Dora's Dilemma

by Amasterfound

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Extra Sensory Perception, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Slow, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Dora has been avoiding Mike for 3 years, ever since that scary night when she lost control while punishing her ex. Will she finally open up to her lover about the reason that she has pushed him away? As the saying goes, if you want to hear the Gods laugh, tell them your plans.

I walked into the café and quietly sat down at my usual table. Tonight I was down in the dumps. It was the day for lovers. The day I hated most out of the year. This day brought so many feelings. It brought loss, sadness, anger, and even yearning. Tonight I was pissed. Paul was still free. He had even moved on. He was getting married again. 'Poor girl, ' I thought. I thought of telling her what Paul was, but she would not believe me. No one did, so why should she.

I don't know what brought me here. I should stay away from here when in these moods. I didn't want Mike to know that I was upset. I hated to see the look of concern in his eyes. I knew he loved me. Have known it the past three years since the day I took my revenge out on Paul. That day he had revealed his feelings. Mike had asked me to be his wife.

I had told him that I was not ready for commitment. I had expected him to get mad. Demand something, but no. All he did was say, "I'm not going anywhere. I'll wait."

That day I accepted that I really loved Mike. I also realized that I wanted him in my life. I also learned I was afraid. What made me afraid? Being hurt, or hurting him. I didn't think that I was what he needed.

Our relationship had changed that might. I no longer slept with him. I wanted him to move on. I still came around and ate at the diner. I still hung out with him. I just didn't sleep with him. Oh, he tried to get me into his bed. He tried at least once weekly. I just refused. I could tell this puzzled him. He tried to get me to talk, but I refused. Eventually he just gave up getting me to talk to him about what was wrong.

"What can I get you today Dora?" Marie asked.

"Just a beer, I'm not hungry tonight," I replied.

She got this odd look at that. She knew me and it was very seldom I was not hungry. She kept quiet though and went to get me my imported beer. I saw when I walked up that Mike was not there. I hoped he had a date after all tonight and was on it. Marie dashed my hopes when she brought me my beer.

"Here you go. Mike should be back soon. He stepped out for a few minutes said he needed to pick up something," she revealed.

'Damn, ' "Okay, thanks" I wondered if I should just pay for the beer and walk the two blocks home before he got back.

I laid down the money and tip. Well the Fates were against me tonight. Just then, someone started playing Terry Gibbs's song 'Somebody's Knocking.'

Lord it's the devil would you look at him

I looked up and in walked Mike. 'DAMN, of all my luck!' To make matters worse he was carrying flowers and chocolates. He looked at me; all I could think of was that I must look like a deer in deadlights. I stood up, muttered something about an emergency, and tried to skid past him. I thought it had worked when I reached the door, but his voice stopped me dead in my tracks. The tone that I can't resist came out of his mouth. The one that makes my heart melt and sink all at once. It is the hurt tone. The one I heard three years ago tonight. The one he used when he said, "I'll wait."

"Baby Doll, don't go, stay. I need to speak to you, please," Mike said in the hurt tone.

All my feelings hit me at once. Fear, hurt, loneliness, love.

Well somebody's talking

He's whispering to me,

Your place or my place well which will it be,

I'm getting weaker, and he's coming on strong,

But I don't wanta go wrong.

'Damn there's that song again.' Damn Eros, he was not making this easy! What do you expect out of a Greek God that runs around naked? Of course, this being his day he would not make it easy. Earlier that day I had started hearing his voice in my head. That is why I was down here wanting a beer! I hoped that it would make him go away!

He must have tapped my telephone line

He must have known I'm spending my time alone

He says we'll have one heavenly night

My fever's burning so he ought to be right at home.

"Shut up Eros. I don't need any of your help!" I muttered to the God of love, Eros or as some knew him by, Cupid.

All I got was a giggle and yet more lyrics. Damn, I hate the Gods. Sometimes they just don't play fair. I hazarded a look back and saw that look. The one I hated to see. The one that said I had hurt him.

I turned around and fully faced Mike. I stood there and looked at him. I tried to walk away, but instead I walked into his waiting arms.

