Surprise Party

by Dark Vision

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My life was great, and then it got better when my wife, my business partner, and his wife surprised me after a party. Things will never be the same and that's fine with me.

While in college, studying for my MBA, I got an idea for a new business, well, new to me. My younger sister, still in high school, worked part time for one of the many senior care facilities in Florida. One night while I studied I overheard Becky telling our mom about the lack of basic items for the patients. She said that the facility seemed to be short of walkers, wheelchairs, and canes, as well as disposal items.

"Why don't they have the things they need?" I asked Becky as I walked into the kitchen.

"I don't know. My supervisor says the owners of the place tell her the stuff costs too much or something," Becky replied.

"Maybe they need a new supplier," I told my sister while taking a can of soda from the refrigerator.

"Beats me, but it sucks not having what we need," my sister said, causing Mom to tell her to watch her language.

Later that night, I began thinking about what Becky said. I wondered if there was an opportunity for a new business. I was in my third year of college at the time and due to graduate soon. The more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded to me.

During my summer break, I started researching the adult care industry. I developed a business plan, spending several months revising the plan as I learned more and more about the needs. I asked Becky endless questions about the place she worked at. She answered my questions, but never asked why I wanted to know.

By the time I started my senior year, I had a plan I felt was sound. Now all I needed was money to launch the business. My best friend and I attended the same school. Like me, Bob lived at home while working on his accounting degree. One afternoon, I told Bob about my idea. He and I went through the business plan, making small changes. A few weeks later, we agreed to start the business.

I was able to get the seed money from my parents. Bob's parents didn't have the ability to help us, but we felt we would have enough to launch our company. We decided to start the company when we graduated.

During our senior year, Bob introduced me to Amber. He and Amber had been dating for several months. Amber set me up with Mary, her best friend. The four of us began spending a lot of our free time together.

Amber and Mary were friends from high school. Just as Bob and I had done, they decided to go to the same school. I learned that the two girls lived in the Tampa area just as Bob and I did. By the end of the school year, I was in love with Mary.

After graduation, Bob and I began looking for a location for our business. We found a small building in Fort Lauderdale and decided it would work for us. For the first year, Bob and I scraped for every customer. Then, we landed an account that would launch our venture to new heights.

By the end of our second year in business, Bob and I had repaid my parents. We bought houses in one of the better neighborhoods and married our girlfriends. Bob and Amber married in May. Mary and I were married in June.

As our business grew, Bob and I brought our wives into the company. Mary became the sales manager and Amber handled the bookkeeping. It wasn't long before our company grew and required additional employees. We hired Mary's younger brother to handle the data operations and my sister to work on developing a website. Because the two functions intertwined, Mary's brother Cliff worked closely with Becky. It didn't take long for them to begin dating.

I stood behind the mini bar on the patio. My wife and I were throwing a party for our friends. Mary and I loved entertaining and our large Florida home was perfect for the gatherings. I mixed drinks while watching the group of twenty people talk and enjoy themselves. Mary made sure our guests had hors d'oeuvre and full drinks.

My wife moved through the crowd to the bar. I smiled, watching the breeze flirt with her sundress. The short dress had a snug top that hugged Mary's firm breasts. My wife stood five foot seven. She worked out to keep her lithe body toned. Mary wore high heel sandals that accented her firm, tanned legs.

"Sweetie, Bob needs a gin and tonic. Amber would like a wine cooler," Mary said. "How about you, do you need anything?" I replied as I mixed Bob's cocktail.

"Not right now." Mary smiled and took the two drinks off the bar.

As the evening progressed, I noticed Mary was spending much of her time close to Bob. She took care of the other guests, but migrated back to Bob and Amber when she could. The caterer served dinner on the patio to our friends. Bob, Amber, Mary, and I sat at one of the tables and chatted about work.

