A New Light

by Flying-Circus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A lonely university scientist accidentally discovers that his experimental device to spur plant growth has an unexpected effect on his beautiful female lab assistant.

Chapter 1

Charles held the device in his hands. It vaguely reminded the 40-year old man of a ray gun and probably would more so if he didn't already know what it was. The light ray device was heavier than he expected. Above his test plants in the lab currently hung a light panel that emitted a wide range beam. The device in his hands compressed that range into a narrow, concentrated beam. It took him forever to get the device built. There were a ton of paperwork and stages of approval. He never actually expected to ever see the device, but apparently the wide beam had produced sufficient results to get the narrow beam device built.

Charles was a plant biologist at the university. Don't call him a botanist. He hated the term. He wanted to be known as a plant biologist.

He placed the device carefully on the table and walked over to his nine by nine foot square garden. The latest plants were already spreading out. The wide beam light panel above the garden had accelerated the plant growth by fifteen percent. Hopefully he now had that same light panel in a handheld device.

"Good morning, Dr. Kemp. What are you doing?"

He turned around to look upon Kim, his pretty 20-year old research assistant. He could have chosen a more talented college student to be his lab helper, but he always preferred an attractive girl.

"Waiting for you." He pointed at the table.

"You got the plant growth device!" she squealed and went over to the cylindrical object.

He admired her backside. Kim was only five foot tall, but she had some very nice curves. He often imagined what it would be like to view her excellent ass while his cock was in her pussy. He also frequently imagined Kim on her knees sucking his cock. He'd love to do all kinds of wonderful things with her.

It was fifteen years since Charles went out on a date. All he did year after year was imagine what it was like to fuck his current research assistant. They were always female. The rest of his sexual fantasies were about other lovely students in his classes or about other beauties around the campus. He jacked off nightly with the thought of some college girl in his head. Most often, it was Kim.

"Are you going to try it today?" Kim said excitedly.

"Of course! We've waited forever to get it. You get to choose the plant."

"I do?"

Charles nodded.

Kim stepped over to the garden and tried to decide.

"This one," she said, pointing. "The pink roses."

"Do you want to do it?"


"I am."

"Wow! You are so cool! Everyone thinks you are so stuffy, but you are not. They don't know you like I know you."

He wrinkled his nose at the "stuffy" remark, but his mind quickly drifted to fantasizing about Kim.

Kim picked up the device then almost it dropped it to the floor. It was heavy!

"Careful!" Charles warned.

She hefted it up and walked to the garden. She aimed at the roses but the weight of the device caused her aim to constantly drift.

"I'll help steady it," he said.

He went behind her and reached around. He grabbed the cylinder barrel with his left hand and with his right hand grabbed toward the back of the device.

"Doctor," Kim said.


"Never mind," she said. The professor apparently didn't realize he was cupping her right breast instead of the device. She didn't want to embarrass him.

Kim took aim at the plant and fired. The device emitted a hum for twenty seconds and shut off. There was no visible light on the plant. The device used light that was invisible to the unaided eye.

"Great!" he said.

He let go her tit. He was right. When she came in, he thought she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tit was so firm. The last time he experienced a tit so firm was when he was sixteen. It was with the fourteen year old neighbor girl, Kerri. She was also his first sexual experience.

"So now what?" she asked.

"We measure the plant tomorrow. You might as well go."

As much as he wanted Kim to hang around, there wasn't much for her to do today.

"You sure?"

"Go!" he said, waving her out.

"Thanks, Doctor." Kim was glad. This would give her more time with her boyfriend. She hated when all they had time for was a quickie.

"Charles," he corrected. He reminded her most days. He wanted to be known as Charles to her.

He watched Kim place her lab coat on the hook and leave.

He sighed. Kim would still be with him tonight. He would masturbate with the thought of the feel of Kim's boob in his mind. He flexed the hand that briefly held her tit.

Charles was surprised to see Kim standing outside the lab the next morning. Her normal arrival schedule was later in the morning after attending his class.

"You're early," he commented.