I heard Eros say, "Yep she let him in," with satisfaction in his voice.

ARGGG I wanted to kill me a Greek God! "Fuck you, Eros. Haven't you messed up my life enough?"

"You couldn't handle fucking a God like me." Eros twisted what I said.

I decided to "try" to ignore him. Have you ever ignored a Greek God who had decided that you were the next person he was going to torment? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. They NEVER let you. Of all the Gods, and Goddesses out there, why was Eros the one that noticed me? Hell, I would have been happier if Zeus would have talked to me. I would have asked him to zap Paul with lightning. However, I was stuck with the God of love. The last God I wanted to meet or in this case have in my head talking to me. I made a mental note that maybe I needed some psychiatric help. Either that or somebody spiked my beer.

"No one spiked your beer. At least not yet, and you are not crazy. I'm having fun talking to you. I haven't had this much fun in several hundreds of years. I have been laying low and watching what has been going on. I just think you have had a bad experience in love, and you need to get over it, and give this guy a chance. He really loves you. If he didn't, why would he still be waiting three years later?" Eros read my mind.

I decided that maybe if I didn't respond to him, he would leave me alone. Instead, I pulled away from Mike and looked at him.

"What can I do?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

Mike gave me a long searching look and responded, "You know what you can do. I still want you to be my wife."

"Say yes! Say yes! Give the poor boy a break! I'm sure he has blue balls by now. He only gets off occasionally at the BDSM club. He hasn't dated in over three years. Don't you know he has loved you since before your divorce from Paul? Why do you think he let you cry on his shoulder all those nights, instead of drinking with your ex?" Eros implored.

Sheesh, you would think that the God of Love would have other things to do tonight besides bug me. Hell, why isn't he out shooting people with his arrows and wearing diapers?

"First, I DO NOT wear diapers. Second, I don't feel like using my arrows right now. I already did that today. I made two enemies fall in love. That will be one relationship worth watching," Eros responded with mischief.

"I don't know. Hell I don't know anything any more, but that I still love you," I said before catching myself.

For once Eros was quiet, too quiet.

"Hey, boss. Dora skipped dinner tonight. Is something wrong with her? She doesn't skip dinner," Marie blabbed on me.

"You're in trouble now! Hmmmm, I'll have to make sure Marie gets laid tonight. Such a good girl," Eros laughed.

"You had something to do with her tattling on me, didn't you?" I steamed to Eros!

All I heard was Eros laughing his ass off. Yep he was definitely mischievous.

"Well, I ate at home. I just wanted a beer," I lied.

"Thanks Marie, I'll see that she eats," Mike said; he didn't believe my lie.

"Sure boss," Marie responded with a smile.

"Dora, you are going to eat. You are skinny enough as it is. You are losing too much weight it doesn't look like you have eaten in days. Now go sit down and eat!" Mike commanded me.

"Yes, Sir," I gave up.

I walked over to the table as Mike walked up to the counter and ordered a breakfast platter for me. Why did that tone always make me obey him? Well, it usually succeeded, but it hadn't worked on bringing me back to his bed. I downed the last of my beer and wondered if silver bullets or a cross and stake would kill an immortal God?

"No such luck, you can't kill me. I am one of the oldest Gods. They tried that when Atlantis sank to the bottom of the ocean, but as you can see, I'm still here. No one can kill love." Eros answered my unspoken question.

"Oh, go play with Psyche or Anteros! Leave me be," I muttered. Maybe garlic would work?

'Damn him, ' I thought. 'I wish he would leave me alone. I don't need love. All it does is cause pain. Where has love gotten me I ask? Nowhere that's where!''

I watched Mike set the vase of roses down on the counter in front of him. It looked to be two dozen of roses red, yellow, white, and pink. Hell there were even a couple of blue ones in there. That had to have cost a pretty penny. The box of chocolates looked like a two pound box, at least. I knew I buy chocolate a lot. I wondered who was going to get them. Some part of me was jealous at the idea of someone else getting the gifts.

