by Orestes

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Desc: Sex Story: Calvin and Kendra have developed a bitter rivalry over the course of attending college together. Now, following a not-so-random sexual encounter, they've chosen to raise the stakes.

Just between you and me, before you form a judgment about my behavior, you should know that I didn't start this particular game. If you are going to blame me, it should be because I was such a willing participant, even after I knew that the game was on, and what the stakes would be.

Kendra wanted me gone. No, not just gone. She wanted me destroyed. She wanted me to leave with my tail between my legs, defeated.

I don't know how she could possibly have expected me to go for the act. Did she really? Or did she simply trust that I would play along with her game?

So we had both been drinking. It was a campus party. She chose this particular venue because she wanted people to see us together, of that I was sure. Then she started the act. She was coming on to me. She gave me a good view down the front of her sweater when she bent in front of me to get her purse. Then she practically sat in my lap.

"I am so drunk, Calvin."

Her smile was so close to my face.

"Hey, why didn't I ever notice that you're so cute?"

Because you're a femi-nazi bitch, who eats guys for breakfast. Because you were too busy trying to conquer the whole campus with your bullshit propaganda, I wanted to say. But instead, I took the bait.

"I don't know, Kendra, but thanks. You're not so bad yourself."

I didn't have to lie about that. Kendra was really cute, in a bookish sort of way. If we weren't on opposite sides of the political fence, I might have considered dating her.

Then she tried to kiss me. I pulled away, so that my lips were just out of her reach. Not in front of the other students. That would be a mistake.

"Hey, I'm going out for some fresh air. Do you want to come along?"

She nodded. If anyone was paying attention to us, they would have received mixed signals from us. I tried to pretend that I wasn't with Kendra, while she was trying just as hard to make it obvious that we were together.

Once we were outside, and out of the view of the other students, I was ready to play along with her game. I kissed her hard, and long, until I could feel her gasping for breath.

She didn't want to be doing this, I was certain. She hated my guts. Just the previous week, I had torn her to shreds in a debate of our political science class. The week before that, she had bested me in a discussion of our psychology study group. It went that way. Back and forth. Back and forth.

"Mmmm, " she pretended to enjoy my tongue in her mouth. I felt her ass through her tight jeans.

"Let's go back to my place, " she suggested.

And the trap was set. I could have backed away. I knew that the stakes were high. But, of course, the game becomes a lot more interesting when the stakes are high. I went with her.

I'm sure she would have liked for someone to have seen us go in together. That would have made things easier. Nonetheless, she wasn't going to back down now. As soon as we got in the door, she was on me. It was kind of nice, actually. Kendra had really sweet lips. I groped her firm little breasts through her loose sweater, and then from underneath it.

God, when she wanted something, she didn't waste any time. She led me along to the bedroom.

We were looking each other in the eyes as we began to take off our clothes. I dropped my T-shirt. She lifted her sweater. I unbuckled my belt. She unsnapped her bra. I stepped out of my jeans. She peeled off hers. Piece for piece. Back and forth.

This was my reward for playing. This is where I would have my fun. It was also the most dangerous part. Here's where she would try to get me.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her perfect little body perched there, tempting me She started to take off her glasses.

"No, keep them on, " I told her. " I like the way they look on you."

In fact, it was the only way I had ever imagined fucking her. With her glasses on, preferably while bent over a desk in political science class. Well, I wouldn't get my full fantasy, but I still wanted the glasses on.

I dropped my briefs, and watched her face. No reaction. It was just a part of the plan for her. I pulled out a condom. That wasn't a part of the plan.

"Oh, you don't have to wear that, " she said.

"I'd prefer to, " I replied. " You know, safe sex and all."

One point for me. She hesitated. Was she backing out? No. She wanted to play some more.


I went to her now, and pushed her back on the bed. She was beautiful and dangerous. A sexy combination. I could hardly believe that I was about to fuck this girl, who had made my life so difficult over the last year.