"I couldn't wait to find out how much the roses grew!" she said enthusiastically. She still could make it on time to her first class.

"You know it might not have worked," he said, trying to ease any possible disappointment. Thousands of dollars were spent on failed experiments with the hope that something would eventually succeed.

"You have to believe!"

He unlocked the lab. He opened the door and motioned for her to go in first. She raced to the garden.

Kim screamed. The scream was so loud that Charles hurried to the garden. It sounded like she was hurt.

"Look!" she shouted.

Kim was okay, but he didn't notice her. He stared at the pink roses. They had doubled in size overnight. The device worked! The device had produced incredible results.

"You did it, Doctor!" Kim praised.

It worked! He did do it!

"We did it," he finally said.

"I didn't do anything."

"Yes you did Kim. I appreciate all your help."

"Thank you," she said. She wasn't sure how she helped but it would be cool to tell her friends that she helped on this project.

"Take off a leaf. I want to look at it under the microscope."


It took fifteen minutes to set up.

"I have to go to class now," she informed. "See you later."

"Okay," he said, staring into the eyepiece. He was so excited about the rose that he didn't look at her backside as she left.

The results were amazing. It was amazing that he couldn't find anything wrong. It looked like a normal leaf. He wondered if there would be a thinning that would make the leaf weak, but everything was as it should be. The device worked! It worked!

He became lost in his work.

"Dr. Kemp?" a girl's voice said.

"Yes," he said.

It was Charlotte from his first class.

"Is class cancelled today?" she asked.

He forgot!

"No! No!" he said. "I'll be right there."

He gave three disjointed lectures in his classes including the last one that Kim was in. He couldn't get his mind off his discovery.

When Kim returned to the lab, he was inspecting a flower petal.

"Hello, Kim," he said without looking up.

"See anything?" she asked.

"Not a thing. Isn't that wonderful?"

"I guess so," she said, unsure why it was wonderful.

He picked up on her uncertainness.

"The rose is normal. You wouldn't know it from one that took months to grow this big. It has no weaknesses or health issues. It's a normal, healthy rose. That's important."

"That's great, Doctor!" she said understanding.

"So which plant do we shoot now?" he asked.

"All of them!"

"We should do one at a time. Each plant might react differently."

"That's true."

"Pick another one," he said.

He walked over to the bench and picked up the device.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Do you like strawberries?"

"A lot."

"Let's see if we'll have some fresh strawberries to eat tomorrow," he joked.

Charles aimed the device at the plant and fired. The only sound was the 20 second hum.

"We again wait until tomorrow," he said. "Take some statistics on the rose's growth and put it in the log."

"Sure, Doctor."

Charles wrote down readings from what he saw in the microscope while Kim took down measurements from the physical plant.

His excitement calmed and his mind turned to his usual thoughts. As Kim turned and bent around the pink rose plant, he imagined her doing that naked. He still wasn't back to normal because his thoughts would actually drift off of sex with Kim and to the device. He knew that the faster he could get data to prove the device safely worked, the sooner he could be making big money off it.

He grabbed the device and returned to the garden.

"What are you doing, Doctor?" she asked.

"I'm going to expose the grass too."

"Okay." She moved out of the way.

Charles fired at the fescue grass.

"I wished it worked on me," Kim joked.

"Your breasts are big enough," he said. A decent breast size was one of his criteria for a lab assistant.

"Not that," she said, feeling a little embarrassed. Did the doctor think she was talking about her tits? She knew she was a good size. "I wish it would work on me so I was taller."

"Oh, is that all!" he said, laughing. He turned the device toward her. "Bam! You're taller."

He fired the device. It emitted its invisible light and stopped.

"Make sure you measure yourself before you go to bed and again in the morning," he continued to joke.

Kim stood motionless with her eyes locked on him. Did something happen to her? He had a moment of panic until finally she moved. Did she just play a trick on him?

"What was that, Doctor?" she asked.

"Did you finish the measurements?" He placed the device on the near bench.

"Can I do it later?"

