The Handy Man

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Matt discovers that he's quite handy around the house

Everyone has one of those days I guess, even one of those weeks. But I had been going through one of those years.

I was recently divorced, and had been forced to move into a much smaller duplex unit. I was still paying Alimony at the time, and had been laid off from work, so finances were tight enough as it was. I'd been doing a few odd jobs as a handy man when I could as well as some gardening for a few loyal customers just to get by. In addition to that, I wrote stories in my spare time, and had done well enough with those that I'd managed to supplement my income just enough to make it worthwhile to continue writing whenever I could.

So it was that I'd been looking for a new place to live, something I could afford without digging myself in debt any deeper than I already was. I soon after found an ad in the paper advertising one-half of a duplex that was available for rent, which included lawn care and general maintenance as part of the rent, which suited me just fine as that would save me an additional expense, the only drawback being that there was no air-conditioning, unless you could classify a constantly open kitchen window as having "air" as I jokingly called it.

At forty-five years of age I wasn't in bad shape, though the past couple of years had taken a toll on me. I could see flakes of gray beginning to sprinkle my dark hair, though not enough to get too excited or worried about it, not like I was dating or anything, because I wasn't. Couldn't afford to on the one hand, and didn't really want to on the other. And though I didn't exactly have a "gut" yet, I'd noticed a bit of a paunch that I hadn't had before and made a mental note to do something about it long before I did.

What this all added up to however, in conjunction with my recent divorce, was a sudden fit of depression and anxiety about my "date-ability" as a recently eligible man. It had been so long since I'd been single, let alone dated, that I felt out of practice and a little inhibited around women, not that I was inhibited mine you, I wasn't, but it had been so long since I'd even been with another woman that it was driving me crazy!

I had no idea what crazy could really be like until crazy stood in my doorway looking at me in the form of a way too sexy, way too young woman named Karen, my land-lady's nineteen year old daughter.

As I had been humping in boxes full of my things, I had left the front door of my duplex propped open. I turned around from having set down one of these, and that's when I saw Karen. She stood in the doorway resting against the doorframe, hands behind her back, and one leg bent at the knee, with her foot propped up resting against the frame. The way she was standing, she looked like she was posing for the front cover of one of those 'The Girl Next Door' magazines or something, which it just so happened I had written a few articles for, which is why she reminded me of that.

I had to admit, Karen was beautiful. But it wasn't just her long dark hair, or the beautiful deep alluring brown eyes and gorgeous features of her face that I took in initially, it was because she was wearing the shortest pair of cut off Levi's I had ever seen. Added to this was the tied in front man's long-sleeved shirt she was wearing that revealed a substantial amount of tight-taut tummy muscles, and tit's that were honestly beyond description. She was wearing the shirt unbuttoned revealing a great deal of cleavage, which did little in concealing the soft perfect twin mounds of braless flesh that were very nearly spilling out of her shirt as she stood there leaning against the door.

I could only stand there staring at her. Seeing this vision of femininity standing in my doorway was breathtaking to say the least. I thought for a moment that maybe I was dreaming, and that if I said or did anything, this luscious apparition was likely to dissolve and disappear.

"Hi Neighbor! " She said, the sound of her voice like naked flesh slipping between the sheets as she spoke. "Mother told me we had a new renter, so I thought I'd drop by and see if you needed any help moving in."

I immediately noticed she was chewing gum. And because she was, she tended to speak slowly, like she was deliberately slowing her words in an effort to continue chewing, though it still sounded like she was having sex even as she spoke.

I could have listened to her all day. Her voice was so sultry, so excitingly sensual that I would have thought her a much more mature sounding woman. That, and what I was obviously looking at was a beautifully attractive woman, but she was young too. Way too beautiful, and way too young for me.

"Ah no. I think that pretty much just about does it," I said, looking around the room as though I was taking inventory of everything I'd already carried in. Though the only real inventory I'd been taking had been her! "Though I appreciate the offer," I added smiling.

