Jojo's Quest

by papatoad

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Jolene had a different approach to finding a husband. She didn't expect things to be this difficult when she finaly found him.

Thanks to the Knee Doctor for editing assistance.

My name is Jolene Brenner, Jojo to my friends, and I am on a quest. I am looking for the perfect mate but my approach is anything but typical. I have figured out that the standard method used by almost all women just doesn't work. The most important factor to be considered in a relationship is good sex. I feel that most women compromise in this area, and marry a guy even though the sex isn't that great and figure it will get better as the marriage progresses. This does not make sense to me. My approach is to find a guy that can provide great sex first, and then the marriage will be strong from the start. I have also discovered another problem: that to me, size matters.

In order to carry on my quest, I usually go out several times a week and seek qualified candidates. This requires me to have sex, and lots of it. Most guys don't come close to my size requirement. I have been on my search for almost four years and have never in that time been with the same man twice. It is difficult trying to weed out the less qualified guys up front, and I find myself having to travel farther and farther to find fresh meat. I am beginning to think it is all in vain.

I keep myself in good shape by working out several times a week. I am well-groomed, look good, and am proud of it. My amber hair and dark eyes give me an exotic glow. I have small, but firm breasts, as well as rounded hips. I have a good job at Gilbert Pneumatics, filling out pick lists for custom air processing equipment.

The girls who work with me enjoy pumping me for all the juicy details about my dates or interviews, as they called them. Shirley, who works in the personnel office, always gives me the heads up on new hires in the company, so I could check them out. This week, there was a new draftsman in the second floor design office. This was also the start of a new chapter in my search for the perfect man.

After lunch, I wandered upstairs and scanned the work area looking for a new face. The new hire was over in the corner along the back wall. He was fairly large, but not heavy set, and he wore glasses and had a full head of hair. Although he was not particularly handsome, he definitely was not ugly.

With confidence and a little swagger, I walked up to his desk. "HI my name's Jolene, and I work downstairs in engineering. I wanted to welcome you to the company, and was wondering if you would like to go out for supper Friday night?"

That was direct and to the point. It almost always worked.

I smiled, knowing a positive reply was sure to follow.

"Sorry, I appreciate the offer, but I really am not interested."

I was taken aback a little by the unexpected response. I was at a loss for words, and felt a tad uncomfortable. This guy wasn't that great. It wasn't like he had his choice of girls, and I had made it very easy for him.

"We don't have to go to eat, since we can do something else if you would like."

"Thanks anyhow, but seriously I would rather not go out at this time."

"Is there something wrong with me or are you gay?"

"Neither. It is just that I am new to the area and I would like to get more familar with the company, and the situation before I start socializing."

"I am sorry if I was rushing you into something. I assure you that I was not trying to get you to commit to anything. It was just a simple date that I was suggesting. I'll wait a couple days for you to get settled in and maybe we can discuss it then. OK?"

Greg Stevens leaned back in his drafting chair and sort of rocked back and forth a little. He looked down, and then glanced up, and replied, "OK. Come see me Friday morning and I'll let you know what I decide. I can't promise anything but I will consider it."

I turned and as I walked away I said, "Thanks. I'll see you Friday morning."

I spent the rest of the day stewing about this little, insignificant conversation. I was a little miffed at his attitude. I was a player, and didn't like being played by somebody else, especially a big, nerdy, draftsman. I would have to wait and play it by ear.

Friday came, and I was ready. I had played this moment over and over in my head to make sure I would get it right. Before I could do anything, I found a small folded piece of paper on my desk. It was carefully printed with draftsman style lettering. "I'll pick you up at your place at 7PM. Wear jeans and comfortable shoes. I know the address. Greg." This was supposed to be my play, and the SOB took the lead away from me again. The end result was what I wanted, but I was planning on getting to that point on my actions, not his. He was making me feel a little uncomfortable, and I didn't like it. I had not expected the air of confidence that he reeked of.

Tonight would be a good time to get him straightened out.