"I'd like you to finish." It was uncharacteristic of Kim to ask out of a task.

"I'm sure I can do it later," she said approaching him with a strange slinky walk.

She grabbed his tie and pulled his head down. She kissed him.

"Kim?" he said in surprise.

"Or were you talking about another kind of finishing, Charles?" she said huskily.

She called him Charles. He was stunned. She pulled his lab coat down to his elbows.

"Kim?" he said hesitantly. Was she coming on to him? Could it be happening?

"Yes?" she said, standing on her tiptoes to nuzzle and kiss his neck.

He loved the touch of her lips. He knew he should respond but he was frozen stiff.

"I know what you would like," she said.

She let her lab coat slip to the floor, then quickly took off her blouse and bra. Charles's jaw dropped at the sight of her big, firm breasts. She placed his hands on her tits. He instinctively began to squeeze.

"Let me help you," she said.

While he was distracted by her tits, she loosed his tie then undid his dress shirt.

"Do you like them?" she asked.

He responded incoherently. He couldn't remember his cock ever being harder.

She pulled his open shirt down hard which forced his hands away from her tits. She took off his lab coat with his shirt. She pulled his undershirt out of his pants then over his head.

"Mmmm," she said, kissing all over his chest.

He finally moved by placing his hands lightly on her bare back, but then she slipped down.

"Let's see what you have here," she said opening up his slacks.

She reached into his waistband. She pulled slacks and briefs down together. Charles's cock sprang out.

"There it is," she said. She took it in her mouth. "Mmmm."

He groaned as he watched. He couldn't believe it. She was sucking his cock! His breathing quickened.

After only half a minute, she pulled off and finished undressing him.

"Do you want to see more of me?" she teased.

"Yeah," he croaked and nodded.

She shimmied out of her pants like a sexy dancer then did the same with her thong panties. Charles stared at her bare pussy.

Kim sat up on the lab bench and opened her legs.

"Come and see!" she beckoned.

He groaned again before stepping forward.

He opened and inspected her pussy while she rubbed his cock. She had a more beautiful pussy than he imagined. She pulled him forward by his cock and placed it in her opening.

Charles groaned as much from the sight of his cock going in Kim's pussy as from the sensation. He was fucking her! It was a fantasy come true!

"Mmmm," she moaned which turned him on even more.

He grabbed her hips to hold her steady and began to drive in and out of her pussy. He felt deliriously happy. All the years of dreaming about fucking one of his sexy lab assistants was finally a reality.

"Oh, Charles," she gasped.

"You're so sexy, Kim. So fucking sexy."

"Yes, talk to me. I love it."

"What a fucking wonderful pussy and what great tits!" He gave her tits a squeeze then returned his hand to her hips. He drove in harder.

"Yes, Charles. Yes!"

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned. "I'm gonna cum." He didn't want to cum so fast. It was too long since he had sex and he wanted to make it last. He wanted to savor fucking her, but there was nothing he could do.

"Yes, yes. I want to feel it!"

"Oh, Kim!" he shouted. He jammed his cock in deep. His cock throbbed wildly. "Ahhh!"

It felt so excellent to unload his jizz in her pussy. It was so exponentially better than all those times he jacked off at home pretending to do this very thing. He even imagined fucking her just like this on a lab table a few times.

It was a disappointment to pull out but it was exciting to see his jizz at her opening. He staggered back without taking his eyes off her pussy which he just fucked. He didn't expect to feel so ... triumphant. Triumphant was indeed the word.

Kim slipped off and began to dress. Charles watched her until her pussy, panties, tits and bra were covered by her clothing then he dressed too.

"I'll finish the measurements now," she said.

He sat in a chair feeling tired and winded but feeling fantastic. He stared at her until she was done.

She handed the notebook to him. "Do you need anything else?"

He slowly shook his head. She had done more than he ever expected.

"Can I go now?" she asked.

"Sure," he said quietly.

She smiled at him and said, "I had a great time."

"Me, too."

"Bye." She kissed him firmly on the lips and it almost stirred him up again.