Karen smiled, pushing herself forward away from the door, her magnificent breasts leading the way as she did so. "Too-da-loo's", I heard her say. "Catch ya later then!"

"Too-da-loo's," I responded back into the empty space that had only moments ago contained her apparition, feeling much like a teenage idiot as I did so, and then realized almost as quickly I hadn't even introduced myself.

As my duplex was a split-entry, it naturally had an upstairs bedroom area.

I had finished hauling the rest of my belongings upstairs to my room. Dripping with sweat, I went over to the window to try and catch some air, any air with even a mild breeze to it would have felt good under the circumstances, and thus stood there looking down into the yard.

And there she was, sunbathing in one of those cheap plastic folding lounge chairs, the kind that had those criss-crossing strips of plastic all woven together. She had changed out of her "Would you like to fuck me," clothes, into her "Yes ... I definitely want to fuck you bikini," which was bright red, giving her an even more sultry look with that thick mane of dark hair that fell well down past her shoulders as she lay there. She had on a dark pair of sunglasses and appeared to be flipping through a magazine, which I only then glanced at. Even at this distance I could see several photos of what looked like men and women together, all naked of course, though I certainly couldn't tell what they were doing at this distance, it was enough knowing what they were.

"Damn!" I thought to myself, wondering why she'd be looking at one of those magazines in the first place, though obviously she was, and seemed to be enjoying it as she did so, which she confirmed moments later.

I was about to turn and walk away from the window, starting to feel very much like the 'Peeping Tom' I now was, when her sudden movement froze me in place.

She reached behind herself, the clasp of the bikini top coming away in her hand like she'd performed some sort of sleight of hand trick, with the next thing I knew, her top being pulled away and off of her, her full firm breasts now clearly revealed, hanging down beneath her invitingly so, too invitingly so as the sudden lurch of my cock reminded me. I expected her to lie back down concealing her breasts, but she didn't. What she did was, was to roll over instead!

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, startling myself, and realized as I did so that my bedroom window was open. I stepped back into the room out of sight of the window, my heart beating wildly as I wondered if she had somehow managed to hear me, though at the distance from my window to the yard, I hoped not. Still...

I counted to five, slowly ... then took small little baby-steps back towards the window until I could just barely see down into the yard, by now she had surprised me again, though I was half-grateful I hadn't been standing there to see it, as by now she was entirely naked having taken off the bikini bottoms as well, which now hung playfully over one corner of the lounge chair she was laying on, her top dangling provocatively over the other one.

I had only gotten an imaginary glimpse of them earlier in the doorway, my mind already picturing the way they must have looked. I wasn't too far off the mark either! It was obvious that Karen's breasts were fairly large sized from what I'd seen earlier, but they seemed to be even more so as she now lay on her back with each of them fully exposed. And though they flattened out somewhat as she lay there, it was obvious by the way they did with each one still fully rounded and pointing towards the sky that she had incredibly full breasts. Her nipples were a dark tan, which is pretty much the way I'd envisioned them to be, though her areolas were a lot larger than I'd pictured them, giving each of her breasts a look as though someone had placed small dollar-sized pancake over each one.

In addition to that of course, her long sensuous legs seemed to stretch out forever, a small thin black strip of hair perfectly trimmed seemed to point downwards between her legs like a signal beacon, even more so as she suddenly bent her legs at the knee bringing the back of her lounge chair up into a half sitting position. Once again picking up the magazine, she began looking through it, though in doing so, effectively hiding her breasts from my view, though I didn't mind as she now sat there facing me, legs even more obscenely spread with the pinkness of her pussy winking at me which even from this distance was clearly evident.

Had I known where my binoculars were packed, I'd have been tempted to retrieve them for a closer look. And it was that very thought that reminded me that what I was doing was wrong ... somehow, and that I shouldn't be standing there gawking at her the way I was, especially with a raging hard on, which I now had.