It was 7PM, and I was ready with jeans, sneaks, and a cotton blouse. I dropped two condoms in my bag, just as the bell rang, in case he earned a second chance at qualifying. He was driving a jeep with no top, floor mats, or radio. Sheepskins were thrown over the seats to sit on. The evening was off to a great start. Conversation during the drive was not possible because of the wind and traffic noise. It was just a short drive to Dreamland Barbecue, a rustic place with great food and good-sized portions. It appeared that we were going to have a functional evening, and not a romantic one, which was OK with me.

Dreamland didn't really have a menu. You had a choice of ribs, and pork or beef sandwiches. That was it. They only had three side dishes: beans, coleslaw, or fries. I really didn't have a preference, so I told him to order for both of us. He ordered a whole slab of ribs to start, and two Foster longnecks. I took advantage of the short lull to probe him a little.

"Why did you decide to go?"

He smiled a little, and replied: "Does it matter?"

"Your damn right it does."

"I talked to some of the guys, in the department and they all recommended that I should go. They said I would have a good time and I would enjoy myself."

"Bullshit. Lets not start the night off like this. I am going to be open and candid with you this evening, and I would appreciate if you were the same with me. You can't hurt my feelings, and if you are not going to be straightforward and honest with me, it's just going to piss me off."

The Fosters came and he took a big swig out of the bottle, and sort of smiled, though just a little.

"OK,, I was trying to be tactful, but that's not going to work with you, so if I hurt your feelings, tough. The guys all said you were an easy lay, and a sure thing. It appears that you have screwed every male in the building that isn't gay, and I was obligated to take my turn. They assured me, that it would only be one time and done, so I agreed to it."

"That's better. I appreciate the honesty. Its best that we both know why we are here, and I am glad that you understand the ground rules. It's a one time deal, so don't expect any encores. Everybody knows that I am a slut, so don't feel bad about insulting me. I have no expectations other than tonight, so you can relax and enjoy yourself."

The girl put a big plate of ribs between us, and Greg ordered two more longnecks. I ask her to bring a bottle of Tabasco back with her, and he smiled a little, again. Why is this guy always smiling? We sat there for almost an hour, chewing and sucking bones. I was actually having fun. The conversation was light, trivial, and comfortable. I was getting to like the Fosters. Finally, we were both stuffed. I didn't like having sex when I was full from eating, and hoped he had something else planned, till I felt less bloated.

Greg drove the jeep to the UAH campus, and parked in the library lot. It was dark, and the campus was pretty deserted. I was starting to feel that this guy was getting a little kinky. We got out of the jeep. He got a flashlight, and handed me one also. I was fascinated, as I watched him take out a small electronic gadget about the size of a cell phone. We sat on the back bumper of the jeep.

"This is a handheld GPS unit. It has the coordinates of a specific location here on the campus, that we are going to. From there, we will follow some reflectors that can only be seen at night, to a hidden cache. When we find the cache, we will sign the log inside it, to prove we found it, and then we will take an object out of the cache, and replace it with a new one. Any questions?"

I told him I had no questions, and for the next hour we wandered about in the dark, bumping into things, and giggling all the time, like a couple of kids. I was having fun again, and we haven't even had sex yet. We found the cache, which was a small ammo can, and he signed the log. He put in one of the gold-colored dollar coins, and told me to take out what I wanted. I took out a little red sports car. The evening was turning out to be better than I expected. It could have ended right there, and I would have been happy, but we still had the main event to get out of the way.

Things were going a lot better than Jojo had expected. She had not been on too many regular type dates, recently. Mostly, it was just a quick meal or drink, and then into bed. She actually found herself enjoying the evening, and was now getting a little anxious about the next step. That was unusual. She always knew exactly what was going to happen, but things were not going as they normally do. It was time.

"My place or yours? " she asked.

"Yours would be best."