Once she was out of his presence, his rational thought returned. It wasn't natural for Kim to just suddenly throw herself at him. Her excitement about the growth of the pink roses wasn't a sufficient reason for her to suddenly want to fuck him. The truth was she hadn't immediately wanted him. It happened later, so there had to be another reason.

He walked over to the device and caressed it. It was only after he shot the light beam at Kim that she wanted to fuck him. The light was harmless to any person and should have absolutely no effect on anyone, but it sure appeared to have an effect on Kim. It had to be the reason even if it didn't make any sense.

Instead of leaving the device on a bench, he locked it up.

Before he left, he stood before the bench Kim sat on remembering what she looked like and remembering the sensation on his cock as he thrusted in and out of her.

Today was a great day.

"Hi, Doctor!" Kim greeted when she came into the lab. "Did it work?"

"Check it out," he said. He followed her over.

"Wow!" she said.

The strawberry plants were full size and the short grass was now tall. The device had worked on them.

"I'm already analyzing them," he said, pointing at the microscopes.

"Can I look?" She was excited.

"Of course."

As Kim looked into the microscopes, Charles looked at her. He was surprised how casual and normal she was considering yesterday's events.

"Is everything okay?" she asked.

"What do you think? Are there any differences?"

"Not that I can tell," " she said. "You keep looking at me sort of weird. Do I have something on me?" She tried to look over her clothing.

"I can't help thinking about you after what happened yesterday."

"Did I do something?"

"You know, right there." He pointed at where she sat on the lab counter and he fucked her.

Kim looked at him confused.

"You don't remember?" he asked.

"Remember what?"

"Never mind."

He couldn't believe it. She didn't remember a thing. How could that be so? Of course, how did she get so horny for him in the first place?

Kim looked back into the microscope.

Charles retrieved the device from the locked cabinet.

"What are you going to make grow this time, Doctor?" she asked.

"You," he said.

"I wish!" she laughed.

"At least my cock will grow," he said.

Kim wasn't sure what he just said. Certainly he didn't say what it sounded like he said. Doctor Kemp jokingly fired the device at her.

She was motionless just long enough to give Charles a moment of panic again. She looked at him and smiled.

"What was that, Doctor?"

"I said you are very pretty."

"Thanks. You are very handsome." She stepped up to him.

With the way she looked at him, he was confident the device had worked again.

"Kiss me," he said.

She stood on her tiptoes as he leaned down and they kissed.

"Oh, Kim," he groaned.

"Charles," she panted.

"Get undressed."

"Oh, yes."

Kim was quick to undress then she dropped to her knees and helped take his pants and underwear off. She then began to suck on his cock.

"Ohhh!" he groaned, looking down at the eager girl. She was much too talented at that. She was evidently very experienced.

He pulled her off. She was too good. He'd end up cumming in her mouth and he wanted to cum in her pussy.

"I want to fuck you now," he said.

"How do you want me?"

He thought a moment and said, "Get down on the floor."

She dropped to her hands and knees and he got behind her. He lined up his cock and pushed inside her.

"Oh, yes. Yes, Charles," she moaned.

He loved being in her tight college girl pussy again. He was so happy to fuck his small attractive lab assistant. He wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not that she had forgotten about yesterday. It was good that she forgot in case she had regrets, but he also wished she had a fond memory of it. He had hoped that she wanted to fuck him again as soon as she saw him.

She was moaning constantly and he was getting close too. He gripped her hips and rammed into her harder. She cried out as she came then dropped her head to the floor. He pounded her pussy a few more seconds then spewed his cum inside her. He pulled out gasping for breath.

"That was so good," she said.

"Don't get dressed yet," he said when she reached for her clothes.

"Sure," she said. She sat on the floor and opened her legs so he could look.

He did look. He gazed all over her beautiful body. Damn, she was a gorgeous, firm thing!

"I'm thirsty," he said conversationally.

"Do you want me to get you a soda?"

"That's okay."

