by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Donna's search for the truth reveals the truth about herself.

"I'm not sure I can believe you Chris," Donna told her friend as they sat together having lunch. "Not that I don't believe what you're saying isn't true, but that what your brother's friend told him isn't," she added trying to clarify and mollify her friends hurt look.

"Pete has never lied to me," Chris stated, "and I know he wouldn't have told me all this if he didn't honestly believe it too!" she added. "Which is why I decided to come to you with it, if anyone could look into it, I know you could, especially with all your connections!"

"I don't know Chris," Donna sat thinking it over, "too much hearsay for one, and if what your brother's friend told him is really true, it might be next to impossible to even prove it unless someone was idiotic enough, and willing enough to somehow get inside under cover as it where. Donna paused momentarily as her sharp mind tried to find some sort of solution, though she just couldn't see any way around it given the information that she had. "And to be honest, I can't think of anyone in their right mind who'd be willing to even do that!"

"What about you?" Chris asked. "You've sort of done things like this before haven't you?" she asked, "Which is why I told Pete I'd come to you in the first place. If this really is going on, if it's for real, don't you think someone should expose that it is and inform everyone?"

It could indeed be a big story, especially if it was true. But finding a way to actually prove that it was might prove to be next to impossible.

"There's a big difference between my pretending to be a care-taker at a home for the Elderly and something like this," Donna went on. "All I had to do there was basically keep my eyes and ears open, help out a little with the help of the trusted staff, and eventually discover who it was that was actually molesting all those women. This is a hell of a lot more complicated than that. I couldn't just observe things the way I did there, I'd have to pretend to go along with everything for a while until I was trusted enough to be accepted. And after what you've just told me, I'm not sure that I could, I'm not sure anyone could for that matter."

"Well, perhaps you're right," Chris said dejectedly. "It was just a thought, but I thought at the very least I would mention it to you, see if you were interested in looking into it."

At just thirty-three years of age, Donna Jones was a highly regarded, very well respected investigative reporter. Aside from the Care Center report she had done, which had eventually helped the police capture and convict an individual who'd been working there for years, Donna had also gone under cover, eventually exposing a Prostitution ring at a well known and up until then, highly regarded health spa, as well as numerous other though not as highly publicized stories. She was good at what she did, having several connections as well as a team of very efficient experts with various skills that she often tapped into in order to help her in uncovering her stories and bringing about the truth.

Donna wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty either, short of actually breaking the law, doing whatever it took which had at times included her wearing disguises as her face and identity were often too well known. But as she sat there thinking about what her friend Chris had just told her, she couldn't for the life of her find a way to get inside on this one, short of actually pretending to go along with it for a time, put up with what she knew would eventually prove to be a harrowing experience if nothing else, before she'd have enough proof to substantiate her story and expose everyone involved. She was good, but she wasn't sure she was good enough, let alone emotionally strong enough to pull this one off.

"Let me think about it for a while," Donna said picking up the check as they finished their lunch together. "In the meantime, tell Pete to tell his friend not to say or mention this to anyone else, if I do decide to look into it, it could jeopardize any real hope of exposing this, especially if someone becomes aware that either I, or someone else might be, not to mention my safety," she added as a concerned thought.

In her line of work, Donna had known there was some risk, but she'd always taken precautions before hand to ensure her own safety. In this situation, there wouldn't be much she could do to honestly protect herself should she be discovered. This time, she really would be placing herself out there on a limb.

"I'll do that," Chris told her assuring her. "But promise me, if you do decide to look into this, you'll be careful, don't take any unnecessary chances or risks if it means your safety, or perhaps even your very life. Pete's friend said these people can get pretty rough, and he meant that very seriously!" she cautioned.

"I will, and I'll keep that in mind," Donna told her friend, and then headed back to her office to give this some more thought, do a little research, though she didn't expect to find much that would initially help her going in.

If there really was much truth in what she'd been told, then this would be a difficult nut to crack, the people involved where very careful, did a lot of background research themselves, had people investigated and followed before ever permitting them to be trusted enough to use once they'd been trained.

She didn't know if she could even do that to begin with. Donna would be required to act and behave in ways she had never imagined before or even thought possible.

