Sally, Brad and Glen

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Who said size didn't matter?

Sally and I have been married for a little over twenty-eight years now. Our sexual relationship was great when it started and it has gotten steadily better over the years. Outside of some gray strands showing in her red hair Sally is still as much of a sexpot as she was when I married her. Five-foot, one hundred and five pounds and a 34-22-32 figure kept nice and tight by regular trips to the gym. Sally has been hit on by guys since the day I met her and she was fairly promiscuous right up to the day we wed, but she has been a loving and faithful wife since that day. So I was somewhat surprised when we got home from a party one night to find that my wife had just been fucked by another man. We had just gotten home and I was horny as hell and wanted to make love. Sally tried to put me off, but I was insistent and as soon as my fingers touched her pussy I knew that all that wetness couldn't have come from just Sally. I pulled back from her and looked at her face and she began to cry.

The party had been a pool party at the home of our friends Marsha and Glen. There were about twelve people there including Glen's cousin Brad who was visiting from out of town. Sally was wearing a little yellow bikini and, as usual, she was producing hard ons all over the place. Most of Glen and Marsha's parties turn into drunkathons so Sally and I take turns being the designated driver and this time was my turn so Sally was really hitting the Margarita's and was feeling no pain. It started to get chilly in the afternoon so Sally went into the house to change out of her bikini and into her regular street clothes. She went into the bathroom, locked the door, and had taken off her bathing suit when the door opened and Brad came in. He stepped inside, locked the door behind him and then smiled and held up the little rod that he had used to trip the bathroom door lock.

"You have teased me all day with that body and I think it is only fair that you should see what you have caused" and he unzipped and took out a hard cock that was every bit of ten inches long.

Sally had grabbed a towel and covered herself when Brad had first walked into the room and when he began to walk toward her she backed up until her back was against the wall, but even as she backed up she couldn't take her eyes of his huge cock. As he walked toward her he said, "You caused it so you get to take care of it" and he reached out and pulled the towel away from her. He took her right hand and put it on his cock, "You did that, you and your little bikini and it's very uncomfortable walking around with something this large stuck in my trousers so you have to make it go away." He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her and bent her over the sink. Sally knew what he intended to do and she knew she should be fighting to get away from him, but she'd had a lot to drink and she was fascinated by his huge cock and she wondered, after twenty years of just mine, what another cock would feel like, especially one so big.

Besides, she thought, no one would ever know.

Brad pushed her down and Sally bent at the waist and gripped the sides of the sink and waited for Brad to take her. Brad fucked her for almost ten minutes before he came and Sally had orgasms so intense that she had to grab a wash cloth and put it in her mouth to keep everybody in the neighborhood from hearing her screams of pleasure. After he gushed into her he wanted her to suck his cock and get him hard again, but she said no, that she had been gone for too long and she needed to get back to the party before I missed her and came looking for her. Later on during the party Brad approached her again about getting together again during his visit, but by then Sally was on a guilt trip over cheating on me and she wouldn't talk to him.

I was surprised that my wife could have done that to me, but I was even more surprised at how hot and horny her story had made me. I told Sally to stop crying and get her clothes off, "I want sloppy seconds." I fucked the little bitch as hard or harder than I ever had before and I fucked her five times before I couldn't get my dick up anymore. We fell asleep in each other's arms and when I woke up the next morning I did something that I had never done before - I went down on Sally while she still had cum in her. I don't know whose taste was prevalent - mine or Brad's - but I'm guessing that it was mine since I was the last one there and before I was done cleaning out the unfaithful little slut I knew that I just had to taste what Brad tasted like. I fucked Sally until two that afternoon and then we showered and when we were done I wanted to fuck Sally again, but I just could not get my cock hard again.

At two forty-five I told Sally to call Brad and make a date to see him. She looked at me like I was crazy and I told her that the image of her bent over that sink while Brad fucked her from behind was driving me crazy and I wanted her to fuck him again. I told her to call him and tell him I was going out to play golf at four and she'd like it if he could drop by the house.

"Tell him I'll be gone for at least four hours and that you'll have all the time you need to enjoy that huge cock again."

She was reluctant to call him and she told me that it was bad enough that she had cheated on me the one time and that she couldn't do it again. I explained to her that it wouldn't be cheating on me if I knew about it and wanted her to do it.

"For Christ's sake Sally, look at what I've been doing since we got home last night. I'm as turned on by this as you were when he first slid that huge cock into your tight little pussy."

In the end she called Brad and I sat next to her on the couch and listened to her tell Brad how much she had enjoyed being stuffed by him and she wanted to do it again.

I was in the closet when Brad arrived and I watched through the partially open door as Brad turned Sally every which way but loose on our bed. I was truly amazed to see that huge thing going into my little Sally and I was even more amazed at the wanton slut she became as he fucked her time after time. She was begging him to fuck her harder and to never stop and between bouts she told him that she was his slut to do with what he wanted for as long as he was in town.

I went from amazed to astounded when she asked Brad to take her in her ass. We only occasionally engage in anal sex because even my average six and a half inches hurts Sally too much. She loves ass fucking, but can only handle about four or five minutes of it before she starts to hurt too badly. She got the KY out of the bedside stand and Brad worked on her ass with thumb and fingers for a good five minutes before he positioned himself behind her and began to push home. Sally bit down on a mouthful of pillow to keep from screaming as Brad moved more and more of his stiff pole into her and then he began long, slow strokes and Sally began to moan. Brad fucked her slowly for about two minutes and then Sally screamed and had an orgasm and then bit into the pillow again and waited for him to cum. She had asked him to fuck her in the ass and she was going to fight the discomfort until he came. Brad must have been used to ass fucking his women with that big dick and he apparently knew when it was becoming uncomfortable for them and so he pulled out of Sally and walked into the bathroom and washed his cock. Then he came back and rolled her onto her back and fucked her again.

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