She just happily stared at him. It actually unnerved him. Something seemed odd, but he didn't know what.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just waiting for you."

"Waiting for me to do what?"

"Whatever you want."

"I want to fuck you again," he said.

"Go ahead." She leaned back inviting him.

"I can't," he said, pointing at his limp cock.

"I can fix that."

She sprang forward and began to suck on his cock.

Five minutes later, she was up on the lab bench and he was once more fucking in and out of her pussy.

"Yes, Charles! Yes!" she cried out. "Yesssss!"

As she came, he was again shooting cum into her pussy. It felt just as good as earlier.

His cock slipped out but he stayed between her legs simply admiring her and once more reflecting on his good fortune.

"You make me feel so good," she said.

"Do you know why you do this?" he asked.

"Do what?"

"Have sex with me."

"Fuck you? I like you. You are so sexy."

"I wished you wouldn't forget about this by tomorrow," he lamented.

"Why would I forget this? I'll never forget."

"You forgot about yesterday."

"Yesterday? The roses?"

"We fucked just like this yesterday. Right here on the bench."

"We did?"

"Yes. You just don't remember it."

"I'm sorry," she said, looking perplexed. "Are you sure?"

"I think I'd remember it. Why would I make it up?"

"I just sort of thought I'd remember it too, since I love to fuck you so much. Why did I forget?"

"I don't know," he said sadly. He patted her on the thigh and stepped away. "You should get going."


Charles was distracted by the puzzle all day. Did the light alter her hormones so much that it completely blanked her memory about the event? While he could shoot the device at her every day to make her hot and horny for him, he would love it if she just came into the lab and wanted him. Was there a way to make it permanent? An implant under her skin? He sighed. There was no way he could ever get approval to test such a thing. He was a plant biologist and not a medical researcher.

Another issue was how he should report on the success of the device. It worked wonderfully and perfectly on making plants grow, but he knew if other people had the device that someone would discover its effect on people.

"Hi, Charles!" Kim said, brightly the next day.

He quickly noted she called him Charles and became curious.

"Did you use the device on another plant?" she asked.

He shook his head.

"Forgot, huh?" she said, smiling. "Too busy fucking my pussy."

"You remember yesterday?" he said incredulously.

"You asked me to," she said. "Besides what girl could forget this?"

She grabbed his cock through his pants.

"You remember everything?" he asked.

"We fucked doggy-style on the floor and then you fucked me on the bench. It was fantastic."

"What about the day before?"

"You told me about it, but I still don't remember it," she said, shaking her head.

"So on the first day we fucked what happened?" He was processing his thoughts out loud.

"I don't know," she answered.

"I was in such a shock that we fucked that I just watched you. I didn't say a thing. Yesterday ... what happened yesterday?"

"After we fucked?"


"You told me not to get dressed."

"Right. You were about to get dressed and I told you not to."

"I just want to please you."

"Right!" he said. His thoughts were clarifying. "I said I was thirsty and you offered to get me a soda and then when I wished we could fuck again you sucked me until we could do it."

Kim shrugged and said, "I only want to make you happy."

She thought he was over analyzing it. It was really very simple. If Charles wanted something from her, she wanted to do it.

"You make me very happy," Charles said.

The words warmed Kim's heart.

"So do you want to fuck? Look!" She turned around and flipped up her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties.

"Did you do this for me?" he asked.

"Who else, lover?"

"Up against the bench," he said.

"Oooh, he likes what he sees."

Charles shed his lab coat, pushed his pants and underwear down, and lined up his cock. With a firm push, he entered her.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned.

Charles aggressively fucked her. It was only a few minutes before they both came hard.

"That was awesome!" she said.

"I love you," he said and was then surprised the words slipped out of his mouth.

"I love you, too."

He realized he did love her. He knew it was only for her body and that sweet pussy between her legs, but that was enough for him. He didn't care how intelligent she was or if she liked different music or whether they had any mental connections at all. It was enough to fuck the 20-year old girl to say he loved her. It was wonderful to fuck her and he wanted to forever keep fucking her.