"I don't know Donna," Jerry told her after listening to her for the better part of an hour. "This would be the deepest you'd ever had to go without much of a safety net," he said telling her what she already knew. "And I'm not sure Dan would even go along with it to begin with," he added.

Jerry was her best male friend and co-worker. He was also the best brain with the best technological background she knew. If she ever needed or wanted anything, Jerry could find a way to get it, which had included faking I.D.'s as well as a complete new identity with history behind it if she needed it, which in this case, she would. As for Dan, he was the owner and managing editor of the newspaper she worked for. Though she was more free-lance than a hired on employee, she had worked exclusively for Dan, and had earned a decent enough salary in doing so.

"We're not going to tell Dan anything about this," she told her friend. "Not until I've got a lot more to go on, then we'll bring him into it," she told him. "If what Chris told me is true, then there are too many people in high enough places that they could bury all of this, including me if I don't find and get the proof that we need first before going to Dan with any of this."

"I still don't like it," Jerry told her. "But I'll be there every step of the way if I can," he added already knowing as he said that, that Donna had already made up her mind. "So, what are you going to title this story if you do manage to expose it?" he asked.

Donna laughed, "Oh I don't know, something along the lines of 'The Stepford Wives meet the Marquis De'Sade?" she said.

"God Donna, just the sound of that sends chills up and down my spine," he told her.

"Yeah, me too," she said seriously, already feeling them.

As Jerry began work on giving Donna a complete new identity, which anyone having access to the network would easily be able to find, Donna began her own initial research on the company in question, a perfectly legitimate one on paper, and one that was also highly regarded in the industry, yet low key just enough to fly just under the radar where it mattered.

She brought up their web site. It looked just like a number of other temporary hiring/placement agencies that specialized in temporary part-time help for numerous Fortune 500 Companies for which it served. Donna shook her head wondering, just how many placements where there, where the type of activities going on were actually happening? Real? It could also be entirely false, some disgruntled ex-employee with a chip on their shoulder hoping to seek revenge for all she knew, though she'd been given assurances from Chris that this wasn't the case.

Pete's friend had stumbled into it, though even this was a "friend of a friend's" sort of thing, and Donna had learned through experience that most of the time, those sorts of rumors and accusations never panned out. Pete had insisted however, to Chris, that what that friend had told him was held in the strictest of confidence, bragging about it to him, exclaiming the truth of it, and sadly enough, how exciting it had been for him to have personally experienced it on top of all that.

"Women hired, and then trained and placed to be willingly humiliated, abused, and even tortured, all for the amusement of other men and women in high places, in highly respected positions, for well known companies and organizations, all under the guise of temporary help," Donna mused while reading through "O.B. & D Services," which stood for Office, Business and Document Services, specializing in temporary employee placements.

It was again all legit, on paper. There was nothing that she could find anywhere, where there were any filed complaints against the agency. Any firings had come from just cause, each one thoroughly and appropriately documented, but even those were far and few between. Even so, Donna knew Jerry would be thorough in checking those out.

What was odd to her in comparison to most of the other similar agencies, were the disproportionate amount of accolades and letters of excellence that the organization proudly displayed on their website, proclaiming their years of professional service to the community, backed by hundreds and hundreds of letters of support and recommendations by a majority of the major Corporate organizations and leaderships.

Donna could only sit there and wonder just how widespread and how far this really went, if any of it were in fact even true. She still had no real basis in fact to go on, nothing more than a mere rumor really, and a totally unsubstantiated one at that.

"What the hell am I doing?" she asked herself as she picked up the phone and dialed Jerry's number. As always, he knew who was calling him before he'd even answered.

"You're in," he said simply picking up the phone. "You've got an interview at nine in the morning, I'm faxing over your work history, back ground history and identifications. You'll need to drop by my place for the hard ID however on your way in tomorrow. I'll have it ready for you by then," he assured her.

No longer a blond, Donna had gone with a dark brunet look, including fairly expensive hair extensions which she added, giving her shoulder length hair a fuller, longer appearance which now fell well down to the middle of her back. In addition, even going so far as to get contacts, which now made her eyes green rather than blue. Even Jerry had been amazed at the transformation with a little change in makeup and eye shadow along with her sunglasses, which did well to hide her real look and true identity.

"You sure no one will recognize me?" she asked for about the tenth time.

"About as sure as we can be," he'd told her. "You haven't done anything significant in several months now, so you've pretty much kept your face off the news."