But it was like trying to pull two pieces of glued paper apart, it was damn near impossible for me to tear myself away from the window as I continued to catch periodic glimpses of her magnificent breasts as she thumbed back and forth between the dirty magazine she was reading, occasionally placing it off to the side in order to take a drink from her iced tea, or when she would raise or lower her legs, teasing me with the glimpses of that pink tender pussy flesh sitting between her legs.

I don't know why I didn't consider this, with Karen sitting in her chair actually facing me from below. Perhaps it was the dark sunglasses she was wearing that did it, but I realized that it might be very possible for her to look up and discover me standing there, if she hadn't already! Once again I decided to back away from the window, when catching the movement of her hand as it suddenly fell down between her legs, likewise the magazine she'd been holding tossed casually off to one side. Once again frozen in place, I saw her hand, and fingers begin petting herself, languidly stroking her sex obviously beginning to masturbate!

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed, once again forgetting about the open window, though unlike before, I continued to stand there gazing down at her, it was simply too tempting, and too horny not too! Karen was obviously now playing with herself, her fingers worming around inside her split, one hand now cupping a breast as she held it, toyed with it, and periodically pinched or pulled her hard extended nipples between her fingers. I felt a surge of goose bumps suddenly race up and down my arms as though someone was standing behind me, so much so that I actually turned half expecting to see Pauline standing there when I did, "Alright asshole, get your shit together and move out of here!" I imagined her saying having caught me spying on her daughter, cock in hand, which it now was.

"Stupid fool!" I said to myself, though relieved that Pauline hadn't been standing there when I'd turned around. I was now more determined than ever to walk away from the window, just as Karen stood. She had obviously heard something, and I fully expected to see her sprint from the chair back inside the house, she didn't though, though she appeared to be waiting for something, or for someone, which as it turned out happened to be Pauline as she emerged a few moments later from around the side of the house carrying two large overfull grocery bags. Karen quickly retrieved one of them from her mother, who said nothing, nor made any comment about Karen's nudity, so obviously it wasn't something too upsetting, and no doubt something she was fully aware of as she handed her daughter one of the sacks and then began leading her back inside the house.

Pauline disappeared inside with Karen behind her, turning, the bag of groceries cradled in one arm as she extended her hand. I thought for a moment she was reaching out to close the door, which she did, but not before giving me a brief friendly little wave first, looking up in my direction before stepping inside a moment later disappearing from view.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaimed once again, finding myself stumbling backwards hitting the edge of the bed which caused me to sit down, collapsing upon it, my cock already trying to find a place to hide as it withered away back inside my pants as though seeking escape. "Had she seen me?" I wondered, "Or had she only been guessing I was there?" I had no way of really knowing one way or the other, but at least I was aware of the fact that at that angle, and with the window certainly being high enough, there was no way she could have seen me standing there with my dick out, at least that much I was certain of. But it was still bad enough as it was.

I don't know how long I sat there on the edge of the bed before I finally screwed up enough courage to go back downstairs, but I almost wished that I hadn't. I was heading towards the kitchen, intent on grabbing a beer from the fridge in an effort to calm my nerves when I looked up just in time to see Pauline standing at my back door, just getting ready to knock. She had two beers in her hand, which she now held up showing me, smiling as she did and as I entered the room.

"Ah, Hi!" I said somewhat surprised to see her standing there.

"Hi!" she responded back, care if I come in?"

"Ah no ... not at all," I responded, quickly looking down at my crotch to make sure there wasn't any evidence remaining there to give me away, like a wet spot for one, or a too noticeable bulge for another, though by now my prick had all but turned inside out with the fear of having been discovered.

"Just got back from grocery shopping," she told me. "Thought you might like to take a little break from moving in and enjoy a nice cold beer, especially as hot as it is," she added holding one of the beers out towards me with one hand, and placing the other cold beer against her face with the other. "Too fucking hot!"

"Yes, yes it is," I agreed accepting the beer. "And I'll see what I can do about getting that swamp cooler fixed as soon as possible," I said, reminding her that I had remembered to do something about it as soon as I'd moved in.

