White Lies - Love and Confidence

by Maximillian Excaliber

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A little deception brings couple together.

"I don't understand it," Noel Roberts said to Patricia, Patrick's twin sister. "I practically ripped his clothes off and still he won't make love to me."

She was nearly on the verge of tears and Patricia could hear the desperation in Noel's voice as she asked, "Is it me? Have I been wrong all these months? I thought he really loved me, I had hoped he would ask me to marry him!"

They were sitting at the kitchen table in Noel's apartment, drinking coffee and discussing Noel's relationship dilemma.

Patricia had stopped by Noel's apartment after getting off work from the hospital, where she was a nurse. In desperation, Noel had asked Patricia over. She hoped Patricia might shed some light as to why Patrick had resisted every attempt she had made to become intimate with her. She wanted so much to give herself to him and show him how much she truly loved him.

"No, Honey! It's not you at all. He really does love you. He's told me so." Patricia told her reassuringly.

"Then what is it? God, he doesn't think I'm a slut for throwing myself at him, does he?" Noel asked, her mind a mess of confusion.

Patricia thought for a second and then said hesitantly, "Listen Noel, you can never tell him I told you this. Never! It would break his heart if he found out that anyone else knew about it. Do you understand?"

Noel said pleadingly, "Please tell me. If it is coming between us, I've got to know!"

"Has he ever told you about his ex-wife Cindy?" Patricia asked.

Noel replied, "No. In fact, he avoids the subject like the plague. I figured it must be really painful for him, so I don't push him on it."

"That's an understatement!" Patricia began, "Let me tell you what the bitch did. About two months after they were married, she started having an affair with some guy she met at work. She didn't have the guts to tell him, so she figured she would just drive him away. For almost six months, every time they would get in bed, she would tell him how small he was, how he wasn't satisfying her, how he didn't measure up. She would bring home porn movies, point to whatever long-dicked male mutant happened to be on the screen at the time, and say to him 'There's a real man!' No matter what he tried, and he tried a lot of things to please her, she gave him the same line. Finally, when he started to believe her, he told her he did not want her to be unhappy and asked he if she wanted a divorce."

"You don't mean he's that small?" Noel asked.

Without hesitation, Patricia replied, "No, of course not. He's about average, five and half to six inches."

Noel could tell that Patricia was embarrassed discussing her brother's intimate affairs with her.

Patricia continued, "She was just playing with his mind, to get him to let her go."

"But how do you know all this?" Noel asked, shocked that Patricia would have such intimate knowledge of both her brother's affairs and body.

Patricia picked up her cup of coffee and took another drink before she continued, "Because after they broke up, I was blindsided. I didn't even see it coming. I asked him about it, but he wouldn't tell me anything, so I looked her up and asked her. She actually told me the whole sordid truth. I think she felt guilty about it and was glad to have someone to tell it to."

"Fuck! No wonder he is afraid to get intimate with me," Noel exclaimed. "How am I ever going to get him over this?"

"Hell, I don't know. I can't even keep a man of my own! But I'll bet between the two of us, we can come up with something!" Patricia stated earnestly, then she added, "You're a good woman and he deserves you, especially after what he's been through."

And so, that night they came up with a plan, which they would put into action the next day.

Chapter Two

As the fog of sleep began to evaporate, Patrick opened his eyes and found himself lying naked on his back. As he lay on the bed in Noel's apartment, with her legs straddling him and her arms about his neck, she rubbed her very wet pussy along the full length of his erection.

Patrick could not remember how he had gotten there in the first place. The last thing he remembered was sitting at the dining room table in Noel's apartment. He had just finished a wonderful candlelight dinner, which she had prepared. Everything had been perfect, from the honey glazed roast chicken, to the wild rice with pineapple she had served. He had just finished his glass of wine and could only remember becoming suddenly very tired. After that, well, there was nothing after that, until now.

What he did not know was that this was all part of the plan Noel and his sister had cooked up. The "wine" he drank was actually just plain grape juice, but with one little extra ingredient, a sedative from a prescription that Patricia had gotten from a doctor friend she knew!

Noel walked over to the table, picked up the bottle of "wine" and carried it into the kitchen where she emptied it down the sink. Then, she went to the refrigerator, removed the glass pitcher that held the original contents of the bottle and poured half of it back into the bottle. After that, she emptied the glass pitcher into the sink and gave it a quick rinse. She then went back into the dining room and placed the wine bottle back onto the table from which she had removed it.

He had gone out like a light and when he did, Noel called Patricia to come over and help her with the next phase of the plan. Between the two of them, they had gotten him into the bedroom and Patricia helped Noel get her brother undressed down to his under shorts.

At that point, Patricia said to Noel, "He will be a little bit groggy for a few minutes but that will pass quickly. He should be out for about another half an hour. I'd love to see his face when he wakes up but he's still my brother so you'll have to take it from here. Good luck!" And then Patricia left Noel there with her almost totally nude brother.

Knowing she had plenty of time, she removed her clothing slowly and regretted that he was not awake to enjoy it, but then, there would be plenty of opportunities in the future for him to do so.

Noel was a tall woman, with a height of about six feet and was what people tend to call nowadays full-figured. She was a natural redhead, with long wavy hair six inches past her shoulders and she had a full but neatly trimmed mat of pubic hair. Her body was covered with an ample, but not gross, amount of freckles that accompany most true redheads and Noel's skin, while somewhat whiter than normal, was not pale, mostly because of the freckles.

She had wide, "child-bearing," hips that many men find attractive and full firm large breasts that did not in anyway sag. Noel's ass was firm but had just enough excess, to give it the most pleasant wiggle when she walked and it alone had turned the heads of both men and women alike. The aureoles on her breast were darker and slightly larger than normal and her nipples were proportioned to their size. She had found herself forced to wear a bra out of modesty because, while her nipples were not huge, they were quite prominent when she was aroused or they were agitated by the cold.

As long as she had known him, Patrick had always been self-conscious about his body. Noel had never seen so much of him before. And so, having undressed herself, she knelt beside him on the bed taking in his body with her eyes before removing his last garment.

He was a somewhat hairy man about his legs and arms but not so much on his chest and back. His frame was that of a large man, with naturally large chest and hips. His skin was not pale but certainly not tanned. While not obese, he carried an extra twenty pounds, which only manifested itself around his waist as small "love handles."

He had told her once that he had been slightly overweight all his life. And so, he possessed the muscular legs of a man who had carried just a touch of extra weight. His brown hair was short and parted to the right. She knew he liked to keep it that way, not out of upbringing, but simply for the convenience of it and on him it looked good. He was in every physical way, save one, mostly an average man. There were two things she found most attractive in him. The first was not physical, being his personality. But the second was his long beautiful lashes. She found them so rare in men that it was actually the first thing she'd noticed about him when they had met.

Noel slowly bent down over him and pulled his underpants off, revealing his pubic area. His sister had been right, he had the average six inch long circumcised penis of an American male.

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