A Marriage Disolved

by TheMoose63

Tags: Ma/Fa, Historical, Cheating,

Desc: : A very short story with no sex. Carol is a woman who catches her husband cheating and devises a plan to end their marriage. As things sometimes happen, plans go awry and in the end everything works out for Carol.

Carol was dressed to the nines in an Oleg Cassini designer dress that cost almost $14,000 and was dipped low enough to expose the tops of her creamy breasts, not too far down but far enough to attract the eyes of most of the men at the party. The women ... if they weren't ogling her dress had their eyes drawn to the single string of pearls that hung around her neck and at $7,500 they were worth a look. Carol was a beautiful woman even now at the age of thirty seven and she still had the physique of the world class swimmer she had been in her twenties the only real change being the addition of breast implants, after all the successful swimmer didn't have big breasts.

She eased up to one of the bars and had the cute barmaid make her a vodka martini with just a hint of vermouth and an olive tree. The party had been the idea of the president of CIIC, a financial institution with its US headquarters in New York City. He wanted to introduce some of the major pharmaceutical executives to their new line of financial instruments, ones that would reap millions of dollars before a new drug was ever approved by the FDA. It was simple idea really, CIIC would sell pharmaceutical bonds on a futures market ... based on a companies clinical research and trials. If the drug didn't pan out ... what the hell they had already made millions anyway!

Carol realized that she hadn't seen her husband in a long time and assumed that he had button-holed some executive in a corner office and was pushing the companies' new ideas but that wasn't the truth. Carol took a sip of her drink and drifted over to the windows on the 89th floor and looked down at the city far below and yearned to just go home ... she hated these parties. She didn't know anyone and there was always some drunk trying to convince her to go into an empty office for a quickie. Jesus they were all the same!

She was staring off into the night when there was a light touch on her shoulder. She turned and saw a nice looking young man in a tuxedo standing behind her with a smile on his face. Prepared for the 'come on' she smiled back. "Can I help you?"

"Uh ... are you Carol Martin, Mrs. Richard Martin?"

"Yes ... and I repeat can I help you?"

"I want you to see something, would you follow me please?"

She looked at him for a minute; her head cocked to one side which let her hair hang down to cover one side of her face. "Uh ... I don't think so, not a very good idea really. Look sweetie, why don't you look for someone your own age?"

The man smiled back at her. "Mrs. Martin I'm not looking for 'that' at all, no I want you to see something and then you'll understand."

Against her better judgment she followed the young man down a hallway then they turned a corner and walked down a darkened hall that had offices on both sides of the hall. He stopped in front of an office, one that she recognized immediately because it was her husbands office. "I don't see..."

He put a finger up to his lips. "Shussss. Just slip up to the door and take a peek inside ... then we'll talk."

She almost instinctively knew what she was going to see but she couldn't resist the temptation. She took three steps up to the slightly opened door and looked inside and saw Richard, naked from the waist down, screwing a twenty something girl. Oh sweet Jesus! She stepped back and looked at the young man. "Alright I see, now what?"

"Mrs. Martin that happens to be my wife your husband is fucking and I just wanted you to know, that's all. I'm going to file for divorce first thing tomorrow but thought that I owed you a look-see too. Good night Mrs. Martin."

He walked away and I walked back out to the party and got another drink. Richard and I finally went home just after midnight. We were in the back of a limousine and Richard was looking through some documents he had brought with him and I was quietly thinking about what I was going to do about his infidelity ... death came to mind! "Honey," I asked in my sexiest wifely voice. He looked up from his papers.

"Yes dear?"

"I lost you tonight, couldn't find you anywhere and I was really hoping that you would have stayed closer ... I mean that awful man was there tonight and I just knew he was trying to look down my dress."

He looked up at me quizzically. "What man?"

"You know the guy from..." She described a generic man who could have been anyone one of a hundred men that were at the party on that night. "That's the same guy that followed me around at the last party."

He shook his head. "That could be any one of a hundred people Carol. Jesus Christ, do you think every guy at my office wants to fuck you? My God you're almost forty! Jesus Carol you are seriously paranoid!" Then he returned to reading his papers.

Fuck, the shit head doesn't even think that I'm attractive enough that other men would want me! When we finally got home and Richard went in to shower I took his cell phone and looked to see who he had been calling. Most of the numbers were City numbers so that didn't mean much then I thought about pictures and opened the program and hit ... pay dirt! There were several pictures of naked women that I assumed were his conquests. The most recent addition was the young lady from the party tonight. I sent each picture to my cell phone then closed his phone and put it back on the dresser.

The next morning I sat at the kitchen table and mentally reviewed my options. Richard and I had been married for eight years and because he was wealthy when we married I had signed a pre-nup! Well that was obviously mistake number one. So what could I do? A divorce would be easy enough with the proof I had but then I would be out on the street with nothing. I walked through what I would have to do to survive in the world, a world that didn't include Richard. I had maybe a $100,000 in my personal savings, money I had brought into the marriage but I had no real marketable skills ... what would or could I do for a living? I could only thank God that we didn't have any children.

Depressed I went upstairs and took two Valium and crawled into bed. I didn't wake up until three that afternoon and when I did I still didn't have any good ideas. I got out of bed, showered and put on a pair of lounging pajamas and was walking around the upstairs thinking about what to do and then I remembered something. I walked across the bedroom and into my husband's closet and it took me less than five minutes to find the gun. I didn't know anything about guns except when you pulled the trigger they fired. I sat on the edge of the bed looking at the gun and saw that each chamber had a bullet in it and I assumed that there was one in the chamber I couldn't see. What I wanted to do was to wait for him to come home and shoot him in the balls then blow his brains out but that wouldn't accomplish anything but put me into a cell at Rikers. Then a plan formed and I liked it although I assumed that my parent's wouldn't ever understand why I did it ... still I liked it!

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