"Gee thanks," Donna said sarcastically.

'You know what I mean," Jerry told her. "Most of what you do is behind the scenes anyway, you've never been one to seek that kind of exposure, so I'm still reasonably confident with the new disguise, no one will know who you really are, and your new name, education and work history are bullet-proof, even if they send someone out to interview the people we have in place, they'll all verify you are who you say you are, so we should also be covered there too."

"Let's hope so," she told him. "We had to call in an awful lot of favors on this one," she added.

"Yeah, but a lot of them owed you those favors too," he reminded her. "If it hadn't been for you, some of them wouldn't be where they are now, or have the kind of justice given them that each one of them deserved to have either."

"Yeah, I know, but it was never my intention for any of them to feel obligated to me in anyway because of my help either."

"They all know that," Jerry reassured her. "They're just trying to do for you, what you did for them, so that you can hopefully do what you're about to do now in helping a few others who may no longer realize or even hope that anyone will. Right now kiddo, you might be their only hope in exposing any of this."

It wasn't the interview she was nervous about. Donna knew she'd breeze through that with no problems, it was getting noticed, without being noticed that concerned her. Everything else was in place, as well as it could be. She met all the criteria from the little bit they had been able to dig up and gather. She was new to the city, had no real family to speak of, her parents having long ago died, no sister's no brothers, aunts or uncles. A loner. She came from a typical midwestern background, smart without being too overly intelligent, she'd attended a trade school too poor to graduation from college, with just enough skills to get her by. Slightly above average looks, had competed in a few beauty pageants, none of which she'd ever won, though coming in as first runner up once.

She read through her bio and background again until she felt she knew it by heart. The problem was, was it enough? Was it too much? There was no real way of knowing. All she could do was go through the interview and hope for the best. After that, it was entirely up to fate the way she saw it. This was an investigation that could end right here before it had even began.

There was one small tiny piece that she had insisted Jerry include, they had argued about it initially, until she'd convinced him about the wisdom of hiding it somewhere in her background, hinting about it perhaps when required to fill out all the necessary forms which Jerry had gotten for her to look at well before hand so that they knew everything they'd need to have.

For Jerry, breaking into the Oklahoma City Police files and leaving a false record of a man Donna, now Linda Franks had once been married to was of no moment. That he had been convicted of drug abuse as well as physical abuse was just one of many such files that remained in their archives, though his was also marked as "deceased" from a drug over dose shortly upon his release. But it wasn't even this extra tid-bit of information they'd established which was as important, as the one where by Linda's own admission, she'd never reported the physical abuse to the police, because she'd never seen it as being that. Some other concerned neighbor had been the one to report it, and had she not, chances were Linda's husband might never have been found out.

Donna had swung by Jerry's apartment with plenty of time to pick up her new ID's including a drivers license, passport, social security card (all appropriately worn and weathered looking to boot) and spent a few additional minutes going over a last few minor details. Then she was off to the offices of OB & D Services.

She spent the first few minutes of her appointment filling out all the appropriate forms, all of which she'd already seen and had become familiar with well before hand. There was nothing new there.

"Mrs., Franks?"

"Miss Franks," Donna corrected the receptionist as she stood and followed the woman into a small tiny little conference room where she was told that one of the reviewers would be meeting with her shortly, and then watched the young friendly receptionist leave closing the door behind her.

Donna didn't think there would be any hidden cameras within the room, no reason for it, but she purposely didn't sit there looking around for any either just in case that there was. She acted appropriately nervous without being too nervous, and waited. Just a few moments later a young, certainly younger looking man than she was entered the room.

"Miss Franks," he said getting her marital status right, obviously that small point had been addressed prior to his coming into the room. Donna stood taking his hand, shaking it.

"I'm Dave Elliot," he said in greeting, "please take a seat, and make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you," she told him sitting down, and then waited quietly as Dave scrutinized all the required forms she'd filled out. He then asked one or two additional insignificant questions, seemingly satisfied.

"It looks like everything's in order," he told her. "But if you'll wait for just a couple of more minutes, I'd like to pass this by one of the executives, if she has any additional questions she'd like to ask, I'll come and get you and see you to her office. If not, then you'll be free to go now and wait for our call."