Deep down, I knew. I sat there and watched him. He would look over at me once in a while and smile. I felt my heart melt. Just then, Eros had to step in again. ARGGG that God was driving me crazy. He started in on another song, this one by Shania Twain "I WON'T LEAVE YOU LONELY". What did the man do, listen to love songs all day?


Midnight in summer

The air's so much warmer

Falling in love under starlight

Holding on so tight


"Stop, stop it! Please!" I begged.

All it got me was the chorus.

"I won't leave you lonely tonight

I want you to hold me all night

It's gonna be all right

I won't leave you lonely tonight.

I saw Mike's face three years ago in my head, "I'm not going anywhere. I'll wait."

"I wish you wouldn't. I'm not the one for you. How can you love me? Look at what I have become. Look at what I did to Paul. No sane person would have done that. No you need to move on," I had said right before I walked out of his Café. I hadn't gone back for several weeks.

Why was he doing this? Couldn't he see I didn't want love? Why did I even care? He was going to keep it up anyways. What harm could it do?

"Please have mercy. Why are you trying so hard to get me to say yes to him?" I asked.

"My twin brother Anteros is ready to 'deal' with you for not returning Mike's love. He has given me a chance to help set you straight, before he steps in and does it himself. He isn't as nice as I am. I wouldn't give him the chance to do that. Oh, and there is a small itty-bitty reason that several of us other Gods have for you marring him, but we will go over that later. Nothing to worry about, it is so small that it isn't worth mentioning," Eros explained...

"That's all I need; two Gods of love in my head. I don't see how he could be worse then you though. Another thing, any time someone says that something is not worth mentioning it usually is very big, not 'itty bitty'. Who are the 'other Gods' that are involved?" I complained.

"Just try me, my dear. If you think my brother is bad with love songs, you haven't heard anything yet. Who do you think taught him those songs? Time is running out Eros. Have you lost your touch? Do your arrows not work any more?" Anteros revealed himself.

"They work just fine. I am simple trying to get her to see reason. She already loves the poor sap. We just need to get her out of denial. Furthermore, Apollo and the Muses are the one that taught us about love songs," Eros retorted.

"Ha! As if, I knew this stuff before they did. That is just what they want everyone to believe," Anteros argued.

"Hello! I asked a question! Who else is involved? Okay I am going crazy here. I am talking to a couple of OLD Gods that haven't been around in about 1500 years. Dora, get a grip, too many beers. You have been researching your ancestry way too much and need to stop believing that those Greek Gods of your family are real," I demanded.

"All will be showed to you when the time is right. You aren't insane, and we are not OLD; okay we are, but not like you meant it. I will tell you one thing now though. You are from a very old Greek family, as you believe, but much older then you think," Anteros declared.

I decided that first thing in the morning I was checking myself into an insane asylum. One God in my head I was willing to look past, but two were just too many. I wandered if someone had slipped some LSD in my beer.

"Here you go baby doll. I want you to eat it all!" Mike announced.

I looked up to see Mike standing there with a tray of food, the vase of roses, and the box of chocolates.

"Are roses safe to eat?" Anteros inquired.

"I think he meant the food and the chocolates, numbskull!" Eros corrected.

"What do chocolates taste like?" Anteros asked.

"I think it is a kin to our ambrosia. Women kill men over it, or at least that is the way some men act like," Eros answered.

"Ahhh ... but isn't that a lot to eat at once? Why would women kill for chocolate?" Anteros replied.

"Yes, I do not see how she will be able to eat all that food plus two pounds of chocolate. It's kind of like Grandpa with a good steak. You know how Zeus is about red meat. Need I remind you about how furious Gramps got when Prometheus tricked him into getting bones instead of meat?" Eros stated.

"Ah, yes, I get it. I wouldn't want to get between Grandpa and a steak for nothing! If women are the same way with chocolate, I'd watch my balls when keeping them away from chocolate!" Anteros shivered.

"I think most sane men don't try. I think that is why they bring women chocolates on Valentine's Day," Eros replied.