"I think we'll all appreciate that," she said nodding her head, "it will certainly be nice having someone handy around the place to do things like that for us again, both Karen and I have missed having someone who could take care of things for us," she told me.

Maybe it was my over active imagination running wild at the moment, but I detected a hint of something else in her tone of voice as she said that. Even the bemused smile on her face said she'd meant something else entirely, as she now trickled a small dollop of the ice-cold beer down the front of her blouse between her breasts as she stood there.

"Not exactly a waste of good beer," she said grinning. "Feels wonderful actually, especially in this heat! Half tempted to run around the house the way that Karen does, but would be afraid of offending the neighbors if I did. I'm sure most of them don't mind seeing her running around like that, but not sure they'd appreciate it as much if I were to do it!"

There was only one other neighbor that I could think of that might be able to see into the backyard, but he'd have to be standing on a ladder or something in order to do so, or purposely peeking through the fence as there weren't any upstairs windows facing into the backyard as I recalled.

"No offence here," I told her. "And besides, it's your place anyway, you can do whatever the hell you want to as far as I'm concerned." Pauline smiled at that, taking a sip of her drink before crossing over to sit down at the kitchen table. "May I?" she asked.

"Be my guest," I said taking a seat across from her, sitting down myself then taking a nice long pull from the bottle.

"I know you've probably still got a lot to do yet, but wanted to come over and invite you to dinner later, thought you might like that since then you wouldn't have to worry about going out to the store, or fixing anything," she added. "Actually, I was just going to order a pizza," I told her honestly.

"You like Italian?" She asked, "I know that pizza's sort of Italian, but I'm talking some home-made Ravioli and sauce that I put up and bottled for it earlier. So, how'd you like to come over for dinner later?"

The thought of that sounded wonderful. It had been a long time since I'd actually had a good home-cooked meal. "Sounds great! You drink wine?"

"Already picked some up, but you can bring some for next time if you'd like, next time you go shopping. So no ... just bring yourself. Oh, and since it's so hot outside, I thought we'd just set up the patio table and eat out there, say around seven-thirty, eight?"

"Sounds good!"

"Great! Oh, and I'll make sure Karen puts something on, hate to embarrass you or the neighbors with her running around naked most of the time, unless you'd prefer that," she winked suddenly standing.

My mouth had gone dry however, and words failed me, so I merely smiled with a confused expression on my face I am sure, not quite knowing how to take her last comment. Was she indeed aware that I'd been looking at her daughter while she'd been laying out? Had Karen told her I had? Or was she like Karen just guessing I had been? Either way, it didn't make any difference as I stood watching Pauline cross the yard back to their side of the duplex without looking back and seeing the expression on my face as I stood there.

She might just as well have been naked for all the good her red bikini did, which is what she'd obviously put back on again and was now wearing, though Pauline wasn't wearing much more than that either, though she looked damn good in her own right, in a tight fitting pair of tennis shorts along with a light blue halter top that barely covered her own goodly-sized breasts. "Hope you're hungry Matt," Pauline told me as the two of them carried out what looked like to be a feast the way I saw it. Two feasts actually, one of food, and one of flesh, each one I was half-starved for sampling, though I cautioned myself against doing so.

"You look hot," Karen said sitting down. "Go ahead, unbutton your shirt if you'd like to," she told me, "or even take it off if you'd prefer, we're not exactly being formal here you know."

I was wearing a loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt, which was about the coolest as well as cleanest thing that I owned at the moment. "Thanks," I said unbuttoning it at least, though I wasn't about to take it off either. Though I was again half expecting Karen to remove hers as I sat there thinking about it, and then as though Pauline had been reading my mind, she commented herself.

"It was all I could do to get Karen to put her bikini back on," she said laughing, "told her until we'd at least gotten to know one another a little better, might be a bit more polite before we start lounging around in the nude in front of one another."