"Ok, thank you," Donna said once again sitting and waiting patiently as he left. As she sat, her mind quickly ran through the all the corporate names she had looked at, one in particular coming to mind, Sylvia Grant. She had seen her photo, though she was sure it didn't truly do her justice. The one thing that was strange about it, was the way she wore her nearly white-blonde hair, in a pinned up quaff reminiscent of a late forty's early fifty's type of hair-style, though many of those had once again become popular. Problem was, according to the various photos Donna had been able to dig up on her, or rather the one's that Jerry had, she'd been wearing it that way for a lot longer before it had become vogue once again to do so.

The door opened. Dave was smiling. "If you have a few extra minutes, one of our chief executive officers would like to speak with you for a moment."

"Certainly," Donna responded, and then followed Dave out back into the office area, down a short hallway, and then through a door which opened into what appeared to be much more extravagant and lavishly decorated executive style offices. She looked up at the nameplate on the door as Dave knocked.

"Sylvia Grant" Donna smiled inwardly as she heard the invitation to come in, which Dave did only so far enough to open the door for her, allowing her to go by, then stepping back and closing it. Donna noticed that her file lay open on Sylvia's antique mahogany styled desk.

"Linda?" Sylvia said addressing her by her first name, extending her hand to Donna as she did so. "Sylvia Grant," she acknowledged herself as Donna took it, shaking. "Please sit down."

Donna sat, taking a deep purposeful breath, though trying to look like she hadn't as Sylvia once again flipped through a few pages of her application.

"Only have one or two additional questions to ask you about," she began.

"Go right ahead," Donna told her sounding a bit nervous.

"I noticed that on your application you indicated that you're currently single, and though this is a voluntary question that you're not legally obligated to answer, nor that we even require, the reason I'm asking you about it, is that I also noticed one other entry on the back where you also indicated that you had been married at one time. But since you didn't check or indicate divorced, I felt I needed to ask you about it."

"Yes, well, my husband's dead," Donna told her though without an ounce of regret when she said it.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Don't be, it was a life-time ago," Donna responded back.

Donna watched, as Sylvia appeared to make a few notes, scribbling something on the forms. She noticed the woman as she did so, smiling to herself. She looked every bit the way her photo's depicted her to be, though taller than she had imagined reaching at least six feet. She was properly attired in a business suit, not looking too overly sexy, yet exuding her sensuality and sexuality all the same. If there was ever a picture of a Dominatrix, she was it. All she needed now was an old style German officer's cap, a whip and some sort of tight leather or latex body garment and she'd perfectly fit the bill.

"Well, just a couple of additional questions for you then and we'll be done here," she said suddenly putting the file down.

Donna just smiled and waited for her to continue.

"What sort of aspirations do you have?" she asked. "The reason I ask that," she said continuing before Donna could respond, thus letting her know it was a rhetorical question in doing so, "is because we here at OB & D, pride ourselves in offering specialized services above and beyond those that most companies of our stature can afford to offer. You're certainly qualified to be placed in just about any of the companies we hire temporary employee's for, many of which go on to work for those organizations on a more permanent basis, but we also fill positions for executives, women and men who we feel have the aptitude and potential for going a lot further within an organization, people who don't mind doing a bit more of the lazy work that these Executives just don't have enough time in the day to do for themselves. I know this sounds callus, and maybe it is, but as they say, first impressions in business can go a long ways. And the Executives we do business with place a lot of emphasis on that. They like, and expect to see attractive men and women doing various odd and sundry jobs, hanging around, working with other executives. It sort of gives them a feeling of even more importance, which of course they are already. But let's face it, many of them like to feel and be treated as though they're Kings or Queens, whether they're willing to admit it or not. We know that, and we cater to it, which is something that other companies do not!"

"Of course," Donna said looking curiously interested.

"Some don't find the opportunity to be to their liking, even though many of our placements end up making a lot more money in the long run, or even end up landing executive type positions themselves eventually if they're willing to work hard enough. So my question to you is, are you one of those people? Are you willing to work just a tiny bit harder in what may sometimes turn out to be a seemingly unrewarding position in the beginning, yet one that can turn quickly lucrative and ultimately satisfying in the end? Or would you be perfectly content working in an office somewhere behind a computer? The choice is certainly yours either way, but I say this, because I'd like to offer you the chance and opportunity to decide between the two. I think you have what we're looking for if you chose to go the other way."

