Receptionist Bonus

by Orestes

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Blackmail, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Water Sports, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Things just get worse for Dr. Tremblay. With her life and career in ruins from her recent indiscretions, she tries to pick up the pieces by working for her friend as a receptionist. Unfortunately, she still can't quite get control over her urges, and worse, someone seems to know her secret.

Sitting through the hearing was worse than she would ever have imagined. Dr. Roxanne Tremblay sat before the disciplinary committee of the hospital for the first time in her career.

They couldn't do it, Roxanne tried to assure herself. They couldn't play the video in front of the whole committee.

Her hands were trembling as she watched the chairman of the committee toying with the remote control to the TV. He was only waiting for one committee member to return from lunch.

"Sorry I'm late, " said the last of the members as he came into the room and closed the door behind him. This was getting worse and worse for Roxanne. She actually recognized the man from the 'Cutter's Club', where all of her current troubles began.

"Good, now that we're all her, let's proceed."

He pushed the play button.

' Oh, god, yeah ... fuck me ... I need it in all my holes ... please ... someone fuck my ass..."

Roxanne watched the screen with growing horror. She was hardly recognizable in the video. The camera was stationary, as if someone had set it down on the arm of a chair, centered on the action.

A man was underneath Roxanne. She was straddling his cock. His face was just outside of the view of the camera. Her face, on the other hand, was quite visible. Her mouth, her chin, and her neck were coated in cum. Her dark hair was still tied up in the cute little ponytails, with little pink ribbons at the ends, but it too was splattered with fresh cum.

Her firm little breasts were also displayed in every detail by the video angle. Her nipples were swollen with lust, and quite red from the abuse of the other surgeons in the video. A clothes pin still hung painfully from one of her tits as she bounced herself up and down on the unknown man's tool.

"Nnng ... I need it in my tight little ass hole ... oh god, abuse my body ... I'm your slut..."

Responding to her pleas, another man moved in behind her. The camera didn't provide a good view of this man, as Roxanne's tortured body took up most of the view, but it was clear from the expression on her face that he was fulfilling her request. She pushed backwards in lust as the unknown man pushed into her rear hole.

Roxanne didn't really remember this part of the evening clearly. After a certain point, she had just allowed herself to wallow in the humiliation of being used by her colleagues sexually. Her fellow doctors punished her body, and fucked her mercilessly in every way imaginable. And she had loved the whole thing. Even now, while the committee sat in judgment of her actions, Roxanne couldn't help but be aroused by images of the video.

It was the consequences that she was regretting.

"That's enough, " the chairman said, pausing the video. The scene froze on a view of Roxanne taking yet another cock in her well-used mouth. The screen of the TV flickered up and down while on pause, giving this final frame the appearance of motion.

Roxanne just couldn't face these people. They were the senior administrators of the hospital. Across the table, the last man into the room smiled at Roxanne. He knew perfectly well who the other men in the video were, even though the video didn't show them. Hell, he had gotten as much mileage out of Roxanne as any of the men that evening.

It wouldn't help Roxanne to point the finger at him. It wasn't his face in that video. She knew as well as anyone that the other surgeons would circle their wagons and protect their own. Trying to implicate them in the making of the sex tape would just make things worse. They still had the other video, after all.

Finally, it was the only female member of the committee who spoke up. It was Charlotte LaBelle, a senior administrator, and a former friend of Roxanne's.

"Given the sensitive nature of the evidence, we would very much like to keep this matter out of the public eye. I'm sure that you will agree that this is in the best interest of all parties involved. So far, nothing has been leaked to the press. If we were to dismiss you from your position, I'm certain that the press would ask questions."

Roxanne waited for the other shoe to drop.

"Nonetheless, we can't condone this sort of behavior, even from one of our most talented surgeons. We are asking you to take an unpaid leave of absence from the hospital for the duration of a year."

There it went. With her current financial problems, it was as good as dismissal. There was no way she could go without her salary at the hospital while trying to resolve her coming divorce. Charlotte wasn't done yet, though.

