Elaine and James
Chapter 1: A casual brush with Elaine

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: A casual brush with Elaine - A spring and autumn romance. When James meets Elaine he has no idea where their friendship will lead.

I thought I was being very stupid when I decided to join the Health Club. After all how ridiculous will a sixty-seven year old guy look in there amongst all those young and trim bodies? My brain for once ruled my heart and overcoming my perceived embarrassment, I joined.

It was my habit to get there about eight-thirty in the morning. Hoping that there wouldn't be too many there. I mean I didn't want to look like a sad old bugger amongst all these fresh vibrant bodies. Hope was in vain, as there was usually a good attendance of others. Surprisingly they were not all young and trim bodies, I still reckoned I had at least ten years on pretty well all of them, but I did see some that looked as if they really needed the exercise. Aside from my belly I looked quite good compared to some. The other aspect that astonished me was that the females outnumbered the men by about five to one. Having started on the routine suggested by the manager of the club, I just got on with it. It surprised me how little conversation could be heard amongst all these people working out, after a while that was no longer remarkable as I certainly had no breath left for conversation. Gradually I overcame my reservations about being there. I got left alone to get on with my routine, apart from the manager who would come and check that I was comfortable from time to time, and that suited me.

I had been using the place for a few weeks and I actually started to enjoy it. I was getting frustrated though as the belly, from my viewpoint looking down, did not seem to be getting any smaller. Mark, the manager, did comment a couple of times that I was starting to look quite trim, but being a cynic I placed that comment in the category of of good customer relations. My confidence took a huge leap however, when on the treadmill one day. I was power-walking and really enjoying the exercise, when this woman, I should say mid-forties, stepped on to the next machine. You pay little attention, as you are so engrossed in your own exertions. I suddenly realised that she couldn't start. I stopped and leaned over.

"Give the quick-start button, there, a firm press." I pointed out the control to use. She did that and looked over and gave me a grin.

"Thanks." No more was said, it wasn't the place for conversation, and we both got on with our routines.

Perspiration was dripping from me when I decided that I had worked enough for the session. Letting the treadmill slow down to stop I took a long drink of water, then mopped my brow. Just then I heard a cry of alarm from the lady. The machine had suddenly speeded up, and she could not cope with the pace. I leaned over and pushed the emergency stop button.

"Oh thank you, I had visions of flying off the back."

"I have finished now, why don't you use this, and I will tell the guy at the desk when I leave that that one is playing up." She nodded and transferred to the machine I had just vacated. I was walking away, when I heard.

"See you." I turned and raised my hand.

"Yes, ok."

I saw this lady quite a few times, and there was always a hand wave and a quick greeting. She was quite small, I should say about five foot two, and although slim, had an attractive bust and nicely curved hips. Dark hair, cut short and good features, which always appeared ready to smile. Occasionally we would be working the same machines side by side, and an innocuous comment or two would be passed. To be honest I thought that this would be the extent of our acquaintance. After all I hadn't joined to find a woman, and I suspected that most down there were not on a quest either. But strange things happen.

It must have been something like three months since her incident on the treadmill when our friendship started. She had finished her work-out before me, and it could have been some twenty minutes later that I left the Club. I walked out into one of those early Spring mornings. It was warm and there was bright sunshine to cheer. She was standing outside with her cell phone, walking around and holding it out in various areas. The other thing that made me look was that she had obviously showered and dressed. Not the normal tracksuit and trainers that one would expect, but smart grey Jacket, over a patterned dress, and high heels. She looked very attractive, apart from the look of frustrated anger on her face.

"Got a problem?" I asked.

"I'm trying to call a taxi, but either this phone is on the blink, or there is no signal here."

"Where do you want to go?"

"I have to get to Anderton. I have an interview at ten-thirty." Anderton was only about eleven miles away, a larger town than ours.

"Well, I can give you a lift if you want."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes of course. It's no trouble. Come on, I am parked round the side."

There were a number of cars parked there, and as we approached I just flipped the open button on the key-fob. She noticed which car acknowledged the impulse with a flash of the indicators.

"A Mercedes! Is that yours?"

"Yes. It was a present from me to me when I retired, after all those years of driving Company cars." I walked to the passenger door and opened it for her. She seemed a little taken aback at this action, but got in. I went round and got in myself. Before starting the engine, I turned in the seat and held out my hand.

"James." She smiled and took my hand to shake.


There were no need for directions at first, I was very familiar with the road to Anderton.

"Wow! I have never been in a Mercedes before. Oh if only my friends could see me." Then she stopped abruptly. "It's probably better that they didn't see me at this time." That seemed to me to be a strange thing to say.

"Why's that, Elaine?" There was no answer for a couple of minutes, and I could feel her looking at me as if coming to a decision.

"I suppose I should tell you the truth. I am not going for an interview. I am going to meet my Lover. Do you want to stop the car having heard that?"

"I am only giving you a lift. It's none of my concern." We drove in silence for a while.

"I suppose you think badly of me now." I shook my head.

"Why should I do that? Apart from the Club, I know nothing about you, or your circumstances. I assume you are or have been married, as you wear a ring, but you could be separated, or widowed. Without that sort of background I have no right to come to any conclusions about you. That's if I would anyway." I turned the question around.

"Do you think you are a bad person then?" That gave her something to think about.

"I don't really know." I laughed without humour.

"I don't condemn or approve, as I said I know little about you, but can I suggest that if you don't know if you are behaving badly or not, then you ought to give it some thought. I suspect from what you have said that you are married. Else you would probably have no doubts." She changed the subject.

"Did you say you were retired?"

"Yes. Retired, single and growing old disgracefully." She laughed at that.

"I'll bet. Early retirement of course?"

"No, I worked until I was sixty-five." Elaine looked astonished.

"Well how old are you then?"

"I have been retired for two years." The next words gave me one of the greatest boosts for some time.

"Good grief, I would have put you about fifty-five, fifty-eight at most."

"Nice of you to say that, but I can assure you that whatever age I look, inside I am definitely sixty-seven."

We had arrived in Anderton.

"You had better give me directions from here, unless you would prefer me not to drop you off wherever you are meeting your lover." She gave me directions and I could see we were heading towards a Hilton Hotel.

"You are meeting him there?"


"Do you want me to drop you now?"

"No. If you don't mind drive into the car park. If he sees us he is not going to say anything to my husband, and it might make him think he has competition."

"Whatever you want." I drove towards the entrance, and instead of going to the parking area, stopped outside the entrance.

"Stay there." She looked at me as I got out and walked round to her door. A smile came to her face as she realised what I was going to do. I opened the door and held out my hand to assist her out of the car. Her face lit up brilliantly, and she alighted perfectly. One leg first allowing me a glimpse of stocking top, then the other. She brushed down her skirt and turned to me.

"Thank you James." Leaning over she gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered.

"See you in a couple of days at the Club." Then she was gone.

I drove away, envying the lucky bugger who ever he was. I had always thought this woman who I occasionally saw in the club, as attractive. But now I had seen her dressed up, she looked really lovely. For a man of my age more mature women have greater appeal. Ok I look at the young bodies in the club, girls who are in their twenties of thirties I appreciate them but there is no desire in me, I know they are unobtainable. But someone of Elaine's age? Now that is different, because there is an outside chance that she could be attainable.

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