"Well? How'd it go?" Jerry asked when Donna showed up at his place shortly after her meeting.

"Too soon to tell," she admitted concernedly, "but I think she liked me, especially after I told her that I was VERY interested in her proposal. I met with Sylvia Grant herself after my initial interview, so I think that was another good sign. But she told me it may be a few days before I hear back from them."

Jerry knew all about Sylvia Grant, he'd done most of the research on her himself, though her background looked clean, almost too clean when he did as he wasn't able to pull anything up on her except for a very squeaky clean record.

"Sounds like just enough time to do a thorough background check on you," he commented.

"That's what I thought, let's just hope we covered all the bases."

"Don't worry, we did. And as long as the people we contacted just confirm the info we gave them, there shouldn't be any reason whatsoever for them to be suspicious about a damn thing. After that, it's all up to you."

Jerry paused seeing the worried look in Donna's face.

"You sure you still want to go through with this?"

"Oh yeah, I do, now more than ever," Donna said smiling towards him. "It's just that I know this time, I may have to go a bit farther with things than I normally would. I have a feeling that this time I'm going to be pushing the limit though, and I'm just a little worried just what that limit for me might be."

"Maybe we should set you up with some sort of a wire," he suggested.

"Can't afford to take that chance," she said dismissing the idea immediately. "I have a feeling that's something they'll be very careful in watching for. Sylvia told me that if they decide to bring me on, there's a party for some corporate bigwig that they'll give me a bit of a run-through test with. Some sort of special "attire" as she put it that I and several other girls will be asked to wear while we're there. I can only imagine what that will be," she concluded.

"I'm just not really comfortable with you flying without a net," Jerry said somberly. "There's no way to back you up safely the way I see it."

"Nor me neither," Donna admitted. "All I can do is watch out for myself, see if I can pull this off. If I can't, then I need to be smart enough to back out before anything seriously goes wrong."

Three days later Donna received a call from Dave Elliot asking her if she could come in and meet with Sylvia again. She didn't have time to stop by Jerry's office on the way in, it was too far out of the way, so she sent him a text message instead.

Sylvia met her wearing a similar outfit to the one she'd worn during their first meeting, though she greeted Donna in a much more familiar way, even giving her a brief hug as she did so. After they had shared a few brief pleasantries, Sylvia got down to business.

"Well Linda, I'm very excited to tell you that we'd like to offer you a temporary working position here with OB & D, you understand that since you indicated you were more interested in the specialty end of things rather than a mere office position, we need to do a better evaluation for those types of jobs, and the only way we can really do that, is to send you out on a temporary assignment and see how it goes."

"I understand," Donna told her smiling.

"Good! I'm glad to hear that! Now then, there just so happens to be a party going on this evening for one of our clients, we'll be supplying the service staff for it. Simple duties really, serving drinks, mingling and chatting with the client and his friends who'll be in attendance, that sort of thing. I'm sorry that it's on such short notice, and hope that won't be any kind of a problem for you."

"Doesn't sound too terribly complicated, and no ... no problem for me at all," she added. "I'm actually looking forward to it!"

"No, it's usually not," Sylvia ventured letting the emphasis on the word usually hang in the air for a moment before continuing. "But it's important for you to know that sometimes these parties can get a little wild, and more important for you to know that we're not asking you to do anything you're not comfortable doing while in attendance. If at any point you feel like you are, or that you find something totally and completely unacceptable, it's our policy that you feel free enough to leave immediately. I'll be in attendance there myself, so at any time during the night if you find that you feel that way, just come and tell me and we'll see to it that you get home ok."

"Ok," Donna answered simply wondering as she did just what she was really getting herself into, and how far she really could go once she had.

"Now then, there's a sort of a uniform we've put together for the girls who'll be working the party there tonight, if you don't mind coming into the back dressing rooms with me, I'll see to your fitting personally."

Donna was smart enough that she knew going forward, that everything that she was asked to do, or shown, would be some sort of a test to see how she'd react or respond to whatever it was Sylvia came up with. Her fitting, which she soon realized, was no exception.