Seeing the wisdom of the Gods' statement, I ask Mike, "How do you expect me to eat all that? The food I may be able to get down, I might even be able to eat a couple pieces of chocolate, but there ain't no way I can eat them flowers!"

"Sheesh, you know what I meant! Woman, you are going to drive me insane!" Mike exclaimed.

"Drive you insane? Try being in my head for the past few hours. I'm going insane and believe me it is quite fascinating! I am starting to believe that someone slipped me some LSD. I wish those Gods would stop with the sappy love songs though," I blurted.

"Should I even ask? Do I really want to know? No, don't tell me. I think I am better off not knowing! Something tells me that I will need to sit down for that one," Mike asked and answered himself.

"Smart guy, he's a keeper," Anteros commented.

"Yep that is why mom and Apollo are so insistent on him being with her. Think we should start singing again?" Eros asked.

'I really wish you wouldn't, ' I thought back, deciding not to ask about "Mom and Apollo." Any time I asked something, they give me more information then what I wanted to know. In this case, ignorance is bliss I decided.

Mike sat the tray down, "I have some paper work and stuff to finish up before I leave for the night. Stay here! I want to drive you home. I am NOT taking no for an answer tonight. Don't try me tonight. It has been far too long since you have had a good spanking, and tonight I am in just such a mood! We are going to talk and you are going finally to tell me what is keeping you from my bed and from being my wife. You already told me you still love me."

"OOOO, he is kinky. I like him. Maybe we should spy on them later. We might learn a few new tricks," Anteros responded.

"You better not spy on me! Being in my head is bad enough; stay out of my bedroom! I'll cut your nuts off and feed them to you if you do!" I threaten.

All I got from that was a roar of laughter from two egotistical Gods. I decided that I was better off staying put. I picked up my fork and dug in. While eating, the Gods of love decided that I needed some music. They started in on another one of my favorite songs "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. This time I decided to stay quiet. Besides, I found that I was hungry after all.

"Hey good selection, Euterpe keep those songs coming," Anteros commented.

The Muse of music and lyric poetry, was she in on this too? Why couldn't I get Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy to side with me? For that matter, I needed Athena on my side. If I had to have these Gods in my head, I needed help. I needed Athena in my court. She was the Goddess of wisdom, not to mention she was a virgin Goddess. She would understand my side. Even if in most cases, she sided with the man or the husband, I was only trying to save him from being hurt, not hurt him.

Let me be your hero

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?

Would you run and never look back?

Would you cry, if you saw me crying'?

And would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Would you laugh?

Oh, please tell me this

Now would you die for the one you loved?

Hold me in your arms tonight.

The Gods were not being too nice to me tonight. I didn't want love songs. I wanted to get drunk and not remember tonight. Instead, I had two Gods that had way too much free time singing to me. One was bad enough, now both were in on it. Maybe someone needed to hit them with their own arrows. Where was Psyche when you needed her, and I had no idea who to tempt Anteros with. I think they both needed some ass. Maybe I could get Athena or even Zeus to scare those two away, but knowing my luck there was more to this scene then what I was seeing.

"Now she has a good idea. Do you know the last time Psyche let me have her ass? That was about a thousand years ago. She said it would be the last time too. I was a bit long winded that time," Eros suggested.

"I don't want to hear about your love life. It is bad enough that I overhear these mortals love lives when I venture down from Mount Olympus. I just wish you would put on some clothes sometimes," Anteros said.

"Me wear clothes, what about you? You haven't worn clothes since the day Mom made the mistake by saying your tunic reminded her of a dress," Eros countered.

I then heard yet another voice, this time all I heard was a feminine giggle. I thought about screaming right now. Instead, I told a passing Marie to get me another beer, this time leave out the LSD! She got this weird look and headed off to get me the beer. She came back with the beer and handed it to me. She ignored my LSD comment.

"Mom, stay out of this. We can handle this without your help! Being the Goddess of Love doesn't mean you need to butt in," Anteros objected.

"Hey! I didn't need your help either! I was doing just fine without it," Eros whined.

'How much do I owe you?" I asked handing her a twenty.

