Assistance Appreciated

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hummiliated husband wants help with his bitch wife and get it in unusual way during a vacation trip.

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My name is Albert Breen, 34 years old, self-employed accountant and in most ways an average Scandinavian guy. When I arrived at an expensive two days long tax information course at a nice conference center I was surprised to see my old school mate Fabian Holm there. Rumors had him spending some time behind bars. However, as old mates we took seats next to each other and decided to take some drinks and talk about the old times after the dinner.

During a boring and uninteresting part of the course he shoved me a Christmas card with a few lines written after the usual greetings that said, "Read it."

It read," Dear Fabian, Vera and I are celebrating the five happy years of our renewed marriage, and once again wish to thank you for what you did for us. I can't find Anders' address so I want you to thank him for me if you see him. You two really saved my marriage and made me the happiest man on the earth. Never hesitate to contact me if you ever need any help. Your friend Nick."

Fabian told me that he got such a card from this Nick every year and there was an incredible story behind those lines. He promised to tell me more about it later at the bar after dinner, which he did.

Here is his story:

I Fabian Holm was regarded as a "bad boy" and therefore not very popular in my small Scandinavian hometown because of my two bankrupted enterprises, which had cost some "good people" a lot of their money. Hunted by the bailiff for big debts and usually unemployed because nobody wants to hire an ex jailbird though I only spent a month there for drunk driving. However, everything changed when I met Anders a childhood friend from my part of the town who was into some big "monkey-business" in company wrecking and needed a goalkeeper. He wanted somebody much better than the usual "drinker" the big boys used for those matters. The "goalkeeper" is a man who legally is responsible for everything when a company is drained on all its assets. I took the job because I had nothing to loose.

Anders offered me some training for the job and bought two tickets for a week long charter holiday trip to Fuerteventura, one of the Spanish Canary islands a short distance, only 100 km out in the Atlantic Ocean at the west of Morocco. We had an apartment at a nice hotel just south of Corralejo, a small town at the northern end of the island. Not much nightlife, which was OK for Anders because he wanted me to learn a lot about my job. The first two days we really worked hard with only short breaks for meals. Then the third day everything suddenly changed. We got new neighbors.

They were a Scandinavian couple in their mid forties. She was a real hot bitch; nice body, nice legs, nice hair, nice face and sexy walk. But she treated her husband in a very bitchy way, which got Anders to feel sorry for that poor man. A true evidence that nobody is pure bad or good, not even a high level swindler as Anders who is a genuine bad guy.

He surprised me by saying, "That damn bitch needs to be fucked to better behavior."

"Yes, indeed, but who's going to do that?"

"We, of course, who else? I feel it is our damn duty to do that." "That's impossible. We can't do that."

"Nothing is impossible my dear Fabian. You ought to learn that a real man can do everything he wants to do, that's the damn truth. Never forget that. Take our handling of that bitch as a useful lesson."

We went out to the pool where the couple was sitting. Anders introduced us and waived to the pool bartender for four drinks. After some small talk we found out that they were Vera and Nicklas, called Nick, both of them were teachers in our national capital. To my surprise Anders told them that we were going on a trip around the island tomorrow and asked them to join us as we had space left in our car. Back at our room Anders got a good laugh when I objected that we neither had any car nor any intentions of going around the island.

"Just relax and learn to handle slight problems."

It was a slight problem. We went in to the town center for dinner and Anders hired a taxi for the next day's round trip.

Next morning our driver José was at our hotel at the expected time with his Mercedes 220. As Nick had told us that he had read a few facts about the island Anders placed him in the front seat with Vera behind him, me in the middle and himself behind the driver. There are two roads between north and south on the about 100 km long and narrow island, and only 30 km at its widest point. Off we went and José suggested the inland road over the mountains southward and Nick agreed. José was a good guide and we did stops at some old churches and other old buildings of interest for Nick, who took a lot of pictures.

At the old governor's residence from Columbus days José told us that Columbus had been a naughty boy when during his first trip to America stopped at La Gomera, one of the other Canary Islands. He was invited to live at the governor's residence and within a short time he had gotten involved in an affair with the governor's pretty wife. When the poor husband objected to that, Columbus and his wife accused him of high treason against the king. The poor man was brought to trial, found guilty and got his head chopped off.

Nick replied that it had been much better for the natives in America if the naughty Columbus had been chopped instead of the poor innocent governor. Vera got us all laughing by saying that it must have been a useful lesson for all stupid husbands who never understand what is the best for their wives.

José knew a nice bar for a coffee and brandy break and then a restaurant on the top of the highest mountain where we had lunch. Anders paid everything for all of us. When Nick suggested pay for the lunch he got an angry look from Vera and gave up his attempts to do that. Vera had drunk a real share of the "free wine" during the lunch and Anders sat next to her when the trip went on again. They had a pleasant chat and he did his best to get even Nick involved in it. Thou Vera was wearing a short skirt, Anders didn't make any attempt to caress her nice legs. When José did a stop at a church which is famous for it's spice shop Anders bought her a package of the very expensive spice saffron. She thanked him with a real hug and a kiss.

José said a funny comment about it and suggested him to buy more spices. We all got a good laugh. Anders didn't make any attempts to touch her neither during the stops we did on the south coast of the island nor in the back seat going northward on the coast road back to the hotel.