My legs were between hers. Her flesh was smooth, and the skin of her thighs was so warm against me. I tasted her tiny pink nipples. They were hard. She was enjoying this part of the game too. My arms met hers. I clasped them around the wrists and held them above her head. She wasn't expecting that.

Another point for me. She would not be able to scratch me, leaving tell-tale marks on my body. I looked her in the eyes again. If she didn't know that I was onto her game before, she knew now. There was no need for pretense now.

"Let's do it, " she said.

My cock was at her opening. She wrapped her legs around me. It was like that moment when two boxers touch gloves before a match. We paused there, waiting for the bell to ring.

Ding ding.

I pushed in. The feeling was heavenly. Many times I had dreamed about having this bitch pinned beneath me, taking my cock. Now it was happening, and the sensations were wonderful.

We were both breathing hard now, and our bodies began to struggle against each other. She was trying so hard to free her hands, to give me just a few little scratches. Not a chance. I held her wrists tightly. Maybe a bit too tightly. One point for her. There would be bruises on her wrists.

Her lips were on my neck. Then her teeth. I pulled away in time to prevent her from getting too much of a bite. We'll call that one a draw. There might be a minor mark, but it wouldn't be easy to spot.

I smiled at her. She smiled back. She was enjoying this game as much as I was.

My body pumped into her. I could feel her muscles straining beneath me. She was trying to close her legs.

"Nuh uh, " I told her. I was going to have my fun. I pushed myself harder between her legs, using my leverage above her to force her thighs apart.

Damn. There would be bruising. This was getting too rough. Another point for her.

"Come on, fuck me hard, " she told me. She would like that. The rougher it got, the more evidence there would be of a struggle.

Nonetheless, I was forced to comply. She was really struggling against me now. My muscles ached from the effort of holding her down, but I was getting close to

orgasm now. I couldn't stop.

Her legs were alternately squeezing me and kicking at me. One of her arms broke free for a moment, and I had to stop to wrestle it back down. No scratches. I was lucky.

Kendra was watching me, through those tiny little wire framed glasses of hers. They were fogged up from the heat of our bodies. Her perky little nipples were pointing up at me. She was giving me the same look she always gave me when we were at each other's throats. Of course, in our previous struggles, the term 'at each other's throats' would have been much more figurative than literal.

Back and forth I went. Her body tensed against me. Her legs wrapped around mine now. I could feel her little pussy contracting. Was she having a little orgasm? I knew that she'd never admit it.

The sensation was too much. Her legs squeezed our sweaty bodies together, and I came and came. I lost eye contact with my adversary as I bucked my cock wildly into her.

"Oh, goddamn, you have such a sweet little body, " told her. I meant it. It was the closest thing to sincerity I had felt that night. I was slowing down now, and catching my breath as my cock twitched a couple of final times within her.

I caught her eye again. Was she blushing?

Cautiously, I let go of her wrists, and backed off of the bed. I took a final look at her naked body, trying to memorize every curve. Was it worth it? Only time would tell.

The charges came the next day. Date rape. We both knew that these were the stakes.

Criminal charges were only a formality, to bolster Kendra's case with the university. Sure, they took blood samples, and questioned me, but that wasn't where the battle would be fought. The university was the real forum for our dispute.

She probably thought that I was a real fool for even challenging her. In the world of the sexual harassment committee, Kendra ruled supreme. She knew all of the committee members, and had helped to represent other girls who brought complaints previously. She knew the rules inside and out.

Not that I would be a pushover. I was a quick study.

We lined up our witnesses and our evidence, and got ready to do battle. Back and forth. That's the way it would be.

"I'd like to ask that the proceedings be delayed, pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings, " I told the committee.

"It is our belief that the presence of Mr. Davison on the campus, and in some cases, within the same classrooms as the complainant, would cause an oppressive atmosphere. We are asking that the dispute be resolved as quickly as possible, " Kendra had brought along a friend, Terri, who was quite skilled at speaking the language of the committee.

That argument was resolved in her favor. Another point for Kendra.

I'll have to say, it was a fairly even match. My line of defense was simple. I

argued that I had never gone over to Kendra's place that evening. It was my only chance.

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