Debauchery of an Indian House Wife
Chapter 1

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Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Geeta was newly married to Rajesh Sinha, a young businessman, who had his own auto-parts making factory in the outskirts of Delhi. They had just returned from their honeymoon. Geeta a voluptuous women had been a virgin before marriage, although she had indulged in heavy petting with a few boys and her house servant. Luckily before she could go any further her marriage was fixed. This is Geeta's story of "Debauchery of an Indian House Wife

Geeta was newly married to Rajesh Sinha, a young businessman, who had his own auto-parts factory on the outskirts of Delhi. They lived in a big bungalow with Rajesh's parents, having just returned from their honeymoon. Geeta was a voluptuous woman who, while still technically a virgin, had become an accomplished cocksucker and loved to have her cunt licked. She had engaged in nearly every sex act except vaginal fucking with her young lovers and her house servant. Luckily before she could go any further her marriage date was settled. She was a lusty young woman with a big body, heavy breasts and a tight, albeit experienced arse. She really enjoyed her honeymoon and her new hubby fucked her thoroughly three times a night and at least one more time during the day, often as she was bent over the kitchen counter or the back of a sofa. She had little time to even don a pair of panties and was having the time of her young life. Now after arriving at her new dwelling she was slowly trying to adjust to her new role as a housewife.

Being a highly sexed and extremely sexy person, she was now the target of all the male friends of her husband, his male relatives, and even his servants. Even some women lusted after her. Geeta loved the attention she was getting and was suffering withdrawal symptoms from the frequent fucking she had become used to on her honeymoon. Her husband, Rajesh, had to look after his business and was away all day long, returning late at night physically exhaused. Geeta's father-in-law, after years of perfunctory and infrequent married sex, was now fully rejuvenated upon being around such a woman, who oozed sex from every pore. He took every opportunity to be near her and was constantly aroused with the prospect of seeing her naked body. He longed to fuck her, and his cock was always uncomfortably erect as he watched her go about her household chores. He loved to see her in her semi-transparent sleeping clothes every morning as she served breakfast to the family and bade farewell to her husband for the day. Such ripe and heavy breasts on a slim, fair body kept the old man on a sexual roller coaster all day long.

Oh, he thought, how I would like to train this woman to be my fuck toy. His mind started working to find ways to create an opportunity for him to seduce her. Geeta was not oblivious to the intentions of her father-in-law. In fact she loved the attention showered on her. Even Rajesh's young cousins would drop in during the day just to gaze at her lustfully. One of them, called Sushil. was a tall handsome fellow, a soldier in the Indian Army and was on leave for 3 weeks. He was a rogue who had fucked many girls and seduced many housewives. He was a bachelor about 35 years in age, older than Geeta, who was just 23. He lived his life to the hilt with never a thought of marriage, since he never had trouble finding women to fuck. He came over to see Geeta very often and offered Geeta rides on his big motorcycle. So far Geeta had made excuses to decline his offers, but Sushil was quite persistent and, having mastered the art of seduction, he was patient. The constant male attention with its sexual overtones, kept Geeta horny all the time, so by the time Rajesh returned home in the evening she was ready to jump his bones.

Rajesh on the other hand, as tired as he was, seeing Geeta's obvious horniness, would give her a perfunctory fuck before dropping off to sleep. Unfortunately his exhaustion caused him to ejaculate prematurely, sohe left her unsatisfied more often than not. Geeta to soothe her throbbing cunt resorted to taking long baths every morning so she could get herself off in the privacy of her tub, rubbing her clit until she came repeatedly. Her thoughts would then drift to her earlier boyfriends, her house servant (who nearly fucked her), her father-in-law, Sushil, her driver and even the maid servant. Geeta's rampant libido had her fantasizing and rubbing herself almost constantly. Sex was so much on her mind that she began to be attracted to women as well as men and felt randy looking at sexy women in magazines or in real life.

One of her favourite jerk-off fantasies was about her house servant Raju. Employed in her parents' house, he was a mere chokra, barely more than a slave, as "chokra" was a term of contempt. He did cleaning, marketing, and attended to Geeta, bringing her tea in the morning. A boy of 17, he was of slight stature, and was practially invisible to a young lady of Geeta's status. Consequently, Geeta was very casual about her dishabile in his presence and he got tantalizing glimpses of her big breasts and even her big panty-clad bottom when he awakened her for her morning tea. He was in a constant state of arousal over her, but was afraid to make any overtures for fear of losing the job he needed to take care of his parents and siblings. The best he could do was to frequent cheap whores and seduce nearby ladies' maids.

Now that Geeta was about to marry he knew he would no longer see her nearly naked body every morning and was saddened by the loss. Nevertheless one morning, when he went to serve her bed tea, he found Geeta sprawled on the bed with her legs apart. She was sleeping on her back and the bed sheet had slipped off her body and her nightie had risen up far enough to display her panties and pubic hair to his hungry eyes. Her creamy thighs and the dark curly cunt hair were too much for Raju and he immediately got a massive hard-on. He was at his wits end about what to do, so he quickly freed his young, stiff cock from his shorts and started rubbing it while looking at Geeta's dark bush.

Suddenly he saw that Geeta was awake and he tried to quickly stuff his cock back inside his shorts, but it was too late. Geeta awoke to a sight of a large pole in Raju's hand instead of the customary teacup. It took a moment for realization to dawn on her that it was a cock, and a massive one too. Geeta was transfixed at the sight of Raju's impressive equipment and her cunt immediately went moist. Although she had seen cocks in magazines, she had only glimpsed real ones and never up close. Seeing Raju, her boyish house servant, in possession such a massive tool she was transfixed. On seeing her reaction Raju grew bolder and stepped closer. He caught her hand and placed it on his jutting cock. As her hand grasped his hot, throbbing organ, Geeta felt a current shoot through her body. Her cunt was now a swamp and her panties were sopping wet in the crotch...

Smelling her arousal, Raju grew bolder and grabbed her hair as he pushed his cock towards her face. As he started rubbing his cock on Geeta's face, she was in a trance feeling his cock burning itself into her cheeks, and her whole body burning with desire. Sensing her acceptance, Raju brought the head of the cock to her lips and started rubbing his cock head over her lips. Instinctively, Geeta's mouth opened and took in the head of his cock, as she began to suck on it. Raju started to fuck her face. Geeta felt the hot throbbing cock in her mouth. It smelled and tasted tangy and salty. Raju meanwhile pushed deeper but Geeta started to gag on the massive intruder. Raju quickly withdrew and continued to smear Geeta's face with his saliva-soaked cockhead. Slowly he brought it to her lips again and again Geeta opened her mouth. He kept up this routine of slowly fucking Geeta's face while she got used to the feeling of sucking of his cock.

Raju heard his name being called by Geeta's mother from downstairs. He quickly pulled out of her mouth and went back to rubbing his fat cock on her face. Holding her by the hair he soon ejaculated all over her face and mouth. Raju hurriedly stuffed his cock back in his pants and rushed downstairs to answer the command of his mistress. Geeta had now enjoyed her first taste of semen just a day prior to her marriage to Rajesh. She often masturbated while thinking of Raju's cock spending in her mouth and about having it inside her aching cunt. Even after being married now for nearly two months, she often thought about Raju's big, fat cock. Her husband was satisfactory in bed but the pleasure she had received by sucking, holding, and feeling Raju's massive male member was not there. She had always thought that only tall men had big cocks but now she knew better.

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