Jojo's Quest

by papatoad

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Jolene had a different approach to finding a husband. She didn't expect things to be this difficult when she finaly found him.

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My name is Jolene Brenner, Jojo to my friends, and I am on a quest. I am looking for the perfect mate but my approach is anything but typical. I have figured out that the standard method used by almost all women just doesn't work. The most important factor to be considered in a relationship is good sex. I feel that most women compromise in this area, and marry a guy even though the sex isn't that great and figure it will get better as the marriage progresses. This does not make sense to me. My approach is to find a guy that can provide great sex first, and then the marriage will be strong from the start. I have also discovered another problem: that to me, size matters.

In order to carry on my quest, I usually go out several times a week and seek qualified candidates. This requires me to have sex, and lots of it. Most guys don't come close to my size requirement. I have been on my search for almost four years and have never in that time been with the same man twice. It is difficult trying to weed out the less qualified guys up front, and I find myself having to travel farther and farther to find fresh meat. I am beginning to think it is all in vain.

I keep myself in good shape by working out several times a week. I am well-groomed, look good, and am proud of it. My amber hair and dark eyes give me an exotic glow. I have small, but firm breasts, as well as rounded hips. I have a good job at Gilbert Pneumatics, filling out pick lists for custom air processing equipment.

The girls who work with me enjoy pumping me for all the juicy details about my dates or interviews, as they called them. Shirley, who works in the personnel office, always gives me the heads up on new hires in the company, so I could check them out. This week, there was a new draftsman in the second floor design office. This was also the start of a new chapter in my search for the perfect man.

After lunch, I wandered upstairs and scanned the work area looking for a new face. The new hire was over in the corner along the back wall. He was fairly large, but not heavy set, and he wore glasses and had a full head of hair. Although he was not particularly handsome, he definitely was not ugly.

With confidence and a little swagger, I walked up to his desk. "HI my name's Jolene, and I work downstairs in engineering. I wanted to welcome you to the company, and was wondering if you would like to go out for supper Friday night?"

That was direct and to the point. It almost always worked.

I smiled, knowing a positive reply was sure to follow.

"Sorry, I appreciate the offer, but I really am not interested."

I was taken aback a little by the unexpected response. I was at a loss for words, and felt a tad uncomfortable. This guy wasn't that great. It wasn't like he had his choice of girls, and I had made it very easy for him.

"We don't have to go to eat, since we can do something else if you would like."

"Thanks anyhow, but seriously I would rather not go out at this time."

"Is there something wrong with me or are you gay?"

"Neither. It is just that I am new to the area and I would like to get more familar with the company, and the situation before I start socializing."

"I am sorry if I was rushing you into something. I assure you that I was not trying to get you to commit to anything. It was just a simple date that I was suggesting. I'll wait a couple days for you to get settled in and maybe we can discuss it then. OK?"

Greg Stevens leaned back in his drafting chair and sort of rocked back and forth a little. He looked down, and then glanced up, and replied, "OK. Come see me Friday morning and I'll let you know what I decide. I can't promise anything but I will consider it."

I turned and as I walked away I said, "Thanks. I'll see you Friday morning."

I spent the rest of the day stewing about this little, insignificant conversation. I was a little miffed at his attitude. I was a player, and didn't like being played by somebody else, especially a big, nerdy, draftsman. I would have to wait and play it by ear.

Friday came, and I was ready. I had played this moment over and over in my head to make sure I would get it right. Before I could do anything, I found a small folded piece of paper on my desk. It was carefully printed with draftsman style lettering. "I'll pick you up at your place at 7PM. Wear jeans and comfortable shoes. I know the address. Greg." This was supposed to be my play, and the SOB took the lead away from me again. The end result was what I wanted, but I was planning on getting to that point on my actions, not his. He was making me feel a little uncomfortable, and I didn't like it. I had not expected the air of confidence that he reeked of.