The drive back to her apartment was quiet. She didn't know why, but she was at a loss for words. That never happened before. She felt like a high school girl out on a date. She had been with over 500 men these past few years, and never felt this way. She fumbled with her keys, and felt a little self-conscious. He was doing it again. She couldn't explain it. She always had control, except with him. There was nothing special about him. She felt herself breathing heavily. They hadn't even started yet, and she was getting excited. She sat down for a moment to catch her breath.

He leaned over and looked in her eyes. "Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes. Fine. Just feel a little woozy. I guess it was too much beer."

"That was almost two hours ago. If you don't feel well, I'll go home. We can do this again some other time."

"No. Actually I feel fine. I think for some reason, I'm just a little anxious. Everything will be fine, really."

"That's OK,, I'll be gentle."

Well, that was enough to break her out of it. She laughed and said, "Don't flatter yourself. You'll be begging for mercy before the night is done."

He insisted on undressing her. Jojo saw no reason why she shouldn't let him have his fun, but she didn't feel that she needed this kind of foreplay. It took him forever to get her clothing off, or so it seemed. By the time she was naked, she found herself breathing heavily again. Nothing really had happened, but she was reacting as if it did. It was not normal for her. Somehow, in the process of removing her clothes, he had also removed his own. She didn't remember how.

His member was large, and it was beautiful. She stared at it for the longest time, and then looked into his eyes. She was afraid he would see a hint of fear on her face. Actually, it wasn't fear, but simply anticipation. It was still not fully hard but she couldn't control herself. She had to touch it, to stroke it, and to feel it throb in her hands. As she reached for it, she suddenly felt obligated to ask his permission. That was stupid. You never had to ask a man if it was all right to touch his cock, but in this case it just seemed appropriate. Things were not going normally. She didn't ask permission: she just took it in her hands and marveled at its feel. It grew in her hands as she stroked it. It was fearsome and marvelous at the same time.

She was ready. He laid her back on the bed and started to touch her body all over with his fingertips. She didn't need this. She didn't want this. It was time to start what they came here for. He replaced his fingertips with his lips, and started kissing all the odd little erogenous places. She was exasperated by his persistence. The kisses changed to nibbles. The nibbles were combined with little flicks of his tongue. This man was crazy. It was time to stop this, but she couldn't. It wasn't that she didn't like what he was doing, but it was annoying her to no end.

He seemed to continue forever. She became aware of her body. Her toes were curling uncontrollably. Her knees were slowly opening and closing at a slow, steady tempo. She was grinding her butt into the mattress. She was breathing funny. Sweat covered her body. At last, he paused.

Jojo moved on top of him and lowered herself down on his shaft. There was some discomfort but no real pain. It was totally different from anything she had experienced before. Jojo was forced to go a lot slower than she wanted to, but she just could not rush it. She reached a comfortable level and she paused, and rested. He wasn't moving. He did not try in any way to rush her, or force her. He allowed her, at last, to have control. This is what she wanted. She felt relieved to finally have it.

She started to slowly move up and down, while she gyrated her hips. Her breathing changed to slow, short, pants. He body started to quiver, and suddenly she found herself shaking violently as she had her first orgasm. It seemed to go on for minutes, and the intensity of it was unbelievable. Again, she rested, but just for a moment. She had no control over her lust. She found herself grinding down on his erection and trying to take it all. There was no pain. It just didn't want to fit in. She kept trying but only succeeded in bringing herself to another crashing climax. She sat on top of him. Her hands were on each side of his shoulders, as she sweated and panted. She looked into his face. Damn, he looked good right now. They both smiled.

Greg knew that Jojo was spent. He lifted her off him, and they rolled over. She brought her knees up to her shoulders, anticipating his next move. He was very tender as he entered her from above. As he moved, she tried to get into time with him. In a few minutes they had a good rhythm going. She couldn't tell if he was all the way in, or not. It didn't matter, because he was far enough in to accomplish what she wanted him to. The first uncontrollable wave hit her. She knew she was digging her fingernails into his back. She didn't care at that point. Her body shuddered and she tasted blood in her mouth. She had bitten him on the shoulder hard enough to break the skin. She wasn't into rough sex, but she couldn't control herself. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and she wrapped her arms around his body as another climax hit her. It was an awkward position, but she wanted to be as close to him as she could be. She wanted to be one with him. The last thing she felt was her whole body shaking as she arched her back up to him.

