Pin Holes

by papatoad

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: : He knew she was cheating and was looking for the right time and place to confront her.

I have been driving for the last two hours to the Marriot in Baltimore. My wife was there on a conference and I was going to surprise her by dropping in and taking her to supper. Yah, right! For the last three months I have suspected my wife of having an affair with one of her co-workers. I just had the feeling that every time she was taking one of her business trips, training sessions or conferences she was really getting laid. Tonight I was going to catch her in the act and end it for all.

My wife, Megan and I, have been married for 14 years. We have two beautiful children, Sarah 12 and Todd 10. Right now, they are staying with my mother. Megan and I had gotten married right out of high school. We dated the last two years of school and it was a natural move into the marriage. She was bright and always happy. She wore her brown hair long. She was thin and had strong angular facial features. There was not an ounce of fat on her. I always thought we had a strong marriage until about three months ago. It was just little things and nothing I could really pin down. I hated to ask her about it or confront her because I was afraid of looking paranoid or jealous. Today's meeting was close enough that I could unexpectedly drop in and maybe catch her in the act.

I took my suit bag with me to the counter.

"Hi. I'm Phil Jenkins. My wife Megan is here for the insurance conference and is in room 214. She said I could pick up a key here."

After checking the computer the clerk got a key. "Could I see some identification please?"

"No problem. Its good that you ask." I showed him my driver's license.

I was nervous as hell as I walked to the elevator. What was I going to do when I caught her? What was I going to say? Should I knock or just walk in? Will she have the safety latch on? Will she be alone? Will she even be in the room?

As I walked down the hall I decided to just put the key in the lock and try to open the door. I will have to see what happens after that.

I tried to be as quiet as I could. After unlocking the door I opened it and found Megan sitting at a desk with her briefcase open doing paper work.

She turned around with a gasp. "Damn it Phil you scared me to death. What the hell are you doing here?"

"Hi Honey. I had a little spare time and though I would drop in and take you to supper."

"Great, you are staying the night aren't you? I sure could use a little company." She walked over and gave me a big kiss. Well it looks like my great plan to catch my cheating wife was a complete bust.

"Do we have time for a quickie before we go to eat?" I hopefully asked.

"Hey, I have to take a shower first, but I'll tell you what. How about a quick blowjob before I shower. After we get back from supper we will have all night to do what ever you want."

Megan undressed and dropped her clothes to the floor. She came over and knelt down in front of me. She liked sucking me off while I was standing. As she unzipped my fly I couldn't help noticing her tiny titties with her special nipples. Megan had puffies. Her nipples were large for the size of her breasts and they were pointy. They stuck out about two inches and were the most suck able things I ever saw. I loved her nipples.

She gave a great blowjob. She knew just how much pressure to apply, just how deep to go and just how fast to move. She was a sucking machine. I was glad I was wrong about her cheating. I loved this woman and didn't want to lose her. As she slid her lips up and down my shaft I could feel her tongue flicking along the bottom. When she pulled back the tongue worked double time on my head. Each stroke got deeper and deeper. It was as if she knew just how long it would take and how to pace herself so that when the time came for me to cum she would be at her deepest thrusts. It never took long because it was just impossible to hold back when she got started. As my legs started to quiver she stroked deeper and sucked harder. I closed my eyes as I felt my whole body unloading into her warm mouth. It was heavenly.

"There, that should hold you until after supper."

With a big grin on her face she turned and went into the bathroom to take her shower. I put myself together and sat on the bed.

Megan's toiletry case was sitting on the dresser and I went over to see if she had a few aspirin to get rid of my headache from driving. I didn't find any pills but in the side pocket of her case I noticed something strange. I slowly pulled a pack of six condoms from the case. I held them in my hand as I sat on the bed.