"Let's see how this fits," Sylvia said pulling off a very sheer white blouse with a small little black tie attached to the collar. She'd included a very short tight mini-skirt with black fishnet stockings as well. "You'll need to supply a black bra," she added. "Preferably something lacy and low cut so that you can show off your lovely breasts through the blouse. I know that perhaps it's a bit tacky, but as I said, we cater to our client's wishes wherever possible, and as long as you're comfortable with this..." she left the statement hang in the air for a moment waiting for Donna's response.

"Oh, no problem," she grinned removing the blouse she was wearing as Sylvia stood eyeballing her appreciatively. "I have several bras that I think will do nicely."

Donna quickly finished removing her skirt as well until she stood in nothing more than a pair of panty hose and the white bra she was wearing.

"We'll need to remove these too," Sylvia stated, "So we can ensure the fish-nets will fit properly, and see how they look on you."

Donna quickly did so, feeling slightly embarrassed, but fully aware that any real inhibitions she showed going forward at this point would work against her. Slipping off the panty hose, she now stood entirely revealed to Sylvia's gazing eyes, though she stood there smiling appreciatively as she did so.

"Nice to see that you shave completely," she added glancing purposely and directly down between Donna's legs. "Never did understand why most women leave that little strip of hair just above their mounds, looks sort of silly to me whenever I see that. I'd rather they just trim their bush if they're not going to shave it rather than do that. I myself prefer the shaved look as well, and besides, it keeps me feeling sexy and aroused most of the time whenever I do."

"Me as well," Donna offered, seeing the hoped for and anticipated smile of approval spread across Sylvia's face when she answered.

"Ok, let's try the blouse on now," she stated walking around Donna's back holding it up for her to slip into. Donna knew even before doing so that it would be too small, she wondered why Sylvia had obviously chosen a smaller blouse for her to even try on, knowing full well it would never button properly over her breasts.

Sylvia stepped back around in front of her, made some effort of trying to close the blouse over Donna's breasts, realizing as she did so it was simply too tight. As she did so, she managed to touch Donna's breasts, making it appear as though it was all incidental contact as she did so, though Sylvia continued trying to tug on the blouse making some pretense of adjusting it, still running her hands against the side of Donna's tits before giving up.

"You're a bit larger than I realized," she said feigning surprise. "You really do have lovely breasts by the way."

"Thank you," Donna said trying to sound thrilled by the compliment, though she felt squeamish inside as she said it. She'd never had a thing for women to begin with, let alone ever gone through that curious experimental stage either except when she was younger, though only briefly even then, but especially with Sylvia man-handling her, it made it even more difficult for her to stand there and put up with it, though she did.

"Let's try on another size, but let's see if I've got another bra we can try on with that too, not sure I like the way the one you're currently wearing will look beneath it, even though it's not black, but we really need this blouse to look right on you."

Donna quickly reached behind herself unclasping the one she was wearing, letting it fall until she stood there with her boobs hanging out for all the world to see, though in this case at least, it was only Sylvia, though the door to the dressing room hadn't been fully closed when they first came in either, so there was the additional expectation of someone else walking in on them as they stood there.

"Hmm, thirty-four, thirty-six, D right?" she asked as she rummaged through a few spare bra's hanging on some hooks on a nearby clothing rack.

"Thirty-four D, yes," Donna confirmed for her, though she had an idea that Sylvia knew damn well which size she was. Donna had nearly crossed her hands over her breasts as she stood there, forcing herself to keep her hands and arms down however, knowing that even this bit of awkwardness was being done to her on purpose just so Sylvia could gage her reaction to it.

"I know we've got some additional one's in the next room," she complained giving up, wait here for a moment, I'll be right back.

She wasn't about to just stand there entirely nude, taking the opportunity to at least slip on the fishnets and skirt when she heard someone entering the room. Donna turned expecting to see Sylvia, but to her surprise, it was Dave Elliot who peeked his head inside the door.

"Oh sorry, I thought Sylvia was in here with you," he stated apologetically, "one of the other girls is here for her fitting," he added as though that made perfect sense for his even being there.

Donna once again fought very hard not to reach up and cover her breasts, which she didn't, though she did turn away from him slightly showing him her bare-back instead as she placed her leg onto the small dressing bench pretending to readjust one of her stockings. "I think she's in the next room," Donna said easily. "She's looking for another bra for me to try on."