A warm cloth, with some sort of perfume on it, was wiping her forehead. It was soft and soothing. She slowing opened her eyes and tried to adjust to this sudden change in her surroundings.

Greg was leaning over her smiling. Damn. Why did this guy smile so much?

"What happened?" Jojo asked.

"You hyperventilated."


"Your breathing was short and shallow. You were panting rapidly and your brain didn't get enough oxygen, so you sort of passed out."

"Damn. That's embarrassing. It's not serious is it?"

"No. You are OK now. You just had to calm down a bit."

Greg was dressed. I had a long sleeping T-shirt on. He offered me a sip of cold water which tasted good. I felt extremely tired, not sore, just tired. For some reason, I was content and satisfied. I was even glad he was there with me.

"I'm going to go. You need to get some sleep. If you need me, call. I left my number by the phone."

We both smiled. It must be addictive. I slept till way after lunchtime. After taking a shower and washing my hair, I remembered something important. He didn't finish. The guy takes me on a date to have sex, and I wasn't good enough for him to complete the act. I felt like shit. I was a big tease, and a disappointment. I seduced a guy to give him the ride of his life and I fell asleep on him before he could finish.

I have to make things right.

Bright and early Monday, Jojo was in front of Greg's drafting table. She was trying to be confident, but not pushy.

"Can we have lunch together today?"

He smiled again. Damn he smiled a lot. "OK, but its not a date."

She got a table in the corner of the break room. All she had to eat was a small salad. He was there a few minutes later.

"I want to apologize for Friday night. I was not good company and I can only guess that I had too much to drink. As far as I am concerned the date was not completed as I had agreed to, so I feel I owe you another one."

"It was a good date. You don't owe me anything. Lets leave it at that."

"No, I can't do that. I have my pride, damn it. I had agreed to something, and I didn't keep my end of the bargain. I have to make it up to you to balance the scales."

"I don't know what you are talking about. We had a good time. I have no complaints. It's over."

"No it isn't. Greg I know you never finished. I found the condom. You never came at all. That means I passed out on you before you finished and you stopped."

"Well, of course, I am not into necrophilia."

"You have to give me a chance to make it right."

"We had an agreement:one date, and no encores." He said.

The table went quiet for a few moments. Neither one of them spoke. Finally, Jojo leaned over and said, " Give me something, a compromise of some sort. There must be something we can do?"

Greg finished his bowl of soup. "I'll agree to another date with restrictions that I impose. First, there will be no sex. Second, we will not talk about the sex we had Friday night. If everything goes OK, we can think about some more dates later, but I make no promises."

She didn't like it but she agreed to it. Wednesday night, he picked her up and they went for sushi. They had a good time. For some reason, she found him very easy to talk to. There was seldom a lull in the conversation. The night went too fast. It was over too soon. He gave her a small kiss on the check when he dropped her off at the house. The night was a success for Jojo, because she got him to agree to some more dates.

Friday night, it was Italian. They both drank too much wine, and got a little giggly, but still had a very enjoyable time. He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, but not too aggressive. She was enjoying these sexless dates far more than she had anticipated. Sunday, they spent the entire day hiking through the mountains east of town looking for geo-caches again. They had burgers for lunch and pizza for supper. She got another light kiss, which she now savored.

The next two weeks were full of bowling, line dancing, as well as fancy and fun restaurants. Every minute she was with him was cherished. They never mentioned the sex. She had achieved her quest, but it was not exactly what she had hoped for. She found the man she wanted to be with, but now she didn't know how to hook him. He was playing her and she loved it, but she wanted more. She wanted the commitment. She wanted the sex, but most of all she just wanted to be with him.

