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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Serena finds herself experimenting with non-butch ideas.

(This takes place shortly after my story "Clothes Shopping". Once again, butches are as unique as any other woman and have their own fantasies and ideas about fun. And those can change over time.)

I was tempted to hum "Back in the Saddle Again". That really wouldn't have been classy, even though the charming young woman bent over my workbench couldn't have heard it over her moans and squeals, much less the slapping sounds of my body hitting against her full round ass. And when did I start worrying about being "Classy"? This was obviously all Nan's fault. She wasn't here, hell she wasn't even in the city, being on tour with the Symphony and she was still driving me up walls.

I hadn't been alone while she was gone. Jessica, the charming young saleswoman that Nan and I had met and got to know intimately in a dressing room, had slipped Nan her phone number and indicated her desire to spend some time with me. I hadn't seen her that same night but we had made a date for a few days later after Nan had left town. That was with Nan's full knowledge and agreement by the way. I didn't know where the petite flute player and I were going but finding out was going to be some ride.

Speaking of riding, I increased my tempo. The lush Mediterranean figure was just made for running my hands over, just made for being up on her toes, just rounded in all the right spots. And all those rounded curves were dancing and jiggling with each stroke of my hips. This is what I loved; this was ME, fucking a sexy hot femme woman. And, judging from the sounds she was making and from the way those padded hips were rocking back to me in time with each of my strokes, she was enjoying it nearly as much as I was.

Of course Nan's influence had laid its not terribly subtle hand on this date, at least up to the present moment. I had invited Jessica to dinner at a nice restaurant when I called her to ask her out. I had picked her up rather than just met her there. And I was decked out in an outfit that Nan and Jessica had picked out together for me. Not a single item was labeled "Sears".

I did have to admit I looked rather good when I had examined myself in the mirror prior to calling the cab. The pale blue pants suit I had chosen was set off by the brightly colored scarf tucked in the top of the jacket. Unbelievably I was even wearing regular women's shoes. Okay they were NOT high heels, but they were dressy sandals. I toyed with the idea of make-up for about five seconds. Now that wasn't quite as shocking as it seems. After all, I was a normal girl growing up (in fact I still consider myself a normal girl, I just happen to be a lesbian and butch). I wore dresses and lipstick and even kissed boys. I just figured out finally that all that wasn't me.

The restaurant was lovely and Jessica and I enjoyed the meal and the conversation that went with it. I have always been interested in art and poetry and discovered that Jessica was a closet poetess. She, quite shyly, recited some of her own verses and then we chattered away for over an hour before I finally paid the bill and we left.

I had planned the usual for that date. Dinner and then desert at my place. Instead, we went to a little coffee house and talked for hours more. Now I won't deny I often let my eyes linger on the deep valley between her generous breasts or watched the shifting of her full shapely legs as she crossed and recrossed them. I enjoyed the way the buttons on her blouse straining to restrain the treasures hidden there and how her skirt rode up her smooth bare legs. Legs that I happily remembered touching and kissing while Nan and I were locked in that dressing room. Legs that I hoped to soon see from another perspective.

Even though I was so shifting in arousal at what I planned for Jessica, hopefully for our mutual pleasure, I was almost reluctant to leave the cafe. The conversation had been wonderful and putting off dessert had only increased my anticipation. But leave we did.

The cab ride back to my place saw me regain more of my old self, although I was much more discreet than in the past. Normally I would have made out with whatever femme princess I was with, demonstrating to her, and to the cab driver as well, just what was in store. Tonight I simply continued to chat pleasantly with Jessica while my fingers danced lightly up her legs and under her skirt to caress the smooth skin. It was fun, as we both pretended nothing was going on even as her legs parted slightly then closed onto my questing fingers. My, those thighs weren't just for show. There were muscles there. I also discovered that all she had on under her skirt appeared to be a thong.

Once we reached my place and sent the cab on its way we adjourned upstairs to the loft that contained my living space. By now we both had the same glint in our eyes. When I spun her around and kisses her she kissed me back with equal fervor.

As we kissed my hands were all over her. Well, that was fair; her hands were all over me. I was not packing, having decided that a strapon would spoil the cut of my slacks. Oh God, were had THAT thought come from? But now I had my Mediterranean beauty pinned against the wall between an overstuffed armchair and a small table that held more than one piece of butch equipment hidden in its drawers.