After Todd was born, Megan went on birth control pills. They made her throw up when she took them so we decided that I would get a vasectomy. Since then we had not used any birth control. It was nice not having the hassle of condoms or pills. Of course now the question is what the hell are these doing in her toiletry case. I am not stupid and quickly came to the conclusion that my wonderful wife was indeed cheating. Now I didn't know what to do. Rummaging around in her case I found a couple of safety pins she kept for clothing emergencies. I took one of the pins and carefully poked a hole through the middle of each of the rubbers. I replaced them just as I found them. She was still in her shower so I took my cell phone and called a friend at home.

"Freddy. This is Phil. I need you to do a favor for me"

"No problem, what do you need?"

"Wait about an hour then call me on my cell and tell me a pipe burst at the school and they need me as soon as possible. Actually all you have to do is call and I'll fill it in at my end."

"Got it. I'll call about seven. See yah buddy."

I decided I really didn't want to spend the night with my wife. I was sorry that we did what we did already and did not want to add to it. I would be able to think on the drive home. I knew I had to something but at this point did not know what.

As Megan got out of the shower it was all I could do not to confront her. I was burning up inside and wanted to hurt this woman, who was my wife, in some fashion. I am not a violent man. I never lose my temper and try to stay cool under any situation. I also figured out it was better if I did not let her know that I was aware of her infidelity. By the time we got to the dining room I was totally depressed.

"Order anything you want dear, I can expense it."

"Well I'm not really that hungry. I think I'll just have the small filet."

"That's sound good for me too. How about a bottle of rose to go with that?"

After the waiter took the order I couldn't help myself. I had to probe a little. "Megan, are you happy with the way our marriage is going?"

"Of course. I have a nice home, two great kids and a husband who loves me. What more could I ask for?"

"Oh I don't know. I guess I just wonder sometimes if I am doing everything possible to keep you happy. I feel so lucky to have such a fabulous lady for a wife. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe its real."

"Oh you silly goose. That's why you drove all the way down here to see me. Well I don't think you have anything to worry about. I am happy and content and you are doing all the right things. A woman couldn't ask for a better husband than you."

The waiter brought our dinners and we made small talk about nothing through out the meal.

Just as plates were being taken away my cell phone rang. I excused myself and went into the lobby so I wouldn't disturb any other diners. I waited a few minutes and went back in.

"That was Freddy. A water pipe broke at the school. I really have to get back there as soon as I can. I'm sorry I have to cancel on our night together."

There was a look of disappointment on Megan's face. I couldn't tell if it was real or not. It didn't matter to her if I stayed or left. One way or the other she was going to get screwed.

As we were getting on the elevator Kirk Langford was getting off. Kirk was the business associate that Megan always seemed to be traveling with.

"Oh, Hi Megan I stopped by the room to see if you wanted to get some supper but there was no answer. I see why now." He held out his hand. "Kirk Langford, and you must be Phil. Megan talks about you all the time."

"Phil came down for the night but an emergency came up and he has to go back. Guess I'll have to sleep alone again tonight."

It was hard shaking hands and feigning a nice smile. As we were riding up in the elevator I had to bring up the subject again that was eating at me.

"Megan I would really like you to quit your job and also I would feel better if you were not working with Kirk. We discussed it before and it is important to me."

"Phil, I told you, I have no intention of quitting my job. I like what I am doing and I am learning a lot from Kirk. You have to get over this paranoia you have about Kirk and me."

Megan and I went to the room and after a quick kiss I picked up my bags and left for the trip home. I couldn't help thinking all the way home about Kirk stopping by Megan's room after he had his supper. By the time I arrived at the house I was a basket case. I have begun to hate my wife for what she was doing to me.

I wish I were one of those guys who could figure out all those fancy ways to catch their cheating wives but I was dumbfounded. What could I do about it? I couldn't even figure out a way to get out of having sex with her. Divorce was what I really wanted but really didn't have enough evidence to justify it. I felt defeated. My wife was cheating on me. I knew it and couldn't do anything about it. I was not going to put up with it but needed help. Two days later Megan came home, smiling like a schoolgirl. I could tell she had a good time and it made me madder than I was. I checked her bag and there was one condom left. It still had a hole in it. Sex with my wife that night was more of a chore than a pleasure.