Once the meal was finished, I changed the music on the stereo. The upbeat rock and roll had many of our guests dancing. I danced with my wife while watching our friends enjoying themselves. After a few songs, Bob cut in. I began dancing with Amber while our spouses danced near by. The tempo dropped and I watched Bob take Mary into his arms. Amber moved closer and put her arms around my waist. As we danced, our bodies came closer together.

"Are you and Bob having a good time?" I asked Amber as I turned her. She moved closer, pressing her breasts into my chest.

"Yes I am," Amber replied, following me as we danced. "Your parties are always fun, Greg. You know Bob and I love coming over here."

The song ended. Amber and I separated, moving closer to Bob and Mary.

"Sweetie, I'll have that drink now," Mary said as she moved next to me. "Umm, how about a Long Island Iced Tea? Bob, Amber, would you two like something?"

Bob offered to help me get the drinks. He stood at the front of the bar while I mixed drinks. We took the drinks to the table our wives sat at. Thanking me, Mary took a drink through the straw in the tall glass. She smiled and said, "Mmmm, that's good."

"Be careful, Baby, those things will sneak up on you," I cautioned.

By ten thirty, the crowd thinned. Our friends stopped at the table to thank Mary and me and say goodbye. At eleven, the last couple came over to tell us they were leaving. Hank, one of the sales representatives that worked for me, and his wife Sarah, stood by the table. They told my wife and me that they enjoyed the evening. Hank told Mary, Bob, and me he would see us at the office on Monday.

"We're glad you and Sarah had a good time. Oh, Bob and I have to talk to you about the Grover account. We'll walk you out," Mary said as she rose from her chair. Bob nodded and followed them.

I noticed Amber watching her husband as he walked away. She seemed uneasy so I asked what was wrong. Amber shrugged her shoulders while watching the group go around the corner of the house.

Bob and Mary came back a few moments later. They sat down and sipped their drinks.

"It looks like Hank is going to sign the Grover account next week," Bob said. "He thinks it will be over a million dollar order."

Grover was a holding company for over forty adult care centers in southern Florida. We'd been courting Grover for close to a year. We chatted about the account for a few minutes and then I offered to refresh the drinks.

"I better lay off. I still have to drive home tonight," Bob said.

"Don't be silly. You and Amber can stay here tonight. We haven't had a chance to spend much time together lately," Mary said as she glanced at me. I nodded in agreement. It wasn't uncommon for them to stay after we'd partied.

"Come with me, we can fix drinks and get some snacks," Mary said to Bob.

Bob and my wife went into the house to get food. Amber sat back, folding her arms under her ample breasts. She huffed and stared at the back door.

"I think Bob is having an affair," Amber said in a low voice.

"What makes you say that, Amber?" I replied.

Shrugging her shoulders, she said, "I don't know, but I think he's fooling around on me."

"With who?"

"Greg, I don't know how to tell you, but I think he's having an affair with Mary," Amber said.

I felt my stomach flip when Amber made her brash statement. I thought about it for a moment and shook my head. Mary didn't do anything that would lead me to believe she was having an affair. Our sex life wasn't as active as it had been when we were first married, but it wasn't bad either. We made love several times a week.

"I haven't noticed anything that would make me think Mary was fooling around. Bob may be having an affair, but I don't think it's with Mary," I said sharply.

Amber stood up. She put her finger to her lips, indicating I should be quiet. Taking my hand, she led me to the sliding doors that led from the patio to the house. We stood in the shadows, gazing into the kitchen.

Amber and I moved closer to the house. We watched, as our spouses seemed to make contact at every opportunity. When Bob ran his hand up and down Mary's back, she put her head against his shoulder. Mary picked up a tray of snacks. Bob moved his hand down her back, giving Mary a pat on her ass. Amber and I went back to the table before our spouses saw us.

I was in shock. Even the gulp of the whisky I drank couldn't calm me. Amber put her hand on my arm, giving me a friendly squeeze.

"What should we do?" I asked as I shook my head.

"Well, I guess we could confront them. That or we could get even," Amber replied with a hint of revenge in her voice. She moved her hand from my arm to my leg. I jerked when her hand moved up to my crotch.

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