I Saw Her at the Party

by Sir Semega

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Desc: : Tonight was the night he was going to spring the surprise proposal on her, they wound up both surprised. Just one of those things that happens more often than you think...

I realized that I hadn't seen my girlfriend in quite sometime. The intimate club was crowded, closed off for the graduation party that she had put together and thrown for me. The music wasn't quite as loud as usual, and all the people there were our friends and family. Well mostly her friends. I had been cornered by some guy who worked with Sarah for the last twenty minutes and realized as I glanced around, that Sarah was no where to be found.

I disentangled myself from the guy's constant droning patter, by pretending to need another drink and went in search of her. A few of her close friends feigned ignorance, having not seen her recently as I went through the entire club. Tonight was a special night. Not only had I completed my graduate degree, securing my partnership at the firm, but it was coming close to Sarah's and my one year anniversary. In front of everyone gathered here tonight, all our friends and family, I was going to ask her to marry me.

I fondled the blue Tiffany ring case in my jacket pocket. I was getting worried as the night was coming to an end soon and I wanted to pop the question to her before anyone started to head home. But where was she?

I checked the bathrooms last. At first I heard her voice. I had reluctantly peeked into the women's bathroom as a final attempt to place her. Her voice was resonant and distinct, so I walked in to try and see if she was alright. Her next words hit me like a sledgehammer.

"Oh, yeah baby! Give me that big hard cock!" she squealed. The voice came from behind a closed toilet stall. I looked under and saw a pair of legs kneeling on the floor and another pair of men's legs in there with her. The girl was wearing the same heels and tights as Sarah had seductively dressed in this evening when we readied to go to the party.

"You like this big cock, don't you?" the gruff male voice said.

"Oh, yeah! I love it, it's so much bigger than any other!" she moaned.

"Bigger than his, isn't it bitch," he proclaimed. His being mine.

"So much bigger! I can't give this cock up! It's so wonderful!" She said.

My girlfriend slurped and sucked on that big cock she couldn't give up. I saw red.

I squatted down and reached under the stall door, grabbed her ankle and with a bewildered yelp from her, I dragged her ass out from under the door into the open. A line of drool, tracked back from under the stall. She screamed! There was movement from inside the stall as the man fumbled with his pants and tried to come out.

As he unlocked the latch, I kicked the door in with all my strength, slamming the door into his face. He was stunned momentarily, as I dragged him out. He grabbed my wrist to remove me from him. That was the wrong thing to do. I'm not a bulky guy, wiry and spry are better descriptions for me. Because I've always been tall, over six foot, I never really had a problem with bullies but a few years ago, I realized that it wouldn't hurt to have some self defense training. I slipped his hold reversed my weight and flipped him into a shoulder lock. He was face down on the floor, his arm contorted behind him and upward, between my legs as I slowly lowered my weight down on it. The pain was severe as he screamed in pain. If I kept lowering my weight, his arm would dislocate. If I continued after that, his shoulder would be broken beyond repair.

Sarah was screaming now, begging me to stop. It was now when I was cruelly in control of the situation that I glanced around and saw a few of her lady friends watching with open mouths. Had they been in here during the entire time? I had no idea.

Pulling myself together, my anger now just simmering, I slowly released the man. I had never seen him before. I warned him that he should make sure to never see me again otherwise he would not be so lucky. He nodded, pulled himself up rubbed his shoulder and ran out of the club.

Sarah was crying now. Her legs didn't support her as she sat sprawled on the bathroom floor. I looked at her, waiting for an explanation. Somehow, the most beautiful girl in the world to my eyes had changed into an ugly stranger.

"Oh, god Jason! I'm so sorry," she started.

"Why?" I asked. "How could you?"

She cried some more.

"I," she blubbered. "I just wasn't thinking..."

"It didn't mean anything," she cried.

"Didn't mean anything? What was all that talk about loving his cock?" I yelled. The girls decided that it would be a good time to leave the bathroom.

"I-I-I," she stuttered. "You heard that?"

A tear trickled down my cheek, I couldn't speak as I nodded.

