The Handy Man

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Matt discovers that he's quite handy around the house

Everyone has one of those days I guess, even one of those weeks. But I had been going through one of those years.

I was recently divorced, and had been forced to move into a much smaller duplex unit. I was still paying Alimony at the time, and had been laid off from work, so finances were tight enough as it was. I'd been doing a few odd jobs as a handy man when I could as well as some gardening for a few loyal customers just to get by. In addition to that, I wrote stories in my spare time, and had done well enough with those that I'd managed to supplement my income just enough to make it worthwhile to continue writing whenever I could.

So it was that I'd been looking for a new place to live, something I could afford without digging myself in debt any deeper than I already was. I soon after found an ad in the paper advertising one-half of a duplex that was available for rent, which included lawn care and general maintenance as part of the rent, which suited me just fine as that would save me an additional expense, the only drawback being that there was no air-conditioning, unless you could classify a constantly open kitchen window as having "air" as I jokingly called it.

At forty-five years of age I wasn't in bad shape, though the past couple of years had taken a toll on me. I could see flakes of gray beginning to sprinkle my dark hair, though not enough to get too excited or worried about it, not like I was dating or anything, because I wasn't. Couldn't afford to on the one hand, and didn't really want to on the other. And though I didn't exactly have a "gut" yet, I'd noticed a bit of a paunch that I hadn't had before and made a mental note to do something about it long before I did.

What this all added up to however, in conjunction with my recent divorce, was a sudden fit of depression and anxiety about my "date-ability" as a recently eligible man. It had been so long since I'd been single, let alone dated, that I felt out of practice and a little inhibited around women, not that I was inhibited mine you, I wasn't, but it had been so long since I'd even been with another woman that it was driving me crazy!

I had no idea what crazy could really be like until crazy stood in my doorway looking at me in the form of a way too sexy, way too young woman named Karen, my land-lady's nineteen year old daughter.

As I had been humping in boxes full of my things, I had left the front door of my duplex propped open. I turned around from having set down one of these, and that's when I saw Karen. She stood in the doorway resting against the doorframe, hands behind her back, and one leg bent at the knee, with her foot propped up resting against the frame. The way she was standing, she looked like she was posing for the front cover of one of those 'The Girl Next Door' magazines or something, which it just so happened I had written a few articles for, which is why she reminded me of that.

I had to admit, Karen was beautiful. But it wasn't just her long dark hair, or the beautiful deep alluring brown eyes and gorgeous features of her face that I took in initially, it was because she was wearing the shortest pair of cut off Levi's I had ever seen. Added to this was the tied in front man's long-sleeved shirt she was wearing that revealed a substantial amount of tight-taut tummy muscles, and tit's that were honestly beyond description. She was wearing the shirt unbuttoned revealing a great deal of cleavage, which did little in concealing the soft perfect twin mounds of braless flesh that were very nearly spilling out of her shirt as she stood there leaning against the door.

I could only stand there staring at her. Seeing this vision of femininity standing in my doorway was breathtaking to say the least. I thought for a moment that maybe I was dreaming, and that if I said or did anything, this luscious apparition was likely to dissolve and disappear.

"Hi Neighbor! " She said, the sound of her voice like naked flesh slipping between the sheets as she spoke. "Mother told me we had a new renter, so I thought I'd drop by and see if you needed any help moving in."

I immediately noticed she was chewing gum. And because she was, she tended to speak slowly, like she was deliberately slowing her words in an effort to continue chewing, though it still sounded like she was having sex even as she spoke.

I could have listened to her all day. Her voice was so sultry, so excitingly sensual that I would have thought her a much more mature sounding woman. That, and what I was obviously looking at was a beautifully attractive woman, but she was young too. Way too beautiful, and way too young for me.

"Ah no. I think that pretty much just about does it," I said, looking around the room as though I was taking inventory of everything I'd already carried in. Though the only real inventory I'd been taking had been her! "Though I appreciate the offer," I added smiling.