"Kim?" he said.

"Yes, Charles."

"I want you to come to my place tonight. I want you to stay the night."


"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Break up with him. I'm your boyfriend now. Don't tell anyone about me and you. People wouldn't understand the love between a teacher and a student."

"We're both adults."

"It doesn't matter. People won't understand, so you can't talk about our love."


It was Friday night. He normally would have nothing to do and would fall asleep by nine. Tonight he planned to stay up late.

Kim showed up at seven.

"So how are you?" he said excitedly. She was actually inside his house! He couldn't remember the last time he had a visitor.

"Good now that I am with you."

"Did you have a hard afternoon?" he said curiously.

"Chris wasn't too happy that I broke up with him."

"Sorry that is was hard for you."

"It wasn't hard for me. It was hard for him. Fuck him!" She looked at Charles. "Or should I say fuck you?"

His cock immediately began hard. Before Kim arrived he had all these strange doubts that the device worked. It made no sense to doubt it. It obviously worked, yet he still wondered.

"Do you want to see my bedroom?" he said. He questioned where the line was between Kim's free will and her suggestibility to his words.

"I sure do!"

In a few minutes, he was plunging his cock in her pussy. She moaned beneath him.

He had a most amazing night. She was almost tireless. He'd never cum three times in one night before. Actually, he never before came twice in a night.

It was late in the morning when they woke up. He asked her to stay another night. He discovered he had to slow her down because after he came she was always working to make him hard again. He was content with Kim kissing all over his body and sucking on his cock without the intention of making him cum.

"Yes! Yes!" Kim yelled Sunday morning while bouncing on his cock.

"Ohhh!" he groaned and began to shoot up into her pussy.

Kim collapsed down and once more they were gasping for breath.

"You should probably clean up and go," he said.

"Do you want to shower with me?"

Showering with Kim was as fun as Charles thought it would be.

Chapter 2

There was a tentative knock on his office door on Monday afternoon.

"Doctor Kemp?" a girl said, poking her head in.

"Come in, Sabrina," Charles replied. He put his pen down on the paper he was grading. It was his office hours so he was here to be available to any student who needed to talk to him. "Have a seat. What can I do for you?"

The girl was beautiful, but she was as daft as a bunny. She had no business being in his science class or even the university itself. The 18-year old freshman was better suited for something like cosmetology school.

She sat down looking nervous.

"Doctor Kemp," she started slowly which quickly tried his patience. "I wanted to talk to you about my grade in class."

"What about it?"

"It seems to be kind of low."

"You are getting the grade you have worked for. You can't expect to get a good grade when you put so little effort into it."

"It's just that..." she said sadly. She leaned forward putting her elbows on his desk. It was one of the few spots on the desk not covered in papers. "Is there anything I can do to raise it? Extra credit?"

"Extra credit is only for those who do their regular work. You have to at least be earning a C to do extra credit."

She slumped back in the chair and said, "It's just that I have so much work in my other classes. How can anyone expect students to do all this work? It doesn't seem fair."

She cried softly hoping it would convince Doctor Kemp to go easy on her.

She continued, "You don't know what my life is like. I have to..."

Charles tuned out. He had immediately noticed what a beautiful girl she was on the first day of class and would have considered her as a possible lab assistant if she had any brains at all. As she sobbed crocodile tears, he noticed her chest going up and down. She had big tits and he could see a hint of a nipple. He scanned down to her bare midriff. She liked to wear belly shirts. He certainly didn't mind. He glanced at her mini skirt then looked over her legs. They were nice and toned. He stared into her face at her full lips. It was a make-up trick, but that was okay. He still liked her lips. With her long legs, large tits, and a height of about five six or seven, Sabrina was a contrast from Kim but they both were gorgeous girls.

"Doctor? Doctor?" she said, trying to get his attention.

She felt uncomfortable. He seemed to be checking her out and it felt kind of creepy. She hoped he wasn't one of those pervert professors who thought she would sleep with him just to get a good grade. She wasn't against flashing a little skin if it would help, but she wouldn't fuck him.