"Nothing, boss said it was on him," Marie replied.

"I'm not going anywhere! I think it is time for me to have some fun too. Besides I need to make sure you two boys are behaving," Aphrodite replied.

I sat there and willed the arguing Gods into silence. This was way too much! It must have worked, because for about the next twenty minutes they refrained from talking or singing. I wanted to dance for joy, but had no desire to draw attention to myself, or to give them an excuse to sing. Knowing those two, they would do it too. However, the one controlling the damn jukebox was not stopping with her selections. At one point, I caught myself right before I asked if they were still there, but judging from the sappy love songs still playing they were.

While I sat there in silence, I wondered how it was that I could hear Gods and Goddess in my head. The only thing I could come up with was the fact that I am from a very old Greek family possibly from Atlantis or older, I have ESP, and somehow this part of it was now coming out.

All had been quiet from the Gods for close to half an hour, well outside of the sappy love songs still playing on the jukebox. At least they had restrained themselves from signing it to me. That was a blessing! When the last song had ended "WHAT A GIRL WANTS" by Christina Aguilera, I waited to see what they would torture me with next. I was very surprised when "Falling out Of Love with me" by Dolly Parton started playing.

The hardest thing I've done or that I'll ever do

Was to just walk off and leave you

But I knew I had to leave you

'Cause I couldn't stay and watch you

Falling out of love with me

The worst pain that I've ever known

Or that I'll ever know

Was to see your love-a-dying

And to have to watch it dying

And I couldn't stand to watch you

Falling out of love with me.

I was so surprised that I let slip, "Did ya'll give up? What, is that the best you can do?"

I could have kicked myself as soon as the words were out of my mouth, but I was too late to take them back. My big mouth and me I thought. Then I noticed something else, I realized that someone was singing it to me. This was not one of the other Gods or even the new Goddess mom. This was a new person. Hey, I did have help. 'Thank the Gods for small favors, ' I thought.

Before I could stop myself yet again I asked, "Who is the newest Goddess? For that matter who is 'Mom', if I have to listen to ya'll I at least want names? I know of several Goddesses that could be the mother of Eros and Anteros. I just want to know for sure. My bet is on Aphrodite. She is the Goddess of love and they did refer to their mom as being the Goddess of Love. Now for the new person, who are you?"

"Yes I am Aphrodite, supposed to be the mother of these two clowns, but even I wouldn't dare them like you did. Daring a God is not a good idea. That goes right up there with trying to steal gold from Fort Knox," Aphrodite cackled.

"My sweet child, you ask for my help and don't even recognize me? I know I have been away for a while, but when someone like you calls for my help I would like to think you would know me," Athena acted hurt as she revealed herself.

"The only one I asked for help in a round about way was from ... Athena! You heard me! Oh, wow. Why are Gods and Goddesses able to hear me? What do you mean a person like me? This is very cool. Oh, wait! If you can hear me now, does that mean you listen in when I am..." I trailed off.

"Yes daring the Gods of love isn't a good idea. We could make your life a living hell if we wanted too," Anteros smiled with amusement.

"Harm my granddaughter and I'll make you wish you were in Tartarus," Athena returned with vengeance.

"What do you mean your granddaughter? You're a virgin," they all replied at once.

"Well, yes I am, but she is my granddaughter through ERICHTHONIUS. So as far as I'm concerned she is my kin. So, back off, leave the poor girl alone. If she doesn't want to be involved with him, she doesn't have to," Athena stated.

"You don't know the whole story! She HAS to get with him. We know she has blood of the Gods. That is why it is so important that she is mated with Micheal MacGréine," Aphrodite asserted.

"Okay this is getting a little odd. How do I have God blood? Okay, this hallucination was fine at first, but this is too weird. Can you go away now? I want off this trip," I avowed.

At that moment, Mike chose to come back.

'Thank the Gods. Maybe they will leave now. All I have to do is to make them go away. They can't be real. None of this is real. I ain't kin to no Gods, nope, no way, not going there!' I decided that I have been drinking too much caffeine. That has to be it, a caffeine overdose, not enough to eat. Drink more water. I pushed the rest of my beer away.

