A Smart Girl

by Orestes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, DomSub, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: James is enjoying the college lifestyle. Coming from a life of privilege, he sees it as 'slumming' when he takes on a relationship with a local girl, attending the college on a scholarship. When she proves to very willing to meet his needs, James takes full advantage. For a smart girl, she sure is pretty dumb, he figures.

Most students at the college were fairly wealthy, and could afford the high tuition, along with the high rental rates around the area for housing. Maria was a little different. She lived near enough the campus to take transit, and had been admitted with a full scholarship. Otherwise, she would never had been able to afford it.

I met her in a second year algebra course, which I was repeating. She, on the other hand, had scored very well on her entrance exams, and had been recommended to skip to second year level. I'll say it here first, and I'll likely repeat it; she was always a real smart girl.

Ordinarily, I might not have considered her so attractive. Most of the girls I had dated at the college were wealthy, meaning that they were mainly white, very well cultured, and could afford personal trainers, dermatologists, or plastic surgery to correct nature's little imperfections. Refined is what you could call them.

Maria was of a mixed race, her mother white, and her father some mexican or something. She was slightly overweight, or at least appeared so in comparison to the other girls. Her hair and her clothing gave her away as being from a lower class. Not that she was unattractive, she just wasn't like anyone else there.

And so, as I was saying, she wouldn't be the type I was normally going out with at the time. But she caught my eye. I don't know why. I think it was the fact that she seemed so available, and that she was way out of her league. The other guys at school would have nothing to do with her. I felt a little like a predator. I knew that I could have her. It played around in my head a bit, and I figured I'd give her a go.

I wasn't doing so well in algebra, and so it made a very convenient way for me to get her alone. I didn't want anyone to know that I was gunning for her, so I asked her to tutor me. She was thrilled, and I knew right off that she had a thing for me.

We walked to my apartment after the class.

"You have a very nice place, James, " she said quietly. I could tell that she was nervous.

"Yeah, my dad works with politicians. Makes good money."

He had rented me a two story house for my time at college.

I maneuvered her to the sofa, where she began to bring out her books. I went to the kitchen and brought in a couple of beers. I wasn't quite of drinking age yet, but had plenty on hand. I passed her one as I sat down. She wasn't a drinker, but I think she forced herself to drink it because she didn't want to seem awkward.

As I said, Maria was one smart girl. She settled into tutoring the math, and I'll be damned if she didn't know more than the professor. If I were paying attention, I might have learned something. My mind, of course, was on other things. I slipped my hand onto her lower back as she talked. She tensed when I touched her, but she didn't protest. I rubbed her back as she talked.

By the time she was finished going over the material, she was pretty much at ease with me touching her. I gave her another beer, and she was loosening up as we talked. I learned a little about her background. Her mother was kicked out of home when she became pregnant as a teenager. She lived on welfare now, but was hardly around, leaving Maria to take care of herself.

As she told me more about herself, I made my move. I pushed her back on the sofa and began kissing her. Her breathing was fast, and I could tell that she was excited. She didn't even protest when I put my hand up her shirt and began feeling her ample tits. From the way she was kissing, I knew that she wasn't very experienced.

I moved my hand down and unbuttoned her baggy blue jeans. She pushed on my shoulders with her hands, trying to slow things down, but I was too hot to care. When I had her jeans fully unbuttoned, she finally broke off kissing.

"I'd better go, James, " she said, without much conviction.

I kissed her on the mouth again and pushed my hand into her panties. She gasped as I roughly fingered her pussy, but she continued to push me away. I backed off only enough to give me some room to pull her jeans down.

"Take off your blouse, " I said, looking into her eyes. She looked really scared, but excited too. With trembling hands, she began to unbutton her blouse.

The loose jeans were easy to pull off, and they left her naked, except for her white cotton panties, her bra, and her ankle socks. She had a good body, with large breasts and a nice fleshy ass. The skin was creamy, and had just a hint of colour from her mexican heritage.

Maria was having second thoughts, and when I began to remove my own clothing, she spoke up again.

"I shouldn't, I mean..."