I kept my eyes focused on the dish of Ravioli's as I spooned some onto my plate, giving me the excuse of not looking at them as I responded to her last statement. I still wasn't sure if the two of them were bull-shitting me half the time or not. "Well like I said, it's your place and as far as I'm concerned, what you do in the privacy of your own home, inside or out is your business and not anybody else's!"

"Now I see why you decided to rent to him over anyone else mother," Karen said grinning.

"Only because I know you dear," Pauline told her daughter. "The last thing we need is for someone to turn us in for being lewd and obscene."

Once again Karen laughed, looking up into my eyes as she took the bowl of green salad from me. "I'm the one who's lewd, she's the obscene one," Karen teased.

"Well if that's the case, I wonder what that makes me?" I said trying to sound glib before I realized what I'd just said, or opened myself up to when saying it.

"Why, that would make you the friendly next-door pervert would be my guess," Karen grinned broadly looking over at her mother, catching her smiling too as she said it. "Wouldn't you mother?" she asked.

"I guess that depends on if he owns a pair of binoculars," Pauline quipped glancing towards me, then burst out laughing as she saw the shocked expression on my face. "I guess he does! She added laughing hysterically.

Somehow we managed to make it through dinner along with two bottles of wine without things getting much worse, though we were all feeling a little tipsy at the moment, though it was a nice relaxing tipsy and I had begun to feel really comfortable around the two women, even as skimpily dressed as they both were.

I had helped to take in the last of the dishes before getting shooed back outside to sit as Pauline began washing them, telling Karen to keep me company for a while until she had finished.

"What is it that you do for a living anyway?" Karen asked, "Besides just being a handyman I mean.

"Oh, I write some, or at least I try too," I commented glibly.

"Oh? Anything I might have read?"

My attention was immediately drawn back to the magazine she'd been flipping through earlier, though I didn't allow myself to go there. "I doubt it. I write articles for men's magazines, you know short fictional stories and the like."

"You mean like the ones you read in Playboy or Penthouse magazine? Those kinds of stories?" Obviously she knew what kinds of stories I was referring to, she was nineteen after all, and even some of the models I'd seen appearing in some of them were a year younger than she was too.

"Yea, those kind of articles," I emphasized with a bit of a sheepish acknowledgement etched in my tone of voice.

"Do you write from experience? Or just fantasy?" she asked genuinely interested now.

"Mostly from just a very active imagination," I told her honestly, "believe it or not, I'm not all that experienced."

She seemed to be thinking about this for a moment, and then caught me off guard entirely. "Do you think I look good enough to pose for one of those magazines?" She asked.

"Well uh sure ... yeah sure you do, but why would you want to?" I found myself saying, not even sure why I had.

"I like being looked at," she answered simply. "It arouses me, arouses me to think that maybe someone's getting aroused looking at me, weren't you?"

She had said it, if there had been any doubt or uncertainty whatsoever, there wasn't now, and I couldn't think up a single thing that wouldn't sound idiotic in trying to deny it either.

"Sure I was," I admitted, seeing the smile of confirmation spread across her face when I did so. "You're a beautiful young woman," I added, "who isn't afraid to show off her sexuality, or sensuality for that matter either."

"So you think I'm sensual?" she asked, her voice once again taking on that purring sexual sound that reminded me a little of Marilyn Monroe when she spoke.

"Very," I said admitting it. "And you're obviously not too afraid in showing it either," I further admitted, though I knew in doing so it was the wine that was doing all the talking at the moment, not to mention the all too familiar stirring in my pants as I recalled her exhibionistic little scene outside on the patio earlier in the day.

She giggled, once again sounding more like herself. "I enjoy doing that," she told me glibly. "Even have a couple of 'guy-friends' who I enjoy doing that for, and enjoy them doing it for me too, she confessed.

"Guy friends?" I had to ask, maybe it was the new way of saying 'boy-friends' or something, I'd been out of the loop for so long, it wouldn't have surprised me.