"Mike, sweetheart, can you get me a large glass of water and throw this beer away? Oh, one more thing unplug that Goddamn jukebox; if I have to listen to one more love song tonight I'm gonna throw up," I swore.

"Good thing you are giving up that beer. Sounds like you have had too much as it is. Honey the jukebox has been broke for two weeks. There's no music playing. Have you been doing LDS or shrooms?" Mike asked.

"Gotcha; no I'm not on LSD, or shrooms. I was just pulling a prank. The jukebox is broke. What happened? You want me to take a look at it?" I changed the subject.

"That was a quick save darling. They would have locked you up for the rest of your life. Now try to play it cool. We will explain everything in time," Apollo joined in.

"OH God, no, don't tell me there is another one! Who in Hades is this new one?" I asked.

"No, that is my Uncle. I'm Apollo the God of the sun, music, poetry and a few others. It's nice to meet you. Now if everyone will quit telling her stuff she can't handle right now. We can get this finished ASAP. I have a few playmates to have fun with," Apollo asserted.

"Forget the water Mike. Can you just bring me a Dr. Pepper? I'm okay, honest. I was just kidding," I asked Mike.

"Okay I'll get you one more DP. Then we take you home. You can look at the jukebox tomorrow. Not sure, what is wrong. It just doesn't come on. It maybe a fuse, but I don't dare touch it. The last time I tried to fix the fuse the damn thing never turned off," Mike laughed.

I watched Mike walk away with the rest of my beer. I sat there and listened to the Gods and Goddess argued over what I could and could not handle. At least the sappy love songs had stopped. Instead, Athena must have ordered the Muses to play other types. This was weird though; I was listening to music that no one else could hear. I decided that I was not going to let Mike know that I could hear the Gods talk. He would be checking me into a padded cell with me wearing a hug me suit, and I didn't want any joy juice either. Nope. If I was going to go insane, I wanted to do it at home. There wasn't any way I was going to be sitting beside guys who thought that they're Hitler or George Washington. Talking to these Greek Gods was enough for me.

When Mike got back with two sodas, we sat there in silence. When was the last time we did this? Usually we talked about work and mundane things. When things got too personal or too quiet I had run away. I missed these times, but I also didn't want to see his love for me die. That is why I left.

"Okay talk to me. Why won't you let me in? Why do you keep pushing me away? I'm not Paul. I won't hurt you as he did. I understand what you did that night. He had it coming to him. Please talk to me," Mike implored.

"Talk to him! Let him know why you are scared," Eros suggested.

"Tell him that you don't love him and for him to leave you alone, child. If that is how you feel tell him," Athena responded.

"Athena no offense, but shut up," Apollo retorted.

I swallowed the last of my soda, "Let's go find a private place and we'll talk. It's long over due I tell you how I feel and why I left. I just hope that I can figure it out myself."

"Okay, but remember tonight I am not taking no for an answer. It has been too long and I need you tonight. I'm not going back to an empty home. We will figure it out together," Mike asserted.

I didn't feel like arguing right then. I just wanted to do this one step at a time. He would see I was right. I would hurt him in the end and then he would hate me. That I didn't want. If we left it like it was now, we could still be friends.

"She'll say yes, she has to. The Tuatha Dé Danann wants this union sealed as bad as we do. We will not give up," Anteros commented, "The House of Olympus Marries the House of Faery that will be the biggest news on Mount Olympia. Zeus wants it done NOW!"

"She's a woman, not a pawn in your chess game. She has feelings too. Let her make up her own mind," Athena argued.

I suddenly realized I was the most powerful woman alive if in fact I was the golden spike that would tie together The Ancient House of Olympus and The Tuatha de Danann ... It was just possible I was the most powerful female throughout time, but I still wondered what was so important with those two houses to join forces. What would that mean of our lives? As I thought on this, I remembered that Apollo was the God of prophecy. He could give me a look into the future. That would lay to rest any worries I had of hurting Mike.