Tonight would be a good time to get him straightened out.

It was 7PM, and I was ready with jeans, sneaks, and a cotton blouse. I dropped two condoms in my bag, just as the bell rang, in case he earned a second chance at qualifying. He was driving a jeep with no top, floor mats, or radio. Sheepskins were thrown over the seats to sit on. The evening was off to a great start. Conversation during the drive was not possible because of the wind and traffic noise. It was just a short drive to Dreamland Barbecue, a rustic place with great food and good-sized portions. It appeared that we were going to have a functional evening, and not a romantic one, which was OK with me.

Dreamland didn't really have a menu. You had a choice of ribs, and pork or beef sandwiches. That was it. They only had three side dishes: beans, coleslaw, or fries. I really didn't have a preference, so I told him to order for both of us. He ordered a whole slab of ribs to start, and two Foster longnecks. I took advantage of the short lull to probe him a little.

"Why did you decide to go?"

He smiled a little, and replied: "Does it matter?"

"Your damn right it does."

"I talked to some of the guys, in the department and they all recommended that I should go. They said I would have a good time and I would enjoy myself."

"Bullshit. Lets not start the night off like this. I am going to be open and candid with you this evening, and I would appreciate if you were the same with me. You can't hurt my feelings, and if you are not going to be straightforward and honest with me, it's just going to piss me off."

The Fosters came and he took a big swig out of the bottle, and sort of smiled, though just a little.

"OK,, I was trying to be tactful, but that's not going to work with you, so if I hurt your feelings, tough. The guys all said you were an easy lay, and a sure thing. It appears that you have screwed every male in the building that isn't gay, and I was obligated to take my turn. They assured me, that it would only be one time and done, so I agreed to it."

"That's better. I appreciate the honesty. Its best that we both know why we are here, and I am glad that you understand the ground rules. It's a one time deal, so don't expect any encores. Everybody knows that I am a slut, so don't feel bad about insulting me. I have no expectations other than tonight, so you can relax and enjoy yourself."

The girl put a big plate of ribs between us, and Greg ordered two more longnecks. I ask her to bring a bottle of Tabasco back with her, and he smiled a little, again. Why is this guy always smiling? We sat there for almost an hour, chewing and sucking bones. I was actually having fun. The conversation was light, trivial, and comfortable. I was getting to like the Fosters. Finally, we were both stuffed. I didn't like having sex when I was full from eating, and hoped he had something else planned, till I felt less bloated.

Greg drove the jeep to the UAH campus, and parked in the library lot. It was dark, and the campus was pretty deserted. I was starting to feel that this guy was getting a little kinky. We got out of the jeep. He got a flashlight, and handed me one also. I was fascinated, as I watched him take out a small electronic gadget about the size of a cell phone. We sat on the back bumper of the jeep.

"This is a handheld GPS unit. It has the coordinates of a specific location here on the campus, that we are going to. From there, we will follow some reflectors that can only be seen at night, to a hidden cache. When we find the cache, we will sign the log inside it, to prove we found it, and then we will take an object out of the cache, and replace it with a new one. Any questions?"

I told him I had no questions, and for the next hour we wandered about in the dark, bumping into things, and giggling all the time, like a couple of kids. I was having fun again, and we haven't even had sex yet. We found the cache, which was a small ammo can, and he signed the log. He put in one of the gold-colored dollar coins, and told me to take out what I wanted. I took out a little red sports car. The evening was turning out to be better than I expected. It could have ended right there, and I would have been happy, but we still had the main event to get out of the way.

Things were going a lot better than Jojo had expected. She had not been on too many regular type dates, recently. Mostly, it was just a quick meal or drink, and then into bed. She actually found herself enjoying the evening, and was now getting a little anxious about the next step. That was unusual. She always knew exactly what was going to happen, but things were not going as they normally do. It was time.

"My place or yours? " she asked.

"Yours would be best."

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