"Yeah guy friends, no boyfriend at the moment," she said frowning for the first time I'd ever seen her do so. "Greg and I broke up a few months ago, he's the only boy I've ever really considered to be a true boyfriend."

"Oh? What happened?"

She laughed, "If I told you you'd never believe me, especially under the circumstances," she said peaking my interest even more. "Try me."

"Because he wanted to fuck me," she said frankly and boldly. "And I wasn't ready to do that with him yet," she added. "I've been saving it for just the right man, and I knew he wasn't it."

"You're a..."

"Virgin?" she finished for me. "Yes, I am ... well technically anyway."

"Technically?" I said once again now more confused than ever, especially the way this conversation was suddenly going.

"Technically because I've never had a man's prick inside me before," she said still grinning at me. "But once I discovered mother's vibrator and what it felt like, I sort of took care of the other little problem myself, which to be honest with you, I'm glad that I did so there won't be any of that awkwardness when I finally do decide to have sex with a man." She must have seen the look on my face, and the hundred or so questions that went with it. "Oh, I'm certainly not naive when it comes to everything else," she told me, "I've done plenty of that, and been told I'm pretty good at it too ... just not intercourse ... yet!" she added with a mischievously wicked gleam in her eye.

And now I sat there with yet another image bouncing around inside my head ... Pauline using a vibrator on herself, which is coincidentally, when she suddenly came back outside to rejoin us.

"Hey sweetie, it's getting late," Pauline said as she sat down, "You'd best think about getting dressed and ready for work."

"Work?" I said glancing at my watch, it was nearing ten-thirty by this time.

"Yeah, work," Karen moaned grumpily. "I have the late shift this week," she added, but next week, I'm on days again, which I prefer, but at least I only have this shift once every two months or so," she added. "But ... better get my ass in gear, can't afford to be late either!" And with that Karen headed off back towards the house.

"Oh and Karen?"

"Yes mother?" Karen turned though continuing to walk.

"Don't forget to wear some panties this time either, you can't afford to get written up again like you did last week for forgetting to put them on."

Karen giggled and then sprinted into the house. Once again the expression on my face must have said it all.

"Long story," she said with a bemused expression on her face.

"I'm all ears," I said seriously.

"Well, if you don't know already, though I'm willing to bet you already do, Karen is a bit of an exhibitionist, and not like I'm not one myself either ... like mother like daughter as they say. But she really is in ways I would never have imagined."

"Yeah I've kind of noticed that," I said candidly.

"Thought you might have," Pauline laughed. "Anyway, she enjoys getting herself off in front of a couple of friends of hers, and they of course enjoy seeing her do that. Harmless fun when you think about it," Pauline told me, which I had to admit as I sat there listening to her, surprised me to some degree, as open-minded an uninhibited about it as they both obviously were. "Sometimes when Steve or Jerry picks her up for work, she'll get herself off in the car when they take her, as she likes to have a nice orgasm or two before working, says it helps to relax her and get her through the shift. Needless to say, the guy's love it that she does, and love watching her, which they also do for her according to what she's told me. And that's it ... nothing else beyond that because as she puts it, they're "just friends" and she enjoys having a bit of "just friends" naughty fun with them."

"Ok, I follow you so far ... but what does this have to do with her getting in trouble for not wearing panties to work?" I had to ask.

"Just that," Pauline laughed once again. "Last week, she'd taken them off on the way to work, and forgot and left them in the car. I guess that when she'd bent over to pick something up she'd dropped, she'd forgotten she hadn't put them back on, and one of the other women who she works with complained about it."

"Ah, no wonder. I'm sure had it have been a guy that none of them would have."

"No, probably not, but unfortunately there's a lot more women than men who work there, and you know how women can get when they feel like they're in competition with one another, particularly this one gal who has a thing for one of Karen's guy-friends, though he doesn't care for this other woman whatsoever. So naturally, Stacy would love to see Karen fired if she had anything to do with it."

"Good thing you reminded her about the panties then," I snickered finding this whole conversation wildly bizarre though certainly entertaining.