"I have things to do," Charles said.

"But what about my grade?"

"I will think about it."

"You will?" she said, surprised. She hadn't expected it to work. It hadn't worked yet, but the fact that he would think about it made her hopeful.

"Can you come to my office again on Wednesday? I want you to give me your best reason to raise your grade. Can you think about it and do that?"

"I sure can!" she said excitedly. She could bullshit with the best of them. If she could bullshit her way to at least a 'C', then it was worth the time wasted with her teacher.

As soon as Sabrina left, she called her girlfriend on her cell. "Yeah, I got old Doctor Kemp eating out of my hand. He's going to make it official on Wednesday. I'll just tell him how hard I'm going to try from now on. Guess what? I think he was checking me out. Yes! Truth! I'll just wear something low cut to give him a look at my boobs. He'll probably cum in his pants while he's changing my grade to an 'A'. Yes, an 'A'. Okay, at least a 'C'."

As soon as Sabrina left, Charles began going through the papers on his desk. He would need it clean for Wednesday and it would take him a while.

"Come in!" yelled Charles in response to the knock.

"Hi, Doc!" she said casually.

"Sabrina! I've been expecting you! Have a seat."

She sat down. She noticed the desk was perfect clean. There wasn't a thing on it. It was even all shiny. She guessed Doctor Kemp had a lot of free time on his hands. She had better things to do with her free time and she was about to get even more free time once she guaranteed a good grade in his class.

"So..." he said.

"Do you want me to begin?" she interrupted.

She adjusted her tits and smiled to herself at his reaction. He was frozen staring at her tits. Men! They were so stupid.

"Something wrong, Doc?"

"No," he said, shaking his vision free. She was a very sexy girl.

"So Doctor Kemp, I just want you to know that I am going to try really hard. I'm going to study at every..."

"I don't care," he said, waving his hand dismissively and standing.


"Would you like to see my new invention?"

"Sure," she said sighing. She would just have to humor the asshole.

He picked up the device sitting on the floor in the corner.

"What is it?" she said curiously. She'd never seen anything like it before.

"It makes plants grow," he said, walking behind her.

"Yeah?" she said, feigning interest.

"Yes," he said, secretly locking his office doors. "It also has an interesting effect on girls."


"Sure. Pretty, sexy, fuckable girls like you."

"What does it do?" It took her a moment to realize he said she was fuckable.

"It makes you like plant biology."

She laughed at his stupid joke. Like if!

"Ready?" he said, aiming at her.

She might be as dumb as bunny, but there was one thing bunnies were really good at. He was about to find out if she was good at it too. He fired.

"Oh, Doctor Kemp," she sensually said while standing.

"One second while I put this down," he said. He had to be careful about the device. "Do you still want a good grade in class?"


"You'll get it. You'll have an 'A'."

"Thank you."

"I think there is something you want even more." He pointed down at his crotch.

"Oh, yes, Doctor Kemp! I so want it." She raced to him and dropped to her knees.

"Call me Charles."

"Yes, Charles."

As she undid his pants, he said, "You will remember how wonderful it is to fuck me. If you have a boyfriend, you will break up with him."

"I have three boyfriends."

It figured.

"Break up with them all."

"Oooh," she said at the sight of his cock.

Charles groaned as she took him into her mouth.

"You are my girlfriend," he panted out. "I have other girlfriends and you like that I have other girlfriends."

"Mmmm," she said, sucking on his cock.

"Get undressed and get on the desk," he quickly said.

Sabrina was very talented with her mouth. Much more so than Kim. He didn't want to cum quickly and he preferred to cum in her pussy.

He undressed as she undressed. When he saw her big tits, he knew exactly what he wanted to try. He sat on top of her and placed his cock between her tits. She knew what to do and squeezed her tits together. He stroked within the channel.

"Ohhh!" she moaned.

It was fun for Charles, but it wasn't that stimulating so his arousal lessened. It was a good thing because now he could last longer.