"Shhh! " I raised my finger to my lips to silence her.

There was no way I was going to back off now, not with my goal so close. I was a little pushy with women, and her willingness to please me just brought out more of my aggression. I absolutely knew that I could have this girl.

With a quick pull, I had the crotch of her panties out of the way. Only one thing left to do now, and I did it quickly, before she had time to really put up a fight. I pushed my cock into her almost fully with the first thrust. Despite all of her protests, she was quite wet, and not a virgin.

She squealed when I did it, and clutched onto my arms as is holding on for dear life. I didn't get much help when I started working my cock in an out. She just lay there breathing heavily at first. I freed one of her breasts from her bra, and pulled on the nipple as I moved.

I was almost ready to cum by the time she got into it at all. She began bucking her hips against me and kissing my neck as I fucked her. As I said, she was a real smart girl, and a fast learner. I came before she got off, but she was trying real hard to catch up.

When I caught my breath again, I stood up from the sofa. She stayed there in the same position for a while, her legs open, and her black pubes showing a dribble of cum from where I had pulled out. It was a beautiful sight.

That little workout had gotten me a little thirsty, and I went to get another beer. When I came back, she was getting dressed. Her face was flushed, and she wouldn't meet my gaze. She picked up her bag to go, and I escorted her to the door. Before she left, I pulled her over, and gave her one more kiss. She didn't return the kiss, and left without saying anything to me.

To be honest, I don't think I expected much more from her. When I saw her next around campus, she didn't make any move to attract my attention. She just watched me as I walked by. Hell, for a while there, I thought she might even cry date-rape, and if she did, I'd have a hard time defending myself.

So, when she showed up at my door after our class the next week, I was a little surprised. I let her in, of course, and brought her up to the living room. This time, she was wearing a short skirt, which showed off her figure quite well.

"Would you like me to get you a beer before we start, " she asked.

"Yeah, why not?"

I couldn't figure her out, but I was willing to go along with it. She brought me a beer, sat down, and brought out her books.

"Let's just skip that, " I said.


"You're not here to tutor me. You wanna get it on again, and I'm ready to go. Stand up."

Needless to say, I wasn't normally this aggressive, but after what happened the last time, I figured she couldn't be here for any other reason. Besides, I was horny as hell, and that usually gets in the way of my manners.

She stood, and I walked around behind her. She was tense as hell, and almost jumped when I reached around and cupped one of her tits in my hands. I turned her and pushed her against the nearby wall.

I reached down and bunched her skirt upwards, pulling it up past her ass. She had such perfect round buttocks, and what really got me going was that this time, she didn't even bother wearing panties. God, she caught on quickly.

I unzipped on the spot, and pulled out my cock. She shivered as she felt it against her bare ass. I pushed her forward slightly, and she spread her legs further apart. By the time I had the head of my cock against her pussy, she was wet as hell.

Maria pushed back against me, and groaned as she became more aroused. She was really into it. I slid myself into her slick pussy, and before long I was going at it pretty hard. We were both breathing heavily and sweating. Just as I felt she was going to cum, I pulled out. She whimpered in desperation.

"I wanna finish in your mouth, " I told her.

Before she could protest, I was guiding her down to the floor. She looked up at

me with pleading eyes. I circled her, and placed my moist cock at her lips.

"Do it, " I urged.

She was slow to start, tentative about her actions. Her mouth was warm and wet.

I almost came, just seeing her on her knees like that with my cock in her mouth, with this expression of innocence on her face. It's a sure bet that she was no cock sucker before she met me.

I pushed deep into her mouth, almost gagging her as she tried to keep her mouth closed around me. She recovered, and began sucking me in and out of her mouth with at an even rhythm. I was in heaven. I had practically forced this girl into doing something that most of my girlfriends wouldn't consider, and here she was, trying her damnedest to please me. I came in her mouth. She kept sucking as I caught my breath.

My mind was racing. She stayed on her knees, and looked up at me. Just waiting for me to say something else. I couldn't believe it. It seemed like Maria was willing to do anything, and my head was spinning with the possibilities. I made up my mind to take complete advantage of the situation. This good a thing doesn't come along too often, and I was going to milk it for all it was worth.