It was very obvious that she had to do something to break the cycle and move ahead. She talked to Shirley in personnel, and got a copy of Greg's work application. There was a lot of information she could look into. The biggest thing she found was a gap of five years between when he graduated from high school and started work at Gilbert. Jojo took a sick day and went to his old high school.

The ladies at the school administration office were friendly enough. She asked if there were any school yearbooks she could look at, and they directed her to the library. After flipping through a few books, she found the one she was looking for. The senior picture looked like him, but a little younger, and a little nerdy. He was active in a few clubs, but nothing in athletics. He was in a college preparatory program and it appeared that he was mostly into engineering and science stuff. His middle name was Aaron. Jojo made a copy of the page. There wasn't any other information she could use in the book. She thanked the ladies back in the office, and asked if any of them might have remembered him. One of them said she remembered that he had a brother, and then told her to go down the hall to the student guidance office.

The girl in the guidance office was bubbly and very easy to talk to. It was as if she was looking for someone to have a conversation with, about anything.

"Yes. I remember Greg. He was a top student: never in any trouble and kept a low profile. He did everything he could not to draw any attention to himself. Greg was offered more scholarships than any other student the year he graduated, but he didn't need them. He finally went to MIT, and as I understand it, he got a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. I am not sure what he is doing now, but I am sure that anything he attempts to do, he will excel at."

"I'm sorry. Must be a different guy. The Greg Stevens I meant is a draftsman over at Gilbert Pneumatics."

"Let me see that picture. Yes, no doubt, that is the Greg Stevens that I am talking about. If he is the same one you are working with, we have a match."

"Why is a man with two engineering degrees from MIT working as a draftsman? What did you mean when you said he didn't need the scholarships he was offered? Hell, why is he working at Gilbert at all?"

"Greg comes from a very secretive family. They are extremely wealthy, I mean, very, very rich. He didn't need the scholarships because he could afford to pay the tuition at any school he wanted to go to. I am not sure, but I think his father owns Gilbert Pneumatics."

"Something is screwed up here. I am sorry if I seem a little confused." Jojo sat and looked at her feet without knowing what to do.

"You might want to go over to the house and talk to his mother or someone. Maybe they can help you piece things together." She quickly checked her computer, wrote down an address and handed it to Jojo. "It might be difficult to get in to see anyone, but it is probably the only way you will get the answers you are looking for."

As Jojo left the school, her mind was racing. Why was he not being honest with her? Why the deception? It was getting to be far more complicated than she wanted it to be. OK, a little mystery was fine, but this was a major effort at misleading her. She was getting a little pissed off as she drove. What to do? What to do? Finally, she took the piece of paper out of her pocket, looked at the address, and turned the car around. It was time to confront somebody and she knew she could not face Greg until she had more information.

Jojo drove pass the house three times before she was sure it was the place she was looking for. It wasn't really a house, but it was more like a compound. A large wall surrounded the house. There was a security man sitting in a guard shack at the entrance. She decided to give it a shot. The driveway at the entrance was narrow: too narrow to easily turn around if she had to. As she pulled up to the guard shack, a tall, scary man came out.

"Name and purpose of your visit, please?" He barked.

The direct approach set her back a little. "Jolene Brenner, to see Mrs. Stevens, please." She figured it was worth a try. The guard went into the small building and spoke into an intercom. Jojo was having second thoughts. She decided it was a bad idea. Leaning out the window she said: "That's OK, I changed my mind. I don't need to see Mrs. Stevens."

It was too late. As the gate started to open, the guard came back to the car. He leaned into the window and said "Mrs. Stevens has been expecting you. Go right up to the house and someone will meet you to take you to her."

As she drove through the gate, Jojo started to tremble a little. What the hell had she gotten into? Why was Greg's mother expecting her? She felt a tinge of fear.