"More wine?" Pauline asked.

"No ... thank you," I told her. "I'm about to burst as it is anyway."

"I know the feeling!" Pauline told me The fact that my bathroom was upstairs also told me that if I needed to go in, maybe it was time to call it a night anyway. "Listen, I really do need to pee, so maybe we should call it a night..."

"Oh for hells sake Matt, just go pee over there," she pointed towards a dark corner of the yard. Unless you really are tired of my company," she added.

"Well, ok..." I said standing up, figuring if she didn't care, I certainly wouldn't, which is when she stood up too.

"Mind if I join you?"

Her comment took me by surprise, but I shook my head no. "Like I said earlier, your place, your yard..."

I soon found a spot where it didn't look like I would kill anything, and unzipped myself to pee, just as Pauline pulled down her shorts and panties and squatted next to me doing the same. I was a bit pee-shy for a moment, though hearing her helped, though she finished long before I did, standing up, spreading her legs to 'drip-dry' for a moment while watching me.

"Mind if I shake it off for you?" she asked. Maybe I was just drunk enough that the notion didn't take me too much by surprise, or perhaps I was already getting used to the idea that these two weren't your average typical next-door neighbors or something.

"You know what they say don't you?" I asked.

"No ... what?"

"Shake it more than once or twice, you're playing with it."

Pauline had already shaken it twice, and then she did so again. "Guess I'm playing with it now," she told me.

"Yes, I guess you are," I responded in more than one way.

Pauline then led me back over to one of the lounge chairs, though she now unbuckled the belt on my shorts, pulling them down along with my boxers. I finished removing my sandals as well as my shirt, watching as she finished undressing too until we both stood entirely naked in front of one another.

"No fucking fair!" Karen suddenly blurted from behind us as she came out dressed and ready for work. "You two are about to play, and I can't even be here to watch!" she tossed out, which once again, caught me off guard.

"Perhaps next time honey," Pauline told her. "Now ... you'd better get your ass in gear, I just heard Steve's car pull up outside in front," she added.

Tossing us both a pout, she then turned it into a naughty smile as she headed off around the side of the house. "I expect details in the morning!" she said as she disappeared.

I just stood there shaking my head. "Should we take notes?" I asked half seriously.

Pauline laughed, "No ... but maybe I should dig out the video camera, she'd probably like that." "Yeah ... bet she would too!" I thought without saying it.

Pauline sat herself down on the lounge chair, still holding my rapidly hardening cock within her hand, which she examined and toyed with while it grew, familiarizing herself with it, which I found to be refreshingly exciting as she just didn't sit there pumping away on it as many women had. She actually did touch and caress it in a totally new way as my own hands reached down and began fondling her well-rounded wonderfully mature breasts.

"Hmm," Pauline purred as I stood there thumbing her nipples. "It's been a while since anyone's played with them," she told me. "Feels nice." "Me too," I admitted. "And yes ... it does."

I soon felt her hand place my prick against her breast as she began teasing her nipples with it, rubbing the head of my cock back and forth across them, tapping the hard capped nubbins, slapping them happily as they grew even harder and stiffer. Pauline didn't have quite as large of breasts as Karen did, her areola considerably smaller, pinker in color, but her nipples were incredibly thick and stood immeasurably long which allowed my fingers to hold and tweak them easily as I stood there. I felt her tongue begin to slide around the tip of my prick, tongue-fucking the tiny eye-slit, lavishing soft nipping little sucks on the now super sensitized ridge of my prick-tip.

"Fuck that feels good!" I moaned pleasurably, feeling my knees already beginning to weaken. Pauline then pulled me down onto the lounge chair with her, stretching out behind her.

"Fuck me," she half whispered. "Put that nice hard cock inside and fuck me!" she near pleaded with me now.

Even then she tickled herself with it for a while first, handling my prick, rubbing it slowly up and down the wet slick groove of her sex, the sounds of our combined lubrications making the act even more erotic, sticky hot squishy noises as she became wetter and wetter with each passing moment.