"Ah, ok ... thanks," Dave said finally leaving the room, though this time at least, he closed the door behind him as he did so.

Once again, Donna was fairly confident this was also a set up, testing her reaction to having someone "accidentally" barge in on her to see what she might do or say. Moments later Sylvia came back into the room carrying a couple of bras as she did.

"I'm so sorry about that," she stated. "Dave said he came in here looking for me, there's another girl who'll be joining us in just a moment, I need to see about getting her fitted for this evening as well."

"Yet another test?" Donna wondered. "Oh, no problem," Donna said shrugging it off as though it were no big deal, seeing the look of satisfied confirmation on Sylvia's face when she did so.

"That's good, not like there won't be several men, and women looking at you tonight anyway," she said teasingly. "Especially as attractive looking as you really are!"

"Thank you," Donna said once again, trying to give Sylvia her best smile in acknowledgment of that just as a knock came on the door, which she continued smiling over as this time Dave had knocked before opening it and entering, though again doing so without being invited in.

"Sylvia? Melinda's here for her fitting as well."

"Thanks Dave," She responded as Donna watched another young woman brush past where Dave was still standing. "Will there be any others?" she asked.

"No mam, everyone else has been taken care of. These are the last two," he indicated purposely glancing over towards where Donna still stood, though this time she had screwed her courage up enough to actually stand there and face him with her breasts clearly revealed.

"Thank you," Sylvia said once again dismissing him, "then that will be all."

And this time, both the bra and the blouse fit of course, though again Sylvia insisted on helping Donna on with it, once again taking the opportunity to brush her breasts lightly with the back of her hand, even going so far as to adjust the cups, ensuring that she got a nice good feel of her tits while doing so.

"Much better! Much, much better!" She said standing back looking at her appraisingly. "Now Melinda, let's see about you!"

The party was scheduled to start around eight, though Donna had been asked to be there an hour earlier for some last minute instructions and a final going over to ensure that everything looked and fit right. Once again, Sylvia took the opportunity to pull on her blouse here and there, adjusting it as well as her fishnets and skirt, effectively touching Donna repeatedly until she felt like she'd been felt up more times than she ever had been in high school.

There were six girls who'd be working the party, all of which Sylvia went through the same motions with, adjusting their uniforms here and there until they had all passed her initial inspection. Donna learned as she stood there, that only two of the women had worked similar functions like this one before, three others including herself where brand new potential hires.

"Now Darlene and Susan have worked for us before, so they pretty much know what to expect, but for the four of you, let me go over a few basic guidelines and rules once again so that there aren't any misunderstandings. Greg Somerset as you all know is a highly respected businessman in this community, his corporation is amongst one of the biggest here and employs thousands of people worldwide though his Corporate center here is a very important part of the community, and as such, a very important client of ours as well. I expect each of you to act accordingly," she said letting that thought sink in for a moment. "However, you are all important to this organization as well, so it behooves me to be up front and honest with you, and keep this conversation strictly between us. Greg, along with several of his invited guests do have shall we say, some rather wild tastes whenever they get together like this, so I'm giving you all fair warning that you could expect to see just about anything and everything going on here tonight at some point. Whatever you see, hear or do here tonight is to remain here if you get my meaning. We are contractually obligated to keep it so, and should I ever hear anything reported back to us that it wasn't, and if we found out that someone leaked any information, you will of course be terminated immediately, but not only that, you will also be put on the black-list from ever being hired or reviewed with any other temporary or employment agency in town as well. Everyone understand that?"

Everyone did, including Donna as she stood taking all of this in. "Now, once again, we certainly don't expect any of you to participate or do anything you're uncomfortable doing either. It is our wish to protect your rights as individuals, and as our employee's, every bit as much as we wish to protect Greg's rights and those of his guests while we're here. So if at any time, any of you find that you're uncomfortable working here tonight because of something you've seen or heard, then you're to come to me immediately, and we'll see to it that you're paid for the time you've been here, and then given a ride back home. Everyone understand that?"

Once again, they all did.

"Very well, you all know what's expected and required of you then, and beyond that, all I can tell you is to have fun tonight, as I am sure some of you will, and let's just make sure there aren't too many problems that arise so that we'll be invited back for the next party, or perhaps those of Greg's friends and associates once they see how good we are in handling one of these affairs for him."

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