It seemed like forever till Jojo arrived at the house, although it was actually less than a minute. What did he mean? She was expected! No one had any idea she would be coming here. Who was she going to see? Greg never even mentioned his mother, or anyone else in the family. This was a big mistake.

The maid who met Jojo at the front door, was obviously expecting her. The house was like something out of a movie set. It didn't seem real, because it was too grand and ostentatious. They walked across the marble floor to a flagstone patio at the back of the house. A lady, who Jojo assumed to be Mrs. Stevens, was seated at a glass topped table with a bottle of beer. The beer seemed out of place to the surroundings. She was well-groomed and dignified, but she had a hard edge as well. Jojo sensed character and strength, and felt awe in her presence. She motioned for Jojo to sit, and told the maid to bring them both a new beer. Of course it was a Foster's.

"Jolene, I am so glad to finally meet you. Greg has told us so much about you, but he wasn't sure you were ready to meet the family yet. I am glad you decided to make the decision for him. I am guessing that there are many things that my son has not told you, and that you have a million questions."

"I'm sorry. I am at a loss for words right now. Please excuse me if I am not very articulate. It has been a very confusing day for me, and I don't have my wits about me enough to even ask any intelligent questions." Jojo drank her beer faster than she wanted to, due to being nervous. Mrs. Stevens motioned for the girl to get her another beer. There was a short pause when neither of them spoke.

"Why don't I give you a little background to loosen things up, and then maybe you will have a better idea what you would like to know about. Greg and his brother Jeff, are my sons. They both live here with my husband and myself. Jeff's wife, Yolanda, and their two children also live here. We have a full live-in staff to take care of all our needs. We are extremely comfortable and life is really pleasant. We were hoping that Greg could find an acceptable girl to settle down with, and you are the closest, and in fact the only one that he has ever shown an interest in. His father wants more grandchildren."

Jojo was feeling a little more relaxed but not completely. A lot of things were becoming clearer, but more questions were popping up then were being answered.

"Any questions at this point Jolene?"

"No, but I am still a little confused."

"Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

Jojo shook her head no, while sipping some of the Australian beer.

"Did you and Greg have sex?"

She choked on the sip of beer she was drinking, and started to cough. She was not expecting that inquiry from this lady. After regaining her composure, she sheepishly asked, "Is that important?"

"It most certainly is, dear. In any other family probably not, but with our family it is very important."

"We had sex only one time."

"Why only one time?"

"That was Greg's choice. I wanted to do it again, but he said no. He agreed to go out with me after the first date on the condition that we would not have sex. I agreed to his terms, only because I wanted to see him again, but I did want to sleep with him again."

"How was the sex?"

"That's a little personal isn't it? I mean I don't want to kiss and tell especially with his mother. Do you really need to know this?"

"Humor me."

"It didn't end well. Everything was going fine for a while and then I passed out."

"Why? Pain? Discomfort? What made you pass out?"

"No, I was breathing too fast and I hyperventilated. One moment I was in ecstasy, and the next thing I remember is Greg wiping my forehead with a damp cloth. It was very embarrassing. I tried to get him to agree to do it again, but he refused. We never even finished the first time we tried."

"Do you have any idea what caused your reaction?"

"I have never had sex like that before. I just got carried away with it. I should have paced my self, or something. I know I can do better for him if I had the chance, but he is holding me off."

"Greg and his brother have a genetic trait that they got from their father. All three of them are extremely romantic and great lovers. The big problem is finding suitable women. Jeff was extremely lucky to find his wife, Yolanda. It appears that you and her have a lot in common. I would like you to meet her."

Mrs. Stevens left the table and went into the house leaving Jojo alone on the patio. She looked around at the gardens and the house itself and was amazed. This was like a magazine article or a movie picture. It wasn't real. After a few moments, a shapely, dark-haired girl came out with two small children: a girl of about four and a boy of about two.

"Hi, I am Yolanda, Jeff's wife. Mrs. Stevens said I might be able to answer some questions for you. I assume you are as lost as I was when I came here. I can tell you this right away, everything is far better than you might imagine. This is my daughter, Mia, and my son, Jorge. Anything in particular that you want to know?"

