by papatoad

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: After being humiliated by his coworkers concerning his wife's sexual activities at a company party, he finds comfort in the bottle. Returning to reality, he feels compelled to seek revenge, before abandoning his life as he knew it.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   .

I always hated Mondays. This one would turn out to be one of my worst ones. My wife, Peggy, was very despondent and moody. She fixed breakfast for the boys and I as if she were a robot. She wasn't being nasty, just depressed. It didn't help to brighten the morning. I had no idea what brought it on and didn't feel inclined to ask her.

My sons, Robert, sixteen and Dave, eighteen left for school about the same time I left for work. For the last fifteen years I worked for a freight company that loaded and unloaded container ships. It was hard work but paid good money. I had always wanted to go to sea and this was as close as I could get. My dream was to sail all over the world and see different lands and people. It was in my blood and sometimes I would get depressed just knowing that it would never happen. Home and family seemed to take precedence. I was happy with my home life. I had two great sons and a loving wife who I adored. Unfortunately it was Monday.

The part I hated most about my work was some of the people I worked with. Colin Farrell was the most obnoxious guy in the world and he had three buddies always hanging around: Bob Timbers, Ray Collins and Freddy Springer. The five of us went to high school together, I didn't like them then and I didn't like them now.

"Hey Grady, missed you at the party Saturday night." It seemed like Colin was going to start something early today. There was a company party Saturday night. The boys and I had to go to Chester to help my father move out of his house. My mother died six months ago and dad decided to move into something smaller. Peggy was disappointed so I told her to go to the party without us. When we got back Sunday night I ask her how the party was and she just said OK.

I just glared at Colin and didn't say anything.

"We are sorry you couldn't make it Grady but thanks for letting your wife come. She made the whole evening worthwhile."

I found myself clenching my fists as I listened to his group of hyenas giggling like girls. They seemed to be having a private joke at my expense. As I started to walk away Colin followed and continued his taunting.

"She sure has developed into a fine piece since high school, Grady. You are one lucky guy to have that to come home to every night."

I could see that it was going to be a long day. The veins in my forehead started popping and I could feel the tendons in my neck tightening. All my life I had to fight to control my temper. Again I tried to walk away. I turned to face the group and Colin flipped something towards to. It was red, it was soft and it was a pair of panties.

"Peggy forgot these Saturday. She might need them to go with that red bra she was wearing." The entire group broke out laughing.

I stood looking at them without raising my head. The red silk fell onto the concrete loading platform at my feet. I made no effort to pick it up. I suddenly realized that I had stopped breathing and felt my stomach muscles tensing. I was becoming a coiled spring of fury ready to unwind. I could take anyone of them with no problem but all of them at once might be difficult. At this point I didn't care. I started to move toward my tormenters when a huge hand grabbed my shoulder.

Josh Hamilton, the dock foreman, looked me in the eye and simply nodded his head toward the main office. Nothing was said. I glared at the group with a hatred they never saw before and followed Josh up the stairs. For some reason all of them stopped laughing and got worried looks on their faces.

Josh went into Henry Clarks' office and I sat down across from Henry's secretary, Sally.

"Grady, would you like a cup of coffee?"

"No thanks. I'm too upset to hold a cup right now."

I could see Josh and Henry talking through the glass partition. It seemed serious.

"Sally, were you at the party Saturday night?" She simply nodded yes.

"Can you tell me what the hell happened? I have no idea what is going on. Peggy didn't say anything and I don't know what to do."

"I shouldn't say anything Grady. That is something you should take up with your wife."

"You were there Sally. You saw what happened. Just give me a clue." Sally was fumbling around with some papers on her desk trying to figure out how she could get out of talking to me. "Please Sally, I need to know."

"Peggy showed up at the party dressed to kill. After about an hour Colin started to pump drinks into her. She seemed to be having a good time. Collin would whisper things to his posse every time he got the drinks refilled and they would all laugh. Finally Peggy and Colin went in the back to the storeroom. About thirty minutes later Bob, Ray and Freddy went back. We didn't see any of them for an hour and then they all showed up again laughing and joking. Peggy was smiling but looked like hell. Her hair and her dress were messed up. She and Colin left together about ten minutes later."

"Thanks Sally. I didn't want to hear that but it explains things."

We sat silent for about ten more minutes. Josh came out and nodded for me to go in.

"Grady, I am not happy about what went on this morning. Colin, Ray, Bob and Freddy each got a week off with no pay. I want you to take two weeks vacation. Josh told me what happened Saturday and I assume this is the first you heard of it. I can't afford to have anybody in the hospital. I don't believe any of this is your fault but I expect you to have things straightened out before you come back. I'll do what ever I can to help you through this, just ask. Now get out of here."