"You can go now, " I told her, " but come back tomorrow afternoon."

And she did. In fact, she came back every day that week, and I had a great time breaking her in. She was getting better at pleasing me, and she asked nothing in return. It was the perfect relationship.

At school, she didn't let anyone know what was going on, which was good by me, because it left me free to pursue other girls. It was great, though, seeing her around, and knowing that I could fuck her anytime I wanted, and not even have to buy her dinner.

By the second week, I was pushing it to see how for I could go with it. I went away for the weekend with friends, and so by Monday, I was looking forward my afternoon session with Maria. Hell, I had plans.

I didn't even say a word to her before I pushed her up against my table, bent her forward, and lifted her skirt (she always wore skirts now, for convenience sake). I loved the way she waited for me there, ready for anything I wanted to do. I slicked myself up with K-Y jelly, and pushed my penis against her rear entrance. Despite my rough manner, she did her best to make it easy for me. She groaned as I pushed the head of my cock into her anus.

"Take it, you fucking slut, " I said, " Let me into that tight hole of yours."

I had taken to talking dirty to her. I enjoyed the feeling of power it gave me. It seemed to turn her on too.

"Mmm, you have such a tight little ass. When I get though with you, you won't be able to sit down for a week."

Ever so slowly, I worked a few inches of my cock into her ass. She whined with each advance. I was so turned on by the fact that she was allowing me to do this to her, that I knew I wouldn't last long. None of the other girls at the college would have ever let me do this. They were way too proper.

Maria, on the other hand, was my own personal slut, and gave no complaint.

Her ass was so tight that I couldn't get all the way in, not that I didn't give it a good try. I held her by her shoulders and jerked my hips back and forth to try to work my cock further in. She whimpered with every move. Her tightness was too much for me, and pushed me over the edge. With my cock still only half-way buried, I could feel my balls beginning to release their load.

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming up your ass."

My body shook as I loaded her full of my cum. She made another whimpering noise at the strange sensation of my cum filling up her tight passage.

"James, I have to ask you something, " she told me, at the end of the week. She had just spent the better part of the last hour sucking my cock.


"Well, I'm having troubles with my mother, and I was wondering if I could move in with you?"

I couldn't believe what she was asking me. My response was less than enthusiastic.

"No fucking way. My dad would kill me if he ever found out. Besides, I bring my dates over here sometimes, and I wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea."

Or the right idea, for that matter. I expected that Maria would be hurt by my response, but she didn't seem surprised at all.

"I could stay in the laundry room, " It sounded like she had given this some thought. " No one ever goes in there. I'll keep all of my things in the laundry room, so there won't be any reason for your friends or dates to think that anyone else lives here. I promise, I'll stay out of sight whenever anyone is here."

I was still leery of the proposition.

"Come on, James, I'm desperate. I'll do all of the housework. I'll even do your course work, if it will help you. And we can have sex any time you want."

She really knew how to reach a guys heart. Suddenly, the idea didn't seem so bad.

Life became a lot easier for me with Maria around. I couldn't believe my luck.

Time that I would usually spend doing laundry, or cooking, or any of that other household crap was now free for other pursuits. And I'm sure that you can guess I'm not talking about schoolwork. Aside from having more time to hang around with the guys drinking and screwing around, I also began dating another girl from school. Trinity Williams was from a real wealthy family. She drove a hot car, and had a body to die for. A body, which sadly, she didn't let me get too familiar with.

I took my time with Trinity, though, and let her set the pace. I was a perfect gentleman. If I came home from a date a little frustrated, I'd just take out my frustrations on Maria's body. Hell, that's what she was there for.

Maria's other talents didn't go to waste either. Not only was she able to maintain her own high grades, but she also did most of my course work. She was careful not to write my essays too far beyond my abilities, and she always made sure that I read and understood them before I handed them in. As I said, she's a smart girl, and a way too smart to get caught cheating on my course work.

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