Karen smiled, pushing herself forward away from the door, her magnificent breasts leading the way as she did so. "Too-da-loo's", I heard her say. "Catch ya later then!"

"Too-da-loo's," I responded back into the empty space that had only moments ago contained her apparition, feeling much like a teenage idiot as I did so, and then realized almost as quickly I hadn't even introduced myself.

As my duplex was a split-entry, it naturally had an upstairs bedroom area.

I had finished hauling the rest of my belongings upstairs to my room. Dripping with sweat, I went over to the window to try and catch some air, any air with even a mild breeze to it would have felt good under the circumstances, and thus stood there looking down into the yard.

And there she was, sunbathing in one of those cheap plastic folding lounge chairs, the kind that had those criss-crossing strips of plastic all woven together. She had changed out of her "Would you like to fuck me," clothes, into her "Yes ... I definitely want to fuck you bikini," which was bright red, giving her an even more sultry look with that thick mane of dark hair that fell well down past her shoulders as she lay there. She had on a dark pair of sunglasses and appeared to be flipping through a magazine, which I only then glanced at. Even at this distance I could see several photos of what looked like men and women together, all naked of course, though I certainly couldn't tell what they were doing at this distance, it was enough knowing what they were.

"Damn!" I thought to myself, wondering why she'd be looking at one of those magazines in the first place, though obviously she was, and seemed to be enjoying it as she did so, which she confirmed moments later.

I was about to turn and walk away from the window, starting to feel very much like the 'Peeping Tom' I now was, when her sudden movement froze me in place.

She reached behind herself, the clasp of the bikini top coming away in her hand like she'd performed some sort of sleight of hand trick, with the next thing I knew, her top being pulled away and off of her, her full firm breasts now clearly revealed, hanging down beneath her invitingly so, too invitingly so as the sudden lurch of my cock reminded me. I expected her to lie back down concealing her breasts, but she didn't. What she did was, was to roll over instead!

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, startling myself, and realized as I did so that my bedroom window was open. I stepped back into the room out of sight of the window, my heart beating wildly as I wondered if she had somehow managed to hear me, though at the distance from my window to the yard, I hoped not. Still...

I counted to five, slowly ... then took small little baby-steps back towards the window until I could just barely see down into the yard, by now she had surprised me again, though I was half-grateful I hadn't been standing there to see it, as by now she was entirely naked having taken off the bikini bottoms as well, which now hung playfully over one corner of the lounge chair she was laying on, her top dangling provocatively over the other one.

I had only gotten an imaginary glimpse of them earlier in the doorway, my mind already picturing the way they must have looked. I wasn't too far off the mark either! It was obvious that Karen's breasts were fairly large sized from what I'd seen earlier, but they seemed to be even more so as she now lay on her back with each of them fully exposed. And though they flattened out somewhat as she lay there, it was obvious by the way they did with each one still fully rounded and pointing towards the sky that she had incredibly full breasts. Her nipples were a dark tan, which is pretty much the way I'd envisioned them to be, though her areolas were a lot larger than I'd pictured them, giving each of her breasts a look as though someone had placed small dollar-sized pancake over each one.

In addition to that of course, her long sensuous legs seemed to stretch out forever, a small thin black strip of hair perfectly trimmed seemed to point downwards between her legs like a signal beacon, even more so as she suddenly bent her legs at the knee bringing the back of her lounge chair up into a half sitting position. Once again picking up the magazine, she began looking through it, though in doing so, effectively hiding her breasts from my view, though I didn't mind as she now sat there facing me, legs even more obscenely spread with the pinkness of her pussy winking at me which even from this distance was clearly evident.

Had I known where my binoculars were packed, I'd have been tempted to retrieve them for a closer look. And it was that very thought that reminded me that what I was doing was wrong ... somehow, and that I shouldn't be standing there gawking at her the way I was, especially with a raging hard on, which I now had.

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