Saturday was the Globis Insurance company picnic. At least the kids would have something enjoyable to do. This was not a day that I was looking forward to it. I couldn't help but believe that some of the other people in the company knew what was going on and I felt a little like a cuckold. I tried to be low profile so I wouldn't become the butt of any crude jokes. Maybe I was a little paranoid but I couldn't help it. Megan was having fun socializing all over the place and especially with Kirk. They were not doing anything touchy feely but they were definitely close. I was being ignored which was fine.

"Hi, I'm Janet Langford. You must be Phil Jenkins." She was a knock out. Now I was really confused. I thought my wife was great and I loved her, but Janet Langford was a picture right out of a pin up magazine. She had long auburn hair and big blue eyes. Her body was perfect even though she was a little short. Why would Kirk Langford cheat on a stunner like this?

"Oh I'm sorry you caught me daydreaming. Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Can we go someplace and talk, maybe someplace with no kids and noisy people around?"

"Sure, lets wander down by the lake. Nobody's gone to miss me."

"Me either."

There were some nice benches about a hundred yards from the picnic area. We sat down on one of them overlooking the lake.

"I'm all ears, what would you like to talk about?"

Janet hesitated. "This is difficult for me. I don't know exactly how to bring it up. It is a very delicate subject."

At that point I knew that she knew. I decided to make it easy for her. "Are referring to the affair that Kirk and my wife are having? I just found out this week."

Janet seemed relieved. "I have known for about two months. I am getting ready to have divorce paper served but I need a little help. I hired a detective to get proof for me but my lawyer said I would have a much better case if Megan would be willing to testify or at least sign a notarized statement attesting to the affair."

"What do you mean by proof?"

"I have photos and taped phone conversations. I wasn't able to get any videos yet, but the photos are pretty good. I also have times and dates."

"I can try and help. I am not sure how, but I can work on it. Do you think your lawyer could help me with the same divorce papers using some of your evidence? I would really appreciate it because I don't have anything for proof at all."

"I am also suing Globis. I have some statements that confirm that certain management level company officials knew of the affair and did nothing to stop it. They will have a choice, fire both of them or face a million dollar law suit."

"Wow. I am certainly impressed."

"Kirk is playing golf tomorrow morning. Can you come over to the house about mid morning? He should be gone till late afternoon. I can show you what I have and we can figure out if there is anything we can do. I live at 206 Hemlock Avenue in Crestmont."

"Ok it's a date. Not really a date but you know what I mean." We both laughed a little. I felt comfortable with her.

We walked back up to the picnic area. No one ever missed us. I felt a lot better about things. Maybe this whole mess could be resolved. I sure hope so.

As I expected the next morning, Megan told me she had some shopping to do and would be gone a couple of hours. After she left I dropped the kids off at my moms and headed over to Crestmont. Janet met me at the door and we went into the den. There was a nice leather couch and on the table in front of it was a large computer monitor. On the screen was a picture of an empty motel room. She motioned me to sit down.

"I have beer, soda and wine. What would you like?"

"Regular soda is fine, Pepsi if you have it. You have my attention Janet. Care to tell me what is going on."

"Well, in a few minutes we are going to watch my dear husband play a round of golf, live and in full color. I hope you won't be too upset but I think you are going to recognize his caddie."

"How the hell did you arrange this?"

"It cost me fourteen hundred bucks to get everything in place for this. It better be worth it. Of course Kirk is going to pay for it. I am guessing it will last about two hours, so get comfortable. I have popcorn and nachos to help us pass the time. By the way, I will be getting a DVD of the whole session and will gladly give you a copy."

"I don't really want to see this but on the other hand I wouldn't miss it for the world. Let the show begin."

We made small talk for about twenty minutes. She showed me the information she had collected about the affair. I was amazed at the photos, tapes and documents she had collected. I was also crushed because now I knew for sure what Megan was doing.