I nodded thank you to Henry and thanked Sally again as I left the office. Colin and his boys were nowhere around as I went to the parking area. I left the panties on the dock.

I didn't go home. I started driving north, looking for a sanctuary where I could lose myself. I had a long time to think about the past and the present.

Peggy and I went to high school together. She was big, fat, sloppy and not what you would call attractive. She didn't know how to groom herself or to put on make up. Her hair always looked like crap. She was not in any 'in' groups and was basically a social outcast. Of course that is what attracted me to her. I was six foot three and weighted close to three hundred pounds. I was large but also clumsy, shy and nothing to look at. I was too awkward to play any sports.

Colin Farrell was just the opposite. He was good-looking, smooth talking and athletic. I know it sounds stupid, but the rumor was that the girls would try to get Colin to take them out so that he could pop their cherries. He never had a steady girl friend but never went without a date. I hated the guy. He would brag about his conquests and the girls didn't seem to mind, all except Peggy.

Peggy had tried to get Colin to take her out. She wanted to be able to say he was her first. Colin not only turned her down, but he told the whole school about it. He said he only fucked girls and wasn't about to stoop low enough to screw a pig. The kids in school thought it was a hoot but Peggy was crushed.

I viewed this as my chance to move in. Since I had no idea how to court a girl, I just started being friendly. Pretty soon we became close and by the time we finished school we were a couple. I was the one that got to pop her.

I got a job out of school as a construction laborer. In a years time my flab was gone and I was all muscle and sinew. I was strong and coordinated. It felt good to no longer be a walking joke. Peggy and I were married within a year. Robert and Dave were born very close together and Peggy started working out at a neighborhood gym shortly after. The transformation was amazing. Somewhere along the way she learned how to fix her hair, put on just the right amount of make up and dress to kill. She looked good and I was proud to have her for my wife. I loved her when she was a frog and my reward was a princess. When I got the job at the loading dock our whole life took a change for the better, until today.

The A14 turned into the A1 as I continued to knock down the miles. I knew where I was going and it was just a matter of time. I thought about my two sons. They came from large powerful stock and showed it. We made sure that both of them were active so that they wouldn't turn into the lumps we did. Dave was about two inches taller than Robert and a little leaner. Robert had large hands and large arms. Both of them were fit and able to take care of themselves. We taught them restraint and the importance of not being a bully. They both had the same goal, to go to sea. I guess it was in the blood. I promised I would help them in whatever they wanted to do.

Peggy was a good mother and a great wife. She kept a good house and did not waste money on frivolous things. We had a great sex life, or so I thought. Oral sex was a standard part of our lovemaking. Occasionally she would allow me access to her back door. She did not seem to really enjoy anal sex so it was not a usual thing. Her breasts were a little on the large size, and while her body firmed up from working out, the boobies didn't. There was nothing wrong with them, it was just that they looked like real boobs and not the plastic, stick up in the air ones. When she rode atop of me they would swing back and forth and up and down. I used to kid about giving herself a black eye if she wasn't careful. We had fun when we had sex and I was perfectly content with that part of our life.

I found myself on the M6, still clicking off the miles. The shadows were getting long and I was hoping to arrive before dark. It was a seven hours trip to Port Patrick but it was the only place I wanted to be right now. I kept looking for the A75 and finally found it as the sun went down. There were plenty of parking spaces this time of year by the Duke's Duck. I gave my keys to the barkeep and ask for a room by the week. I had no luggage, change of clothes or razor but didn't care. He took the room key off the hook, gave it to me and hung my car keys in the same spot. I took a pint and sat down in the back corner. The streetlight was shining through the amber bottle glass window by my head. It was time to get numb and forget the world.

I would find myself waking up in my room late in the mornings. I vaguely remembered how I got there. Usually one of the local regulars would help me up the stairs and drop me on top of the bed. I never did get under the sheets. I splashed some water on my face and a couple times took a shower. I had to put the same clothes back on so the shower didn't really help much, odor wise. I was getting a fierce looking beard. I had never let my facial hair grow and it was a little unnerving to see it in the condition I was in. Every couple days they ran my credit card through to keep the tab up to date. I had been wallowing in self-pity for a long while and I was starting to get sick of it.

I was sitting, glassy eyed, staring at the dartboard for the thousandth time when two uniforms walked in. I watched them without looking at them. They talked to the barkeep a while and he nodded in my direction. He also pointed to my keys on the wall behind him. I assumed they were looking for me. I was amazed at my own intelligence. They didn't even try to talk to me. They just pumped coffee into me for the next two hours.