"I'm sorry. I am at a complete loss. This is not anywhere near what I was expecting, and I don't know what I want to know. Why don't you just tell me how you got here and maybe I can think of some better questions in the meantime?"

"I met Jeff about five years ago in East LA. Jeff was out there on some type of business trip. One night, he was going to his car when he saw a bunch of guys beating up a Latino in an alley. Jeff didn't like the odds, and he jumped into the fray with great vigor. In a few moments, the five guys doing the attacking decided to leave. Jeff was left in the alley with Hector, who is a good friend of mine. Both of them were bloody, and in bad shape, but they had prevailed, In fact they beat the crap out of the other guys. Jeff carried Hector to his car, and they both went to the emergency room to get stitched up. What Jeff didn't know, was that Hector was the number one man in the Gatos, an East LA gang. I was a Gatos gang girl.

To get into the gang I had to pull a train. My first night, I took on twelve guys. When they were done, I was asking if there were any more. To thank Jeff for what he had done, Hector gave me to him for a week. Jeff of course refused. Hector told me I had to do it anyhow, so for two days I just sat outside his motel room. Finally, he took me to get something to eat and we got to talk. Any questions so far?"

"No, I think I got it so far."

"I finally convinced Jeff that he might as well let me into his room because I wasn't going anywhere for at least a week. That night we made love. It was the first time for me. I had a lot of sex, but I never made love before. I couldn't believe it. I had never realized that being with a man could be so exciting. I felt like I was as one with him. I know that sounds corny, but I don't know how else to explain it. After a few days of being with him, I never wanted to leave him. Not only was he strong and smart, but he also had the biggest dick I ever saw. I don't think that was what made him a great lover, though. I think it was his tenderness and caring, and the way he put my feelings first. I fell in love with him then and have been so ever since."

"How did you end up here?"

"At the end of the week, I told Jeff that I had to go back to Hector, and the gang. Jeff didn't like that at all. He sat down with Hector and they talked for about an hour or so. The final result was that Jeff arranged a trade. Hector got a 1969 GTO, and Jeff got me. Jeff said it was the best deal he ever made."

"You have been here ever since?"

"And loving every minute of it. We have everything here. Greg and Jeff are each worth about forty million dollars, so there is nothing that we can't have if we want it."

"Did you say four million dollars?"

"No, I said forty million. Big difference, girl."

"These guys can get any girl in the world with that kind of money."

"That's the problem. If the girls know they have the money they all pull con jobs on them to get them to marry or even propose, and then hit them up hard for settlements. Their mother, bless her soul, makes them find girls who don't know about the money. If they can get a good one who will accept them for themselves, they have a keeper. I guess Greg seems to think you are keeper material."

"Did you know about the money when you married Jeff?"

"Nope. We drove to Las Vegas and got married, and I had no idea about the money until I came here and met his mom. Sort of a nice wedding present."

We were walking around the yard while we talked. The children were running and having a great time. We chatted for about twenty more minutes and Mrs. Stevens came back out.

"Jolene. Are you feeling a little bit more comfortable?"

"Yes and no."

Yolanda excused herself, and went back up to the house. Jojo liked her a lot and wanted to spend more time with her.

Mrs. Stevens sat down on a bench, and motioned Jojo to sit with her. "What exactly do you find uncomfortable about the arrangement here?"

"The truth is, I don't feel like I belong. I feel like I am out of my element or that I am here by mistake. Greg could do so much better than me and he deserves the best."

"Why do you feel that way?"

"Mrs. Stevens, I don't like to say this, but I am not a very wholesome woman. I have a very bad reputation and it is well deserved. Basically, I am a slut in the worst way. Until I met Greg, I was sleeping with two or three guys every week, and never the same guy twice. Greg to me, was just going to be another notch in my belt. I don't know why he affected me the way he did, but it is too late now. I can't erase my past. I can't undo what I did, and I can't cover it up just to look good for him."