I was surprised to learn that Janet had three large Koi ponds in the back yard. I was hoping to get a chance to see them and asked if I could bring the children over sometime. She seemed pleased that I was interested and said she would love to have them come by. About that time there was some action on the monitor.

As Janet had predicted, Kirk and Megan walked into the room and immediately started to undress. There was no small talk and no foreplay, they just stripped down and jumped on the bed. The video was great but the sound was a little garbled. It didn't matter because the picture was the important part. I felt a little uncomfortable sitting on a couch with a stranger watching my wife and her husband having sex.

"Wow, you don't see nipples like that very often." Janet commented.

I smiled but didn't know what to say as a reply. In fact I didn't know what to say at all.

They started off with a traditional 69 with Megan on top. The camera angle didn't give us the best view of exactly what was going on but there was no doubt what they were doing. Her head was bobbing up and down at a good steady pace. He was working his fingers like a piano player as he buried his face between her legs. I have to admit they were working well together. There bodies were undulating faster and faster as they came close to the finish line. Megan raised herself up on her arms and started banging her head up and down faster and deeper. Kirk brought his hips up to meet her ravishing mouth. Suddenly he grabbed the back of her head and rammed it all the way down till her nose was buried in his pubic hair. His whole body quivered and he left out a half moan, half scream as he came in my wife's mouth. She held on to hard cock, sucking, as long as he could stand it. Finally he pushed her off and the both laughed.

"Now it's my turn lover and I expect you to do as good a job for me as I did for you."

Megan flopped over on her back and brought her knees up to her shoulders. Kirk dove right in with long slow licks. After a few minutes he started getting a little more serious. His magic fingers were working on every nook and cranny. It was obvious that he was getting the results he wanted by the look on Megan's face. She started to shake and tremble. Putting her hands on the side of his head she held him so tight it looked like he would suffocate.

"Janet, I hate to interrupt the show but do we have to see all of this?"

"I take it that this is something you don't want to watch."

"Not really. To be honest with you I find observing my wife having sex with another man to be a little unpleasant and I feel a little uncomfortable watching it with you sitting aside of me."

"Well the whole thing is being recorded and that is all we really need for the lawyers. We don't have to watch it. I can't say I was getting any enjoyment out of it. The plot seems to be pretty predicable anyhow. Are you going to go home or what?"

"Well actually I was hoping you could show me your Koi ponds. I think that would be a lot more interesting than two hours of huff and puff."

Her eyes seemed to light up, simply because I had shown an interest in her hobby. She jumped up and as we walked to the back of the house I could hear Megan reaching her first climax. I couldn't help thinking that I was going to have a more enjoyable afternoon than my wife was.

The three fishponds were wonderful. I was especially fascinated by the pumping and filter systems, since I was originally a plumber, before getting the job at the school. Kirk did not help her with her hobby at all and she had to hire people to do any work on the pipes or pumps. Of course, I offered to come over and assist her any time Kirk was playing golf. I wasn't trying to hit on Janet, I just wanted to learn more about the Koi ponds but spending time with her was a plus. After a few hours, that passed too fast, we went back into the house. The motel room was empty so we figured it was time for me to go home also. Janet promised to call when Kirk had another golf game so I could come over with Sarah and Todd.

The next few weeks were difficult. Every time Megan took a shower I would check her bag. There was always a new supply of condoms. I couldn't figure out when she was squeezing in the time to use them all. I carried the safety pin on my key chain so it would be handy for poking holes in them. Any day now I was expecting Megan to have to make a surprise visit to her sister. On the evenings after Kirk had a golf game, the kids would tell Megan about their visit to the Koi lady but she never seemed to be interested. They would show her pictures of the fish they had drawn and tell her about the names they gave all the fish. She never made the connection between Kirk's wife and the Koi lady. She seemed to be relieved that I was able to keep the kids occupied while she was having sex.

