresa's ass as she slowly walked away. That could make one wonder if Maria had some slightly different inclinations of her own.

"Mrs. Anderson, I'd like you to present the next item please." requested the auctioneer. "It's another certificate so just walk around the ring as Mrs. Scalia did."

Barbara was thinking to herself "Oh sure, I should parade around like that."

The auctioneer interrupted Barbara's thoughts "And if you could put a little spice into it, it really helps the sale."

"Okay fine if you think it will help that much."

Barbara held her head up, pulled her shoulders back and tried to put on her most alluring look. Walking around the ring she calculated a way to comply with the auctioneer's request for more spice. Barbara would take a few steps and then do a quick spin. The spin would allow a fleeting glimpse of Barbara's legs in their entirety nearly to the stocking tops. Her first spin was greeted with cheers. As she did more twirls the cheering increased. As did the bidding. Again the sale was made for an unexpected high price. As Barbara walked to the table to replace the certificate, Kathy extended her foot and intentionally tripped Barbara. Barbara fell forward but luckily the table was there and prevented her from falling to the mat. She turned and faced Kathy.

"Don't trip me you slut." Barbara exclaimed

"Don't call me names Mrs. Anderson or I'll have Maria give you the treatment again. But perhaps that might be something you would find enjoyable. How about it Barbie?"

Barbara was speechless at the mention of Maria giving her the treatment. For she knew full well what the treatment entailed. And quite frankly, Barbara would occasionally reminisce to herself about that night. Without a snappy comeback Barbara joined Teresa at the other end of the table.

The next item up for bid was a watercolor done by a local artist who had recently been given worldwide accolades. The canvas was approximately 4 by 3 feet. It was Teresa's turn to present the painting. Picking up the canvas by the edges, she held the painting in front of her low enough to see over the top, but effectively blocking everyone's view of her body. The auctioneer started the bids, but soon it was apparent the bids were slow in coming. Also shouts were coming from the crowd encouraging Teresa to hold the painting in a different manner. Sensing that there may be a problem getting a fair price for this piece, the auctioneer whispered at Teresa as she passed near him.

"Hold that painting up above your head. They want to see you." Little did the auctioneer know how prophetic his words were."

"Oh all right..." Teresa replied.

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