He lay on top of her. He felt her hand placing his cock in position. He thrusted forward.

"Oh, Charles!" she cried out in response.

He was in mental ecstasy. Not only was he already fucking hot, beautiful Kim, but this would be the first of many fucks of sexy, stunning Sabrina.

"Yes!" she said in rhythm to his strokes.

"You're so sexy, Sabrina," he said as he began to feel it more. "I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you on the first day of class."

"Yes! Yes! I love it!"

He got the impression that his words were making her cum almost as much as his fucking her. He filed it in the back of his mind to test later.

She cried out and arched her neck back. She was cumming hard.

He drove into her harder and harder. He groaned loudly then began to unload.

"Yes! I feel your cum!" she said ecstatically. "It feels so wonderful."

He pulled out and sat up on his knees between her legs. He breathed deeply. He was getting more "exercise" in the last few days than he got in a lifetime.

"Can I taste your cock?" she said. "I love to taste it after a fuck."

"Sure," he said shrugging. It was apparently something she liked to do with her boyfriends and he certainly wouldn't mind having his cock back in her mouth.

She was amazingly good. His cock was all shiny and he was hard again.

""I want to fuck you again," he said.

"Okay!" She was excitedly.

He got off the desk and pushed his chair away.

"Stand over here," he instructed.

He had her stand with wide open legs, with her torso on the desk, and with her arms stretched out holding the edge. He liked the submissive image as if she was at his mercy though he knew she was very willing. He lined up and pushed back into her.

"Oh, yes, Charles! I love your cock!"

He unhurriedly fucked her sweet college girl body. She was a dream girl to a man like him. She was half his age and willing to fuck him however and whenever he wanted.

Sabrina orgasmed long before he was ready to cum again. By the time he gripped her waist tightly and was rapidly pounding her pussy, she was cumming once more.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" he groaned. He shot more cum into her young pussy.

Once more she wanted to taste him. This time he didn't get hard during it.

"Sabrina?" he said as she dressed. He had remembered something he told Kim.


"You can't tell anyone about me and you. People think its wrong for a professor and a student to have sex. You can only talk about it to me or to my other girlfriends like Kim. Understand?"

After this afternoon with Sabrina, his mind was already racing on who he might want to fuck next. There were many good choices.

"I understand," she replied.

"Thank you."

She was about to leave when he had a final thought. It was a strange thought.

"Sabrina. I want you to study for my class. I want you to do what it takes to earn an 'A'. I want you to do what it takes to get an 'A' in all your classes. I know you can do it."

"Okay," she agreed.

Charles doubted he'd see any results at all.

Charles was sitting naked on his living couch and Kim was on the floor between his legs sucking his cock.

The doorbell rang.

"I need to see who's here," Charles said, patting Kim on the cheek.

"Is it your other girlfriend?' she asked. He said she would like her, so she was excited to meet her.

"We'll see."

He was sure it would be Sabrina, so he confidently opened the door without putting anything on.

Sabrina immediately stared at his hard, wet cock.

"Come in," he said cheerfully. "My friend is here that I told you about."

Sabrina saw Kim who was still sitting on the floor waiting for Charles to return.

"I believe you know each other."

"Yes," they said almost concurrently.

"You two are going to be the best of friends, but you will want to please me first."

"I know," said Kim.

"That's all I want to do when I'm with you," Sabrina said.

"Why don't we go into the bedroom now?"

Charles sat semi-reclined against the headboard with pillows to support his head and back. He greatly enjoyed watching Kim and Sabrina take turns sucking his cock. It felt wonderful. He had to caution Sabrina not to make him cum because he wanted to fuck their pussies.

"Okay," he said later. He was ready to go on to the next activity. "Why don't you move to your back Kim? I want to fuck you now."

She moaned just from hearing the words.

Kim opened her legs very wide and he penetrated her.

"Ohhh, Charles!"

He held his body up with his hands as he stroked.

"Sabrina," he said. "Why don't you and Kim kiss? I'm sure you'd like to do that when you are with me."

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