Why did Mike give up his sports car for a SUV, I began to wonder? He always loved it. I could see no reason why he needed to give it up or why he needed an SUV.

"Mike, why did you trade in your sports car?" I asked.

"I wanted to have it for when we got married and had kids," he let slip.

"What kids? You know I'm fixed and how do you know we will get married? What are you keeping from me? You seem awfully sure that I will marry you one day," I questioned.

Something started nagging me about his attitude the last few years. He seemed too confident. Like he had foreknowledge of what was going to happen. Had the Gods revealed themselves to him too? If that was the case, why hadn't he told me? I waited for Mike to answer me.

"We will talk about that later. Why you keep pushing me away? I will never hurt you. You know that. I love you so much it hurts not to hold you when I fall asleep. I have missed you being in my arms. Do you know how much your pushing me away hurts me? If you are trying to protect me from being hurt, you are doing a lousy job," Mike stated.

I thought that over. He was right. I was trying to protect him. I knew deep down he would never hurt me, but I was afraid of hurting him. I turned in the seat and really looked at him. He turned and faced me. It was still light outside so I could see his eyes clearly. I looked deep into them, searching them. What I saw stunned me. It shook me to the core. He didn't hide anything from me at that moment. All his feelings were open me to; he bared his soul.

By my pushing him away and protecting him from being hurt from me, I had hurt him deeply. I never realized that I had hurt him that bad. I had been selfish and only thought of my feelings. I never comprehended that he needed me, that I meant so much to him.

"How long, Mike?" I asked.

It was a simple question, but I knew he would understand what I wanted to know. I wanted to know how long he had loved me, how long he had known that the Gods wanted us together. It dawned on me that if the Gods had told me of their plans they would have told him too.

"I have loved you for a long time. I loved you before you even married that jackass Paul. I wanted to kill him then, but I didn't realize why I was so angry. It was only after he left you that it dawned on me. At that point, you were not ready for love. So I played it cool, went along with the friends with benefits. I have to make love to you and hold you. It was enough for me for a while," he divulged.

"When did you learn of the Gods and Faeries? Don't deny it; I can see in your eyes you know of them," I pushed.

"I told you she was smart. All it took was for her to really look and listen. She has known of us all her life. She just blocked it. Now her walls are down. She will never block us again. They will be the ones to help us start coming back. People will start to believe in us again and we will grow strong again. We will not fade away like so many of our brethren Gods, who were weakened by lack of belief in them ... After all, we draw our powers from the belief of our worshippers," Zeus announced himself.

"Who might you be?" I asked the new God aloud. No sense in pretence any more, Mike knew all about the Gods.

"That would be Zeus. He can be rather obnoxious sometimes, he reminds me of Danu the Mother Goddess of Fertility, Abundance and Protection. Have you ever noticed that most Gods and Goddesses can be irritating?" Mike needled the Gods.

"Ummm ... Mike honey, I don't think it is a good idea to say that aloud. Hey! Wait a minute. How can you hear them, if they are talking in my head?" I demanded.

"Hahahahaha, for a smart girl you can be kind of dumb sometimes. Do you think we don't have powers to broadcast to him too? He has been listening to us all night too, honey. You just didn't know it. Oh, and we did a little projecting and let him hear your thoughts to us, too," Apollo revealed with a roar of laughter.

"GRRRRRRRR, I really want to kill me some Gods. How could ya'll! Don't you know women don't like it when you invade their privacy! If I had wanted him to know my private thoughts, I would have told him!" I roared.

"All of you male Gods are opinionated, narrow-minded, bigoted, cock sucking, cum-breath, inbred, mother-fucking, and not to mention male chauvinistic..."

"You finish that sentence girl and I will show you what I do to people who anger me," Zeus cut off my rant with just a mild irritation, but more amusement at my choice of name calling. This wasn't exactly new to the King of the Gods, or any of the other male deities.

"You know the child is showing some of her old backbone again, but I kind of liked it better when she called her loser ex-husband these names more than us. Are you sure, you want HER to be the one to help us? I am not sure she is the right one; she is not very obedient. I still say you should let me punish her!" Anteros put in.