"Grady, Grady Baxter. Do you think you can talk to us?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"We just need to talk. Are you up to it?"

"Can we go outside?"

The sun was shining but everything was wet. The cobbles on the street in from of the pub were slick and I took my time walking across to the seawall. The whole street was on a slope and I still felt a little tipsy. The cool air was marvelous as it filled my lungs. I don't smoke but the air inside was so thick the results were the same. I leaned over the granite sea wall and threw up. It was mostly liquid because I hadn't eaten much solid food the last few days. My head started to clear and so did my eyes. My two companions waited patiently while I got myself together. I was starting to feel obligated for putting them to so much trouble. The bench I sat on was wet but I didn't care.

"What can I help you with gentlemen?"

"First of all, we were trying to find you, since you were missing for ten days. Second we are trying to locate Colin Farrell and were hoping you could help us."

"Well you found me, so that part is solved. I haven't seen Colin Farrell since the day I arrived here. I believe the barkeep has already informed you that I have not left the Inn since I checked in. I have no idea where Colin is but I think I will be looking for him when I get home."

I chatted with them for about another hour. They had nothing to charge me with and after they found me safe, they seemed to only be interested in talking about Colin. They located me thought the credit card charges. I'll remember not to make that mistake again, if it ever comes up.

I went down the hill and bought some fresh clothes and a toothbrush. I decided I would keep the beard awhile even thought it looked like crap. After a final shower I paid my bill and started home. I stopped about four times on the way. Twice I got something to eat but mostly I was just trying to delay my arrival. There was nothing pleasant or enjoyable waiting for me at home. I did want to see my boys though.

She was sitting on the couch. There was only one light on in the living room. She watched me with her hands on her lap, afraid to move. It looked as if she had been crying but it was hard to be sure in the dim light. I went to get a beer but the thought of it made me a little nauseous so I grabbed a coke instead. I sat in the recliner across from her and waited for her to say something.

"The boys are staying with friends for the night. It was my idea so that we would have some private time to talk."

"Why didn't you tell me about it before I found out?"

"I don't know. I was scared I guess."

"About what?"

"I wasn't sure what you would think or do. I did something stupid and it backfired on me."

"Backfired? What the hell backfired?"

"You won't get mad at me will you Grady?"

"I don't know. It would probably be better if you told the truth but we'll have to wait and see."

"Grady do you remember what Colin did to me in high school?"


"I have been wanting to get even with him for that ever since it happened. Saturday night at the party it seemed like a good time so I set a trap for him."

"Doesn't sound like the story I heard."

"Listen to me Grady. Like I said, it backfired on me. I dressed up real good and Colin started to hit up on me. I let him think it was working and he suggested we go back to the storeroom. We kissed a little because I had to do it, to set him up. After a while he was playing with my tits, but outside my bra. I slipped my panties off and waved them under his nose to tempt him and make sure he was hard."

"Why were you doing this? What were you thinking?"

"I wanted to get even with him. I wanted to make him pay for humiliating me. Anyway, I noticed the bulge in his pants so I told him to take them off so we could enjoy ourselves. He dropped his pants and underwear and then I did the thing that girls are never supposed to do."

"Ok. What the hell did you do?"

"I pointed at his hard pecker and started to laugh. I told him that it was a pathetic excuse for a cock and that there was no way I was going to let any body with a tiny wienie like that screw me. As I teased him about his manhood it started to shrink until there was nothing left but a limp thingy."

"That was a rotten thing to do but appropriate in this case. Go on."

"I got myself together and opened the door to leave. Bob, Ray and Freddy were waiting outside the door. Evidently Colin had told them they could have seconds after he finished with me and they were patiently waiting their turns. I walked passed them and went to the ladies room laughing. When I came back to the party they were all standing around with big smiles on their faces. Apparently they had told all the other guys at the party they had screwed me in the storeroom. They said that to get even with me for humiliating Colin. I was upset and left."

"I heard that you left with Colin."

"That's not true. I left by myself and drove straight home.

"You left your panties there for Colin?"

"No, I just forgot them when I left."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"After they twisted everything around I got scared. I didn't know what to say to you."

"So you let me find out for my self in front of all my work mates. I felt like a fool, like a cuckold. They were teasing me about what went on and I couldn't even reply because I didn't know anything. I had to find out from a secretary what happened and her story doesn't exactly match yours."