I made two more attempts to get her to quit her job and stop seeing Kirk. Both times I got the same turndown and the second one was nasty. I was also making excuses for not having sex with her and she responded with a few catty digs about my masculinity. It stung a little but made everything I was doing easier to justify.

Finally on a Tuesday night she dropped the bomb.

"Phil, I am feeling really stressed out lately. I'd like to take a few days off from work and visit my sister for about a week. Do you think you could watch the kids while I unwound a little?"

"Hey, I understand. You have been putting in a lot of overtime and late nights. I think it would be a good idea for you to relax. A trip to your sisters is a lot better than a year with a shrink. Go ahead and have a good time. I'll take care of everything."

"I'm glad you understand. All the extra work is for the good for the family but I think I might have over done it."

I had a hard time sleeping that night thinking about all the things I had to do the next day. I was glad this time had finally arrived.

Megan's sister Nancy, and her husband, Brad, lived about three hours away. Brad was an OK guy but was completely pussy whipped. When Nancy said jump, Brad jumped.

The interesting thing about the town where they lived is that there are two abortion clinics. Of course I had the names, addresses and hours of operation for both of them. I had even familiarized myself with the terms of agreement that were required for service at each of them. They both required a two days cooling off period. That meant that the soonest that Megan could have a procedure scheduled was Friday, assuming her first appointment was on Wednesday. I figured she would try and get it all done as soon as possible so she would have a few days to recover before coming home. That gave me about a day and a half to get my plans laid out. No problem.

After Megan took off, on her rest and recuperation trip, I started setting things up. I had to explain to my folks what was going on. It was difficult for me to admit that I had failed as a husband but they understood and offered their support. The kids enjoyed staying with them and Dads truck would come in handy for moving Megan's things out. The lawyer would have all the paper work ready for me to pick up on Thursday morning. Janet's paper work was also ready and she was planning on serving Kirk the same time I served Megan. The only problem I had was that I felt I should give Megan one last chance to make things right. I didn't hold out much hope however. Dad and I stayed busy the rest of the day packing Megan's things.

Thursday morning, after a three hours drive, I arrived at the first clinic. It was a strike out. That left only one more. It was called "The Family Planning Center." I approached the receptionist with as much confidence as I could muster.

"Hi, My name is Phil Jenkins. My wife Megan said I had to come in a sign a consensual agreement form."

"What kind of form?"

"I am sorry, I don't know the exact name of it but apparently it is a form that's states that I understand everything that is going on and I am in agreement with it and will not sue or anything like that."

"Hold on a minute. That was Megan Jenkins, right?"

"Yes, do you need identification or anything?"

She shook her head no, as she clicked away on the computer for a few seconds.

"Her sister signed for her but your signature would really be better. Hold on a minute while I get the file."

Jack pot. Now I just have to get through the next two minutes.

She placed the form in front of me and asked me to sign just below Nancy's. I noticed that the actual procedure was scheduled for Friday morning at eleven AM and they were to be there an hour early.

"Do we owe any more money on this?" I asked as I took out my checkbook and placed it on the counter.

"No, your wife paid the full amount, eight hundred dollars, in cash. There is nothing else due at this time."

"Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help. It makes it a lot easier."

You would not believe the overwhelming welcome I got when I arrived at Nancy and Brad's place. It was so phony it was actually funny.

Megan started out "Phil, this is a wonderful surprise. What are you doing here?"

"Well, Mom and Dad wanted to keep the kids for a few days so I took some sick leave and decided to pop in on you guys. I guess you could say I needed to unwind a little too."

The room was sort of quiet. I could see the wheels spinning in everyone's head. I put them on the spot and now they had to wiggle out of it. I saw Nancy nod to Brad to join her in the kitchen. Megan was making small talk about nothing in particular. After a few minutes Brad came back into the room.

"Phil, I got a great idea. I can get off work tomorrow and I'll borrow my buddy Jack's bass boat. We can get out of here early and spend the day on the lake. That way we won't be bothering the ladies. How does that sound buddy?"

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