"Did he ask you to?"

"No, he is too much of a gentleman."

Mrs. Stevens smiled and took Jojo's hand. "Let me tell you about my background. When I met Mr. Stevens, I was working in New Orleans as a hooker, not a simple prostitute or a call girl. I was a street whore. I was doing five to eight guys a night. That's more men in one night than you did in a week. And I was doing it for money. I hit on Mr. Stevens and he took me to supper. Nobody takes a whore to supper, let alone to a fancy restaurant. It was the best meal I ever had. I figured he was a little kinky, and was setting me up for something, but it never happened. We went to the nicest room in the swankiest hotel in the city and did nothing. He agreed to pay me for the full night, but did not ask me for any sex. We took a shower together, and of course that was when I discovered his affliction. He washed my hair and then put moisturizer on my whole body. I tried a few times to touch him, so that he would respond sexually, but he just brushed me aside. I figured he had some extreme fetish, so I let him do whatever he wanted. He was paying and it was very pleasant for me. He wrapped me in a big, fluffy, bathrobe, and we sat and drank till we both fell asleep. I spent the next two days with him. He bought me presentable clothes and took me places I had never been to before. It was just like the Julia Roberts movie, Pretty Woman. I was expecting it to end at any time. Finally, on the third day, we had the sex I was waiting for. I have never even thought about having sex with another man since. He is the only one I will ever love, and I will die happy in his arms. If you think you were unworthy for Greg, think of what my situation was."

Jojo didn't know what to say. She just sat and looked at her feet. What this woman had told her was amazing. On the outside, she appeared to be the most proper lady in the world, and yet she had not been born to it, but married into it.

Jojo stood up. "I better go. I have a lot of thinking to do. I appreciat the time you gave me, and I enjoyed meeting you and Yolanda. Tell Yolanda good bye for me."

As Jojo walked to her car, a small tear ran down her cheek. Mrs. Stevens touched her arm and smiled.

The drive home was rough. Jojo was fighting with herself the whole time. She knew she would not get any sleep that night. The big problem was that she had turned into a stalker. She didn't mind stalking Greg the draftsman, but stalking Greg the multi-millionaire was another story entirely. It made her feel cheap, like some kind of gold digger. It would have been better if she had let things go, but, no, she had to pry. The first decision she made was that the stalking would have to stop. She was done chasing him. She still wanted him, but she was not going to follow him around like a puppy dog waiting for a treat. If he was interested, he would have to make the next move, and she would not make it easy for him. She knew now what she would do.

It took Jojo about six hours to drive to Pensacola. She had packed the car, quit her job, and took care of everything else in less than half a day. She said nothing to Greg about leaving. She had no trouble finding a room, and was soon settled down and looking for a job. She gave Shirley, in the personnel department a call, so she could forward her last paycheck check.

For some reason, she found herself reading ads for bartenders and by that evening, she was ready to start at the Nasty Hound Club. It was Coyote Ugly with real girls instead of models. It took awhile for her to get the knack of mixing fancy drinks and looking cool while she was doing it. After a while, she was a real pro and a favorite of the customers.

Jojo took to wearing black. She wasn't doing the Goth thing, but she just didn't feel colorful and every time she went shopping for clothes, she ended up with some cute little black top or pants. Since she wasn't dating and was always dressed in black, the girls at work stated calling her the nun. She was getting hit on constantly, as were all the other girls, but Jojo turned every one of them down. The other girls didn't.

Weeks went by. No Greg and nothing to indicate that he was even inquiring about her. She left a trail so that he would be able to follow her, if he was interested. One day, Keith, her new boss made her an offer.

"Jojo, each of the lady bartenders and waitresses have some sort of unique characteristic about them that makes them interesting to the customers. Your chastity, nun thing, seems to be working for you, but I'd like to beef it up a little."

"What did you have in mind?

"Well, how do you feel about a date raffle?"

"And how would that work exactly?"

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