Together at Last

by LordSith77

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A little story describing a secret encounter.

My cell phone rings, caller ID says the call is from you.

I quickly answer it, "Hi sexy!"

I hear you say "I'm in town, alone"

I find out where you are and give you directions to my house, and then hang up the phone. My heart is pounding with excitement. I can't wait for you to be here, so I can kiss you and hold you in my arms.

A few minutes later, there is a knock at my door. As I open the door and see you, you reach out and grab hold of my head, pulling it towards you. You close your eyes and cock your head slightly. I do the same and place my lips upon yours, relishing the feel of your lips as they meet with mine.

We both lose all self control and begin kissing madly. I use my tongue to part your lips, and get my first taste of your tongue. Our tongues dance together for what seems like an eternity, before we finally break our kiss, and look into each other's eyes. I can see the lust in your yes, and I'm sure you can see it in mine.

I grab hold of your hand, and bring you into the house, closing the door behind you. I walk you to my bedroom and lead you to my bed. I sit you down and turn to close the door and lock it.

When I turn back around to face you, you are lying on your back, kneading your breasts. I climb onto the bed and begin kissing you again. Our hands are exploring each other's bodies. I feel your hands rubbing up and down on my back, every now and then grabbing hold of my ass as you gently squeeze it.

In the caressing, my hands have found your breasts, and begin massaging them. I slide my hands down your sides and grab hold of the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up. I stop kissing you to see your body as more of it comes into view. I bend down and gently kiss your now bare belly, as I raise your shirt more, following the exposing skin with little kisses.

You raise your upper body to allow me to remove your shirt completely, and I'm kissing every inch of exposed skin. You grab hold of my shirt, and just about rip it off my body and throw it to the side. We are now both topless and our hands once again begin to explore. Again we are kissing and our tongues begin to dance to the beat of our hearts. My hands are on your back, and find the clasp to your bra. In one fluid motion, I have it unhooked and I slowly remove it exposing your breasts to my roaming hands. I fondle your breast in both hands and work my way to your nipples which I find are hard and sticking out at me. I gently pinch both at the same time as you suddenly gasp at the sensation. We're still kissing, as I begin to kiss my way down your face, onto your neck, gently nibbling on your skin, continuing down until I have your nipple in my mouth, and start sucking and lightly biting it.

You arch your back up in an attempt to give more of yourself to me. Still nibbling on your nipple, my hands have found their way to your pants and are unsnapping them. You lift your body up, off the bed and allow me to remove your pants. I sit up and look down at you, now laying there in just your panties. I can see the wetness between your legs as I reach out and stroke the front of your panties. Your body shivers at the touch of my fingers to your body. I grab hold of the sides of your panties and slowly remove them. As my hands get to your knees, it forces my body to bend which brings my face only inches from your freshly shaved pussy. I am so close, I can smell the aroma and it intoxicates me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath through my nose, inhaling your essence. It's like an expensive perfume and makes my brain swirl in thoughts. Suddenly, I feel your hands on the back of my head, gently bringing it closer to your wet pussy. My hands come up, rubbing your thighs as they move up to your ass. I grab a hold of you, and raise your body closer to my face, and plant a wet kiss on your pussy lips. The smell and feeling is so wonderful, I open my lips and suck your lips into my mouth. Savoring your taste as my tongue begins entering your body. The taste is too much and I begin sucking and licking your pussy like a hungry wolf. My tongue flicks over your clit and I feel your body jump in response. I do it again. You're shaking. You taste so good. I bring a hand up and slide a finger up inside you as my lips clamp around your clit and suck. I pull your clit into my mouth and my tongue begins to slide all over it, licking every part of it. I now have two fingers in you, pumping in and out. Your body is arching more; you're pushing your pussy harder into my face, your hands on the back of my head, grinding it into your pussy.

"Oh god" you moan, as I continue my assault on your clit. "I'm going to cum" you whisper breathlessly.

I start to lick all around your clit as my fingers are pumping your pussy faster. My tongue is matching the speed of my fingers buried deep within you. Your body begins to lurch. You pull my face and push it into your dripping pussy. I can feel your pussy convulsing around my fingers, trying to pull them deeper. I hear a low groan emit from your mouth, as you cum, flooding my mouth with your sweet nectar. I move my tongue to the entrance of your pussy as happily lick up all your juices. I continue to lick as your body starts to calm.

You grab my hair, and raise my head from between your legs. You pull me up and French kiss me like a mad woman. Still holding me by my hair, you throw me over onto the bed so that I'm on my back. You roll over with me, climbing on top of me. You start kissing my face, my neck, and then my chest. You get to my nipples and bite one of them. My hips thrust up into the air at the feeling.

"You remembered" I breathlessly say to you. You just look up at me smiling, as you kiss your way to my other nipple and bite that one. Sucking on my nipple, your hand has found its way to my pants and undoes my button. You are kissing all over my chest, going lower while your hands remove my pants and boxers at the same time. Lower and lower your kissing until you are kissing just below my belly button. When my clothing goes low enough, you can see that my cock is covered in pre-cum. You bring up one of your hands to gather the pre-cum up, placing it into your mouth. You look up at me as your finger slides out of your closed mouth, "Yummy! I want more" you say, then lower your mouth to me.

You begin licking the underside of the shaft. Going from my balls to the head and back again. You have now removed all my clothing and have placed your hands on my cock, stroking it while your tongue licks up and down on it. You grab hold of it with one hand, look into my eyes, and smile as you lower your head, opening your mouth to take me in. As your lips close around my cock, you can hear me gasp. You suck in deep, bringing your face closer to my stomach. Moving back and forth, while your tongue is playing with the underside of my cock, you continue to give me the best blow job I've ever had in my life. My hands go to your head, and slowly move your head up and down my cock.

After a few minutes of this, I pull your mouth from my cock, and raise you up to my face. I kiss you deeply, as you position your body over mine, aligning your pussy over my cock, you feel the head rub across your pussy lips. When it's in the right spot, you impale yourself down upon me, driving my cock deep into your soaking pussy. Both of our heads throw back in shear ecstasy. We stay motionless, just enjoying the feeling. You begin to rock back and forth, sliding my cock out of you, then back deep within your bald pussy. I can feel the walls of your pussy clasping around me as you continue to fuck yourself on top of me. My hands are fondling your breasts, as we begin to make love faster.

We continue to make love like this, when you feel my hands grab you by your waist. I sit up, and take your nipple into my mouth and suck on it, while you impale yourself onto my cock deeper and deeper. I raise my knee up, and shift you to the side. You have a look on your face on question, but soon it change to excitement, as I push you down, rolling over to climb on top of you, never removing my pulsating cock from your pussy.

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