I felt her press the head just inside then, lifting her leg slightly to better accommodate my entry. I pushed, felt the head of my prick bury inside her, heard her catch of breath, followed by a deep pleasured sigh as my hands once again found her breasts, kneading and caressing them as I slowly began to move in and out of her, her soft fleshy ass pressing back against me, meeting each slow delicate thrust with renewed excitement and anticipation.

"Don't cum in me, I want to suck you off," she told me. "But fuck me now, fuck me forever if you can," she groaned deeply once again as I hilted myself fully inside her, spearing her cunt, impaling her for a moment and laying there, letting her feel the hot deep throb of my prick as it danced inside her.

We indeed lay there, slow-fucking for what did seem like an eternity, until her undulations became almost frantic, my fingers now twiddling her clitoris, capturing and teasing it, pulling on it and rolling it as my dick continued to slide in and out of her at an almost frustratingly slow pace.

Her breath quickened then, her body shuddered involuntarily as she began thrusting herself faster and faster against me, urging me on, spearing her deeper and deeper with each lunge, each plunge of my prick into what had become a virtual pool of liquefied delight. I could sense the trickle of her cream bathing my prick, dropping down to cover my balls before rolling on down to my upper thigh.

"Fuck you're sloppy wet!" I marveled in rapturous pleasure.

"And ... you're ... fucking ... hard!" she squealed in delight, her single worded sentence spoken with each continued plunge of my prick into her depths.

"And ... I'm ... going ... to ... cum!" she screamed a second after that.

I was on the verge myself, but somehow fought off the desire to fill her pussy with my spunk. I drove forward one last time as her legs virtually clamped together, imprisoning me deeply inside, the sudden eruption of her orgasm, the tickle of an almost light misty spray that suddenly emerged from around the opening of her pussy, the force of her pleasure exploding, showering my balls and stomach with even more of her silky soft treasure.

Dogs barked in the distance. Her cry of delight filling the night air, the warmth of her spending coating us both now, hardly ebbing in its flow.

"Fuck, I'm going to shoot," I sighed warning her. Pauline uncounted me in a heartbeat, flipping herself around on the lounge chair, once again taking my cock in hand, mouthing it, sucking the head with lips that became vice-like, drawing me out.

It had been a very long time since I'd felt that, felt the joy of release and pleasure that was so magnificently intense as she slow-stroked my prick, each ejaculation seemingly stronger and harder than the last, her mouth filling with my semen, though she didn't swallow, milking my prick until the last drop had been pulled from my inner core.

Only then did she sit back, her mouth open, my cream drooling, and then dripping decadently from her lips down upon her exposed breasts. I sat, watching in abject fascination as she purposely placed my rich creamy nectar upon her tits, covering each with an equal amount of cream until she had spit as much of it as her mouth had contained upon herself, and then began rubbing it into her breasts like lotion.

"Rich with vitamin E," she grinned wickedly. "Good for the skin, and feels wonderful on my tits."

Together we lay there, massaging in the sweet cream of my spending until it had completely soaked into her flesh.

"That ... was amazing!" she said long afterwards. "Wait until Karen hears about this! She'll be wild with jealous desire for you!" she exclaimed.

"You're really going to tell her about this?" Still finding this openness between mother and daughter a bit unnerving, yet highly arousing at the same time.

"Of course I am," Pauline told me. "We've never kept any secrets from one another ... ever. And I know that she's looking forward to actually fucking someone for the first time too. And I'm pretty sure I know who that someone's going to be!"

Exhausted, I had slept past ten, already later in the day than I would have liked with two yards to mow and trim today, including the property I shared with Pauline and Karen.

I slipped out of bed into the shower, emerging a short while later feeling refreshed and alert once again, that alertness signaling the strong smell of freshly brewed coffee downstairs. "What the hell?" I asked myself, wrapping a towel around my torso and heading downstairs to the kitchen.

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