But first I needed to strip Jessica down to the essentials, that is, nothing at all, with the possible exception of her high heels. I always enjoyed a woman wearing just those. Passion was the driving force now; teasing and flirting were past us. Her blouse and bra went first, spilling her full breasts. I immediately fastened my mouth to one of her dark nipples, sucking and teasing it. My hands crept down and around to find the catch and zipper of her skirt and let it fall free. She hooked it with one shapely foot and kicked it away.

Meanwhile Jessica had not been idle. My own blouse and bra were gone and my slacks undone by her nimble fingers. They pooled around my feet and it was a bit of a struggle to get out of them with falling over. But I managed to maintain my balance and shed my sandals at the same time. Now all that was left were my panties and Jessica's black thong.

I took care of both. In a movement that wouldn't have even occurred to me a few weeks ago I slipped to my knees, closed my teeth on the top of Jessica's last covering and tugged down. It slid down her smooth legs, although my fingers took over after the thong had cleared her bushy pussy as I took the opportunity of already being there to give her a few good licks.

Then it was time. I stood, kissed her, allowing her to sample her juices, and spun her around again. Still in her heels, she bent over the arm of the overstuffed chair. I wrenched open the desk drawer and caught up my new fit-inside-me strapon. I pulled my panties down and pressed the curved base inside me. Already accustomed to my pussy, it fit right into place. The I was behind Jessica. I gripped the full padded hips, bent my knees slightly and sank the business end of the dildo deep inside her.

Jessica cried out happily, "Yesssss" and gave her best imitation of a woman being happily impaled. My fingers sank into the soft flesh of her ass and I began to bang the pure hell out of her. And she banged me back.

I hadn't done anything like this since the night of the Symphony when I had nailed my still nameless elegant woman. In between Nan had been sweetly and sneakily convincing me to try other pleasures. They had all been worth it mind you, but it was time to return to my roots and I did with a vengeance.

My hips were blurring as I drove the shaft in and out of Jessica. The slapping sounds of my mound meeting her ass were music, as were her moans and gasped demands. It was without really thinking about it that my right hand released its grip on the rounded ass cheek it had been fastened to in order to give that same cheek a smart, stinging slap.

"Oh my god Serena. More!"

I never need to be told that twice. Both hands raised and fell on that lovely, generous, uplifted ass. Jessica was up on her toes, presenting her pink to cheeks to me. I drove harder and harder inside her pussy, each thrust making the section in me reach deeper and the ridged curve rub my clit until I thought I was going to catch fire.

As much fun as we were having, it just couldn't last. Jessica and I gave matching yells of delight, punctuated by a couple of final good hard love slaps on her ass and we both shuddered to an absolutely delightful shared orgasm. Both my sexy saleswoman and I were so spent we barely managed to stagger to the bed. I plucked the dildo from me and placed it on the stand while she collapsed onto the mattress. On her tummy I might mention. Being the good host I am I spread some soothing gel over her bright pink ass cheeks. She wiggled and whispered thanks and requested that next time I should really let her have it. We did decide that whenever "next time" was that it would be after her bottom had a chance to recover. I didn't tell her that I thought after all the pumping I had done that I might need at least a week to recover. I wondered if I was starting to get a bit old.

She left early the next morning after a bit of breakfast, some kisses and her going down on me for about fifteen minutes. Nan was still traveling so I buckled down to getting some serious. much needed work done around the store.

Two evenings later I relaxed, for once all by myself. I had worked late, trying to catch up on my metal sculpting in particular, something I had neglected for far too long. Not that women are a distraction for me mind you, they're my inspiration. However after a while you need to stop being inspired and actually put that inspiration into practice. So I had worked hard and now I was freshly showered and stretched out on my bed with my head propped up on a huge pillow. I had a glass of wine in my hand and sipped it.

I wiggled on the bed, yawned a bit and put my other hand on the nightstand to search for the remote control for the sound system. My questing fingers didn't find the plastic box but they did run across something long and curved sharply at one end and nice rounded at both tips. Hmmmmm. I hadn't remembered leaving my new toy here after fucking Jessica but obviously I had.

Moved by a whim, I picked it up and brought it over to my nose and sniffed. Heavenly. The scent of Jessica's arousal brought back the memory of the flood of nectar that had accompanied her orgasm. Closing my eyes I surprised myself by suddenly licking the bulbous head of the dildo.

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