"No, let Micheal do that," Zeus stepped in.

"Darling, I don't think it is a wise choice to call the King of Gods or any God for that matter those names," Mike interjected.

"You could have been nice and told me that I wasn't insane Mike!" I steamed.

"Now calm down baby. One thing at a time. I have known about all of these Gods for about six years now. After it appeared that I could not get you to say yes without help, the Faery Goddess called in Zeus. He thus tried to help me. When that failed, he called in Eros and Anteros for help. They decided that today would be a good day to do it. The Gods have a sick sense of humor sometimes. I think the Gods have a good enough sense of humor to allow me to call them irritating. Besides, I have done it for three years now; if they haven't killed me yet I don't think they are going to now.

"As for telling you about the Gods; if I had told you that they were real, you would have locked me up in a loony bin. Hell I almost locked myself up at one point. I didn't tell you tonight because it was in their hands now. Besides, I quite enjoyed the way they tormented you after all the years of being rejected," Mike answered all my questions.

"You're pressing your luck buddy. You are lucky we like you and find your sense of humor funny most days. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Danu has taken a liking to you," Aphrodite spoke up.

"Well, child, what will it be, are you going to tell them all to fuck off or are you going to say yes? While you haven't meant to, you have hurt the poor boy. Apollo showed me that. I think you need to give him a break and at least tell him you are not ruling marriage out any more," Athena replied.

I thought about what I had just found out. I was still contemplating finding out ways get rid of the Gods, but none of them seemed like they would work, plus all the Gods would do was laugh when I thought of a way. What was I going to say? I didn't know what to do. All I wanted right now was to kiss away the pain I caused Mike.

"Look Mike, I know you deserve the truth, but right now I don't know what to think or what the truth is any more," I revealed, 'There I said it, I admitted it.'

I loved Mike so much! All I wanted was for him to be happy and safe. I didn't think that he was safe from me. I had so much anger over what Paul had done.

Mike led me to his SUV and opened the door, "We'll get your car later. Right now, I want to take you home."

"Please don't turn me away this time. If you don't ever give me another night, please give me this last one. I know how I sound, but I have waited for you for three years. I need you. I can't think of going home tonight with making love to you. Please!" Mike responded as he pulled out of the driveway of the café.

I turned toward him. This time I really looked at him. I thought about what he said. I thought about what he asked. Then I thought about waking up tomorrow without him. The image would not come to mind. All I could see was his face on the pillow beside me, his arms wrapped around me, my head on his chest.

He pulled into his driveway. His house, the one he built three years ago, right before he asked me to marry him.

I watched Mike get out of the car and walk around the SUV to my side. He opened my door and held out his hand. When I laid my hand in Mike's waiting hand, it was as if I put my life into his safekeeping. We may be switches, we may both love being top at times, but deep down, I craved to have him be in charge tonight.

"Come," was all Mike said. That was all he needed to say. I was putty in his hands.

We walked to the front door. When we reached it, he turned to me. I knew what he wanted. I went to my knees. I don't know what came over me. I did not intend to do it, but before I knew it, there I was on my knees waiting for him.

Mike took out his keys and unlocked the door without saying anything. I waited on my knees until he spoke to me. I was not worried about what the neighbors would say. They knew our lifestyle. I was not afraid to wait on my knees. It was not the first time I had done this. I waited there, my hands palm up on my legs, head bowed, eyes lowered, waiting for his command, thinking about what I was going to say, what he would say.

He walked into the house and said, "Come in."

I got to my feet and followed him. He closed the door behind me and locked it. He put the keys into his pocket. He wanted to make sure I didn't run. I was tired of running ... from my past, from him, from my future, from the truth, and most of all tired from running from who I had become. I was his. I would always be his. Just like he would always be mine.

Mike walked over to the couch and sat down. He held out his hand to me. I looked at it and wondered what to do. In the end, I went to him. I knelt in front of him and laid my head in his lap. He waited, not saying anything.

I then saw an image of what was happening from Mike's eyes, thanks to the Gods.

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