"There is one other condition. You must sign an additional morality clause to your contract. Any further behavior of the sort shown in the video would result in severe financial penalties, as well as immediate dismissal. Is this all clear to you?"

Tears welled up in Roxanne's eyes.


Roxanne had to count her blessings. It was the only way that she could deal with her present problems. At least the hospital hadn't destroyed her career outright. If she could get through the year, she could almost pick up where she left off. Sure, she'd be embarrassed to work with the same surgeons who had so thoroughly humiliated her, but by the time she came back, it would be old news.

Of course, the problem was how to get through the year. Without the generous salary of the hospital, she had no income at all. The divorce would swallow all of her assets. Even if she didn't have student loans to pay off, she would need somewhere to live, and a way to pay her mounting bills.

That brought her to her second blessing; Shelly Pascal. Throughout the whole ordeal, Shelly had stood by Roxanne. When the rumors started circulating through the hospital, and no one wanted to be seen with her, Roxanne could still count on her weekly lunch with the cosmetic surgeon. Shelly even picked up the tab for the meals, because of Roxanne's current financial problems.

There was also the offer of employment. Under the terms of her contract, Roxanne knew that she couldn't practice medicine outside of the hospital. In no time, her financial resources would be tapped. Although she had initially balked at her friend's offer, it now looked like there was no alternative.

Shelly Pascal was opening her own clinic, and needed a receptionist. The thought of setting aside all of her medical knowledge, and lowering herself to the tasks of answering phones and booking appointments made Roxanne cringe. It was so humiliating.

I brought this on myself, she reminded herself silently. After the meeting, she had retreated to her office, hoping to leave when no one was looking. The office would be reassigned to another surgeon soon, and like everything else she had owned only a month before, it would slip away from her.

With still trembling hands, she picked up her telephone and dialed a number.

"Hi, Shelly, it's Roxanne. Um, about the receptionist position ... is that still a possibility?"

It had been an amazing first month for the Pascal Clinic. So much so that the patient waiting list had doubled and then tripled over the first three weeks. Lucy Gibbs felt fortunate to have taken the position as anesthesiologist when it first became available. Of course, only major procedures required her presence, but between Dr. Pascal and the other surgeon that she had brought into the clinic, Lucy had a fairly full schedule.

The success of the clinic brought prosperity with it. Dr. Pascal had already given the new staff a couple of bonuses for putting up with the increased work schedule, and promised that more financial rewards were on the way.

Most of the success was due to the strong reputation of Dr. Pascal. The kind of positive publicity that her reputation brought to the clinic just couldn't be bought. It was somewhat of a surprise to the staff when Dr. Pascal added the less reputable Dr. Robert Marsh to the staff.

"It pays to diversify, " she had explained at the staff meeting.

As far as Lucy could tell, the gamble paid off. In Dr. Marsh's previous practice, he had suffered from a reputation of performing risky and unnecessary procedures. There was even a rumor that he had taken on "fetish" business - customers who sought unusual body modifications as part of their lifestyle. Because of this, he never had much business from mainstream clients. Now that he was a member of the Pascal clinic, his schedule was booked with both his previous clients, and the run-off from Dr. Pascal's waiting list.

Lucy was really enjoying her time at the clinic. It was better than any hospital job that she had ever had. When she moved into town just the previous month, she had started looking for work, and just fluked onto a posting for the clinic.

The atmosphere was really upbeat here. Dr. Pascal was always nice to work with. Dr. Marsh was a bit of a pig, but the girls generally kept him in line. There were four nurses in the office, who would make sure that every preparation was made before a doctor came in to the operating room. Dr. Pascal ran the place like an assembly line. Everything was geared so that the doctor could be in and out of any procedure in the minimum amount of time.

A big part of the credit for that, in Lucy's mind, should go to Roxy. That's the name that Dr. Marsh called her anyway. Lucy was pretty sure that the woman preferred to be called Roxanne, but after Robert took to calling her Roxy, it just sort of caught on with the staff.

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