At the hotel Anders suggested Vera and Nick have dinner together with us at the hotel. Anders paid the bill and Vera was in a very jolly mood after the good wine at the dinner. She and Nick agreed to join us in our room for a drink and chat.

After a large whisky and several good stories about wild parties Anders told Vera that during his last business trip to Nice in France he and his secretary had spent a pleasant evening with his French host, his wife and two other couples. One of the women had suggested them to swim naked in the pool. When his female secretary had refused and said 'never' the host persuaded her to play a simple card game. She had won nice money, lost her clothes, and joined the others in the pool. Everybody had fun and nobody had harassed her in any way.

It was easy to see that Vera got interested in a game which gave the player good money without risking to lose any of her own. When Anders asked her if she was interested to try it, she didn't say no.

Anders continued, "We can't be naked to the pool but you know that there are many people lying naked in the large sand area between the coast road and the ocean. Most German tourists in all those wind shelters are naked. May I suggest that we are doing the same thing for a couple of hours after breakfast tomorrow? If you Vera feel a bit shy, we can play a round of the game here and now."

I supported him by saying that it would be fun and even Nick was immediately for it. Vera didn't say anything until Anders put up a deck of cards and several 50 and 100 Euro bills on the table.

Then she said, without asking Nick for his opinion. "Can't do any harm to try a funny game, tell me the rules."

However, Anders asked Nick, got an OK and thereafter told us the simple rules. She had to choose five cards from the deck with their backsides up. Turn them one by one with a few minutes between. If the card was red, she had to strip one cloth. Every black card between two and ten gave her 50 Euro and all black cards over 10 gave her 100 Euro. With a very good luck she could win 500 Euro, which is about 600 in US$.

Anders spread the deck over the table and she picked up five cards and laid them aside. He took away the remaining cards and asked her to turn one card. It was the king of clubs and Anders gave her a 100 Euro bill, which got her eyes sparkling. When she turned the next card a few minutes later it was the five of hearts, which cost her skirt. The next was the seven of hearts and cost her top. Then the king of diamonds cost her bra. After a whisky and some funny chat two of clubs gave her further 50 Euro.

Then she gave Anders a real hug and suggested one more game. Anders agreed with the condition that if she lost her panties, the game was over. She took her five cards and turned the first, the eight of clubs for 50 Euro. But the next was the queen of diamonds and her panties got off.

Instead of being shy she had got a bit exited of the situation and after some giggling she asked Anders, "What about the young beautiful secretary, what happened to her when you got her naked?"

"It is a main rule for all, myself included, in my business that never harass any female employees. We just had fun in the pool and then went back to our hotel where we took a nightcap in the bar. But there she began to tell me about the problems in her marriage and asked me for advice about how to get her husband interested in a better sex life. Though she was young and attractive he had lost much of his interest for sex with her. I couldn't say no to help her and about one month later I got a nice greeting card in which she thanked me for saving her marriage."

"What did you do to her?"

"A real gentleman will always have sealed lips."

Once again she gave Anders a real hug but he didn't do any attempts to caress her and even Nick took it as a joke and had no objections.

The next morning after breakfast we packed a bag with some beer and snacks and went to the part of the playa where naked people were most common. Just south of Corralejo there is a large area where the warm western wind called Scirocco has brought sand from Sahara on a large area. Among the dunes and few bushes people have built about a half meter high round wind shelters of piled black lava stones.

Of course, it was no idea to try to find any such empty nest at that time so Anders went to the largest one within an acceptable distance from the next one. After some negotiations and Euro bills an old German and his wife left the place with a satisfied smile on their faces and wished to see us at the same time tomorrow again.

As instructed earlier in the morning I asked if anybody wanted go with me to the water behind a dune, about 50 meters from our nest. Just as expected Vera sent Nick with me. When we returned about twenty minutes later we found Anders and Vera well oiled all over their bodies so even if they hadn't done anything else, they had got a good massage all over their bodies. Vera oiled Nick's and my backsides before she and Anders went to the sea. Jokingly she even oiled my cock and got a sweet smile when she noted its reaction.

We gave up the sun bathing at noon and Anders and I worked hard with the business plan the whole time between lunch and dinner. Anders went away to the town center for shopping. At the evening Anders had invited Vera and Nick for dinner at a good restaurant in town where the girl in our hotel reception had fixed a table.

I noted that Vera had skipped her usual, "don't drink too much" nagging to Nick and kept his glass filled. After the great dinner we went to a tourist trap for listening to an Elvis look-alike and a few further drinks before we went back to the hotel. Though Nick looked rather tired Vera poured him a large whisky when we were sitting around the table in our room. She agreed when Anders suggested a sunbath tomorrow again and card game now. Same rules as yesterday and 150 Euro later Vera vas naked.

Then Anders suggested an extra game. 100 Euro if she won and if she lost Anders was allowed to shave her pussy. She won the first round but lost already the next. Before we did anything to her, we carried the now sleeping Nick to their room. Back in ours again we laid her over the bed where Anders first cut her pubic hair with scissors and then shaved it with his electric shaver. When he was ready with that, he began to kiss and lick her new shaved pussy. When she began to groan loudly, he told me it was my turn. I did as told and Anders took the few steps to the other side of the bed, took off his clothes, gripped her nice boobies and put his now erected cock in her open mouth. She gagged for a while but when he told her to suck harder she obeyed.

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