"She wasn't there. I was. What I told you is what happened. Damn it Grady, I am your wife. You are supposed to stick up for me and support me." Peggy started to cry and walked into the kitchen. I sat there with my coke and watched as she leaned on the Formica table and softly cried. I loved her more than anything. She was the only girl I ever cared about. She was feeding me bullshit and putting on the water works. Peggy had an agenda to preserve her marriage. Sally had no reason in the world to lie to me. I felt an urge to start questioning Peggy on each and every inconsistency in her story but decided not to. I couldn't change what happened and by forcing Peggy to admit to something that she didn't want to wouldn't accomplish anything. I did want to know the truth but I wasn't going to get it from her. I figured I would leave things as they were and let her relax. I took another shower and got into bed with my wife. She laid her head on my shoulder, whispered that she loved me and we both fell asleep. I still had some days coming before it was time to go back to work. The boys were glad to see me but were a little standoffish. I suggested a drive to London, which was quickly accepted. Peggy seemed to be happy that the men in her family were bonding. On the drive to London I found out the boys were both suspended for fighting, a strict No-No in our family. Reluctantly they explained they were getting a lot of flack about their mothers' party escapade and finally decided to put an end to it. Several boys with smart mouths ended up with loose teeth and black eyes. They kept the suspension from their mother but ask me for an explanation about the party. I put it off. We went to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. I ask for three applications and the boys were ecstatic. It took an hour to fill out all the forms. I had the all the documents we needed, including birth records and passports. After each of us had a short interview they gave us medical forms to be filled out by a physician. We went to Wagamama for supper and started home. It was agreed that nothing would be said to their mother or to their friends. The physicals were completed the next day and all we had to do now was wait. I always loved Peggy. She was the only girl I ever loved. She was the only girl I ever had sex with. In fact she was the only girl I ever kissed. It was difficult for me to believe that she had done something this low. I found her actions despicable and unforgivable. I was still willing to give her a chance, if by some reason her story could be proven but the odds were long. The end of that week she put the final nail in her coffin. Peggy had been very attentive. She was careful never to mention anything about the party or any references to anything relating to the party. She never discussed my trip to Port Patrick. She was trying everything in her power to resume our life just how it had been. That night she was very amorous in bed. After the lights went out she started nibbling my neck and slowly worked her way down my body. She was not using her hands, just her tongue and her teeth. She sucked, kissed and nibbled her way down to my now erect tool. It had been several weeks since I had any relief and when her lips slid over my swollen head it only took a few moments for me to gush my warmth into her mouth. She held her head still and didn't move until I had finished coming then I could hear her swallow and start licking and sucking again. This time she got me hard and straddled over me while slowing lowering her body until our pubic hair met. She was grinding herself into me in a slow steady rhythm. The lights were out but I could still see her body rocking up and down, back and forth. She was moaning in a quiet animal like fashion. It was a determined movement that quickly achieved the results she was looking for. I could feel her legs quiver as she put most of her weight on her arms and wiggled her hips in tiny little circles. Finally her whole body tensed up and shook as she had her first climax. Our bodies got warm and sticky and I could feel the bed sheets getting wet underneath me. Although she was still moving as before, it was different. The friction was gone. I was now sliding in and out of a soft moist tunnel. I could feel her body raising and falling on top of me but the only feeling around my member was warmth. She continued her movements and the warmth turned to heat. Soon I could again feel myself responding and at last it came. I raised my hips high into the air as I shot my second load into her waiting body. She pushed down on me and we fought each other this way until I finally collapsed in exhaustion. She climbed up to lay aside of me and we slept until morning. The next day at breakfast I was hit with the ultimate in stupidity. "Grady, I was thinking. I would like to have another baby." Now I knew what the love session the night before was all about. We need a little background here to be able to appreciate the stupidity of this comment. Peggy had been on birth control pills for several years after the boys were born. About three years ago she started complaining about the side effects of the pills. I won't go into the specifics but she was having different types of female problems that were supposed to be either caused or aggravated by the pills. In any event she decided to stop taking them. We were not using any other type of birth control. A short time later I was in the doctors' office for a rotor cuff problem. I ask him about getting clipped and twenty minutes later I was sterile. I never mentioned this to Peggy, didn't see any need to. For the last three years Peggy and I have been having unprotected sex. No pills, no condom, no diaphragm. At no time did Peggy ever mention or wonder why she wasn't getting pregnant. Now all of a sudden she wants to wave a magic wand and have a baby. Either she is extremely stupid or she thinks I am extremely stupid. I looked at her in amazement. "I think that would be great honey." Now being a man, I don't know much about pregnancy but since it had been almost three weeks since the party there is a good chance that Peggy had missed a period and was covering her ass. This put a whole new light on things so I decided to move up my schedule.

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