"Oh god," she wailed.

I composed myself and tried to regain my breath. "Sarah, I was looking for you," I started. "I looked all over for you. I ... I wanted to find you because..."

I pulled the blue Tiffany's box out of my pocket. She saw it for the first time and her breathing stopped.

Tears ran down my eyes. "I was going to propose to you, in front of everyone tonight." I pocketed the box again and shook my head. Sarah sobbed again.

"But what I saw tonight, Sarah, the year we've been through, the words I heard you say to that man, who you seem to have known before tonight ... well ... I guess I should be thankful to have found out before I made a fool of myself. Thank you Sarah." I fought back the tears as she stared quietly at me in shock. "Thanks for making tonight the most memorable night of my life." I turned and left the bathroom. I left the club. I went home. I went to the apartment I had shared with Sarah. Sarah was left at the club explaining why the guest of honor had left the party.

I packed a suitcase with some of my belongings. I decided that I needed some space and time to think. Luckily I have a nice boat docked downtown which I had laughingly mentioned on a few occasions as a time out pad for situations like this. This would be the first time that I would be using it for this reason.

Just as I was ready to leave, Sarah came home. She saw the suitcase, saw the resolve on my face and crumbled again to the floor sobbing.

"I'm taking some time off, Sarah." I said as I finished gathering my things. "We'll have to figure out how to split things up."

"Oh, god," she moaned. "You're leaving me!"

I looked at her blankly. "Well, duh!" I said. "Apparently, setting aside the fact that you cheated on me during my party you set up and arranged in my HONOR ... you also seem to prefer that assholes cock to mine."

She wailed when I mentioned that.

"I don't think there's really any future for us, seeing as you don't like my equipment, and you have so little respect for me as to cheat on me and at my own party no less!"

"It ... it ... didn't mean anything..." she muttered through gasps. "I just wasn't thinking..."

I stopped her. "You see, this is why it's over, dear Sarah. For you it meant nothing. For me, it meant everything." With that, I left her still collapsed on the floor.

I guess this is the part of the story where I tell you about my supposed great relationship with Sarah, how we met, how it was love at first sight, etc. Well, truth be told, it wasn't love at first sight. We had known each other for a time before we started dating as friends. We had things in common and just drifted towards each other. One night we wound up sleeping with each other and after that we couldn't leave each other alone. Six months later she moved into my apartment and we started making house together. We were exclusive, or so I thought.

We had our ups and downs, and upon reflection there were times when she was away from me, that I can't be certain that she was faithful to me, but I was to her. As graduation time approached, I started putting my life into perspective. I wanted to settle down. My future was now planned out and I sure wanted to have someone to share my future with me. I thought Sarah could be the one.

It was those intentions that found me purchasing a Tiffany's ring for her a week before my party that she had insisted that we have. This was a momentous occasion, and Sarah was always one for a big party. Her sister was in attendance, and my family was as well. I had prepared her sister and my family that I had a big question for Sarah and wanted them to be there for the occasion. They were all sure that I was going to propose, and that Sarah would happily accept. Then I found her sucking off Mr. Better-cock-than-mine in the bathroom.

Once settled on the boat, I changed into some sleep wear and turned my cell phone on. Ten messages! I ignored them and called my dad. He was happy to hear from me, concerned about the change of events, and then sad when I told him how I caught Sarah. He promised to pass on my message to everyone else, as I didn't feel like retelling the story to everyone in the family. Hanging up, I shut off my cell and tried to sleep.

The next morning, I focused on putting my life together. I tried to look at the bright side of things. No legal entanglements, no divorce, no lawyers, no splitting of assets, no child support. I really was lucky to find out about the slut before things could have gotten complicated.

The first thing I did was go back to Tiffany's and return the ring. I now was $16,000 richer! The apartment was on a month to month lease, so I could move out anytime I liked. I settled in for breakfast at a diner and turned my cell back on. Anne called immediately. That was Sarah's sister. I hesitated and then decided to get things over with and answered.

"Hi Anne," I said.

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